How to make iced coffee in a blender

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Most of the people in western countries and developed countries normally start their day with breakfast followed by a cup of their favorite flavored coffee. Coffee has caffeine in it which has potential benefits for health and no one can deny those health benefits. Most people get their mug of coffee from Starbucks or McDonald’s in the morning while rushing to their offices. Weather conditions sometimes are pretty much against you. Such as in a sunny morning or hot summer you can’t enjoy a cup of hot cappuccino. But you need not to worry at all. There are alternative solutions to these hot cups of caffeine.

To quench the thirst of your favorite flavor of delicious coffee, you can prepare a frozen and iced coffee at your home. This is very simple, less time taking and will deliver you an iced coffee at your table. 

Don’t be confused if it seems weird and strange to you that how can one prepare a frozen coffee at home. And yes don’t even think of making a hot coffee first then pouring it over ice. Or thinking of adding some ice or cooling it into your freezer. It would be a foolish and weirdest idea if one can ever think and execute. Here is the simple trick and suggestion for the iced coffee-making at your own home. 

You can enjoy iced cold coffee in a low-budget at your own home only if you have a blender first. So the first step is going to the market and buying the finest quality blender which can be used in making your favorite flavored cold coffee within minutes. In the market, you can have varieties of blenders depending upon their brands, sizes, and models. You can get your unit as per your own requirements. You can buy it as low as $50.

Remember this could be your one-time investment, so take care of all aspects before purchasing your unit. This blender can serve your main purpose of making cold coffee for many years. Since because of your passion, you’ll be using them often, so consider every single aspect of your blender. Because it will carry out plenty of more functions in the kitchen. So one time best investment in a credible blender should be your top priority.

How to make iced coffee in a blender?

Probably you’ll be having a blender in your kitchen, if yes then you can use it to make a delicious mug of your favorite frozen coffee. Most of the people ask if they can use a common blender for iced coffee-making the answer is yes. Obviously, you can use the blender for this purpose. 

By using your blender you can make your coffee as tasty as you want and as frozen as your buds can allow and enjoy the colder coffee with the favorite flavor. So make the best use blender, mix the different ingredients and enjoy the perfectly iced delicious coffee. 

Process :

Blender is a common home appliance used in the kitchen of almost every household. Because it is a common blender hence more easy to use and handle. The process of iced coffee-making is also not very complicated. Below is the detailed recipe, how to whip up your frozen coffee in minutes at your home. 

Ingredients :


Here you will require 2 cups of coffee. For this purpose, you may have different options to use such as chilled coffee, cold brew coffee.


Now add some cold coffee cubes to get your desired frozen coffee. For this purpose, you can add regular ice to it. The other option is to get coffee cubes which could be obtained by simply filling an ice tray with already chilled coffee and placing it in a freezer for one whole day. The end result will be the coffee cubes. 


The last ingredient which we add to make our frozen coffee is milk. Add at least half of the middle-sized cup to give it a Creamy touch. Besides that, you can add a few almonds or coconut. Afterward, it depends on your choice. The addition of milk should be followed by sweeteners that shouldn’t exceed more than 2-3 tablespoons. 


The quantity of sugar totally relates to one’s passion for the sugar content in the coffee. Some people don’t like sugar at all. Others would like to add a teaspoon or two teaspoons. Some people are diabetic, they would totally refrain from adding such sugar content in their iced coffee. So it is you who pick up the sugar content of your coffee. 

Process of blending :

In the next and last step, you need to take out your blender, clean it by washing, let it get dry. Then take all ingredients one by one and keep adding it into the blender jar. Turn the switch on and set it high. Now, wait and watch until all the added ice cubes have been thoroughly crushed. And take a sip to get its taste and texture. Now take your travel cup or mug, pour your frozen coffee into it and enjoy it. 

You can use coffee cubes that you have already prepared in the freezer for more chilled coffee and strong flavor.

Different flavors of coffee 

Hot or cold whatever you like in the coffee, you have plenty of options when it comes to adding flavors into it. Now we have a list of flavors that could be added as per one’s preference. For this purpose, you don’t need to be an experienced chef or someone having experience of working in a coffee shop for years. The process is simple, when your frozen coffee is ready, just add a teaspoon of your favorite flavor into it. These could be anything from caramel sauce to cinnamon or peppermint syrup. This will give you a final and tasty touch to your iced cold coffee.

Some people are fond of black coffee. If you also want to give it a try in the frozen form then things are pretty very easy for you. All you need to do is mix ice with cold coffee and leave the mixture in the blender, turn it on. Your blender will make a delicious iced coffee that will keep you active and strong all day long. So this is a very simple recipe for black coffee. 


To make Frappe mocha coffee, you can take 50 milliliters of milk, 3 cups of ice, 120 milliliters of warm coffee with adjustable amounts of sugar. Mix this and add 10 g of cocoa in powdered form. Pour down this mixture in the blender and wait for a few minutes. You will have delicious cold mocha coffee at the end. 

Vanilla Frappe Coffee 

Blender could be used to make cold vanilla Frappe coffee. Take ingredients such as 100 milliliters of freshly prepared warm coffee. Add a cup of ice, 50 milliliters of boiled milk, and vanilla ice cream ( one scoop). Add everything to the blender, make a mixture and crush in the blender. You will have vanilla-flavored coffee at the end. 

Conclusion :

If any of your colleagues who work with you in the office make a complaint before you that he pays $8 to Starbucks for an afternoon’s cup of iced cold coffee regularly and he doesn’t like this much extravagant. You can suggest him use the commonly used blender in the kitchens to brew his favorite flavored cold coffee and save money. 

To make a long story short, it has been a well-established fact that common blenders can be used in making cold coffee at homes with little effort. Blenders can cost as low as $50 in the markets. Buy your unit from the online shop or market. Take ingredients like sugar, milk, coffee, and ice. Brew it manually. It is you who controls the quantity of content in your coffee while using the blender. Add flavors of your choice ranging from vanilla to mocha and black coffee. It depends on your taste buds. 

You need to regularly clean it after making your coffee. Using the blender to brew cold coffee at home serves your purpose of enjoying frozen coffee in hot summers. It is cost-effective, easy to use, and easy to handle. 

Hence using the blender for making iced cold coffee at home is the best utilization of this appliance in your home kitchen. Saving money, time, and enjoying your favorite flavored frozen coffee can bring little feelings of luxury in your life. 

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