8 best standard height toilet

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If you have chosen the standard height toilet for yourself, follow along, and you’ll know all the features to look at while buying the best standard height toilet.

Toilets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are cheap-looking and provide us with good functionality, but some look luxurious, and they work like crap. So we should do some research and try to find which one is the best for us. Because we have to use these things for a long time, we need to ensure that they provide maximum comfort. Toilets have evolved a lot in the previous four decades. 

They clean better, they are water-efficient than before, and they provide a better experience than ever. Because they come in so many varieties, we have to make a choice of interest and choose which one suits us. The best standard height toilets are the best for maximum comfort and flexibility. They require less stretching of joints, and you will feel at ease during use. 

Let’s have a look at 8 best standard height toilet recommendation

  1.  Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet-best affordable standard height toilet
  2. Dometic 320 Series Standard Height RV Toilet-best overall standard height toilet
  3. American Standard 211BA 104 020 Champion PRO Right height round toilet-best comfort height toilet
  4. TOTO CST243#01 TWO-piece round universal height toilet-best elongated toilet riser
  5. Aqua Magic Residence RV toilet-best RV standard height toilet
  6. American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio toilet-best quiet flushing system
  7. American Standard 221CB104.020 toilet-best compact standard height toilet
  8. Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet-best durable toilet

best standard height toilet review

We will go through the features and it’s functionality. I hope that you will be able to choose the best one for you.

1. Dometic 300 Series – best Standard Height Toilet

Product review:

If you want a toilet at an affordable price, then the Dometic 300 series best standard height toilet is the perfect option. It will blast away the waste because of the product triple jet action bowl cleaning.

It is the basic toilet with a full-size residential-style seat with an elongated bowl and easy clean-up. The triple jet design can be adjusted by a foot pedal which is also perfect for small spaces. The toilet offers a comfortable height to go easy with back pain.

Dometic 300 series standard height toilet is one of the lightweight toilets manufactured from polypropylene. The toilet’s weight is 8.25Ibs, and the height of the toilet is 18.5, which is a comfortable height to use. Per flush, the toilet uses one pint of water. The toilet is made in large size and the installation of toilets is relatively easy and quick.

Product Features:

  • it is made of polypropylene plastic, the product is solid and durable.
  • Adjustable water flush, you can adjust the water per flush through the foot pedal.
  • The product has a gravity flushing system.
  • Full-sized residential-style seat height.
  • Affordable, the 300 series toilet is inexpensive as compared to others.
  • The installation of toilets is pretty easy and quick.
  • Perfect for home use. 


  • Tall height.
  • Lightweight.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Flimsy seat.

2.Dometic 320 Series – best Standard Height RV Toilet

Product review:

The Dometic 320 is one of the best standard height toilets which you can get. In this 320 series, they provide unique features. The toilet is super comfortable to use, and the weight of the toilet is 40ibs which is not light, but the sturdy and easy cleaning of toilets are things that people expect from ceramic toilets.

They provide a gravity flushing system to their toilet, which is a bit noisy, but clean the toilet bowl superbly, and also the replacement is very easy.

The installation of Dometic 320 is very easy; you need to secure the two bolts and a hose to connect to the water supply. All the required pieces for installation come with the toilet package.

Dometic featured the 320 series with an ergonomic foot pedal; the pedal has two functions. When you press the pedal, it starts adding water to the toilet tank, and when you press it to the end, it activates the flushing system. The Dometic does not offer any warranty or guarantee for their 320 series toilet.

Product Features:

  • Toilet design is sturdy, and cleaning is very easy.
  • The full-sized residential-style seats of the toilet are very comfortable.
  • For super cleaning, they provide a gravity flushing system.
  • Toilet prevents spills because of their Rim design.
  • For flushing and adding water, they give a foot pedal.
  • The installation of toilets is easy and quick.


  • Excellent product.
  • Compact design.
  • Supergravity flushing system.


  • Expensive.

3. American Standard 211BA 104 020 Champion – best PRO Right height round toilet

Product review:

If you want a chair-height toilet with less consumption of water, then go for American standard toilet 211BA. The champion pro has a comfort height feature with water-saving options to easily save 20% of water. This product uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which is less than other standard toilets, which use 1.6 gallons per flush.

It offers a more powerful flush system that quickly removes the waste from the toilet bowl. It is perfect for people with back pain. American Standard 211BA 104 020 toilets come in round shape with comfort height. The round shape toilets save space, which is perfect for small bathrooms. 

This model is a combination of performance and style; their design is excellent, making the bathroom more attractive. It is a floor to the top toilet. They featured an Ever clean surface that prevents the toilet from bacteria, mildew, and mold, the clean-up of toilets is also more accessible, which stays longer.

Product Features:

  • They provide a champion flushing system.
  • Every clean surface is included, which prevents the toilet bowl from germs.
  • Water consumption can easily save you 20% of water.
  • It uses 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • The installation takes less than a half-hour.
  • With this model, the company offers ten years of limited warranty.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Powerful flushing system.
  • Affordable.


  • Difficult Assembler.

4. TOTO CST243EFR#01 2 pcs round standard height toilet

Product review: 

This TOTO CST243#01 TWO-piece round universal height toilet is a universal height toilet which means that it is comfortable for both kids and adults. The elongated bowl design gives the toilet its look and provides comfort at the same time. The unit comes with a two-piece universal height. So you don’t have to worry about leakages.

The tank is not higher than the seat, so it uses a pressure-assisted flushing system to clean the bowl. The flushing system is powerful and it has a 1.28 GPF flushing system. There is no need for any electricity, and it can be connected with your standard water inlet. 

Product Features:

  • The toilet has the right height for kids and adults to use.
  • Elongated design makes it comfortable to use and also provides it a nice look overall.
  • The unit comes in a two-piece clean-looking design, and it looks premium.
  • Toilet seat is not included in the package, you need to buy it separately.
  • The overall design is premium, and the chrome trip lever goes along well with the modern design.


  • Modern design
  • Economical water usage
  • Comfortable height


  • Toilet seat is not available

5. Aqua-Magic – best Residence RV toilet

Product review:

The Aqua Magic Residence RV toilet has a simple, straightforward installation process that can be done quickly. Some RV models are uncomfortable, but the residence aqua magic is one of RV toilets’ comfort designs.

They provide an excellent flushing system that can easily and quickly remove the waste from the bowl. They also offer a pedal that loads water into the water tank. When it is half-pressed, and the pedal is complete, the toilet gets ready for flushing.

Aqua Magic Residence RV toilet comes with a residential-sized seat that, for customization, can be easily removed. The product is made of high-quality plastic materials, which makes the toilet weight light that is 12.3Ibs. The seats which have been provided are antimicrobial, which prevents the seat from germs. 

For washing hands, a hand sprayer is available that will also save water. These toilets come in two sizes: low profile and high profile toilets. The high-profile toilet has ADA compliance with 18 inches of seat height while the other has 12.5 inches of seat height.

Product Features:

  • Come in two sizes, low profile and high profile toilet.
  • Both sizes are available in white and one color.
  • Because of the plastic design, the toilet is very light in weight.
  • Stylish design, also comfortable.
  • Toilets use a single-pedal system.
  • The manufacturer provides one year of limited warranty.


  • Well designed.
  • Two sizes.
  • Easy installation.


  • Foot pedals are not sturdy.

6. American Standard 2548A100.020 – best standard height Studio toilet

Product review:

If you search for a powerful, quiet flushing system, the American Standard 2548A100 models will be the best choice. The American standard provides PowerFlo technology to this model, which operates their flush quietly.

Their flushing capacity uses 1.0 gallons per flush that will also save water. Because the CleanCurve makes the bowl rimless, the neat curve feature cleans the bowl quickly and makes it impossible for dirt to hide.

The model has an elongated shape which comes with a comfort height bowl that is 16-1/2 tall. They provide a soft closing seat; while cleaning, you can easily remove it from the toilet seat. With the installation of a toilet just like a regular toilet, you can easily replace your toilet with this American comfort height toilet.

Product Features:

  • Their excellent feature is the PowerFlo flushing system.
  • Provide a quiet and powerful flushing system.
  • This model has an attractively sleek and seamless design.
  • The clean Curve makes the perfect clean-up.
  • If you don’t want to hire a plumber, you can do it by yourself just by following the toilet’s given instructions.
  • The company offers five years of warranty on all mechanical parts and one year of limited warranty on the height toilets seat.


  • Compact design.
  • The attractive look of the toilet.
  • Powerful flushing system.


  • Heavier

7. American Standard 221CB104.020 toilet

Product review:

The American Standard 221CB104 is the standard height best-elongated toilet with extra powerful flushing perfect for home use. Provides a powerWash rim that scrubs the bowl and cleans it easily with every flush.

The flush system is pretty quitter and powerful. This standard American model uses 1.28 gallons per flush water better than those toilets that use 1.6 gallons per flush.

The design of the product is durable, reliable, and beautiful to complement any bathroom. The elongated bowl height adds more comfort with low water consumption. The toilet is perfect for a person who has mobility issues. 

But remember, this model does not include a toilet seat with their package that will not be mentioned in the toilet description, but you have to buy it separately.

Product Features:

  • With each flush scrubs the powerWash rim.
  • It has a low consumption of water, 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • Save water without sacrificing performance.
  • Add more attraction to your bathroom.
  • The installation of the product is also easy, like their other models.
  • The company offers two years of limited warranty.


  • Compact design.
  • Powerful flush.
  • Affordable.


  • Toilet seat is absent.

8. Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet 

Product review:

This Dometic 300 series toilet has a unique design. It is not like every other standard toilet with a big tank mounted on top which looks quite lovely, to be honest. The height of the toilet is pretty comfortable for anyone.

It has a triple jet bowl rinsing system that cleans the bowl thoroughly. The build material is polypropylene plastic which makes it lightweight.

The foot paddle operating system provides you with a hands-free experience. This toilet is highly water-efficient because it only uses only half a liter of water. Yes, you read that right. It’s not half a gallon. It’s half a liter.

That is mind-blowingly efficient. This thing also comes with a hand spray which has a white color.

Product Features:

  • The unit is super lightweight and easy to install.
  •  It is highly water-efficient and uses only about half a liter of water.
  •  There is also a hand spray included with the unit.
  •  The height of the unit is pretty comfortable for everyone.
  • For cleaning, it uses a triple-jet bowl rinsing system.


  • Lightweight
  • Hands-free experience
  • Water-efficient


  • Some users have complaints about durability. 

Buying guide for best standard height toilets

So if you are here and you want to choose the best standard height toilet, then there are certain factors that you need to consider. The Americans with disabilities act needs to use these chair height toilets. Our buying guide will help you to pick the best product for you according to your personal preferences. 

Difference between standard height and comfort height toilet

Generally, a standard height toilet is about 15-inches. When you are looking to buy a standard height toilet, you might be thinking, why would you not buy a comfort height toilet. The answer to this question lies in your height and health.

If you are a tall individual and the only one to use this toilet, you should go for comfort height, but if you have children and some other people who might use it, it is not comfortable because it tends to hinder the natural process which is not that good for your health.

The shape of the bowl

Once the question of height is out of the way and you know precisely why you should be buying a standard toilet, the next thing you should be looking at is the bowl shape. Toilets usually come in two bowl shapes, the first one is the old-school round shape. Toilet having the round shape uses less bathroom space than the other one, but sadly that’s the only plus point it has over its competitor apart from being cheap.

Toilets having an elongated design provide more comfort and stability to the user. And they are easier to clean and support the flushing system well while cleaning. Because you have to use this thing multiple times every day, it is probably better to spend some extra bucks on that. An elongated design looks better than a round-height bowl one.

Flushing system:

Different companies use different flushing systems. there are single and dual flush systems.  Some are better than others. But the question is which one should you go for. Based on their working principle, flushing systems can be divided into two main categories.

The first one is a gravity-fed flushing system. In this flushing system, when you press the flush button, the water from the tank rushes out with the help of gravity and cleans the waste.

The dual flush system is pressure-assisted. It uses a secondary tank inside the main tank to build air pressure and then release the water and air combination at the flushing time.

One should go to the first one which is less noisy and less costly but uses more water than the second one. But the pressure-assisted one is more powerful but at the same time noisy as well. So unless you are buying a toilet for a corporate area, go for a gravity-fed one.

One-piece and two-piece:

The two-piece toilets come with, as the name suggests, two different pieces; one is the tank, and the other is the bowl. And the single-piece units don’t have any separation between bowls and the tank. 

The one-piece toilets can be a little bit more expensive than the two-piece ones. But they are less vulnerable to leakages. So it is up to your personal choice which one suits your bathroom style and budget because there is not a lot of functionality difference.

The lid:

At this point, you should have got the idea of what you should look for buying a standard height toilet. But the last thing you should be checking is the lid. Because the lid in some toilets smash onto the toilet seat and in the middle of the night they can sound very uncomfortable when dropped. So make sure the cover comes down smoothly and does not make any noise.


Q. What is the best height for a toilet?

The height of the toilet can vary from 15-inches to 19-inches. The toilets with height ranging from 17 to 19-inches are suitable for tall people with knee or back problems. But generally, the best height for a toilet is about 15-inches. Because the height is higher than this, it will be challenging to use for kids. So the 15-inch height is best for kids and adults.

Q. What is the difference between standard height and comfort height toilets?

A comfort height toilet is generally referred to as a toilet having a seat height of more than 17-inches from the floor. And a standard height toilet is generally a toilet having a height of about 15-inches from the bottom to the seat. All the other things can be the same in these two.

Q.What is the tallest American Standard toilet?

Champion 4 Max Right Height Elongated 1.28-Gallon per flush toilet is the tallest American Standard toilet. It has an elongated design and a great overall look. The height of the seat from the floor is 16-½ -inches, which is comfortable for everyone to use.

Q. Is the power flushing one better than the gravity-fed one?

This question does not have any correct answer because it is up to your personal choice. Both of them have their benefits over each other. The power flushing toilets are water-efficient and provide better waste removal, but at the same time, they are noisy and expensive as well.

The gravity-fed toilets are cheaper than the power-flushing ones and are easy to repair. Their parts can be found in the market quickly. So whichever suits your interest, choose that one. We recommend using the power-flushing one in the offices and other corporate areas.


The height of the best standard height toilet varies for various kinds of brands. The size of the standard height toilet is between 14 to 16 inches. So be careful about the height of the toilet. Make sure to choose the best one for your bathrooms. 

We will encourage you to choose the best-rated product from our given list and enjoy your toilet time more comfortably. We hope you will like our article today and promote our work by choosing our best recommendations. 

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