How to Play Racquetball?

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Are you new to racquetball or wish to advance the skill you already have in racquetball? This article is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge you need to know about racquetball. It is ranked among the fastest-growing games, and easy to learn among beginners. By the end of this article, you shall know how to play racquetball like a professional.

Racquetball is both an indoor and outdoor racket game which has its origin in paddleball and handball but having different equipment as well as the rules.  In this article, we shall see in detail the equipment needed, the basics and the court, how it’s played, service rules, and rules for scoring.

What Equipment Are Required to Play Racquetball

Racquetball equipment is used for playing as well as for protection. They are made from lightweight materials thus the players are comfortable when using them. They include;

  • Racquets – The weight of the racquets used is evenly distributed and having a heavy head. This serves to allow the players to use more power when playing. They have a wrap grip which allows players to hold it firmly in a way it cannot slide.
  • Ball – They are made from rubber with different each reserved for a particular purpose. For instance, green and blue balls are used when in need of accuracy and average speed.
  • Shoes – They are designed with tractions. Tractions are ideal to allow flexible change of direction. They also ensure the stability of the player.
  • Eyewear and gloves – Having eyewear is not an exception for any player as you prepare to become one. Eyewear is used for security purposes. For the player to be comfortable, it must fit in the eye socket perfectly. On the other hand, wearing gloves is optional. However, they help to effectively maintain grip, control and prevent possible blisters on the player’s hands.

Understanding the Basics and The Racquetball Court

The court is the key component to get equipped with how it’s done. The court is subdivided into various sections like the front wall, back wall, receiving line and service line, short line, and the service zone.

To make it more technical, assume you are standing at the center of any normal court. Then both the wall that is behind and in front of you is what is being referred to as the back wall and front wall. Let us now get deep on the actual steps on how to play racquetball.

How Racquetball Game Is Played

Below are detailed steps on how to start playing racquetball from one player to another. Here is a simple idea concerning this game before getting into detailed steps. When the first player hits the racquetball, assume it’s you, the intention is to prevent the second player to return it before touching the ground twice.

  • The first player bounces and serves the ball directed to the front wall. The second player cannot return the ball until the ball bounces once on the ground or floor.
  • The second player now has the chance to return the ball, the target being the front wall.After that, both the first and the second player alternate turns of hitting the ball by ensuring that it always does not get to the ground before touching the front wall.The walls and the ceilings too can serve the purpose efficiently.
  • A point is won on different occasions. The first case is whenever the ball fails to hit the front wall after being struck but gets to the ground. The second case a point is gained is after the ball bounces on the floor twice without any attempt to hit it.

If the player in charge of serving at the moment loses a point, the other player takes that chance. The only player serving the volley is the only one limited to gain the point. Otherwise, if they do not take that chance and fails to win that point, they surrender the chance to serve to the second player.

Like any other professional and ethical game, there must be rules governing how players or teams can score without violating the involved regulations. The next session discusses the rules allowed in scoring.

The Scoring Rules of Racquetball

The match normally consists of two or more players with three games in place. For the first 2 games, the winning player has to score 15 points. For breaking ties, the third game is considered necessary where the player to score 11 points first becomes the winner of the match.

The Serving Rules of The Racquetball

To be on the safe side, we should discuss the rules of serving to avoid carelessly losing this chance to the opponent.The ability to serve well is among the keyconsideration factors.A tactical and a decent shot while serving will get you to success easier. Below are characteristics of a valid serve:

  • The racquetball has to bounce once on the floor of the court.
  • Before getting to the floor, the ball should first hit the front wall.
  • The player who has won the chance to serve at the moment has two trials for a successful shot.
  • When the serving player fails on both chances, the second player is awarded the serve.
  • When the returning player fails to hit back the racquetball back before the bounce on the floor twice, the server achieves an ace.

Despite having serving tips on this game, a racquetball allows only two attempts for a serve. The server tries their best to make their shot better.

Racquetball is key to building your body through exercise while still maintaining strong bonds with your colleagues. This concept behind thisgame is simple to understand.


This article has given the best steps on how to play racquetball and all rules and regulations that are applied in the field. In addition to that, for a complete beginner to racquetball, this article has focused on the key equipment you require to get started. The game requires minimum requirements to get started in the game for any interested person.

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