Do Babies really need toys?

Do Babies really need toys??

Many times my married friends and colleagues ask me to suggest some good baby toys for their newborn kid. Even they already with lot of toys in their rooms and living rooms but still were looking for more. Every time I stuck in thought do babies really need toys?

For answer, I read many researches on do babies really need toys? The answer according to Germans is not at all. Kids don’t even need a single toy for play.

May be you become surprised on this answer but this true. There is a research on the topic Do babies really need toys and this research shows that “ No kid needs fancy electronics toys’’.

Yes it’s just a myth that kids needs toys. Even there is a German research which shows that too many toys can cause addiction in your kid. Kids with lot of toys are easily distracted and do not enjoy quality play time.  May be they need some small stuff for play. But for this your home small objects are enough.

You can see examples your around

You can see many example in your around where mothers trying to engage their kids with toys. What happen at the end?? They just get attention towards these toys for few seconds and then again start screaming. This is because they don’t want toys for play. They want attention of their mother or father which is enough for them. So there is no need of expensive toys.

You can also see a lot of people around you spend so much money on toys before having baby. Usually mothers do a lot of shopping and become obsessed with toys shopping. I will say there is no worth of these toys even you are wasting your money for no reason. Your baby is not going to happy with all the stuff.

So what babies need actually?

Toys are not way to show love of a mother or a father towards their babies but their attention. Kids really don’t need toys. In real they want their mother and father undivided attention.

Kids usually enjoy human interaction a lot. You can say they seek attention of their parents or people around them. So try to keep your baby close to yourself. When you give them attention they suddenly become calmer. It’s better to have your kid in your lap or in your hands then in any carrier or pram.

So instead of wasting too much money on toys you can fulfill your child need with your attention only.

Your kid need to play;

Your kids don’t need toys but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to play.

According to a clinical counselor Deborah McNamara in Vancouver,

“Child needs to play but this does not require toys’’

Playing is a crucial part of your kid overall well being. Healthy and safe play ensure your child good mental and psychological health.

What you need to do is try to give small objects of your home to your kid which they like to play with. Like small bottles, some wrappers which make noise to please kid, small spoon, pens and blocks. Expose your kids to nature and sunlight. Encourage your kid to play with grass, leaves, and flowers or even in dirt.

Do you see your home has already enough objects to keep your child engaged and entertain? So there is no need to buy expensive toys.

How parents can replace toys

As a parent your babies need you as their player companion than their toys. So you can replace your kids’ toys with yourself. For this you can take part in your child playing.

  1. Like sing songs with them.
  2. Talk about the name of things around.
  3. Go for an evening or morning walk with your kid to get some fresh air for your kids and you also.
  4. Blow bubbles with your child.
  5. Help them in games like detachment or building of blocks.

You can do all these things not only for enjoyment but these things will also give attention to your kids.

Minimize toys around your kid

But if you still want to buy some toys for your kid playing activity. Then we will recommend minimizing the number of toys around your kid. Small babies and toddlers usually don’t need toys but may be kids of 5 years old demand for toys. But as parent you can keep things in balanced form. You can provide them with dolls, building blocks, small bicycles, stuffed animals and nesting cup etc.

There is another research about kid’s toys which shows that when kids have fewer toys in their surrounding they become more focused. When kids have lot of toys in surrounding they don’t give proper time to one toy or one playing activity. So these things minimize their creativity and focus skill. And kids with fewer toys use their creativity with one toy longer and become more focused. For

Choose the right type of toys for your kid

There is a saying;

Next time you buy something, have a conversation

Does this allow children to be creative and help to be a bit more interesting?

There is a research which shows that we usually buy toys that only work one way.

Just think before buying toys have you ever thought about any benefit or advantage of that toy for your kid creativity or mentality??

Probably not. Most of us don’t think about toys affects on kids before their purchase.

Next time whenever you go to buy a toy for your kid take a moment and think is it the right type of toy for your kid?? Find at least one good effect of toys before buying. If you don’t find don’t buy it.

Some benefits of having fewer toys:

As we are discussing do babies really need toys. So here I will discuss some benefits of having fewer toys.

Kids argue less;

It’s a myth that kids with more toys argue and fight less which is not true at all. You can notice when you bought a new toy there is beginning of a constant argument in your kids for new toy. On the contrary, with fewer toys kids learn share and collaboration.

Kids enjoy nature more

Kids with fewer toys enjoy nature more. With less number of toys they come outside from playing rooms and want to go outside. In this way they enjoy nature more than kids with many toys.

Kids develop love for art and writing

It’s a fact when kids have fewer toys they do new things to enjoy. So when they get bore from their toys they take interest in books, writing, and drawing and in colour. While on the other hand if you provide too much toys to your kid they will remain busy one after other and they will don’t take interest in other activities.

Become more creative

Fewer toys allow kids to become more creative. When they have only few toys they will try their creativity with one only. They will try to find new ways to play and enjoy.


At the end, I just want to conclude things by saying that I am not a specialist in kid’s psychology but I am a mother with two kids. I raised them and during their upbringing I come with the answer that babies don’t need toys. If you really want to please your kid give them your undivided attention and spend time with them. Take part in their daily activities. You will realize your baby need yourself more the anything else.

So, Do babies really need toys?

The answer is no!