Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet

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Sun-Mar is a global composting expert company that makes Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet. These are of different types and designs. Self-contained toilets are available in electric as well as non-electric forms. Electric toilets are called excel and nonelectric are excel NE.

The other question is what is composting? Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet involves the process of recycling organic matters, such as human stool and urine, into valuable fertilizer. Compost is made by gathering this organic material and letting it rot. Aerobic microbes decompose this organic matter while the air and moisture are present. They convert hydrogen into water vapors and carbon to CO2.

It’s been 30 years that composting toilets came into being and were first featured in Sweden. Composting toilets require a very little amount of water. With composting toilets, the public health problems such as sanitation and other eco-environment problems especially in suburban areas are managed.

sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilets

Compositing toilets have the potential to practice toilet paper, carbon additives, and fecal matter. It also involves the utilization of non-sanitized conditions in which the process requires aerobic bacteria to lead to the decomposition of waste products. A composting toilet is well-ventilated and provides the medium under which the bacteria can break down the human fecal matter into the dry end product.

The main goal of sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilets is to kill down the infectious pathogens to eliminate the spread of infectious diseases and the transfer of it to other habitats.

This Sun mar composting toilet review is going to reveal all the beneficial features of this amazing product.

Product description

The sun mar excel non-electric composting toilet has the potential to convert human waste into fertilized soil medium without smell. The capacity of the composting toilet allows a minimum of two or a maximum of three people to use and a group of seven people can use the composting toilet for the weekend. This also comes with a bio drum which helps in the rotation of the compost unit.

By mixing the compost in Sun-mar compact composting toilet, it reaches its finest. The bio drum has a front handle attached that you can use to rotate the bio drum in an anti-clockwise direction to ventilate and mix the compost after a maximum of two days. The sun mar compost needs no heat or electricity to achieve the goal.

The composting toilet is well-ventilated to remove the foul smell of human waste. To do so, the process of ventilation is achieved through a 4-inch mounted unit placed on top that acts like a chimney.

The Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet also comes with an optional inline fan of 12 volts. Depending on the surrounding temperature, the evaporation capacity also varies for the composting toilet.

Technical description

Like every other product review, in this Sun mar composting toilet review, the technical description holds an important place. So, we have jotted down the technical points of sun mar composting toilet as follows:

  • Sun mar compact composting toilet can be used in both residential areas or for seasonal vacations.
  • It has a fan of 12 volts but that’s optional.
  • The vent pipe has a 4 PVC thin wall.
  • Involves a single drain.
  • The composting toilet weighs 50 to 90 pounds.
  • It comes with 46 inches of drawer removal depth.


Sun mar composting toilet has three chambers

1. First chamber-bio drum

With Sun marcompact composting toilet bio drum, the perfect environment needed for microbes such as aerobic bacteria to live and survive is achieved. The aerobes require moisture, oxygen, and ideal temperature to flourish and the bio drum provides all these features in its medium to break down human waste into soil.

Also, the Sun-mar excel composting toilet bio drum consists of frontally placed handled which is to be rotated every two days to aerate and balance the mix in the compost. When you wish to empty or clear the compost, the handle of the bio drum is to be rotated backward. The inlet ports close and open automatically and once mixed the compost fall into the composting drawer. And the bio drum enters into a central position to receive the next batch.

2. Second chamber

The evaporating chamber in Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet is referred to as the second chamber. The compost present in the bio drum must be kept moist and thus the evaporation chamber has a meshwork of strain stand that soaks up the extra moisture from the compost. The evaporating tray receives the liquid first and then hands it to the evaporating surface to aerate it with oxygen.

3. The third chamber or last

The last stop is the finishing drawer which is capable of receiving the compost which is the final product and is ready to be removed safely and securely without tripping elsewhere.  


 The design of the Sun mar excel non-electric composting toilet is not different than other composting toilets.

  • The center for clean development (CCD) toilet: In this version of the design, the net for separating solid hangs from a plastic pipe frame for easy removal when decomposition is completed. In this design, the net hangs from hooks and cannot be removed easily. The exhaust pipes must be designed to avoid constricting airflow.
  • The success of the excel design means a three-chamber unit, especially a design with no electric power available. But this excel NE has no fan or heater. The excel design has enough capacity it can be used anywhere. Before you purchase the Sun-mar compact-composting toilet, the capacity must be more than as required. It should not be below capacity. Besides this, there must be ventilation and a proper drainage system.
  • The Vietnamese Compost Latrine: It is a double septic bin design with two small vaults. These bins are emptied about every 45 to 60 days. They are built above ground level. The base must be impermeable. The urine drains away through the special channel. It is diluted and used as liquid fertilizer. Vietnamese people generally use wood ash on the contents. Such types of composting toilets are extensively used in Vietnam. The compost produced less hazardous than the raw excreta.  


In this review, the important features of the Sun mar excel non-electric composting toilet are all covered. Check the features below:

  • It protects the lake water from contamination. People from poor countries who are living in remote areas close to water bodies use water and pollute the water. 
  • Uses no water. These are very useful where water is very less. To avoid sanitation issues or environmental contamination Composting toilets are useful.  
  • Sun mar compact composting toilet is odorless
  • It is aseptic. This is the best way to avoid diseases that are generated due to human wastages.  
  • The toilet can be easily installed anywhere. It is removable and can be carried from one place to another place. 
  • Some versions are economical but some are expensive
  • These are durable and easy to maintain. It is generally made of unbreakable fiberglass material.  
  • Sun-mar excel Composting Toilet requires only an overflow drain system.


 Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet is available both in electric and non-electric versions. Where electric power is not available, the non-electric composting toilet will be the best. However, the composting capacity can be maximized for short intervals. This type of toilet is very useful in those countries where water is a problem and people don’t have toilet facilities in their homes. 

  • No plumbing needed: The main advantage of self-containing toilets is that no water connection or plumbing is required. It is a completely waterless toilet.This unit is quick easy and can be installed instantly. You just have to set up the vent stack that is included in the unit. 
  • Economical:Sun mart composting toilet has no need to set up a separate place for toilet. It is a complete unit and can be placed at any suitable place even outside the house. It is easy to manage and clean.
  • Better in the winter season: In the winter season this composting toilet can be used inside the house and no need to warm the bathroom separately.
  • Cleanliness: A self-contained unit has a bowl liner just beneath its seat. This can be easily detached for cleaning purpose whenever it is necessary.
  • Glossy finish: It is made of high gloss fiberglass. It is attractive, durable, and carries 25 years guarantee. 


Despite many advantages of the Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet, some disadvantages are also linked with it.

  • Behavior: Some people are reluctant to use the content for agricultural purposes. They are also reluctant to touch or convey their stool to a new site. 
  • Careful operation is essential: Ash and vegetable material has to be added regularly. 
  • Hazardous: the compost can cause serious health problems in case it is removed before proper decomposition of the organic matter. Sometimes, the urine may need to be collected separately since it can prove to be a good fertilizer when collected with no pathogens and high nitrogen content. The groundwater contamination should also be prevented.
  • Insects: Insect breeding problems can develop in the toilet chamber. If you do not put down the toilet lid properly and do not seal the ventilation adequately, insect breeding could start. If such a process of breeding once started it can be used for fertilizer.  
  • Cost: Some versions of such a toilet could be too expensive for some people to afford. We know these types of a toilet are generally for remote areas where the low-income people live.  


Q1. What are the components of composting toilets?

The composting toilets are composed of three basic chambers which include a bio drum which gives the perfect environment for composting micro-organisms, an evaporation chamber that aerates the liquid with oxygen, and lastly the finishing desk that receives the final compost product. All these chambers combine into a single non-electric composting toilet and help to make the final product of compost into a fertilized soil. This way no tripping or waste product is left behind and the cost with evaporation and being aerated becomes a fertilized soil to help the farmers.

Q2. Areas, where there is no light, can the non-electric unit work?

Usually, the features of electric and non-electric units are somehow the same but there are many electric and nonelectric units available. Though the only case is that non-electric units do not have a fan or heating feature. So, in areas where there is no electricity, non-electric composting toilet units can be easily installed and can work quite effectively due to their amazing capability of turning human waste into biomass. Not only the places with no electricity, but Sun mart excel non-electric composting toilet can be taken anywhere since it is portable and needs no plumbing for installation like other toilets do require.

Q3. What happens to the waste?

Human waste is not solid, instead, it is a total of liquid and semi-solid substances. Therefore the bio drum as told has aerobic bacteria that help to break the waste and produce carbon dioxide and water from it. First of all, the fecal material mixes with composting additive for decomposition while an exhaust system removes heat, gases, and odor from the process. The ventilation provides enough aeration to support the growth of aerobic microbes. Leachate absorbs all the liquid and finally, a resultant compost is obtained out of the human waste that can be used as fertilizer in the soil.

Q4. Why there is no odor?

The bacteria’s in the bio drum break the waste through the tumbling feature in the drum and the perfect moisture and oxygen make it easy and the drums are ventilated to ensure that there is no smell generated. An exhaust system included in the sun mar excels non-electric composting toilet ensures the efficient removal of all the gases, odor, and heat so that no off-odor remains to disturb the senses and environment around the toilet. This feature of the composting toilets makes them more acceptable by people since there is no smell and they can be kept anywhere irrespective of the plumbing needs and proper installation.

Q5. When to dump it?

The time to dump the compost over the drawer is when the drum is more than half full and that’s when you need to dump it. Usually, it takes 3 to 4 weeks to fill up the compost bin of the composting toilet. You can set up a bowel calendar or do the math. Moreover, some recommendations include dumping the composting toilet after 60 to 80 uses. Still, the dumping frequency depends on the filling up of composting bin and your own use of toilet paper. As soon as the compost reaches more than half of the drum, you may preferably dump it as soon as possible.


Sun-mar excel non-electric composting toilet converts human waste into useful fertilizer. With the use of Composting Toilet system, you can clean your living environment and the sanitation condition will also be improved. World Health Organization recommends such type of toilets in those areas where proper toilets and water is not available.

If the community is using this toilet then it needs a sewer connection or hooked up with an approved wastewater treatment system that will not only benefit the individual but also take part in the community management of wastewater and fertilizer development.

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