How to use a Coffee Maker?

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Coffee makers have been used by millions of people around the globe. Only in the USA, millions of people drink coffee daily. And the coffee there is usually made by coffee makers. A study shows that 79% of the coffee consumed by USA residents is made at home. This shows how vast the use of coffee makers have become.

Types of Coffee Maker:

There are several types of coffee makers. Here are some coffee makers mentioned.

Drip Coffee Makers:

Drip coffee makers have been a part of American households for a long time. They are best known for the combination of ease of use, cheapness, durability, and the ability to produce coffee quickly for up to 4 coffee drinkers. Drip coffee maker is easy to use, affordable, and reliable. It also has an unfavorable factor that its warming plate cooks coffee sitting in the pot.

Thermal Coffee Makers:

Thermal coffee makers function the same as drip coffee makers but it works on electricity. The advantage thermal coffee makers have on others is that it brews your coffee into an insulated thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hot for hours without continuously heating it. But this coffee maker is more expensive than the standard drip brewer.

Espresso Machines:

 This is also an electric espresso coffee machine. This is quite expensive for house-hold use than other coffee machines. It is labor-intensive and technical to use but if you master it, then you’ll be able to extract rich, deliciously shots of brew just like your favorite espresso coffee shop.


Percolators are best known for the hearty and flavorful production of coffee. Since it is consistent and reliable, it took place of the drip brewers in various American households.

How to use a coffee maker?

If you haven’t used a coffee maker yet, then the brewing process can be intuitive. The following are the simple methods to blend your favorite coffee.

Use Freshly Ground Beans:

The use of freshly grounded beans is very important in case you want the delicate flavor. Fresh coffee beans have a fascinating flavor in them. So, it is better for you to purchase fresh beans from the market and grind them yourself. But you need to be careful after grinding beans as their core reacts rapidly with air if left open. Therefore, place your coffee beans inside an air-tight container to prevent a reaction.

Add Coffee Filter in the filter basket:

Many coffee makers have their own filters. Filters are very important part of a coffee maker. If they are of good quality then they will provide you delicate taste. It is better to use a specialized coffee paper than an ordinary paper.

Measure the quantity:

The quantity of coffee depends on how many cups you want to make. Put ground coffee in the filter paper. The ratio of coffee to water varies by the size of the machine. Generally, we use 2 tablespoons of coffee for 6 ounces of water. You are instructed to pour water according to the quantity written on the package.

Pour the water:

Pour the water from the coffee pot in the coffee maker, in the compartment intended to hold the carry the water before brewing. Then put the coffee plate on the warming plate. You don’t need to pour hot water in the coffee maker. Simply pour cold water in it. The coffee maker will warm up the water.

You can add coffee and water while brewing but it may stop and you may have to press the start button again. This can be dangerous as the hot water can also splash on you which is dangerous for you. Complete the process and then you turn it back on for more coffee.


Simply switch on the button. The coffee maker will automatically start brewing. Wait until the coffee is completely brewed.

Now, wait until the process is complete. Some coffee makers turn off automatically while others are done manually.

Filter Paper:

Once the coffee brewing is done immediately remove the filter paper is used. Simply take the paper off and throw it away. In the case of mesh filter, waste the coffee grounds, and wash the filter for further use. But never reuse the coffee. Most of the flavor is extracted in the first usage. The reuse will not give that good flavor. It will be like caffeinated water. But the used coffee can be used in your kitchen as an odor absorber.

Your coffee is ready to enjoy. 


Since you have made the coffee, it is time for cleansing.

 Your coffee maker is dirtier than you think. You should clean your coffee maker as the machines mostly have yeast and mold that makes it germy than any other thing. If you don’t want to eat any of the hazardous germs, you need to wash your coffee maker.

  • Wash Removable parts:

Simply, wash the removable parts at the sink with your washing soap. This will remove all the leftover coffee grinds and oil. Also, wash the warming plate as well as outside of the coffee maker. After washing, let the lid open to dry it completely after each use.

  • Decalcify your machine every month:

Hard water mineral can build up in the machine which can make the production slow. If you want delicious coffee, you need to decalcify your coffee every month with vinegar.

  • Make your carafe sparkle:

You need to wash your carafe whenever you make coffee. If it looks dingy over time, fill it with warm water and rice to lose any junk. The use of sponge will remove debris. Rinse well.


Since the coffee maker is a machine, it might stop working the way it usually works. Therefore you need to follow the following steps to make your coffee maker re-function.

  • Identify the problem:

Like all other machines, the excessive use of coffee maker can cause malfunctioning. This can following problems:

  • Change in taste:

After every use, be sure that you don’t leave any coffee or water in the coffee maker. This can cause a change in taste.

Coffee absorbs flavors. So, when you store your ground coffee, make sure that the coffee is in an air-tight container.

 Hot water can leave minerals causing a change in the taste of your coffee. To get over this, we recommend you to clean the coffee maker completely every month.

  • Water doesn’t flow through coffee maker:

If the flow of water is very slow then there might be the blockage in any of the water tubes. To get rid of this problem, you simply need to run the machine having water and vinegar in it. Don’t putt the coffee in. The vinegar will clean all the blockage. After this procedure, make sure to rinse the coffee machine with water.

  • Coffee isn’t getting hot:

If you use a coffee maker then you are most likely to face this problem. This problem usually occurs due to the excess use of machines that burns internal wiring. If you want to fix it yourself, make sure to unplug the power. But the possibility is that you have to change your coffee maker as this problem cannot be fixed.


  • The coffee gets cold after sometime. Is it possible to warm it again?

Yes you can warm your coffee again but make sure you don’t put more coffee in the filter otherwise you will ruin the taste.

  • Is it supposed to be making strange sounds whole it is making coffee?

There might be some machines that make sound. If it is usual than its ok. Otherwise you can get it to a mechanic.

  • Can I use milk instead of water?

No you can’t use milk. It can get sour very quickly. So you’ll have to wash it with soapy water.

  • Can I use a glass or mug?

You can use anything you like. You can use a mug, a sipper would be great option too.


This is how you can use your coffee maker and make the perfect cup of coffee for you and your loved ones. If you want your coffee to be tasty, simply follow our steps. These steps will definitely help you to make a coffee of your taste.

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