How to vacuum above ground pool?

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Isn’t it cool to have a swimming pool at home? Of course, it is, Swimming pools are a lot of fun. If you eagerly wanted to set up a pool in your backyard then you have to maintain it on regular basis. keeping your pool away from dirt and dust and ensure it to be clean and healthy is the basic rule to set a pool. But the problem is how to vacuum above ground pool? A lot of people think the inground pool is easy to maintain and clean but believe me vacuuming above ground pool is an easy job and fun to do.


Above ground swimming pool is an outdoor pool. Its none of part is attached to the ground, comes in different shapes and sizes. It can be placed anywhere you want. It is a lot safer. very few chances of accidentally slip in it besides that It is a good choice for several reasons. Cleaning and vacuuming a pool is a thing that makes us resist having a pool but now without a second thought of how to vacuum above ground pool look at the advantages of the above ground pool.

  • It is less costly than an inground pool. It is easy to afford and you can buy your dream pool on your budget.
  • This above ground pool takes less space than the inground one. If you have a little bit of space to place a pool you can easily found an above ground pool model that fits in your available space.
  • One of the advantages of the above ground pool is that it comes in different shapes and sizes. It has an option to fit any space.
  • Above ground pool are quick and easy to install. You want a pool sooner than the above ground pool is your option.
  • The benefit of the above ground pool is you can move it easily according to your convenience and space.
  • Above ground pool is easy to maintain due to its construction and size. It can be cleaned effortlessly. You can simply see what’s inside the pool and everything is easily accessible.

If these advantages of the above ground pool won your heart then don’t wait anymore and get your above ground pool ASAP without any concern of how to vacuum above ground pool. Because here are the following step by step method to clean your above ground pool.


Maintaining a swimming pool is a tough job. Unhygienic pool is a risk to use. Dirty water is a dangerous medium for many diseases. make sure that your swimming pool is clean and water is safe for you to swim in without getting any diseases or infection as they say” Better to be protected than to be sorry’‘ You have to clean it regularly that no algae or dirt grow and settle in the pool. So if you have an above ground pool and you are worried about how to vacuum above ground pool here is a solution for your issue. The good news is it takes less effort to maintain and vacuum an above ground pool.

First of all, you need to make sure you have the right types of equipment for cleaning the above ground pool. Here the significant instrument you need to clean or vacuum your above ground pool.

  • 1.You need a vacuum head with some brushes and rollers.
  • 2. A pool skimmer or a pool leaf rake is required for this cleaning.
  • 3.Long fiberglass or a metal extension pole.
  • 4.A pool vacuum hose and an optional skimming dish.

Start the cleaning job with the skimmer to get rid of debris on the surfaces like the floor and walls of the pool. It will help to remove the leaves, bugs, and unwanted stuff from the above ground pool. When the cleanness of the surface is done now switch on the pump, now attach the vacuum head to the spinning end of the vacuum hose then connect the head of the vacuum to the long fiberglass. Now lower it to the bottom of the above ground pool and ensure that water is easily assessable to the pool. Then fill up the vacuum hose with water until the bubble stop generates. For starting the process of vacuuming slip the skimmer disk slowly moves your vacuum head and ensures you can see the bottom of your pool while vacuuming it will help in cleaning. Vacuum it until the bottom of your above ground is completely crystal clear. When you are finished doing the cleaning of your above-ground pool, turn off the pump remover the equipment, and empty your skimmer disc.

Final Thoughts

Now that everything you have known about how to vacuum the above ground pool. This is the procedure to maintain your above ground pool. With different methods pool hygienecan bemaintained. No matter what method you choose, the important thing is to use the right equipment. it is not an easy task, also it’s time consuming. Instead of focusing these hurdles, consider to keep your pool clean for a happy swim and it must be priority.

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