What is the standard height of a shower head?

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Sure, you are looking for the standard height of a shower. If you want to know the standard height of a shower and its advantage, you have accessed the right page.

Before you plan the installation of a shower, review the measurement of your bathroom and building code.

The standard height of a shower in maintaining a flow of water, saving water, and protecting other accessories installed in your bathroom has essential value. If you are not aware of the height of a shower, you must start measuring it from the floor. It will give you accurate measurements, and you will be able to make an appropriate decision. Why does the height of a shower matter? Let’s look over the content explaining the standard height of a shower with its advantages.

Why does the standard height of a shower matter?

Measurements of a shower matter. Experts are agreed that the height of a shower is important to avoid hazards and damage to bathroom accessories.

Are people conscious about the height of a shower?

Usually, the standard height of a shower is overlooked. People are not aware of the importance of the height of a shower. Color schemes, designs, and functions of bathroom accessories are given more importance than the standard height of a shower. Generally, people show the least concern for measurements as a result, they are found complaining about the quality of a shower.

Data of returned procured items published by vendors’ shows that differences in the size of bathroom accessories are one of the main reasons for exchange or return claims.

It validates the findings of experts that people are more conscious about colors, designs, and functions than the height of a shower.

Rules for the height of installation of a bathroom shower

Rule No 01

According to the height of a shower, the showerhead should be user friendly. A user can stand underneath a shower comfortably.

Rule No 02

A shower should not hit the walls of your bathroom. It will damage the walls of the bathroom.

Rule No 03

Before installing a shower in your bathroom, take accurate measurements. Measurement of the height of shower starts from the surface of the floor of your bathroom.

Rule No 04

Accurate measurement of standard height of standing shower is important to protect your head injuries.

Getting the height right!

If you have accurate measurements of the height of a shower, you will be able to buy the right shower for your bathroom, and can take comfortable shower.

It is better to buy quality shower to avoid changing showers time and again. You should visit the online stores to assess the quality and price with a standard height of a shower.

Before leaping to the information on the prices of a shower, below is the standard height of a shower. It would help you to determine the right price and quality of your standard shower.

Purpose of standard height of a shower

The main purpose of taking a measurement of a shower is to give you a comfortable bath without bumping your head into the shower. 

What is the standard height of a shower?

Usually, the average standard height of a shower is 80 inches. Sometimes the height of the shower varies with the height of individuals. If family members are with an average height of above 6 feet, you need to figure out the average height of a shower.  It is not a hard and fast rule that the height of every shower should be 80 inches or 200 centimeters or 6.6feet. If the height of the user is above the average, the height of the standard shower can also be increased.

Spray patterns

Few inches above your head is the appropriate height of your shower if you are a heightened, individual. It gives your different spray patterns to enjoy your shower.

Despite detailed discussion on the best height of your shower, you must know that height of a shower depends on the model of your shower. Read the below paragraph to improve your knowledge of the model and height of your shower.

Models of showers and their height requirements

Identify the type of your shower is imperative before determining its height.


This type of shower makes you feel that you are under rainwater. For this type of shower, you need 84 inches height instead of 80 inches of a shower.


The normal height of the shower does not suit the handled shower. You can enjoy comfort shower by installing a handled-shower at a height between 72 to76 inches Experts recommend 72 inches height. It is 08 inches lower than the best height of a shower.

Wall-fixed shower head

The standard height of a shower is suitable for this type of shower in your bathroom. If you are living with a joint family or more people using a washroom, you need to calculate their average height before finalization the height of a shower.


80 inches or 6.6 feet is the standard height of a showerhead for a tall person in the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

Different types of showers are available in the market. Functions, and designs influence the decisions of buyers than quality and measuring technicalities.

Experts recommend 80 inches standard height for the installation of a shower to enjoy comfort shower. However, its height can be maintained in accordance with the height of an individual having a height above 6 feet.

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