Best Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

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Do you know what is the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches? If it is overwhelming for you to choose one from numerous available in the market, we are here with only the best options for you. 

Cordless saws are monster tools that have lithium-ion batteries, a high amp, and long-lasting performance. They have brushless motors that have higher power than the traditional ones, thus leading to constructional pros. But once you decide about buying cordless saws, the next step is to identify the right brand and model. Also, if you are new to this market, you have to be very careful about the right place to buy it. Just like any other tool, you should try it before finalizing the purchase. It will not only help you learn how it works but satisfies your mind that every preference is fulfilled. There is no better way of making this important decision than trying it out before buying. 

Cordless saws are becoming popular all over the world. The reason behind this is that they are free of wires that allow their use at distant locations. Also, the usability is better for those who need it on regular basis for pruning and trimming the tree branches. We all know that it is not easy to find the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches. This is because there are so many options, and a layman could not differentiate better from the bad ones. Therefore, a thorough guideline is needed for such people so that they can avoid scams or prevent themselves from buying the wrong tool.

In this article, we will share the different types of saws for cutting tree branches that professionals like to use. The list consists of cordless saws that are top-rated all around the world. You will find it very easy to pick and choose the suitable one for your needs and requirements. 

Recommended 5 best Cordless Saws for Cutting Tree branches

Here is the list of our recommendations for cordless saws that you can use for cutting tree branches.

Top 5 Cordless Saw for Cutting Tree Branches

All of us know about the use of the best battery-operated pruning saw and trimmers for cutting tree branches. There is a huge variety of them as so many manufacturing companies are making them. Sometimes, the task of choosing the suitable one becomes overwhelming for some people. This is mainly because they do not understand the product. Also, research is limited due to which they become completely blank when it comes to choosing the right one.

Here we have the top-rated cordless saws for cutting tree branches. They will help those readers who want to develop an understanding of their different types. Also, they will be able to the right one for the right purpose. We will present the description, features, pros, and cons of each one of the above selected cordless saws in the sections below:

1. TrimmerPlus TPP720 8″ = best cordless Polesaw for cutting tree branches


Trimmer Plus cordless saw made exclusively for cutting tree branches. It proves to be an amazing best cleaning tool for pruning the shrubs and cutting the unnecessary branches on a tree.

Even you can clean the hedges that are not easy to reach by using this instrument. You will be able to do this task without the need of hiring an expert because the usability is very simple.

Depending on the height of the operator, the tool can cut the tree branches as high as 12 inches. It could be a little more or less than this if the height is small or large. The automatic oiler is used to add lubrication onto the blade and chain. This improves the overall cutting performance of such products.

Moreover, it is known as the best tool for cutting tree branches because it is powerful in its functions. For the outdoor add-on equipment collection, you can have this product that will stay with you almost forever. 

Here you will learn about the features, pros, and cons of this cutting equipment. This trimmer or saw will finish your outdoor task very quickly. All you need to do is to learn its use and practice for few days to become a master user. Let us learn about it in detail:


  • The bar length is 8-inches while the diameter is 4-inches. Thus, it can cut down even thick branches of trees.
  • There is an option to adjust the height to two lengths. At maximum it can reach 11-feet, therefore, you can work at the height that is suitable for you.
  • With the help of an automatic oiler, the chain and trimmer remain lubricated. This is how it allows the user to work for long hours without fatigue.
  • It can adjust with many machines because it has compatibility them. These include machines like Kobalt, Bolens, etc.
  • 38.75 x 6.31 x 5.44 inches is the dimension of this cordless saw, and the overall weight is just 7.09 pounds. 


  • High reach.
  • Easy use.
  • High performance.
  • Extremely durable.
  • Multiple machine compatibility.


  • The buyer has to request the manufacturing company for warranty services.

2. WORX WX550L – best Cordless Reciprocating & Jig Saw for cutting tree branches


WORX comes with a charger, a few blades for the saw, and a battery. The purpose behind this was to make its use effortless. Also, the arms and hands do not get tired due to a long time of use. Thus, it is a very nice piece of equipment that is ideal for use in the outdoors.

The use is also very simple uncomplicated. This is made sure that the tool works as fast as the jigsaw and gives a neat look to the tree for which its is made use of. The grip of the tool is very soft and during the swing process, it does not make an annoying noise. It has the inherent ability to run at the rate of 2000 revolutions per minute. It enters into the wood 2 inches in a matter of few seconds. This means that it will save your time, and effort to cut the branches.

It is known as the best power tool for cutting tree branches because the design of this tool is very compact. If you want to buy some new blades from the local hardware shops, the system of this tool will be compatible with them. Its main target is to facilitate the users and put as much less strain as it possibly could. Here we are sharing its features and pros for developing your further understanding of this cordless saw for cutting tree branches.


  • It is 2 saws in 1 because of pivoting and the push-button heads. You can make it a reciprocating saw and take it back to its original form as well.
  • It has a circular cutting ability that is better than the to and for motion that the traditional ones use for cutting branches.
  • You can use it to power two types of batteries, which are 20 volts and 40 volts. You can also use it with outdoor power and lifestyle products.
  • It has lightweight due to which you can work with it for longer hours. Also, its compact blade will allow you to make intricate cuts on the tree branches.
  • It can use any type of blade in its system; thus, you can just go and buy this particular saw and buy any blade for it.
  • There is a dust blower in its system that cleans the cutting surface during work. It gives you better visibility and good working conditions.
  • You can cut different types of materials with the help of it, such as metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, tiles, pipes, fiberglass, and many more.
  • The weight of this garden tool is almost about 4.2 pounds, and the overall dimension range is 9 x 5 x 6.5 inches. 
  • It comes with 1 Lithium-Ion battery, and this equipment comes with power or voltage of 20V or 20 Volts battery along with the charger. The wattage is 27 watts
  • The material with which it is made is steel. 
  • The measurement system of such cordless saws is matric. Thus, making it ideal for beginner’s use during the first few months.


  • Highly compatible with multiple blades.
  • Very easy and comfortable to use.
  • High durability and reliability.
  • Takes less time, and effort for trimming tree branches.


  • there is no information regarding the warranty of this product.

3. BLACK+DECKER – best cordless Reciprocating saw for cutting tree branches


BLACK+DECKER is the best cordless saw that is known among professionals as well as DIY-ers. Their impressive reviews show that it is an amazing reciprocating trimming saw for cutting outdoor tree branches.

The versatility of this type of saw is the biggest advantage of buying it. This is the reason why it is becoming very popular also. The frequent users and those who are professionals like to make use of it as much as they want. 

It is the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches because of another very important factor. Along with this, the weight of the tool is very light. Due to this factor, you can handle it very easily. The arms and hands will not tire even after long hours of work and effort. Therefore, you should try to buy this one, especially when you are intending to use it all by yourself. As a beginner, you will be able to handle it much easier than any other cordless saw. 

We are sharing some of the very common features and most prominent pros of this outdoor gardening tool. You will be amazed to learn that it is an innovative, unique, and the best pruning saw for cutting branches. The details are as follows:


  • This cordless saw comes with a variable speed trigger. This means that you will have better control over it than the conventional saws.
  • The weight of this cordless saw is almost around 4.5 pounds, and the overall dimension range is 15 x 3 x 7 inches. 
  • It has a Lithium-Ion battery, and the power or voltage is 20 Volts. It is enough to allow the user to complete his task in few minutes only.
  • This black-colored cordless saw comes with a completely tool-free blade change. Therefore, users do not need to buy accessories to deal with blade changes.
  • It has pivoting shoe to help us get better control over the tool. This is why it is known as one of the easiest cordless saws to handle for beginners. 
  • The measurement system is matric, and the blade change system is tool-free. Thus, it is a very convenient cordless saw for beginner’s use.
  • The package of this product contains accessories that include reciprocating blades, a battery, and a charger.


  • High performance for a long time.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Very safe and secure.
  • Saves time and effort.
  • Does not tire hand and arms.
  • Durable and very reliable.


  • Its warranty is limited to just 2 years.

4. WSQINWI Mini – best cordless Chainsaw for cutting tree branches


WSQIWNI is the best cordless chainsaw for cutting tree branches when they outgrow and give un-neat look to your outdoors. The main focus of this saw is to help the gardeners with cutting, pruning and trimming.

Other than this one, there is no other tool that they make, so they have expertise in this field. This is why they are so much credit because they are providing the same type of tools that come under one niche. They are not like other manufacturing companies that try to manufacture everything and become experts of nothing at all.

It has a reasonable setup that users like to have in their electric cordless saws. Before sending every new tool into the market for the users, the company needs to test it. Only after they are fully satisfied with its working and security of use, they deliver it to the market or industry for distribution.

Either you are looking for a tool to cut the tree branches or for pruning the shrubs, this tool will work for you. Here you will learn further about the features of this best electric saw for cutting branches along with pros and cons. The details are given in the section below:


  • This cordless saw has very easy installation as you have to follow only three steps. These include installation of the chain, installation of a chainsaw, and adjustment of crews.
  • There is a very strong and dynamic system that allows this saw to cut the branches very smoothly and quickly.
  • Due to small weight and size, even women can handle it to work for long hours. Due to this feature, the control over the saw is also very easy.
  • It takes just 10 seconds to cut the tree branches that have a diameter of almost 15 centimeters.
  • The battery of this cordless saw is also lithium-Ion, and the voltage or power that it provides is 24V or 24 Volts. 
  • The length of the plates is just 4 inches; thus, they can cut or trim even the thick branches of outdoor trees.
  • The color in which it is made is black, and the material with which it is being made is ABS and metal. 
  • 10.35 x 6.22 x 3.98 inches is the dimension range of this tool, and the overall weight is just about 2.66 pounds. 


  • Very cost-effective tool.
  • High performance for a long time.
  • Do not tire hands and arms.
  • Provides a great user experience. 
  • Gives a neat and clean look to trees.
  • Do not make too much mess around the working area. 


  • The warranty of this product is not given.

5. WORX WG320 20V – best Power Share Cordless Saw for cutting tree branches


The WORX WG320 20V power share cordless saw is a very convenient tool for professional as well as general garden cleaning. This tool that is made for use in the garden has all the amazing features.

It is made by keeping in mind the convenience of users. Therefore, you will find every feature very delicately and wisely selected for the instrument. Above all, the instrument is free f cords and is portable. This is the main reason why there are growing buyers of this product since its inception in the market a few years back.

Due to its lightweight and secure use, you can do the trimming of trees and shrubs around your house. You can also use it when you go camping as it is very easy to transport as well. At times, the storm can damage trees or shrubs around your office or home, it is useful in that case as well. 

Other than these features, you can charge it quite easily and quickly. Even if the battery is at a minimum level, this tool can gear up to a higher level after a few minutes of charging. This is how amazing this best cordless branch cutter can prove to be for you.

Here you will learn about some of its prominent features, and pros. You will be able to select or reject it based on the facts, and there will be a margin for you to compare it with other tools as well. Given below are the details about it:


  • 20.6 x 14.6 x 8.1 inches is the dimension of this tool, the diameter is just 4-inches, and the weight is 11.68 pounds. 
  • The chainstays tight because there is an auto-tension feature in this tool. You will be able to maintain optimism tension at all times.
  • The battery of this tool is s Lithium-Ion, and it carries the power of 2 Volts or 20V voltage.
  • Its weight is just 7 pounds without the installation of the battery. Therefore, this cordless saw is very light, and this is the reason why you can make overhead use. 
  • It runs at the rate of 1350 revolutions per minute. This speed is fast enough to get things done within a short time.
  • This cordless saw can power 20 volts and 40 volts with the use of the same battery; thus, it is very useful for people who have such needs.
  • It has single action innovative cutting mechanism that it uses to cut even the thick branches of your garden trees.
  • There is a complete protection guard around the blade of this cordless, saw, so you can use with without harming yourself.


  • Very convenient to use. 
  • Portable and easy to transport. 
  • No, sell from the exhaust. 
  • Light in weight. 
  • Have a compact structure. 
  • Guarantees optimum tension. 
  • No tension of tangles cords.


  • There is no proper information regarding the warranty of the product. 

best cordless saw for cutting tree branches buying Guide

Before you go for buying the best saw for cutting tree stumps or branches, you have to keep in mind the following points. These are buying guide steps that if you understand fully, will be helpful for you to buy the most suitable tool for your personal use. These points include the following:

Depth of Cutting

By looking at the size and diameter of the cutting blade of the cordless saw, you can make sure how much depth it will cut for you. It is suitable to choose the one that can go as deep as 6.5-inches to 7.5-inches deep. It is also possible to adjust this value as per your requirements. 

Not only the depth of the cordless saw for cutting tree branches is necessary, but its accuracy is also essential. This will ensure that the cuts that you will make with the cordless saw will be according to your needs and requirements. 

Blade’s RPM

The speed or rate at which the blade of the cordless saw moves is also crucial while buying. You have to understand and learn about the revolutions per minute for each type of cordless saw. It will help you decide which one you would need for your trimming and pruning work. 

The best hand saw for cutting trees & branches would mention this on their manual. The fastest ones may reach 5000 to 6000 RPMs. Also, you can buy the one with 1000 to 3000 RPM if the trimming, cutting, and pruning are for small branches only.

Angle Adjustment

Some people like to use a fixed angel for cutting, trimming, and pruning the tree branches. The cordless saws also come with measurements in the degree to show that the angle adjustment is possible. This angel adjustment will allow you to work on the corners and edges of the tree wooden branches. 

For example, you want to work at 45-degree for cutting the tree branches. It is possible to do it at this angle so that you can cut all those sections that need cleaning. It would not be an issue to change the angle during the cutting process as well.

Battery Life

The best saw for cutting tree trunks that you choose for your personal use must have good battery life. It should be able to cut the wood at least 300 times before it needs recharging. This is the general figure that the manufacturing companies state on their products. Keep in mind the use, and then choose the cordless saw with specific battery power. 

For instance, you want to cut multiple bocks of tree wood every day. This means that you would require to buy the one with a battery that has 20 Volts power at a minimum. You cannot work with a battery that has less power, and this will reduce its utility a great deal.


The blade of the cordless saw is always made with a metal material. This is done so that the tool remains available for long-term use. It does not get any damage due to multiple uses. You also get free from the fatigue of changing it again and again. 

Also, some blades have a large number of teeth at the end so that they can last for a longer time by cutting wood efficiently. Other than this, some use steel and carbide material. It also lasts a very long time. 


We know that the cordless saw does not have any wire, so it is very easy to use on the go. There are some of the best pruning saw for thick branches that use only 20 Volts battery to power the working of the tool. You can also check the dimensions and weight of the machine to buy the one that is suitable for you to carry easily.

Therefore, you should try to buy a cordless saw for trimming and pruning the tree and shrub branches. Try to buy from a reputed manufacturing company so that you can get the intended benefit from it.


There are so many confusions about cordless saws that people like to clear. It is especially common among beginners who are just learning about this tool. We have tried to answer some of the very commonly asked questions by them.

Are cordless saws for cutting tree branches are worth it?

A cordless saw for cutting tree branches is worth it. But at the same time, you have to be very careful about which model and brand you choose to buy it from. If it is good enough, then its worth will depend on how you use it. Get enough knowledge about this tool, and buy only after satisfaction. This is how it will be worth all of your time, money, and energy. 

How do cordless saw for cutting tree branches work?

Either you are using the best pole saw for trimming trees or a cordless one, the working is essentially the same. They all have a motor that runs on battery power to help the blade move. The battery has to be between 18 to 24 Volts to give enough power to the saw for cutting tree branches that need a clean outlook. 

How long do these tools last?

According to the manufacturing companies, the number of cuts a cordless saw can make before recharge decides their lasting ability. Also, the different materials of blades and different types of cuts differ in power consumption. So, it varies from one saw to another. On average, they should last for at least 300 cuts before they need a recharge.

How long does cordless saw last?

If you pick and choose the right cordless saw for your gardening projects, it can take 10 to 20 years before wearing out. Also, you have to use it according to the instructions from the manufacturing company. Misuse can not only damage the saw but also decrease its life span. Therefore, it may vary between 10 to 20 years depending only on your choice, and use.

Why most cordless saws are made for left-hand use?

The motor and the blade of such types of saws are on the right side, therefore, they are for left-hand use only. It is easy to handle the stabilizing nob with the right hand and left hand can handle the trigger well. This is another reason the best chainsaw for cutting tree branches is left-handed most of the time.


From the information given in the above section, we come to know all about the best cordless saw for cutting tree branches. They are numerous in terms of quality, working efficiency, cost, weight, dimensions, and many other features. But you have to choose the one that is suitable for your needs. 

Therefore, we have compiled the different types with different features in the above section. You can pick the one that is best for your usage. We are sure that the information will make the process of finding the best saw for cutting tree branches almost effortless for you.

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