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A study on trends of coffee consumption was conducted last year in the United States, it had yielded some fascinating results because it has shown that almost 80% of Americans make coffee at their respective homes instead of grabbing their cups from Starbucks or McDonald’s. This shows a basic trend of people preferring homemade coffee. For this purpose several ways are available. Every household employs different types of coffee makers. Some brew it in a blender, others use an electric kettle. 

But here we will focus on some of the interesting but different types of coffee maker. These coffee makers are classified on the basis of their mode of action, technology, and which they employ while making coffee at your homes, and these are also classified on the basis of their electrical make-up. 

List of the coffee makers

The following are the important coffee makers with their short description, mode of action with little information about their pros and cons. 

  1. Drip Coffee Makers 
  2. Vietnamese Coffee Makers
  3. Espresso machines
  4. Percolators
  5. Cold Brew Coffee Makers 
  6. French Press Coffee Makers
  7. Moka Pot (stovetop coffee machine )
  8. Thermal Coffee Makers 

Drip Coffee Makers 

Drip coffee making machines have a long history of serving who are passionate for their daily dose of coffee. It is commonly used in almost every household of countries like Canada and America. Reasons are durability and affordability. Drip coffee makers are easy to handle, very economical and have a bulk reservoir where you can actually prepare your desired coffee for at least four people in one go. It also takes very less time in brewing your coffee as compared to other types in the same category. 


  • Economical 
  • Spacious 
  • Reliability factor 
  • Easy handling 


  • Drip coffee makers will only cook your coffee if a plate is put inside the pot ultimately heating up all parts of the machine. 

Vietnamese Coffee Makers 

This type of coffee maker is famous because of one prominent distinctive feature that it will help you to make your brewed coffee sweet and icy cold simultaneously.

Vietnamese people are habitually using this type of coffee maker. Because it not only includes sugar and cream but the addition of condensed milk and brewing it in a Vietnamese coffee maker helps in achieving sweet, super-rich, and deliciously cold coffee. 


  • Famous for brewing icy cold coffee 
  • Deliver super rich delicious frozen coffee 


  • Consists of complex parts which are difficult to assemble after cleansing 
  • Reserved only for cold coffees

Espresso machines

Espresso coffee makers are widely known as luxurious products among coffee lovers. But remember luxury always comes with some extra cost. Hence Espresso machines are costly to buy. Although you might find some good discounts on online platforms, still it per unit cost is higher than other brands in the same category.

It also demands laborious work while brewing coffee. To extract a super-rich and deliciously prepared shot of espresso you need to be aware of its technicalities. If you learn to use it then you’ll get deliciously rich espresso every morning in your traveling cup. 


  • Technically unique machine
  • It can help you in aeration of milk
  • Can cook deliciously rich espresso 


  • Laborious work is needed to operate 
  • Highly expensive 
  • Not easy to operate


Percolators are the oldest coffee making machines. These are electrical appliances. One interesting fact is related to the steaming process while making coffee. It is a treat to watch and brew coffee at the same time. Now in this high tech and scientific age these are mostly replaced by drip coffee makers. 


  • Cost-effective
  •  Durability 


  • A single unit of Percolators consists of many parts hence making things difficult to disassemble for cleaning and then assemble. 

Cold Brew Coffee Makers 

If you are a coffee lover but you can’t consume it due to summer you should go for a cup of frozen coffee. Cold coffee brewers are the appliances which can fulfill your demand for iced cold coffee. This is a manual coffee maker.

One prominent feature is it’s less acidic content which gives it the upper hand over other brewers. By using this coffee machine you can brew cold coffee later it can be poured over ice cubes, diluted, and reheating it. 


  • Coffee with low acidic content 
  • smoothly textured cold coffee 


  • Brewing time is lengthy; 10-12 hours
  • No automated function

French Press Coffee Makers

This variety of coffee maker has different names attributed to it, such as some write it plunger pot others would recognize it as a press pot. 

Key features which differentiate it from other types is its mesh filter made up of metal. This filter permits oily flavors to trickle down into the cups below. This is opposite to the most of other brewers because filter paper is used in the rest of the coffee maker where flavors oil is trapped. 

Other benefits of French press coffee maker are it easy to use, easy to clean. You can take it with you on long-distance travel and adventure. 


  • Easy handling 
  • Take less time in cleaning 
  • Uses metal mesh filter 


  • Its pots are made up of glass which are fragile 
  • It is a manual device 

Moka Pot (stovetop coffee machine )

This coffee maker is very simple, easy to handle and most importantly it has replaced espresso machines at many households. It is widely known for its super-rich and flavored brew that makes some great combinations with aerated milk, creams and flavored syrups.

If you are an adventurous traveler and passionate about camping, then this is the right machine for your coffee brewing on fires and stoves at your camping sites. 


  • Cost-effective machine 
  • Best replacement to costly espressos 
  • Can be used over stove and fires


  • Assembly and disassembly is hectic 
  • It has limited use with stovetop only. 

Thermal Coffee Makers 

This type of coffee maker works pretty the same as those of drip coffee makers but there is one differentiating feature that gives thermal coffee machines the upper hand to other varieties. There is an insulated thermal carafe.

It brews your coffee and it is then kept in the same insulated chamber ultimately keeping your coffee hot without any need to re-cook. This thermal carafe is supported by a heated surface beneath it.

So continuous low heating is controlled by a regulator. It keeps coffee in the carafe heated for hours. 


  • Uniquely built insulated thermal carafe in it
  • coffee remain hot without the continuous process of cooking 


  • Per unit cost is very much higher as compared brewers of other standards. 


So in the above-detailed article we have written brief comments about 8 different types of coffee makers and machines. These vary in their size, budget, and technique used to brew your coffee. You can prefer any of these ranging from very famous drip makers to very strange Vietnamese Coffee makers. Each of these machines has its own pros and cons which have been mentioned separately. This guide is written down to help you choose the best coffee maker which can fulfill all your daily caffeine needs so that you can grab a traveling cup of super-rich coffee from your own brewer and enjoy the rest of the day. 

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