14 best espresso machine for small business

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A cozy coffee shop with pastel-colored walls, cute little couches and chairs, and gentle murmurs coupled with freshly brewed coffee aroma. Sounds mesmerizing, doesn’t it? It is soothing in real life as well, and we would like to congratulate you on embarking on your own journey to a cute little coffee shop.  Regardless of which stage of planning you are on right now, be it the initial brainstorming stage or the final setup stage, you do obviously think of your star player: the best espresso machine!

The espresso machine could be the first thing your customers see when they walk into your coffee shop, and we are pretty sure that you do want to give them a really great first impression, right? This is what we are here for today, to help you choose the best commercial espresso machine for small businesses.

There are numerous best coffee machines available online for small businesses, and it may be confusing for you to choose the right one. You do want to choose the right one because word of mouth matters a lot and a great cup of coffee served to a satisfied customer can bring forth 20 other customers, through the magic of recommendation.

We have tried and tested a variety of espresso machines for small coffee shop, and have shortlisted the top 14 based on their specifications, advantages/disadvantages, and the worth they bring to your small business.

14 best espresso machine for small business

  1. La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R-1 Group commercial espresso machine
  2. NuovaSimonelliMusica Pour Over Tank Version Lux Espresso Machine
  3. DeLonghi LA Specialista EC9335M with Sensor Grinder
  4. Jura WE8 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine
  5. La Pavoni 2 group volumetric espresso machine
  6. Breville the Double Boiler Commercial Espresso Machine
  7. Gaggia Classic Pro Brushed Stainless-steel espresso machine
  8. SaecoXelsis Super-automatic espresso machine
  9. Breville the Barista Touch Espresso machine for small business
  10. Espresso Works 7 pc all in one Italian espresso machine
  11. Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric 2 group espresso machine
  12. NuovaSimonelliTalento Espresso machine
  13. La Pavoni bar star
  14. BUNN VPR with 2 easy pour decanters Coffee brewer

La Pavoni PUB 1EM-R-1 Group commercial espresso machine

espresso machines for small coffee shop

Product description and features:

Even though this machine may come off as super portable to you, it can produce large volumes of espresso, sufficient for a commercial machine for small businesses. This machine also has a digital control pad and microprocessor. It has not 1 but a 4 cup size selection option which also includes brewing that is continuous along with a stop button.  Along with a one steam wand, the hot water jet is controlled through a knob. This machine is durable, hence providing great value to your investment.

Although this machine is pretty great it still requires your staff to be well-trained as a barista. They should be aware of the functions to produce mind-blowing espresso that would want your customers to come back for more. The functions are not that complex; they can be learned within 2 days. This espresso machine makes 150 cups of coffee per day, which is a great amount for your coffee shop.


  • Super portable and compact – Customers like to call it “the Ferrari of espresso makers”
  • The boiler is really spacious
  • Pocket-friendly as compared to other espresso machines


  • Your staff must be aware of its functions
  • The reservoir has a pour-in functionality

NuovaSimonelliMusica Pour-Over Tank Version Lux Espresso Machine

best espresso machines for small coffee shop

Product description and features:

This high-quality metal polished espresso machine is one of the best ones for your business. It encompasses an LED-backlit trim along with 2 portafilter handles, scoop, tamper, etc. It also has a digital automatic espresso doing along with the true electronic pre-infusion.

This machine provides steam power that is endless along with the 2-liter boiler which saves energy as well. There is an option to precisely adjust the brewing temperature as well, and automatic espresso dosing which means the machine will stop delivering coffee when a certain volume has been reached. Say no more to wasting coffee with this espresso machine for your small business!

It has the option of 1 cup, 2 cup, and exact brewing sizes. This is an absolutely amazing machine for an initial coffee startup as it requires minimal effort from your staff or baristas. The milk frother in this espresso machine requires no prior knowledge, its super easy to use! This machine is able to produce up to 60 high-quality cups, which is pretty impressive.

Do you want to know one more reason why this is one of the best espresso machines for a small business? It is because of its price, making it affordable than the rest. When you are a small startup, you tend to have less capital and would want the best equipment at the lowest possible price, right?

Well, this is what this espresso machine gives you, quality at a comparatively lower price. Lastly, there is a vacuum beaker calve present in this machine which lets you start up the machine directly from room temperature, you no more have to open the steam valve to equalize the pressure!


  • Value for money and comparatively affordable
  • Cup sizes that are programmable
  • The pressure gauge is front-mounted


  • If you want to make mixed drinks, it requires some prior experience

DeLonghi LA Specialista EC9335M with Sensor Grinder

Product description and features:

This is a semi-automatic espresso machine that works best for small businesses. Within this coffee machine, you get a millstone coffee with a grinder along with a carob coffee maker. All you have to do is manually transfer the horn between the coffee grinder and the coffee maker, unlike in automatic coffee machines where there is no need to do that.

The sensor grinding technology is a blessing in disguise, providing you with outclass coffee with the optimal dose. This brilliant coffee machine also has a separate outlet for water. Not only that, the advanced latte system will whip your milk in the most wonderful way. Calm down, do you also want to serve an original Americano to your customers? That is also possible through the hot water spout if you get this espresso machine for small businesses.

If you want to get precise measurements regarding the height of the cups, there are 2 options available to you measuring 3.15 and 4.72 inches. The management regarding the controls of this device is super simple if your staff knows basic knowledge, just their intervention and supervision are required.

It also contains a bean sensor which makes sure you don’t unexpectedly run out of beans during a busy hour in your cute coffee shop! The smart tamping station allows you to simply pull the lever in order to tamp the ground coffee, and voila! That’s pretty much it.

Within the box, you not only get the machine but also a cleaning brush along with a descaling solution and a milk pitcher. This brand builds up its customers’ trust even more by providing a 2-year warranty, and even an extra year if you officially register your coffee machine. 


  • Really impressive outlook
  • Its super easy to set up
  • The entire process to make coffee just takes 6 minutes
  • The advanced latte system is quite amazing


  • The display in this model is missing

Jura WE8 Professional Automatic Coffee Machine

Product description and features:

This is an automatic coffee machine that is one of the easiest ones to use on our list. You have probably heard the phrase “the more the merrier”, right? Well, even if you haven’t, you just did, and this coffee machine implements this phrase in the best possible way. This is because it not only allows you to make espresso but also has 12 pre-programmable coffee types.

This brilliant coffee machine saves a great amount of time and will ease your baristas’ life when you have a large influx of customers. It also has a conical bar grinder that grinds coffee beans to their ultimate fineness.

The Jura brand cares about the environment a lot so it follows an eco-friendly approach of omitting the capsules and freshly grinding the coffee beans before every use. This minimizes waste. The water tank consists of 101 ounces and the bean container is 17.6 ounces. Pretty impressive numbers ensuring high coffee volumes, right?


  • 8 levels of coffee strength
  • Consists of 2 brewing temperatures


  • It can just make 30 cups a day maximum

La Pavoni 2 group volumetric espresso machine

Product description and features:

The La Pavoni would glance so extraordinary in your coffeehouse. The press-produced metal and chromed machine would really lure your customers to purchase a cup and come back for more later! Likewise, various users can easily operate this, making it less tedious than other espresso machines for small businesses. Even though this is somewhat excessively costly for beginning a business, its features are really worth it.

So, if you have a budget that can encompass this, you should definitely buy it! If not, then you can get some other comparatively cheaper coffee machine from our list and replace it later with this one if you wish so.

The nonstop blending and stop button highlights are our absolute favorite. It’s completely okay if you don’t prefer that, this coffee machine also allows continuous brewing. It is advantageous to make a few cups of espresso instantly. It consists of a digital pad along with a microprocessor. You can also select from four different cup sizes as per your menu and the requirements of customers. Along with a milk frother,

it has a couple of spring taps for hot water along with an anti-splash technology. It allows your Baristas to be creative as well since they can manage the quality of their shots and espresso extraction. La Pavoni puts it all out there for this powerful machine: a colossal 14-liter copper kettle with regular antimicrobial properties, diverse brewing alternatives, and a free radiator water-driven framework, to give some cool highlights.


  • High-quality espresso machine for small business
  • Multiple people can use it simultaneously
  • It has 2 steam jets that are super flexible


  • It could be costly
  • If you want to maintain the warranty, you should install a water softener

Breville the Double Boiler Commercial Espresso Machine

Product description and features:

Breville the Dual Boiler has an extremely charming design and fits consummately into any room. How great it will glance in a little coffeehouse or a bakery? The metal case has smooth and fine shapes. The interface is basic and clear. On the control board, there are controls catches and an LCD show with backdrop illumination. In the wake of perusing the title,

you can comprehend that this espresso machine is outfitted with a double heater made of stainless steel. Using this, you can blend espresso and bubble milk simultaneously. Digital temperature control (PID) guarantees the right water temperature. You can utilize the magic steam wand to make the best milk foam and latte craftsmanship.

This espresso machine displays the epitome of usefulness as one of the best espresso machines for small businesses. Not only does it inform you of when to clean the machine, but also gives you control of the temperature and brewing time along with pressure and coffee strength.

The Over Pressure Valve (OPV) effectively allows you to limit the extraction temperature. For optimal results, we recommend you to use cold and filtered water instead of using water with no or low mineral content. Lastly, with the coffee machine you also get a water hardness test strip, LCD assisted descale procedure, and descale alert. 


  • Provides  great value for money
  • The pre-infusion function is adjustable
  • The dimensions are really compact which make this coffee machine outstanding


  • Effort is needed to fix the portafilter tightly on the head of the group
  • The hissing steam is very noisy

Gaggia Classic Pro Brushed Stainless-steel espresso machine

Product description and features:

Gaggia Classic Pro is a great carob espresso producer, probably the most ideal option for demanding customers! The gigantic case is made of stainless steel and will keep going for a long time. Dependable fastens and switches are extremely hard to handicap.

The case is structured with the goal that you can screen the water level. You can make 12 kinds of espresso drinks with this espresso machine for small businesses. Measurements, weight, and highlights show this is a genuine expert espresso machine. The notable chrome-plated holder and the working gathering guarantee the ideal espresso temperature all through the whole fermenting process and the best quality in the cup.

Appreciate the best milk cappuccino froth because of the two-gap liner. The Gaggia Classic Pro requires handy dealing with and exact grinding, however, it creates the most excellent coffee. This is an expert gadget with boundless prospects and delightful vintage structure along with a rotatable steam wand that will never become outdated.


  • The extraction pressure is really stable for this price
  • Comes with a metal platform for cup heating
  • The materials used are of high quality and are durable
  • This espresso machine does not produce a lot of sound, enhancing comfort


  • The portafilter is not easy to turn
  • There are sharp edges present on the drip tray

SaecoXelsis Super-automatic espresso machine

Product description and features:

Are you searching for a very programmed coffee machine that can fulfill any of your requirements? If so, then make sure to investigate the SaecoXelsis coffee machine. It allows you to program each and everything within your coffee and also lets you create a user profile so that your best-selling drinks are saved already. This saves so much time and comes in extremely handy during rush hours.

Obviously, the expense of such a device is very high. Nonetheless, every dollar spent on this gadget is worth it; trust us when we say that! You will like the smooth and present-day structure, numerous capacities and settings, and in particular, the decision of 15 kinds of espresso refreshments. Its capacities will help to effortlessly ace the expertise of the barista.

You can control the blending cycle with only a couple of dashes of the shrewd touch control board. Changing the settings of the quality, volume, and temperature of the beverage, the surface of milk froth, and even the request for the layers of espresso and milk is possible. The Xelsis can recall the settings for your 8 most loved drinks and furthermore blend two cups at the same time. The uncommon Aroma Seal keeps the smell and newness of espresso beans for quite a while.

Coupled with the automatic rinse system along with the HygieSteamsystem not only keep the machine perfectly clean but free of milk as well. This espresso machine is super ergonomic, maximizing consumers’ comfort. The double thermal blocks offer accurate temperature control for every drink, be it brewing or steaming.


  • Contains a 3.5 inch touchscreen
  • It has 6 various drink profiles
  • Removable brewing cup
  • Latte Perfetto system makes the best milk foam
  • The materials are durable and provide value for money


  • It is not possible to remove the bean container
  • It is difficult to empty a filled drip tray

Breville the Barista Touch Espresso machine for small business

Product description and features:

Delightful and smooth structures, along with instinctive controls make Breville the Barista Touch coffee machine ideal for small businesses. You can rapidly mix a cup of great espresso. The machine can spare 8 different settings for drinks.

You can modify the temperature and quality of the drink, just as the texture of milk. With the assistance of the programmed steam wand, make heavenly latte art show-stoppers. The ThermoJet warming framework and computerized temperature control (PID) guarantee the privilege and ideal blending temperature.

You don’t have to pound the espresso yourself and measure its portion, since this will be finished by a conelike processor. This permits you to crush the beans legitimately into an espresso filter.


  • You can make 8 different types of drinks
  • The built-in milk forther is really convenient and automatic, all you need is milk, and voila!
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to use and flexible


  • You can only use Breville made filters, no other company’s filters are compatible

Espresso Works 7 pc all in one Italian espresso machine

Product description and features:

What could be superior to making some Italian espresso flavorful and simple? The modern plan and insightful interface of EspressoWorks 7 Pc All-In-One will assist you with this. The Thermoblock framework gives a steady and right water temperature. The machine is prepared for activity in 45 seconds.

This model is sold with a processor. Because of newly ground beans, you can value the rich taste of espresso refreshments. With the assistance of the advantageous area of the water tank, you can screen the water level. Likewise, it is exceptionally portable to take out.

A steam wand differentiates your beverage from the delicate rich froth. The gadget is very simple to clean. It is sufficient to wash every single removable piece of the espresso machine. Additionally, you can blend two cups one after another. The body, frothing cups, portafilter, and crushing baskets are made of strong stainless steel.

The trickle plate and water tank and plate are made without BPA plastic. The 1.25-liter water tank is easily removable and has been handed for cleaning and placing it without any hassle. The Italian espresso with this machine tastes like something out of this world, due to the 15 bar pressure pump system enabled in this machine. During each extraction, this machine gives you the option to either extract a single shot or a double shot.


  • Rapid heating up, just under 45 seconds only!
  • Flexible and simple to use
  • Compact dimensions, making it one of the most portable espresso machine for small business
  • The location of the water tank on the machine is the best


  • You cannot adjust the temperature
  • Automatic turning off of the machine after making coffee is not possible

NuovaSimonelli Aurelia II volumetric 2 group espresso machine

Product description and features:

This NuovaSimonelli’s espresso machine is one of the most flexible coffee machines on the rundown. It considers the client, barista, and even you, the owner. The program include is so easy to understand that anybody can make a cup of cappuccino without perusing the manual.

We like the way this can meet any necessary degree of volume and quality. The programmed flushing framework is likewise something that this coffee creator ought to be glad for. We agree that this machine could be towards the costly side of the spectrum, but the features that come along with it make it one of the best espresso machines, despite the cost.

Some of the cool features include an LCD display, surface LEDs, cool touch wands, volumetric or manual dosing, power saving options, optional auto steam wand, etc. to make your day even better, Barista training is also accessible with this espresso machine for small business. Moreover, not only is their free installation but there is free shipping available from Java Exotic Imports as well. What could be better?


  • No technician is required because it has an external pump regulation
  • The steam wand is built-in and is automatic
  • From the display, you can easily control the temperature


  • A bit too costly

NuovaSimonelliTalento Espresso machine

Product description and features:

This classy machine is outfitted with a hot water nozzle, dual boiler, and coffee grinders. It can create 150 coffee shots for each hour. The NuovaSimonelliTalento has a Smart Wand, prepared for some first-class coffee time all day. One press of a catch can create eight unique beverages. Bravo!

This machine basically pays for itself. Blending at home costs 28 pennies for a twofold Americano contrasted with $2 at Starbucks. That is a saving of $1.72 per cup. Sounds really impressive, right? While personally testing this machine, we were really astounded by how helpful this machine is and how it makes life simpler consistently with just 2 steps for milk frothing and what not!  Keep up the great job, Nuova Simonelli!

Do we even have to tell more about the brilliance of this beauty? We don’t think so! This has all that you have to begin an independent company. Voila, there goes your best cup of cappuccino! Despite the significant expense, it can’t be rejected that this machine is certainly worth the venture.

So, if you can afford the price tag because of expanded capital or any other reason, we recommend going for this machine because it will provide you with a great return on investment, hopefully!


  • Due to the display, controlling temperature has never been easier
  • Milk forthing is simple and quick


  • Costly

La pavoni bar star – best for small business

Product description and features:

Baristas can take a shot at two coffee drinks simultaneously with the 2 Group Bar-Star. The 14-liter kettle can deal with enormous volumes of espresso business rapidly. For the added coffee intensity Pavoni is the best. It’s as yet practical in size at just 31-inches wide.

While we love this model for little cafés, you can decide to step up to a similar framework with more gathering heads (the 3V or the 4V). With more gathering heads, more than one barista may pull coffee simultaneously.

The Bar-Star cleans well. What’s more, extraordinary highlights in the wand forestall obstructing. It additionally has a copper evaporator, which is rust confirmation and antimicrobial. This outclass espresso machine for small businesses has four programmable cup size choices and ceaseless fermenting and moment stop button alternatives for long shots, ristretto shots, and the sky is the limit from there. Joined with programmable dosing,

Baristas have a ton of authority over coffee extraction and can oversee the nature of their shots. The electronic dual pressure gauge monitors the constant pressure of both the group and the boiler.


  • Volume is impressive
  • The special features enabled within the wand prevent clogging
  • More than one barista can use this simultaneously
  • Transporting it is very easy using the side handles that are built-in
  • Gives your baristas control over the shots, extraction time and many other features


  • Costly, but we believe it’s worth it

BUNN VPR with 2 easy pour decanters Coffee brewer

Product description and features:

BUNN VPR is the best business espresso producer with an instinctive interface, smooth plan, and a minimum size. It accompanies 2 Easy Pour compact decanters. It is additionally outfitted with two separate heaters that are controllable. One is the place new espresso is fermented, and the other on the head of the machine. It’s anything but difficult to oversee. Simply pour cold water, introduce a paper channel, and add your preferred ground espresso to the channel skillet. Warmed decanters will give completely hot espresso to quite a while.

The pipe SplashGard shields hands from the spillage of hot fluid. This 12-mug programmed espresso machine is ideal for a little bistro, cafe, or even office, and is additionally ready to fulfill all of the needs of your customer base.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • It can brew about 489 ox of coffee every hour
  • 2 controllable heaters
  • Your coffee will stay hot for a long period of time


  • The decanters have narrow holes, which makes cleaning difficult, and are made of plastic

Buying Guide

You must be wondering, what do you need to know before buying a commercial espresso machine for your small business? Don’t worry; we got you fully covered on that one!

Heads or Espresso Faucet

You’re going to require a gathering head or coffee fixture that has at any rate 2 to 4 gathering heads if your business turns out 100 beverages or more daily.

Evaporator Type

The evaporator framework is the thing that warms the water correctly for the coffee. Furthermore, it can likewise make the steam for milk foaming. More costly business coffee machines may have twofold boilers that independently accomplish this work. Single kettle coffee machines will in general be more affordable. Yet, you won’t have the option to mix coffee and steam your milk or water simultaneously with a solitary heater.

Size and Durability

Estimation of your counter space is something that is frequently overlooked. Your business coffee machine framework needs to fit on your counter obviously. Get exact estimations so you can think about machine sizes. Additionally, consider counter space for other espresso gear and space for your baristas to work.  Do you have space for a more even, heavier, multi-head coffee machine? Or then again do you need a coffee framework that is more vertical and smooth since you have to spare counter space? This may mean you will just have a couple of gathering head espresso frameworks.

Power Capacity

Voltage is what we are discussing here. Can your bistro area handle the voltage expected to run an extremely ground-breaking business coffee machine? Or then again do you need something more manual and hand-created on the grounds that you have a less specialized, mechanical space?

Regularly, you’ll see business coffee machines equipped for running on 208 to 240V.

Financial plan

The sort of business coffee machines to consider for a private venture can run the scope of cost. You can hope to spend anyplace between $1,250-$10,000 on a business machine. The range is immense, so it is important that you set a budget.

That scope of estimating likewise incorporates a scope of highlights and this will be the staple of your business. Your coffee machine will be the real thing that produces items for your coffeehouse to sell.

Try not to trifle with the financial plan.

That being stated, your little scope café may not require all the highlights of the priciest business coffee machine model available. Your baristas need a strong, amazing asset to make extraordinary espresso drinks. It’s our suggestion to pay for an incredibly capable barista than the most costly coffee framework.

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