Where to Donate Blankets for Homeless?

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When you go through your blankets and winter clothes this season, do not forget to donate some to charity. There are a large number of people who buy stuff and don’t use it. As the winter season is around the corner, free up your closet space, look for all the blankets and winter clothes you no longer use or need and donate them to charity.

Most people wonder where to donate the blankets and clothes. Well, in this article, you will get a complete guide. Check the content below for detailed insight.

Where to Donate Blankets for Homeless?

Places to Donate Blankets for Homeless People

Some of the places where you can donate your winter clothes and blankets are as follows:

Animal Shelters

One must donate warm clothes and other such stuff to animal shelters. This is because most animal shelters give each dog a blanket to lay on and pregnant cats to make them feel warm. If you have some extra blankets or warm coats, donate them to your nearby animal shelter.

Homeless Shelters

The homeless shelter is also one of the great places to donate all the used blankets and winter clothes. While setting up your wardrobe with all the warm and comfortable winter clothes, think about those less fortunate. If you have some extra blankets in excellent condition, contact the homeless shelter in your city and donate them.

Donating extra and old blankets to homeless people is a kind gesture. Always ensure the items you plan to donate are in good condition and clean. Do not donate your dusty blankets and torn clothes. Give a good wash to all such clothes which fragrance-less detergent so that people with allergic reactions can also use them.


It is one of the best-known donation locations. They accept sheets, blankets, warm clothes, and other items from people and give them to needy people. However, the team ensures that all the items people give them for donation are in a good state. The blankets and clothes do not contain holes, bad smells, or stains.


There are organizations such as American Red Cross, the Purple Heart Service Foundation, and GreenDrop, where one can donate all unused or old blankets they don’t need. All these organizations accept household items from people and provide that stuff to the needy. The best thing about these organizations is that they can even pick up the blankets and clothes from your home if you cannot visit the organization physically.

Local Churches

Churches are places of protection for many homeless and less fortunate folks. They are always looking for donations to help all such people in the best possible manner. Finding a church is not a difficult job. Browse the options near your area on the web and donate all your old blankets.

Domestic Abuse Shelters

Almost all such places are often underfunded and depend upon the righteousness and kindness of other people to help them take proper care of the victims who come to their shelters. One can easily locate such places on different social media platforms and get in touch with the administration for donations.


There are orphanages in almost every city that are filled with innocent children. Such places always look for kind strangers who donate items like sheets, clothes, blankets, and other household items. To help such places, visit your local orphanage and drop off all your unused and old warm clothes and blankets. Ensure all the items are in good condition and can help provide comfort to homeless children.

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Important Things to Check before Donating the Blankets to Homeless People.

Here in this section, you will learn about some important things to check before donating blankets or clothes to homeless people. Check the points below:

  • If you are donating coats, make sure to check all the pockets properly. The pockets must be empty and clean.
  • Do not forget to clean all the items before donating them. Do not consider charity as a disposal place for your old household items.
  • Try to donate all such items to places with a clothing donation program, such as homeless shelters, local churches, charities, domestic violence shelters, animal shelters, and more.
  • Place the items correctly in suitable containers such as long plastic garbage bags so they’ll remain in a good state for a longer period.
  • It is difficult to get the address of domestic abuse shelters as they don’t give out their addresses publicly. One can contact such places through their social media pages. Once you contact them, get a drop-off or meeting point for donations at some safe place.
  • If your blankets are somewhat worn, donate them to animal shelters. Animal shelters can use blankets for bedding, cleaning, and keeping animals warm.

Blankets, towels, and sheets are some of the most requested items at animal shelters. One can also ask their local animal shelter about what items they need and can donate the desired stuff.


There are many places where you can donate your old clothes and blankets that you and your family don’t need. It is a sweet gesture and helps in providing comfort to homeless people in winter. So what are you waiting for? Donate all your old and unused items today and make people smile.

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