What should I use in place of a food processor?

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We all know how efficiently a Food Processor works. It is a multi-tasking appliance that can undergo multi works with full compatibility. But above all these, a Food Processor is quite expensive. It can be difficult to afford it for a mediocre person. Or we might not be able to use it on all occasions due to some technical issues. So what shall we do?

This doesn’t mean that we can’t cook the same. There are multiple ways to undergo these tasks if, somehow your food processor doesn’t work or you don’t have a food processor. what should I use in place of a food processor?

Here are those 9 kitchen equipment that you may use instead of a food processor.

  1. A Blender
  2. A Mixer
  3. Chopper
  4. Grinder
  5. Large Grater to shred vegetables
  6. Coffee grinder
  7. Knife
  8. Mortar and Pestle
  9. Cook the raw food

A Blender:

Many people are asking What should I use in place of a food processor? There are several other substitutes, but the blender is the best substitute as it can undergo most of the tasks proficiently as a food processor does. Just like a food processor, it also does the pureeing of fruits and vegetables very well. It also does the meat mincing.

 It has a very strong blade which is placed in the center of it, can cut even hard vegetables into small ones without any problem. These blenders used to have only the main part, but nowadays, since the household kitchen load has increased, so the blender now comes with additional accessories that undergo multiple kitchen tasks.

Moreover, it is pocket friendly. This mug-sized blender can be purchased easily at an affordable price.

The best thing about a blender is that it is button and dial less. You simply attach the jar to it, the pressure you apply to the jar will depend on the speed. The more you apply force, the more it gets fast. This function makes its use quite easy.

This blender has a drawback as it has a small size equal to that of a coffee mug. You have to go through working in various small portions. This is obviously time-consuming. Therefore working on this device might take more time. But it works efficiently.

You can process various things like blending, pureeing, chopping, grating, whipping, and grinding. But it can’t do kneading of dough.

A Mixer:

A mixer is a good alternative to a food processor as it can undergo the mixing of various items that a food processor does proficiently.

Mixers come in various sizes and shapes. You can choose one that suits you best and is comfortable to use.

We have been seeing different mixers for a long time. Even in past times, people used to use manual mixers. But modern time demands electric mixers. There might be some chargeable mixers available in the market. Their mixers are usually used for the mixing of baking ingredients, and beat eggs to make the perfect texture.

As they are smaller in size, they save a lot of space for you and are easy to carry.


The excellency in chopping can be seen while using a food processor. But in case you don’t have a food processor, a chopper will help you to do the chopping of food in a quite handy way.

Chopping vegetables is a usual thing as you have to chop onions on daily basis along with various vegetables. Along these, if some guests are at your door, and you want to serve them delicious food in a good-looking way, you just decorate the dishes. A chopper does all.

Since a chopper is directed to do just a single thing, therefore it is not a problem to assemble various parts to make it function like a chopper as we do in food processing. You simply put the vegetables in and run the machine. The next thing you do is to collect the chopped vegetables.

As a mixer, the chopper is also smaller in size which is very easy to handle and doesn’t take much place on your shelves.

Cleansing is not a big deal as all the parts are dishwasher safe. You can simply wash them without any fear of getting out of order.


Grinders have been in use for a couple of centuries and they have evolved throughout time. Now they are available in electric mode. The grinder undergoes works like cutting, mashing, and crushing various food items and comes in multiple varieties.

The grinders can be mono tasking to multi-tasking. Depending on which task you want to take, you can purchase that one grinder.

Grinders are comparatively heavier than the food processor. So, grander is difficult to carry. Therefore. You need to make a special place to adjust it.

Large Grater to shred vegetables:

The Large Grater is well known for its versatility as they are capable to cut foods in different sizes and shapes. You can shape your vegetables and fruits in any shape you prefer.

If you don’t have a food processor, a large grater will help you in a better way to chop vegetables and fruits in several shapes and sizes.

It contains different blades of various sizes to give you beautifully designed chopped vegetables.

But there are several drawbacks. As you have to rub your vegetables against those blades manually this can cause any sort of minor to a major injury. Moreover, the process is time-consuming as you have to grate vegetables one by one by yourself. Therefore, you need to increase your cooking period if you have to use a large grater.

Coffee grinder:

If you want to crush nuts and have a coffee grinder available, you can use it to chop the nuts for deserts. But you need to clean the coffee grinder first very well as your food can taste coffee as if not washed well.


In case your food processor isn’t working and you want to chop your food, you can do this by a knife. This is the most efficient way that has been working for centuries.

But in modern times, everything is fast. So the cooking is. Chopping is just a matter of seconds when we use any machine. But when you use a knife, this can consume much more time that can be hectic for you.

Moreover, it is more dangerous than a large grater as you have to operate the knife yourself. This can be dangerous and you might get cuts ultimately causing bleeding. You need to be very careful while operating this.

Mortar and Pestle:

Mortar and Pestle have been used for grinding from ancient times. This is also used in Asian countries in recent times to crush spices. You put the spices in a mortar and crush them by yourself using a pestle. This is time-consuming but it works efficiently.

If you don’t have any accessories to grind the spices, you can simply use mortar and pestle. This might not be that much effective but it is ok to have something than nothing.

Cook the raw food:

When you don’t have appliances to puree food, you can simply use the ancient technique that has worked effectively for a long time. You need to put the raw food in water and boil it until they get soft. Once done, take them out and mash yourself.

You can boil vegetables to make smooth textures.


Obviously, the invention of various modern appliances has decreased our workload but still, these appliances are not available all the time. Therefore, we might need to use some food processor substitutes to make our task done. We don’t have a food processor every time with us to do kitchen-related stuff. Therefore, this nice food processor substitute works fine. They are not as efficient as the food processor but they can undergo tasks that it does.

Using food processor substitutes will not only consume more time but they will also not be able to provide that much fine work that a food processor does. hope you have got a solution to what should i use in place of a food processor?

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