how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum?

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Sharks can thoroughly slice the prey into the water. A shark vacuum has the same features. But how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum?

Due to its powerful adhesion and deep-cleaning features to remove dirt in your home and offices.

Sometimes your shark vacuum stops working properly, the reason might be the accumulation of dust and dirt because it is also essential to take care of its maintenance. So, you have to clean the roller brush (a component of shark vacuum) whenever it needs to do so.

Every time it stops working, there is no need to go for repair. Only you should have proper knowledge about it that how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum? to sustain and clean roller brush. Here I am going to discuss in detail, the ways of removing roller brushes.

how to remove roller brush from shark vacuum?

Some of the major steps involved are explained below:

1. Unplugging shark vacuum from Electrical connection:

First of all, unplug your shark vacuum from the electric connection socket. It is essential to save yourself from electrical shocks which may cause haphazardness and serious injury. Due to the negligence in handling electrical devices, statistics show several people lost their lives every day. Only Switching off electricity is not sufficient to keep you out of this situation. It is great that the plug should be removed to cut the electric power connection if you want to stay on the best side. It’s the best thing so you know that while you’re working, electricity doesn’t injure you. Besides, this prevents your machine from being broken because perhaps if the power is left on, the engine of the machine still runs. This could result in an unexpected breakdown of the roller brush when it is trying to be removed.

After you ensure that the electric connection is completely cut off, move ahead to the next step:

2. Finding the Roller Brush:

The Roller brush is located at different places in different types of shark vacuum so it might take some time to locate the exact position of the roller brush. Most probably, it is found right at the underside of a shark vacuum. you can easily or effortlessly find out roller brush by laying down the machine and carefully examine the bottom part. So get off your shark vacuum’s bottom to find the brush. As soon as you locate the roller brush, move on to the next step.

3. Removal of screws:

The faceplate of the roller brush is keep fixed in place by several screws. The screws somehow corroded and concealed, but for more convenient removal, you can use a rust remover to remove the rust off the screws. Most of the Shark vacuums have four screws, however, based on the particular Shark vacuum type you own, the number of screws may be different ranging from 4-10. You can place screws in a bowl or glass jars to keep them safe and prevent them from losing as after the rolling head is cleaned or maintained, you must attach it back to the vacuum.

you will needed a screwdriver to uncover the roller brush. it comes with the packaging. An incorrect screwdriver may lead to the expansion or damaging of screws. You can order from an electronic center near you, in case you do not have the original vacuum screwdriver. Make sure your screwdriver must be compatible with your machine.

4. Detaching the roller brush:

Lastly, you have to detach the roller brush from the shark vacuum with proper care. In most cases, the roller brush’s one end detaches easily and comes out. whereas the other side has to be backed out because it is firmly held by the belt. Some models have different structure and their roller brushers got tangled into other components. If you face such difficulty in removing another side, don’t force it. Try to detach it by gently rotating the roller brush counter-clockwise until the roller brush is completely detached.

Handle it with care. when the roller pops out the belt will not get damaged. Belt damage results in repairing vacuum cleaners.  Also, note the initial position of the roller in the shark vacuum sections and the orientation. This makes it easy to restore all the components.


You would have to clean the dirt more often if your place has a lot of pets or people having long hair. But by the above-mentioned steps, you can easily remove the roller brush and then clean it, keeping in mind safety principles. This sustains not only your location’s breathing air quality, but also your Shark Vacuum quality. The more the Shark best vacuum cleaner is managed, the more it serves its purpose.

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