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A heightened toilet is comfortable for the back and knees of elderly and disabled people. According to ADA, tall toilets for elderly reduce lumbago risk and give comfortable sitting to heightened people.

Before choosing the toilet, it is essential to review the need for a person to use it. If the individual is tall or elderly, it is better to select a toilet with exceptional height. Traditional height toilets could not provide comfort to senior users.

Additionally, 17-19 inches height of bowels is essential for the bathrooms to underuse senior people. This sort of size is also suitable for disabled people. Moreover, these toilets work well in public and private washrooms.

 However, tall toilets are not for everyone but beneficial for the elderly. Therefore, be vigilant while selecting the toilets. Tall toilets do not suit short heightened individuals.

 Despite this, you have to consider height, water consumption, bowels, and flush system in the tall toilets. Such considerations are essential for you, and after all, you will have the best tall toilets for your washroom.  

List of the top 5 best tall toilets for elderly

In this review, we searched top five tall toilets for you. The review covers the every aspect a customer looking for while buying the tall toilet. Your few minutes reading will enhance your knowledge on selection of tall toilet.

Sarlai Modern Tall Elongated Comfort Height

An excellent one-piece tall toilet from the Sarlai manufacturer can serve your need. People who are tall heightened feel good while using this best tall toilets. The company makes it with ceramic in an elongated shape. The design focuses needs of senior people. However, disabled people can use it.

Moreover, height with an improved flush system is more advantageous than traditional toilets. You can have tall toilets for elderly when you have old age people. Salari toilets are highly water efficient besides comfort. It’s soft plastic seat gives you comfort and supports you when you have backache.

A beautiful white ceramic color is eco–friendly and hygienic. You can easily clean it as it does not have corners and grooves. As a result, you can wash it.

Additionally, one-piece floor-mounted tall toilets are easy to install. Therefore, most users recommend such toilets. Its outer look with a scratch-free surface is another feature of this product that enhances the bathroom environment.

The opinion of experts regarding the quality and finishing of tall toilets favors the one-piece toilet. Furthermore, they recommend this type of toilet for senior citizens and disabled people as it does not put weight on the knees, therefore, mark as a comfortable toilet.


  • Design: Modern style in one-piece tall toilet decors your bathroom. The design does not have a curve that’s is why it is easy to keep clean. The glossy look makes this design scratch less.
  • Flush System: The quality of the installed flush system is amazing. It is quiet and powerful. Therefore, it cleans even a single spot and stains.
  • Comfort Height: 19 inches height is far better for the tall heightened people and the senior citizen who cannot afford weight on their knees.
  • Water efficiency: The toilet is water efficient, and therefore, reduces the rate of water consumption. Its 180-degree water flow is effective in flushing and cleaning.
  • Weight: The total weight of the toilet is 99.8 pounds.
  • Material: the manufacturer used ceramic material to make the toilet long-lasting. The ceramic gives glossy finishing with fewer scratches.
  • Shape: One-piece elongated shape of the white ceramic made toilet is providing a quality flushing system.
  • Package: Company claims all in one package which means one-piece-toilet, pre-installed soft closing toilet seat, high-quality wax ring, floor bolts, and installation instruction.


  • Easy to clean
  • Less odor
  • Warranty


  • Capacity of water tank is low. 

American Standard Champion-4 Right Height

The standard champion 04 right height is a marvelous one-piece tall toilet. The toilet falls under the category of best tall toilets beneficial for senior citizens or the elderly. The American standard company manufactured the tall toilets with vitreous china in linen color

Elongated style not only looks better but provides additional cleaning provision while flushing it. The efficient flushing system never had any issue at all with clogs. You will have a one piece-toilet with glossy finishing.

However, the slow closing lid works well to limit the odor even with low consumption of water. The tall toilet is water efficient as it only takes 1.6 gallons per flush. It does not mean this water level is insufficient to flush the waste; its practical elongated siphon works amazingly.

Users of the tall American standard toilet recommend it for the heightened people. Furthermore, the users of the product commented positively about the quiet close lid. Moreover, the one-piece toilet works amazingly in public and private bathrooms.

The experts also highlighted its economic water consumption and durable material. The company claims it is the best toilet for seniors as it helps people with pain in the knee and back.


  • Water efficient: Water is previous due to rising water scarcity. Therefore, the company made this toilet more water efficient. Only 1.6 gallons per flush which is quite economic in context of the water.
  • One-piece-toilet:One piece is a symbol of quality and durability. Company provides a one-piece toilet with 04 piston action accelerate flush valve
  • Quality of lid: Slow close toilet seat is quieter. Therefore, it is useful for the household too.
  • Height: The rim height of the best toilet for senior is 16-1/2 inches. The standard height enhances the comfort and ease of elderly.
  • Clog-free performance: Powerful and quieter flush works well. It move 70 percent larger mass than a standard toilet. Therefore, experts consider it best tall toilet for public and private bathrooms.
  • Weight:Total weight of the one-piece tall toilet is 118 pounds with right height.
  • Color and style: The American standard toilet is available in elongated style and linen color.
  • Certification: Rare toilet have water sense certification frustration-free.
  • Dimension:The right heighted toilet is available with 17.75 x 29.75 x 29.5 inches dimensions.


  • Floor mounted
  • Complete toilet color matched bolt caps
  • Easy to clean


  • Small water tank

KOHLER K-3816-U-0 Memoirs Classic Comfort Height

What’s great about the memoir’s classic tall toilet it has multi-functional technology. The KOHLER manufactured insuliner and left-hand trip level in 02 pieces. Senior citizens have been using the best K-3816-U-0 model tall toilet for a long.

When we talk about comfort height, it means toilet from the floor to the top of the seat I just over 17 inches. This height makes it a little taller than a standard toilet. The size makes the tall toilet easier for standing and sitting now.

The company made it the best tall toilet for seniors with china material and white. The experts recommend the toilet for elderly people who have a problem in standing and sitting. The height eases the weight load on the knees of the senior citizens. 

The user’s remarks favor the company’s claim about its usefulness for heightened people. Moreover, the company made it like a chair-seating. Therefore, it is comfortable for the elderly.

However, the product is available in 02 pieces, but the company makes its installation easier with standard fitting instructions. Furthermore, the water valve is highly efficient in controlling the wastage of water.

Water sense certification is another achievement of the product. Despite this, the total water consumption per flush is around 1.28 gallons pre-flush. Additionally, the elongated 1.28 GPF with aqua piston flush technology brings more power to flushing.


  • Sitting and standing: The height gives more space to the elderly to sit and stand comfortably without any pain. Special engineering hands made the tall toilets like a chair to ease the toilet time of elder people
  • Style: Elongated style bowl is amazing in the context of room and comfort. It gives more flush power to flush the mass.
  • Trip Level: Standard left-hand polished chrome trip level works smoothly, and soft mechanism helps senior citizens to pull it with minimum power. 
  • Quality of Seat Cover: Slow close toilet seat is quieter. Therefore, it is useful for the household too.
  • Incliner Technology:  Incliner tank liner minimizes condensation on the tank when exposed to high humidity.
  • Dimensions and weight: The tall toilet for seniors has 30. 38 x 17.81 x 31.44 inches dimension with 89.2 pounds weight.
  • Color and Finish: The toilet is available in white color and white finishing. Its white color is a stain detector. Moreover, the material helps color in refreshing after cleaning.
  • Water Consumption: Water sense certification explains the water efficiency of the best toilets for seniors. Water consumption per flush is 1.28 gallons. The installed gravity flush works automatically and controls water wastage.


  • Easy to clean
  • Protected from scratch and chip
  • One year limited warranty


  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately

TOTO Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated One Piece Toilet

If you are looking for the best tall toilet that can easily clean and gives comfort to the elderly, you have to have a TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet for your bathroom. The one-piece toilet is one of the best tall toilets made for the ease of senior citizens.

You will never have any issue with floating stuff after flushing after installing the elongated style toilet in your bathroom. You can get admirable results even with less water.

It works amazingly than most others. It is easy to install for a long time. Its anti-clog system is dependent on the powerful flush. Therefore, it works effectively to flush the mass.

Users recommend it due to its excellent quality and a very positive flush. Users say they do not believe it will ever clog. Expert’s opinions also favor the tall toilet due to its quality and availability of spare parts.

Moreover, the seat and lid slow close is quieter and keeps the house environment pleasant. However, the flushing and design work excellent. As a result, you can always have an odor-free environment in your bathroom.

Additionally, it provides a side handle to flush the mass easily. It also provides a TOTO flush that jerks the mass right out instead of slushing it around in the bowel.


  • Flushing technology: TOTO introduced flushing technology with UltraMax elongated one-piece tall toilet for senior citizens.
  • Water Efficiency: ADA-approved tall toilet utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush which fall under water efficient.
  • Fast Flush: An amazing fast flush system with a wide 3-inch flush valve is 125 percent larger than conventional 2-inch flush valves.
  • Design: Wider 2-1/8 inch computer designed with fully glazed trap way. Moreover, traditional style with sleek high profile one-piece-toilet top-up the grace of your washroom.
  • Size and weight: The size of the tall toilet is right height in an elongated shape. The toilet size is 65 pounds only.
  • Color and Finish: The color of the toilet is white with a cotton white finishing. The combination improves the appearance of your bathroom.
  • The installation method and package quantity: Floor mounted which can easily install on any floor, and the product package contains 01 pieces.


  • Easy to install
  • Cleaning is easy due to one-piece design
  • Eco ultramax


  • Small water tank

American Standard Studio S Right Height Elongated

You are looking for a sleek and stylish tall toilet for the elderly, but you do not want to compromise the flushing. American Standard Studio S right height elongated is the best toilet for seniors. It is a tankless item with a beautiful design in white color that can improve your bathroom appearance.

Additionally, the company claims the tall toilet serves the elderly and disabled by offering them easy sitting and standing. Its tankless complements the contemporary aesthetic of the Studio S tall toilet.

Moreover, the toilet is available in one piece in an elongated shape. Its overarching design with skirted sides conceals the trap way makes it more user-friendly.

The exclusive power-flow flushing system is powerful that ranks it one of the best tall toilets for seniors in America. The users recommend the American Standard Studio due to its right height and tankless advantages.


  • Design: Beautiful design is lustrous and unbroken you can find in one piece. Tankless design is durable and eco-friendly
  • Weight and Style: The toilet has a modern style with 118.7 pounds weight.
  • Dimensions: Alike other tall toilets, the American standard elongated toilet has dimensions of 29.5 x 15.88 x 16.75 inches.
  • The installation method and package quantity: One-piece toilet with durable packing is available in one-piece.
  • Lever: The chrome trip lever is useful for senior citizens as it is easy to reach and pull.
  • Water-saving: This powerful, water-saving system uses just 1.0 gallons per flush to completely clear the bowl the first time.
  • Quieter: Studio S is softer than most comparable toilets.


  • Easy to install with inlet water connection
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Plastic seat

Buying Guide

  • Measurements: Before buying the tall toilet for seniors, you need to take accurate measurements. Your washroom space could be different from the size of toilets.
  • Product Policy: Most of the companies published product policy. As a customer, you need to read the product policy. This gives you overall information about return, warranty and delivery.


What is the actual size of tall toilets?

The actual size of the tall toilets falls between 17-19 inches from the floor. However, it depends on the floor mounting. If the installation mode is floor mounting, then the toilet size may vary. Otherwise, it is 17-19 inches.

What type of material used to make seat?

The company uses high-quality plastic in the manufacturing of toilet seats. The seat is slowly closing and quieter due to the fine quality of plastic. Glazed will protect the seat from stains, scratches, and chips.

What is warranty period of the tall toilets?

Lifetime warranty on chinaware, 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts, 1-year warranty on the seat. For more information, you can read the product policy.


Buying a tall toilet is not difficult. A comprehensive review can make this task easy for you—the review of tall toilets for elderly covers the five most amazing toilets available on the market. In the review, you have read a lot about the quality, colors, valves’ functions, and lever. Such information is beneficial for you while deciding the correct height of the tall toilet.

Moreover, you can find a short buyer guide and few possible questions to further guide you on the project. We expect the review fulfilled your requirement, and hope you will keep reading our reviews to find the best buying solution.

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