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Disc golfers need the best disc golf straps to reduce pain in the shoulders due to heavy golf bags. Dynamic discs backpack straps are the best disc golf bag straps.

Do you love playing disc golf? You must know it’s not easy to carry the disc golf bag especially if you’re playing on a long golf course.  Heavy disc golf can cause pain in your shoulders, neck and arms.  You may have to suffer for several days after carrying a heavy golf bag. The only solution for all these problems is to carry a bag with comfortable straps.

Most of the disc golf bags come with shoulder and back straps. But if your disc golf bag does not have these straps, you can buy the new one. These disc golf bag straps distribute the total weight of your bag. So, you can comfortably carry the disc golf bags on your back and shoulder. Now the issue is what are the best disc golf bag straps?

In this article, we’ll try to find answers to all your questions about disc golf straps. We’ll review the 9 best disc golf straps. Moreover, we’ll also discuss why it’s important to buy disc golf straps?

9 best disc golf straps

After proper research, we have found 9 best disc golf straps for you. We have tried to cover every aspect of the disc golf straps so that you can get the best disc golf bag straps.

InnovaBacksaver Disc Golf Strap

Innovabacksaver disc golf strap is best to relax your spine. If you have to carry a heavy disc golf bag, don’t worry. Innovabacksaverstaps will distribute the weight of the disc golf bag evenly. In turn, it will reduce fatigue and you’ll feel comfortable. Their extra thick padded shoulder will prevent you from shoulder pain. 

These straps are adjustable in 4 ways. So, these straps are fit to carry Competition, DISCarrier and Deluxe disc bags. Innovabacksaver straps are also compatible with older bags. It’s also compatible with old champion bags, old tour bags and several bags from other brands. Hence, you can use it with any bag. 

It’s made of 1680D nylon which will make it durable. So, you don’t have to worry about its breakage on the way. These straps are removable chest straps.  


  • It has a very solid clip with the least chances to get cracked.
  • It’s compatible with diverse bags.
  • Their extra padded shoulders will keep your shoulders in comfort.
  • Its high profile design will keep you away from fatigue and back pain.
  • Its 4-way adjustment system will allow you to use it with different bags. 


  • Adjustable
  • Can carry weight as much as the clips on your bag 
  • Durable


  • Not wide enough 

 DGA Gel-Strapz Disc Golf Bag Backpack Straps

DGA gel-strapzis the only straps with gel padding. The gel padding makes them soft and comfortable to use. It will distribute the weight of your disc golf bag to make you feel relaxed. It’s best for you if you’ve to carry heavy bags. Genuine 1680 denier ballistic nylon material makes it durable and less prone to damage.

A centre strap and clip is useful to lock the straps across your chest. So, it’s also useful for long walks and hiking. It comes with four high-quality metal clips. These metal clips make it adjustable to every body size. You can attach these high-quality straps with any bag with detachable straps. Its breathable lining will keep the perspiration away from you. Above all, you cannot ignore its shock-absorbing feature which reduces the stress further.


  • It comes with advanced gel foam padding to provide you with more comfort.
  • Its breathable lining will keep the perspiration away.
  • It has universal bolt snaps that can be attached to any ring
  • These are adjustable shoulder straps to fit every body shape.
  • Their chest straps will lock it through your chest.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Breathable lining
  • Shock absorption feature


  • Cannot get attached with a bag having straps

Izzo Golf Dual Comfort Swivel Strap

Izzo golf dual comfort swivel straps carry weight efficiently. These are more comfortable than any other dual straps. If you’re 6′ 1″ or taller, these straps are for you. You can use it with any bag either it’s left-handed or right-handed.

You can make the adjustments quickly if the bag gets worn. So, you don’t need to worry with a worn bag. Just make necessary adjustments.  Its design with contoured straps makes it easy to use.

If your straps have any defect, you can exchange it within 1 year. So, you can also enjoy the 1-year warranty on all IZZO products by the manufacturer.


  • Its unique Comfort Swivel™ joint increases its comfort.
  • It comes with a 3 point connection which makes it fit for most bags.
  • It is available in 3 sizes.


  • Easy to install. 
  • Comfortable 
  • Thick padding


  • Less durable

Golf Bag Strap Universal Replacement

If you’re looking for the best disc golf straps, you can consider universal bag strap replacement. It can replace broken straps of any bag. These straps have a thick and radiating pad to provide extra comfort to your shoulders. These are adjustable straps. That’s why the manufacturer claims that people of different ages and sizes can use it.

Waterproof- nylon makes these durable straps.


  • It’s manufactured with waterproof nylon to make it durable.
  • It’s a universal strap; you can use it with any bag.
  • It comes with extra padding to give more comfort to your shoulders.


  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Less expensive


  • No tri-glides adjusters

Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Bag Straps

These dynamic discs disc golf bag straps carry clips that can be attached and released quickly. Moreover, the use of 600D Poly and 400D Dobby fabric in its design makes it highly durable.

The Deluxe cushioned foam padding of these dynamic discs golf bag straps makes it comfortable. Its four fully adjustable upper and lower straps make it easy to fit.


  • It comes with clips that are easy to remove and attach.
  • Dynamic Discs has deluxe cushioned padding to make it comfortable for your shoulders.
  • It carries four straps so that it can fit your body.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable four straps


  • Plastic on these bags makes an annoying squeak

Infinite Backpack Bag Straps

Infinite Backpack Bag Straps are compatible with most of the disc golf bags. So, you don’t need to buy different straps for different bags. You can adjust these straps on four locations so that it can fit perfectly.

Presence of a chest clip makes them one of the best disc golf bag straps. These chest clips distribute the weight of the disc golf bag evenly. All these clips are made of metals and are loaded with spring. This feature makes the infinite disc golf strap easy to attach with the bag.

A beautiful embroidered infinite discs logo makes it attractive.


  • It is compatible with most of the disc golf bags.
  • A chest clip is present in them to help it in adjustment.
  • It carries spring-loaded metal clips to ensure easy attachment.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to attach


  • May get loosen sometimes.  

MVP Disc Golf Bag Back Straps

MVP also produces disc golf bag straps. It’s very helpful in distributing the weight of your bag. So it makes you feel comfortable while carrying the loaded disc golf bag. With two or four mounting systems, it fits almost any disc golf bag. Its metal carabiners instead of plastic make them easy to attach. So you don’t have to waste time attaching it to your bag.


  • It comes with two or four clips. So, you can easily fit it to your body size.
  • Its metal carabiners make its attachment easy.


  • Metal carabiners
  • Comfortable


  • Less durable

Dynamic Discs Disc Golf Backpack Straps

Dynamic discs backpack straps are other straps by Dynamic Discs. The company used 400D Dobby and 600D Poly-Nylon Oxford fabric to make these straps. The nylons increase the durability of the straps and you don’t have to buy them again and again. You can attach these straps to any disc golf bag with easy attach and release clips.

Moreover, Dynamic discs backpack straps have eight adjustable lower and upper straps. These straps allow them to fit your body perfectly. So, if you’re looking for highly adjustable straps, go for it.


  • Nylon manufacturing material makes the Dynamic discs backpack straps durable.
  • It has eight adjustable straps to easily fit your body size.
  • You can easily attach these straps to any bag.


  • Very comfortable
  • Works with regular golf bag too


  • Plastic clips

 ZinzBag Shoulder Strap

If you have a bag with D-rings with its broken straps, the Zinz bag shoulder strap is the best choice for you. You can use these straps with any bag whether it’s a laptop bag or briefcase. Moreover, these straps are suitable to use for a shoulder bag, messenger bag, duffel bag, diaper bag, tool bag, and guitar bag.

The choice of Zinz bag shoulder straps lies in its comfortability. Soft manufacturing cloth Prevent the padding from slipping. Thus, it keeps you away from shoulder pain. Moreover, a fixed shoulder pad keeps the pads to stay on your shoulders all time.

Their dual balanced buckle makes these straps resistant to heavyweight. It means that the length of these straps does not change with the loaded bag. These double-balanced clasps will make the bag feel 50% lighter.

ZINZ bag shoulder straps are suitable for people with 1.5-1.8m height. It’s so because these straps carry adjustable nylon dual balanced buckles. You can change the length of these buckles from 94 to 145 cm.

Above all, these straps have twist-lock hooks made of aluminum alloy material. With these twist lock hooks, you can carry 18 kg weight without any burden. You can easily attach these straps to bags with D-ring or equivalent hardware.


  • It’s a universal bag; you can use it with most of the bags.
  • It comes with a dual balanced buckle that will not change the length of the straps.
  • These straps are highly adjustable.  You can change the length of these straps from94-145cm.
  • These straps carry aluminum alloy material. That enables them to carry at least 18 kg weight.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • A little expensive

Why do you need a disc golf strap?

Disc golf straps are beneficial for you if you love to play disc golf. You may get tired and feel pain in your shoulders while carrying a heavy disc golf bag. Here comes the need for disc golf straps.

  • With disc golf straps you will not get tired soon. And you will be able to spend more time playing. Not only this you can also enjoy the game. The comfortable disc golf straps will not allow boredom to come near you.
  • With disc golf straps, you can play disc golf even if you’re carrying the bag. So, the straps keep you away from the hassle of putting and picking the bag.
  • Disc golf straps will distribute the weight of the bag and your shoulders will feel lighter.  Thus, straps will keep you away from shoulder injuries.

Disc golf bag/backpack straps buying guide

In this section of the article, you will find the entire guide to buying the best disc golf straps. After following these instructions you can easily buy the best disc golf bag straps. Let’s discuss all the essential points you need to consider while buying disc golf straps.


First of all, check the durability of the disc golf straps. You don’t want your straps to get broken while playing. The durability of the straps depends on the material from which it is made. Mostly Nylon material with metal clips is the durable construction for disc golf straps. You can also check the durability of the straps in the description section of the straps.

Comfort ability

The main reason to buy disc golf straps is to be comfortable. So, secondly, you should look at whether the straps you’re buying are comfortable or not. Always buy the straps with thick and soft padding. Padding will support your shoulders and you can get relieved.

Adjustable clips

In the end, the best disc golf straps are the one which is easy to adjust. So, you should buy the straps which you can adjust easily to your body size.


We hope this article is helpful for you in selecting the best disc golf straps. In our perspective, dynamic discs backpack straps are the best of all. The dynamic discs backpack straps are comfortable, durable, and have 8 adjustable straps. However, you can choose the best disc golf bag straps according to your desire.

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