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Are you sick of your dirty toilet that never gets clean even after a couple of flushes? Then you need the best power flush toilets. 

With low quality, it’s not easy to get over the cleaning process of power flush toilets. That often happens with the traditional toilets. The tank sometimes gets leaked, and you end up with low-pressure flushing, which might frustrate you.

Or you want to have a cleaner and better experience while answering nature’s call. Whatever it is, you came here looking to get an overview of whether the power flush toilets are worth your money or not.

The power flush toilets come at various specs and prices. Some are cheap, and others are expensive. But if anything is costly, it does not necessarily mean that it will be the best out there. And on the other hand, if anything is cheap, it does not represent fewer features or qualities. So you need to know what exactly you want.

To narrow down the choice, we have compiled a list of the best power flush toilets here. Please have a look at our best recommendation and give a new look to your beautiful washroom. 

10 best power flush toilets- recommendation

  1. American Standard 2462.016.020 Cadet Elongated Pressure– best-branded power flush toilet
  2. TOTO MS854114EL#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Toilevator-best comfortable power flush toilet
  3. Toilet Riser 11-1/2 “W x 23” L x 3-1/2 H-best plastic made power flush toilet.
  4. Kohler K-3979-0 Highline Comfort Height-best easy to clean power flush toilet
  5. TOTO CST243EF#01 Entrada Two Piece-best powerful flush toilet
  6. American Standard 2887218.020 H2 Option-best designed powerful flush toilet.
  7. Delta Faucet Haywood White round Front Toilet-best front toilet
  8. Mecor One Piece Toilet Siphon Dual Flushing-best dual flushing
  9. Mecor One-piece Toilet Siphon Flushing-best pressure-assisted toilet
  10. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450 Wall Hung toilet-best budget power flush toilet.

best designed power flush toilet review

Let’s have a look at the review and ultimate buying guide of the 10 best power flush toilets

1. American Standard 2462.016.020 Cadet Elongated Pressure

Product review:

The American cadet pressure provides the best and affordable power flush toilets which clear the bowl in a single flush. The product is manufactured by “American standard,” which gives a part number 2462016.020. 

The item’s weight is 63 pounds, and the total size is 30.25 length x 20.5 width x 29.25 height also provides one year of limited warranty for their customers. The company has been manufacturing for 140 years the commercial toilet and is a well-known company. Their commercial bathroom offers the best pressure assisted, flush mate-valve flushing, and gravity-fed.

The American standard commercial toilets are available in various shapes, flushing systems, and sizes. These toilets offer low consumption and high-efficiency toilets for domestic and commercial applications.

The toilet low flow rates are 1.6 GPF, 1.28 GPF, and also 1.1 GPF. These are the right choice of standard American toilets which handle anything which comes in their way. These toilets look attractive and perform fantastic work every day. We would recommend the toilet which pressure range is between 25 to 80 PSI.

Product Features:

  • The product is manufactured by a well-known company, made of high-quality materials.
  • They give the toilet an attractive look and provide a high-speed flushing system.
  • Provide a clean surface and prevent the surface from the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Fewer seats because of the combination of bowl and tank.
  • Come in different sizes, shapes, and flushing systems.
  •  Having one year of limited warranty.


  • Great pressure
  • Least expensive option
  • Doesn’t produce a stain.


  • Loud

2. TOTO MS854114EL#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Toilevator

Product review

TOTO is one of the best and famous brands which manufacture toilet products. It is a Japanese design which manufactures their products also in the United States of America. Their products give a fantastic and powerful performance in the bathroom. 

The industry standard is siphon G-Max flushing which uses the extra-large siphon jet hole and three larger flush valves. The released water creates a quick and powerful flushing action that removes all the waste of the toilet quickly and quietly. 

They provide an additional 20% water saving, reducing the 20% water bill, an excellent option for homeowners. They provide one year of limited warranty with this toilet model.

The best power assisted flush toilet provides a comfortable height with soft close seats. The one-piece design gives a modern look and modifies your bathroom better than a two-piece toilet design. The operated fill valve cleans the toilet at any water pressure and ensures quieter operations. 

Their seats are ergonomic, soft, comfortable design, high gloss polypropylene, and molded bumpers. It is chemical resistant made of solid high-impact plastic. The unique seat is specially designed to reduce injuries. The top tightening mounting bolts make the installation easy.

Product Features:

  • One high piece design, perfect and decent than two-piece design.
  • The flush valve is 3 inches wide, which is 125% larger than 2 inches of the flush valve.
  • Quite, powerful G-Max flushing system provided.
  • Give comfort height, comfortable for the user to use.
  • Provided soft ergonomic design seat.
  • The TOTO offers one year of limited warranty with MS854114.


  • Quicker flushing system.
  • Comfortable Height.
  • Well made.


  • Cleaning up isn’t easy.

3. Toilet Riser 11-1/2 “W  x 23”L x 3-1/2 H

Product review:

Hartmobility manufactures the toilet, Riser 11-1/2. The product was designed by medical engineers, doctors occupational and physical therapists. The main goal was to create a safe and best sanitary power flush toilet, which can be helpful for everyone. 

These new designs that come with extended height are more expensive than the other height, while the Hartmobility provides comfortable height at an affordable price. They also offer a comfortable seat with easy clean-up.

The Toilet Risers are manufactured from durable plastic and designed for easy installation. If you have any problem after the installation, you can easily change or transport from one place to another. The power flush toilet weight is 5.62, which is pretty light in weight. 

The elevator provides the best alternative. It is a spacer installed under the base of your toilet, which increases 3.5 inches the height of your toilet. And it is a better way to make your toilet a bit taller.

Product Features:

  • This model doesn’t need any extra maintenance or cleaning required.
  • The toilets are very easy to install which you set quickly.
  • Also, you can remove the toilet or change its place.
  • Comfortable height, the elevator increases the height of the toilet.
  •  All the necessary hardware included.
  • It offers one year of limited warranty for their customers.


  • Durable.
  • Easy installation.
  • Easy clean-up.


  • All plastic.

4. Kohler K-3979-0 Highline Comfort Height

Product review:

Kohler K-3979-0 Highline Comfort Height is one the best power flush pressure assist toilets, which comes with a long bowl also provides very comfortable height to their seat. To clean and perform quickly uses a high-quality flushing system. Kohler is a well-known company which has manufactured their product since 1936. 

The K-3979 model comes with pieces that provide a chair height comfortable seat. The toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. They give the product a versatile, decent look. The manufacturer of the k-3979 model provides one year of limited warranty.

The toilet weight is 93 pounds, and its size is 12 inches which is a standard measurement for the residential sector. When you see the product size online, you will select the suitable size toilet for your bathroom. 

Do some research on the internet before ordering the product. The product uses more water, but it is more efficient than the older designs. The flushing system is unique, which offers class 5, 1000 MAP ratings. If you see the product price, then it is pretty cool. While cleaning the toilet surface, use some soft cloth or sponge, don’t use abrasive materials such as brushes.

Product Features:

  • The long bowl offers added room and comfort.
  • Their combination consists of a k-4199 and k-4468 model bowl.
  • Come with two pieces of the toilet.
  • Comfortable height and seat.
  • Kohler provides one year of limited warranty with this model.


  • Powerful flushing.
  • Perfect size.
  • Easy clean-up.


  • Didn’t offer a seat.

5. TOTO CST243EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece

Product review:

The TOTO CST243EF is one of the best and cheapest power flush toilets you can get now, with a modern two-piece circular styled toilet. The TOTO provides this model a decent and excellent quality flushing system with a chair-height seat. 

It will save money on water bills, per flush uses 1.28 gallon of water which is perfect for homeowners in saving water. The TOTO company provides one year of limited warranty with the CST243 model toilet.

TOTO CST243 offers a clean and perfect design of their power assist toilet. The E-max flushing technology produces an efficient flush for cleaning—everything they provide with their product which easily and quickly empty the toilet bowl.

Compared to other TOTO models, the CST243 model is silent in its operations, which means you can use the toilet without disturbing others. 90% of customers are happy with this toilet because it solves their daily blockage and high water usage.

Product Features:

  • Without including the toilet seat, it comes with a two-piece tank set and a round bowl.
  • Saves water; this model only uses 1.28 gallons per flush.
  • Powerful flush because of their E-max technology.
  • It offers more comfort and provides a chair-height seat.
  • Silent operation, the user can use the toilet without disturbing others’ homies.
  • It offers one year of limited warranty.


  • Powerful flush.
  • Comfort decent design.
  • East clean up.


  • The return policy isn’t better.

6. American Standard 2887218.020 H2 Option

Product review:

Most toilets use gravity to push water to the bowl, but this power flush toilet standard American H2option uses a combined system, a power jet at the trap that pushes water into plumbing. While this product, the traditional American company gives a part number of 2887218.020.

 The H2 option toilet has 56 pounds weight, and its round seat size is 16 inches. The round seat toilets are primarily designed for small bathrooms because the other shapes block the bathroom door. The lengthened toilet provides a better position and cushioning to the toilet.

The H2 Option model, the best power assisted flush toilet, has a dual flushing button. Through this feature, you can save your water. The company offers with this model five years of limited warranty. Per flush, the toilet uses 1.28 GPF water. 

The dual flushing option gives you the control to select the full or partial flush to increase the water saving. It will provide you with a clean surface that will prevent the growth of germs.

Product Features:

  • The company manufactures this model in multiple lengths and colors.
  • Ever Clean surface, no extra cost included.
  • The dual flush button provides for saving water.
  • Provide siphon jet bowl technology, the water flush not only by gravity.
  • The power trim offers optimal performance.
  • They provide five years of a limited warranty to all of the toilet parts, and with its ceramic, they offer a lifetime warranty.


  • Good value
  • Perfect design
  • Great performance


  • Not come with the seat; you have to order separately.

7. Delta Faucet Haywood White round Front Toilet

Product review:

The Delta Faucet is another well-known best brand that has some outstanding and valuable features on its power flush toilet. If you ever wake up at night, you don’t need to turn on the glaring bathroom light because they offer a delta night light with their toilet seat. 

The bright bathroom light will wake you up entirely and make it hard for you to go back to sleep. The toilet light running 9 hours on and 15 hours off also gives you a gentle blue glow without waking up fully.

If you have kids or a back problem, then the delta faucet gives the best option of slow close seats, which prevents the annoying loud noise. The company provides a non-slip bumper to keep you from sliding around while using. 

They have an anti-clog power flushing system that is still efficient for water use. You can save a lot of water and can reduce the water bill. The affordable power flush toilet gives outstanding features.

Product Features:

  • Slow close seats, allow you to close the seat quickly and quietly.
  • The toilet is a chair height which gives extra comfort to the user.
  • It will use 20% less water as compared to other toilets.
  • Non-slips bumpers, which prevent the user from sliding.
  • Provide night light; you don’t need to turn on the glaring bathroom light.
  • The toilets are very easy to clean because of their unique Splash Guard.


  • Powerful flushing system.
  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The seats are smaller round as compare to other

8. Mecor One Piece Toilet Siphon Dual Flushing

Product review:

The product is manufactured by Mecor, which gives item number 1040801200. The company was founded in 2015 which created its name by itself. The company first sold its products in America because it is an American company, and now it sells its product in Asia and Europe.

They manufacture a product for bathrooms in which they use a dual flushing system. People like their unique decent-style toilet and sell their product at an affordable price. The material used in this product is porcelain, and the weight of the item is 124 pounds.

They provide a dual power flush toilet. Through this system, you can save water. It flushes 1.28/0.8 gallon per flush. The Mecor toilet installation is also very easy to use, pre-installed wax ring, toilet seat, bolt cup, floor cup. 

With the product, they provide detailed installation instructions. It gives a quieter environment that does not disturb others. Their maximum load capacity is 450 LBS. It is glazed by a protected layer that is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Product Features:

  • The toilet is quieter and provides a powerful dual flushing system.
  • The product is perfectly suitable for your modern bathroom design.
  • Easy to clean and save more water.
  • The full flush is 1,28 gallons, while the half flush is 0.8 gallons.
  • It is attractive, and maintenance and installation are also accessible.
  • For installation, they provide detailed instructions.


  • Well designed.
  • Dual flushing feature.
  • Easy clean-up.


  • Do not provide a replacement seat.

9. Mecor One-piece Toilet Siphon Flushing

Product review:

A modern bathroom brought this stylish and durable dual flush toilet. Mecor manufactures this product. The Mecor is a well-known brand that manufactures bathroom well quality products.

Elongated one-piece toilet Mecor designed for those people who want to upgrade their bathroom. The one-piece toilet comes with a pre-installation seat, floor bolts, bolt caps, and wax ring. For the installation of the toilet, you don’t need any professionals.

The Mecor one-piece toilet is manufactured of high-quality porcelain. A powerful siphon flush features the toilet, the flushing works quietly, and the most robust flushing system with no leak and clogs. 

The full flushing option uses 1.28 gallons of water, and the half flush uses 0.8 gallons of water. They provide an attractive look to their toilet. You’ll love this Mecor best pressure assisted toilet.

Product Features:

  • The dual flushing siphon design brings powerful and quiet flushing.
  • Microcrystalline glazing, which makes it easy to clean and stain-resistant.
  • Perform slow flushing without disturbing others.
  • Come in an attractive, sleek design and square-shaped seats.
  • It has a one-piece design, perfect for your modern bathroom design.
  • The installation is very easy. You do it by yourself.


  • Attractive look.
  • Easy to clean and install.
  • Less water consumer.


  • Large in size required more space in the bathroom.

10. Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy SM-WT450 Wall Hung toilet

Product review:

This bathroom toilet is manufactured by Swiss Madison. The Swiss Madison brand is not very popular. But I am sure this model has value for your money in the toilet collection. This is the wall-hung best-designed toilet which looks very beautiful in modern bathrooms. 

The company sells their toilet at an affordable price toilet flush because it is not very popular. This toilet is also dual flush which half flush uses 0.8-gallon water, and the full flush uses 1.28 gallons. They provide a soft, quick-release seat and offer one year of limited warranty.

The best budget power flush toilet is made up of excellent quality porcelain, provides a sleek surface and seamless design, which makes the bowl easy to clean up. If you have some experience, then this will be very easy for you in installation. The unit also comes with all the bolts and screws which are required for their installation.

Product Features:

  • The one-piece design is seamless and easy to clean up.
  • The product is equipped with a dual flushing system and high gravity performance.
  • They also provide a soft closing, so you don’t need to look for their seat.
  • Come with all required screws and bolts.
  • Comfortable, attractive look, adjustable height 15 to 19 inches.
  • Provide one year of limited warranty.


  • Easy clean-up.
  • All bolts included.
  • Affordable power flush toilet.


  • Low weight capacity. 

Buying guide 

If you follow along, this post will help get an idea about what to look for if you want to buy the best power flush toilet.


If there is anything that separates power flush toilets from traditional gravity-based models is its tank. The tank is the very place where the good stuff happens for these new power-flush toilets. They have a secondary tank inside the main tank. The second tank is responsible for building the pressure.

When the water from whatever facility you have comes into the tank, it pushes the air already present in the tank, which increases the pressure inside the tank. So when you press the flush button, it will shoot the water and air with great speed and clean the bowl.

These toilets come in different per flush capacities. They range from a single gallon per flush up to 1.6-gallons per flush. So it is up to you to like what you want.Because these toilets have such a high-pressure flush, a 1-gallon flush will get the job done quite decently.


The bowl is the area that is used to hold the waste before it gets flushed. Power flush toilets come with a similar size bowl as traditional gravity-fed toilets. But due to the pressure-assisted system, these toilets store more water in the bowls than standard toilets giving you a much easier cleaning experience.

So always look for how much water the bowl can hold. Moreover, the greater the water that stays in the bowl, the less the dirt that sticks to the toilet.


Apart from all the good things you get with the power flush toilets, you also get some flushing noise. Because to be honest, these things when you flush them sound like a revving sports car.

But some of the products are less noisy than others. So when you buy one for yourself, definitely watch out for the noise. Different products use different kinds of techniques to reduce the noise and give you a more excellent experience.

Fancy Hands-free feature:

The idea of saving water is more common in offices. So these power flush toilets find their place in the office toilets more often than in residential areas. Because many people in the office use the same toilets, a hands-free system can be convenient.

Being able to flush the toilet with a gesture without touching the button is an excellent feature to consider. Although the gesture feature is limited to power flush toilets and it is not also standard for every power flush to come with this feature.

So it is a personal choice whether you want to go for it or not. And this might also add some extra cost to the product.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Does the water splash out of the bowl when we flush a power flush toilet?

  1. When a mixture of air and water bursts through the tank and rushes outwards, it is not hard for someone to imagine that it would splash out of the bowl on the sitting area. But that is not the case.

The siphon tube sucks the water and waste in it, carrying them towards the drain.Don’t worry; you can have peace of mind that it will not make a mess every time you flush it. 

Q. Is the sound of the flushing audible from outside?

  1. Power flush toilets use almost half of the water a traditional toilet uses. To provide you a cleaner experience, they push the water at high speed to clean the bowl thoroughly. Eventually, that makes a lot of noise, and that noise can be heard from outside of the toilet.

But there is also an upside. Since the flush uses less water at high speed, the flush’s span is smaller than a traditional flush.

Q. Does power flush prevent clogging?

  1. Yes, it will. These power-flush toilets help prevent clogging, especially in the old houses where the drainage system is inadequate.

Because the water comes out of the tank faster than a standard toilet, the water takes debris or waste with it and pushes more complicated to prevent clogging.

Q.Is power flush toilets durable, and will it leak?

  1. The power flush toilets come with double tanks; one outside is made up of standard material as the other body parts of the toilet. And the other one is inside the first tank as the second tank is also air-tight and can withstand pressure.

As far as leakages are concerned, this depends on the product’s quality because the standard gravity-fed toilets that do not have any pressure apart from water in the tank get leak also.

So it depends upon the quality of the products and time. Because with time there will be some leakages that you expect from any toilets, to be honest.

Q.Does Power flush toilets require electricity?

  1. Generally, pressure-assisted toilets do not require any electricity. Because the pressure in the tank is created with the help of water pressure. But if you have one with the extra innovative features like gesture control and other stuff, it might need electricity to operate.


Choosing the best power flush toilet is not as easy as it looks. Especially when you have dozens of trustworthy brands and highly featured products with new technology. You can get confused about what you need to choose and what is beneficial for you.

You will prefer a flush toilet that is fully functional and comes with other easy-to-use features. To narrow down your choice in all the situations, we compiled a list of the 10 best power flush toilets here.

 We recommend you go through our complete article to find a perfect fit for you. We assure you all our recommendations are based on an experienced researching team. You will find every product reasonably practical yet beautiful also. 

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