10 best motorcycle tail bag| for your comfortable journey

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A best motorcycle tail bag is placed at the motorcycles’ rear seat to store and secure your small belongings (mobile, chargers, helmet) while you are on a trip. 

Either you are moving within the town, or you have planned an outside trip, these bags are the best storage equipment for food and water. 

Some motorcycles have an added section for carrying extra luggage. But, not every bike has this facility. So, you need a motorcycle tail bag for your trips.

As the name suggests, these bags fit on the tails of the motorcycle. You can mount them easily. Some bags have permanent mountings while some are easily detachable.

They do not cause any turbulence during the ride by perfectly balancing the weight.

These bags come in different sizes to fit every motorcycle size. You can choose large, medium, or small bags as per your requirements.

Their attractive designs, high-quality material suits heavy loading. These are waterproof and usually run for an extended period.

List of the 10 best motorcycle tail bag recommendation

  1. OGIO 110091.36 Stealth Black Duffle – best Tail Bag for motorcycle
  2. GIVI EA115BK – best motorcycle Rear Seat Bags
  3. Nelson Rigg CL-1060-ST2 – best Motorcycle Tail/Seat Bag
  4. Nelson Rigg NR-300 – best Route 1 Traveler Tour Trunk Bag
  5. Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond – best budget Motorcycle Tail Bag
  6. Dowco Willie & Max 59591-00 Black Jack Series – best durable Motorcycle Tail Bag
  7. Kuryakyn 5284 Momentum Road Warrior – best affordable Tail Bag
  8. Saddlemen 3515-0075 Deluxe – best Roll Bag for Motorcycle
  9. Milwaukee Performance SH535 – best Black Leather Roll Bag Mount
  10. Saddlebags For Motorcycle – best Universal Leather PU Waterproof tail bag

best and affordable motorcycle tail bag comparison chart:

OGIO 110091.36 Stealth Black Duffle

Well-designed tail bag for motorcycles, very tight, anti-slip pad, rain hood is present, excellent mounting system, expandable, weighs 2.2 lbs, multiple compartments,

GIVI EA115BK Rear Seat Bags

bag suits well on the back seat, tie-down loops and bungee cords, 40-liter, suitable in all conditions, High-quality PVC material, has a shoulder strap

Nelson Rigg CL-1060-ST2

excellent design, internal zippered pocket, bends perfectly, expansion system to have more room, excellent fabric material, Elastic straps, 24.78 litres capacity up to increase it 33.04 litres

Nelson Rigg NR-300

fits nearly all the motorcycle rear seats, Ultra-quality fabric, Ultraviolent rays restriction, has a stiff structure, three carrying handles, extra three-inch extension section, can carry two full-face helmets, 63 Liters.

Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Motorcycle Tail Bag

motorcycle rear seat bag, premium quality Material, weather-resistant, quick-mounting strap kit, 2-distinct compartments, multiple external stash pockets, couple of exterior pockets, includes a rain cover, Construction fabricated from 1200 denier textiles

Dowco Willie & Max 59591-00 Black Jack

Has a mounting handle and buckles, made in the USA, weighs about 2.2 lbs, including touring trunks, tool bags, and swingarm bags, made of premium quality synthetic leather

Kuryakyn 5284 Momentum Road Warrior Motorcycle Travel Luggage

Weatherproof motorcycle roller bag, assembly options include passenger seats, baggage racks, or sissy bars, ultraviolet radiation protective, heavy-duty structure of 1200 Denier textile, additional safe mounting option, accommodate laptops or tablets up to 15″

Saddlemen 3515-0075 Deluxe Roll Bag

Motorcycle tail backpack, quality zippers and several D-rings, can be use as a exercise bag, wide main compartment and two smaller, enough storage 

Milwaukee Performance SH535 motorcycle best tail bag

Genuine Leather motorcycle rear seat bag, high-quality waterproof cover, plus of two holes for a cup, looks impressive, leather makes the exterior more appealing, two side pockets and one front pocket, additional shoulder strap for easy holding.

Veckhom Saddlebags For Motorcycle

Universal Leather PU Waterproof, very lightweight, best exquisite exterior, 1.1 lbs weight, 7L capacity, compact design with a rainproof exterior, small compartments are perfect for carrying mobile, wallets and other gadgets

A variety of motorcycle tail bag backpacks are available in the market. But, we have narrowed down and reviewed the ten best motorcycle rear seat bags for our valued readers. 

We have created this list based on efficient storage capacity, durability, and provision to smooth riding.

1. OGIO 110091.36 Stealth Black Duffle best Tail Bag for motorcycle

best motorcycle tail bag

Product Review

OGIO best tail bag is a nicely sized and very well-designed tail bag for motorcycles. The belts keep the bag very tight, and the best anti-slip pad on the bottom of the bag functions well. 

The bag is readily adjustable, for more things to transport. The straps remain on the bike without causing any disruptions.

The rain hood is present to enable it to resist harsh weather. An excellent mounting system creates perfect weight balance during rides.

OGIO Stealth Tail bag has an expandable volume of about 240 in³. It has a superior design of neoprene anti-slip pad to protect exterior paint.

OGIO tail bag weighs 2.2 lbs with a capacity of carrying 1274 in³ volume. It contains multiple compartments to place different items separately. Multiple side pockets are available for keeping water bottles and small accessories.

A smoother ride because of the streamlined design, which enables more comfortable airflow.


  • The bottom line suits nicely and is of excellent quality.
  • Perfectly fits all the motorcycles.
  • Very versatile with plenty of storage.


  • The bag is of average size and is not suitable for long trips.

2. GIVI EA115BK Rear Seat Bags

motorcycle back seat bag

Product Review

GIVI tail bag suits well on the back seat of the passenger of motorcycles. It has got nice best tie-down loops and bungee cords under the bench. 

The 40-liter pack is more than wide enough for traveling results. You can mount or removed this bag easily. 

It is suitable in all conditions on and off the road and all-weather. 

Essentially, this is a dry-bag for motorcycle riding. It has a perfect tie-down spot to suit the bike.

GIVI Tail bag is of High-quality PVC material for added durability.

The bag has a shoulder strap for easy carrying.

The bag weighs only 2.2 pounds.


  • It has an excellent water-resistant characteristic.
  • Elastic straps provide the best tight grip.
  • Can be fitted on all motorcycles.


  • It does not have side pockets.

3. Nelson Rigg CL-1060-ST2 Motorcycle Tail/Seat Bag

best motorcycle tail bag

Product review

This Nelson Rigg product has the best and excellent design. The lid is semi-rigid with an internal zippered pocket that bends perfectly this tail bag behind the motorcycles.

If you need a little more space, you can quickly unzip the expansion portion and open it up to have more room. If you no longer need additional space, the extension zipper quickly zips back down to keep stuff tidy.

It is of excellent fabric material that completely protects from UV radiation. Elastic straps help in the right mounting.

You can place 24.78 litres at normal. You can increase it to 33.04 litres storage capacity upon expansion.

The bag is easily expandable and has firm bas material.


  • Premium-quality zippers and zip pullers
  • Stretch on waterproof rain cover for protection against water and rain.
  • Extra-large volume to carry overnight clothes.


  • Straps are too long for small motorcycles to perfectly fit the bag.

4.Nelson Rigg NR-300 Route 1 Traveler Tour Trunk Bag

best motorcycle tail bag

Product Review

Nelson Rigg NR-300 tail bag fits nearly all the motorcycle rear seats. Its structure is made of best Ultra-quality fabric. The bag has complete Ultraviolent rays restriction with brighter tubing to enhance visibility.

The bag has a stiff structure, three carrying handles for off-bike travel, an extra three-inch extension section, and three generous outer pockets. 

It can carry two full-face helmets even when not extended and use rugged fast release mounting belts.

The principal compartment zippers are both lockable with a protective rain cover. The principal compartment weighs 63 Liters and measures 22″ x 12″x 14.5″. 

Fully expanded dimensions are  22″ x 12″ x 17″  with storage of 73.5 litres. It has a pocket under the lid of the main compartment.

The bag has excellent size, and it appears to be a durable fabric/material. Mounting and disassembly of this bag are simple. 

The four flexible tie-downs feed into your babbage rack and attach to the case, allowing you to draw and tie them tighter. 

It remains stable and going well at any pace. You can put two helmets side by side comfortably. 

Double-ended zipper locks together to provide subsequent security. It wouldn’t be impossible for somebody to detach the tie-down and steal either. So, it’s a great way to move if you don’t leave it unattended.

The expandable zipper was perfect when the products were too heavy. 

It contains a rain cover for ultra protection. The rain cover folds up and slips nicely into the side pocket. The body keeps the bag dry and ultimately saves the stored products.


  • UV rays protection with the use of UltraMax material
  • High-quality finish that slips water while keeping the bag dry.
  • It is large enough to carry overnight clothes.


  • The top appears to wiggle a little over the zipper line.

5. Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond Motorcycle Tail Bag

best motorcycle tail bag

Product Review:

Kuryaken motorcycle rear seat bag is of the best premium quality Material. It has 1200 denier textile material, UV radiation repellent structure with weather-resistant. 

It comes with a quick-mounting strap kit with D-rings. The bag permits a range of straightforward and secure assembly recourse. 

The bag has 2-distinct compartments, multiple external stash pockets and a couple of exterior pockets.  Additionally, zip-packed mesh pockets, outer coats, rollers, or other storage for external bungees are also available.

Quickly mounted and detached when required without any prior help of an expert.

This product includes a rain cover with an attached shoulder strap. Both of these are easily removable. 

For a wide variety of motorcycle passenger seats (requires four points of mounting) and baggage rack (measures 18″ x 12 “x 15.5.”

You can make your way home using this very versatile Kuryakyn 5285 Momentum Vagabond motorcycle bag.

The strap kit and multiple D-Rings are available for heavy use. These straps provide a range of comfortable, safe mounting options.

Integrated characteristics create modular attachment options MOLLE (module lightweight charging equipment). 

Construction fabricated from 1200 denier textiles that keep the same structure shape. The material is UV rated and weather-resistant. 

The bag has sufficient internal storage to hold everything necessary for road trips or interstate adventures on weekends.


  • The size of the bag is much large and provides enough space for storage.
  • High-quality material and durable.
  • Specially designed to maintain weight balance.


  • The top strap has problems with sissy bars in standard length.

6. Dowco Willie & Max 59591-00 Black Jack Series

best motorcycle tail bag

Product Review

Dowco Willie & Max 59591-00 motorcycles tail bags are of the best synthetic leather. A clean and sleek look is available in the Blackjack Series. This versatile bag has a mounting handle and buckles. 

All synthetic sissy bar bags are entirely made in the USA and have limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Its model number is 59591-00 and weighs about 2.2 lbs. Product dimensions are 8” x 10” x 4.5”.

All Willie & Max bags, including touring trunks, tool bags, and swingarm bags, are made of premium quality synthetic leather.

The finish of the bag is too good that creates the same outlook as of original leather with added durability. These can withstand bad weathers easily.

The straps are of good quality to provide the best grip during trips. These bags are universally fit and are detachable when required.

The bag has a great design to maintain weight balance for comfortable and smoother rides. Carrying handle and buckles are for easy carrying.


  • Its buckles are quickly released.
  • May be used for many years due to its high durability.
  • Synthetic leather provides water-resistant characteristics for added durability.


  • Sometimes slides away at rallies due to its shoestring laces.

7. Kuryakyn 5284 Momentum best Road Warrior motorcycle Tail Bag

motorcycle back seat bag

Product Review:

Kuryakyn 5284 best Weatherproof motorcycle roller bag provides various convenient assembly options. These options include passenger seats, baggage racks, or sissy bars. 

The rigid design keeps its shape either loaded or empty. This motorcycle back seat bag has ultraviolet radiation protective and heavy-duty structure of 1200 Denier textile. 

This Bag has an additional safe mounting option by integrated MOLLE fixtures and multiple D rings. It has an external adjustable bungee storage system that secures coat, bedroll, and food. 

The padded medium storage pocket can accommodate laptops or tablets up to 15″ dimensions. It has eight outer stash pockets and two bottle pocket options. 

The storage capacity of the bag is 60 litres and have dimensions of 19″ x 12″ x 16″ H. It features a low-profile handle and shoulder strap for easy bike fitting.

Kuryakyn 5284 Momentum Road Warrior motorcycle rear seat bag can hold all the items firmlywhile move on the road. It has multiple compartments for storage to meet every rider needs. 

This bag is the epitome of convenience with octuplet external stash bags, twice bottle pockets, and thrice separate zippered openings on the principal compartment. 

This bag has a UV-rated textile construction with a weatherproof 1200 denier and a tethered rain cover for removal. The stringent design maintains its loaded or void shape.

A large centre hatch with zippered side swing doors provides easy access to cargo. The centre hatch fits with an internal grid pocket that maintains smaller items. 

Integrated MOLLE mounting points and a multitude of D-rings provide additional easy and safe mounting capabilities, including the use of a multi-purpose media storage pocket.


  • 1200 denier textile material with UV rating construction                               
  • Sustainable structure keeps form even when empty. 
  • Includes threaded rain cover for additional element protection


  • It won’t fit properly, if you have a passenger backrest, with a small gap.

8. Saddlemen 3515-0075 Deluxe Roll Bag

best motorcycle tail bag

Product Review

Saddlemen Motorcycle tail backpack is a lovely looking best tail bag. It seems to have been well made. Strong quality zippers and several D-rings are available to tie items to the bag. 

This tail bag maintains its form even when empty. The supplied straps work well and give a good, clean look to the pack. 

The Bag weighs three pounds and is rigid and uncompromising.

It’s a day bag or a soft sleeping bag. It will be more than enough to act as an exercise bag. The braces make it very easy to disassemble from the bike. 

It just takes a minute to secure the bag by winding the cable through the D-ring or two and connecting it to the rail or frame. 

Storage-wise you have a wide main compartment and two smaller compartments on each side. The three of them have pockets to keep stuff organized. 

The main compartment has a big mesh bag intended to carry the rain cover. Still, you can place a couple of other items in there too without really sacrificing the storage of the main compartment.

It has enough storage to place two helmets side-by-side in the main compartment.


  • Easy mountings and universal fit
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Expandable zipper compartments for extra-storage capacity


  • Side compartments are not huge, but you can hold a lot of small items and keep them organised.

9. Milwaukee Performance SH535 motorcycle best tail bag

motorcycle rear seat bag

Product Review

Milwaukee Performance SH535 Genuine Leather motorcycle rear seat bag is well made. It comes with the best and high-quality waterproof cover. There’s a plus of two holes for a cup. 

Milwaukee performance bag looks impressive on the back of the bike. The Superior standard construction of the leather makes the exterior more appealing.

Short velcro braces on the back enlarged with a strip of double-sided velcro.  Velcro front pocket closure replaced by a magnetic snap. Three Velcro straps that modify to fit the sissy bar.

This bag comes with two side pockets and one front pocket. It has an additional shoulder strap for easy holding. 

The bag weighs 1.89 lbs and is convenient for all.


  • Cow leather bag has a long life and durability.
  • Straps on both sides to mount tightly on a motorcycle rear.
  • Rain cover protects from water during travelling.


  • Size is little small for XXXL full-face helmet.

10. Veckhom Saddlebags For Motorcycle Universal Leather PU Waterproof

Motorcycle back seat bag

Product Review

Veckhom Motorcycle back seat bag is very lightweight and has the best exquisite exterior. It has a volume of 24*11.5*16CM with a 1.1 lbs weight and 7L capacity. Excellent solution for your motorcycle tail bag.

The bag has a very compact design with a rainproof exterior to withstand abnormal weather conditions. It helps to store your belongings correctly for easy use. 

It is an appealing leather product to embellish your trip journey. Provided small compartments are perfect for carrying mobile, wallets and other gadgets.

You can adjust the distance between the two saddlebags to accommodate more bags. These are universally fit bags. You can mount them on a variety of motorcycles.

These are not high-temperature resistant. The design is compact to fit easily on the rear of the motorcycle and to enhance bikes look.

The bag is portable. So, you can carry it easily.


  • Waterproof performance that keeps your belongings safe during rain.
  • Available in wide range for almost every make and model of motorcycle.
  • Artificial Leather enhances its outlook. 


  • Not suitable for heavy load and cannot withstand high temperatures.


To make a smoother and incredible trip journey, people choose heavy-duty bikes with an aesthetic look. To carry their belongings, they do not give much heed while selecting motorcycle tail bags.

A good motorcycle tail bag backpack can make your trip full of enjoyment without any fear of food shortage. 

You can carry your overnight clothes, food, water, and other small accessories. These bags have waterproof and UV rays repellent material to protect the storage items.

Some of them have a rain-cover for extra protection.

These motorcycle touring bags are available in both fixed and detachable mountings. Various small compartments are open to organizing items. 

These multiple straps bags are easy to fit on your motorcycle rear for smoother rides. They provide perfect weight balance to ensure long journeys.

So, we have picked the products mentioned above, keeping these features in mind for our valued readers.

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