best shower head for a tall person

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It is difficult to find the best shower head for a tall person. However, height adjustable shower heads can help you.

Having a good height is great, but it can be a problem while taking a shower under a small-sized shower head. So it is important to consider the height of shower head. Your bathroom reflects how you live and what you think. Best shower heads for bathrooms are great for looking good, modern, and stylish without having to spend hundreds of dollars on renovating them. Best shower heads could be a sound investment when shopping for custom hardware. You could get a double shower head unit or the adjustable shower heads if you have a taller height. 

5 best shower head for a tall person

  1. High-pressure Shower head with adjustable arm- best over all
  2. Egretshower Handheld Shower head- best value
  3. Pure Action Luxury Filtered shower head- best luxury shower head
  4. Aqua Storm Hotel Spa- best massage hand shower
  5. AquaDance Shower head- best high pressure shower head

Here we are going to review the 10 best shower heads for a tall person.

AquaDance Shower head with high pressure

shower head for a tall person

Product Review

Here we have a sleek design shower head from Aqua Dance with high pressure, rainfall combo and featured with an extra-long hose. There is about a 6-inch stainless steel hose, that makes it the perfect shower head for a tall person. 

Product Features

  • It is an oil rubbed bronze shower head that has 7 settings and a high power click lever dial.
  • For easy cleaning, there is rub cleaning jets to provide prevention from lime buildup.
  • For high-performance standards and high quality, the shower head is tested by US shower experts.
  • The shower has an angle-adjustable feature for a great sweet home shower head.
  • The face of the shower head has a 4-inch face and 6 settings. Settings include power rain, power mist, rain massage, pulsating massage, and water power-saving pause mode.
  • It has a patented 3-way diverter to turn it to switch between two showers. 
  • It is an easy tool-free connection and you can install it in just minutes. Furthermore, the metal hose of brass and diverter fittings provide a super secure connection.

High-pressure Shower head with adjustable arm

height-adjustable shower head

Product review

If you are looking for a height-adjustable shower head, then here we gonna review the features of a shower head with an adjustable arm. You can easily adjust the arm of the shower head according to your height.

Product Features

  • The shower head has high-pressure water flow with the combination of air in technology.
  • It will provide a rainfall experience f shower with a dynamic message .
  • There are 5 powerful functions. Functions include power rain, rain mist, rain massage, pulsating massage, and power mist.
  • The adjustable shower arm is made of Brass and has an adjustable about 11 inch, The brass arm of the shower head is solid, sturdy, and strong.
  • You can adjust the angle and height of shower head. Moreover, with the height of the shower head, you can get a better rainfall effect.
  • The body of the shower head is made of great quality ABS plastic with chrome polished which makes it durable and beautiful.
  • There is a 5-inch panel that has a pinhole of TPE that does self-cleaning for high flow of water pressure.
  • The manufacturer will provide a tool that will help in an installation simply and quickly.

11-inch Adjustable arm shower head

shower head for a tall person.

Product Review

Here we have a large rainfall Near Moon shower head with 153 silicon nozzles and a combination of ultra-thin air technology. It is a rain shower head with a 12-inch large shower head with an adjustable arm.

Product Features

  • The shower head uses air in technology for high pressure. 
  • You can easily adjust the height and angle of shower head easily for a luxury spa at your home. 
  • The shower head has an adjustable extension arm.
  • The body of the shower head is made with stainless steel and it is super easy to clean. 
  • The silicon nozzles are of premium quality that will prevent leaking and calcium build up. 
  • 153 Jets of the shower head provide an amazing rainfall shower with excellent performance.
  • The adjustable shower arm is suitable for 1 or 2 standard size short shower arms.  
  • For easier installation of shower heads, there is a special wrench that you can use and can do the installation by yourself quickly.

Water Pik High-Pressure Power pulse Massage hand Held

shower head for a tall person.

Product Review

It is a massaging hand shower with 5-foot hose and 7 different modes. The showerhead has power pulse therapeutic massage technology. The showerhead is great helping soothe muscle tension to increase flexibility and restful sleep. it is a messaging shower head for the tall person.

Product Features

  • It is a high pressure handheld shower head with chrome 7 modes.
  • Handheld power pulse therapeutic massage delivers 2X massage.
  • There are 7 different spray settings. It includes, power Pulse massage spa, full body spray, more power pulse massage, full body spray, Eco spray and water saving trickle.. 
  • The hand-held shower has an adjustable bracket with 5 foot hose.
  • There is no need for plumber and pipe tape, you can easily install it on your own.
  • The price of the shower head is highly affordable with a great and beautiful design.
  • The accessories include bracket holder washer, shower head and 5 foot hose.

Moen 26112SRN 5.5 Inch handheld shower head

shower head for a tall person.

Product review

The shower head is from the Moen brand with a beautiful and distinctive design. The chrome finish provides a mirror like look with high reflex with a decorating style. The diameter is 5.5 inch spray head that provides maximum coverage. There are six optimized settings with a magnetic docking system. Moreover it includes kink metal hose that extend reach and flexibility.

Product Features

  • The shower head has spot resistance nickel finish that resist fingerprints and water spot for providing cleaner looking bath.
  • It has a magnetic base with magnetic docking that allows you to easily detach to use a handheld shower head. Moen has effortlessly replaced the snap of magnet.
  • Moen is a customized shower with multiple distinctions with different shower settings and provides flexibility and variety.
  • It has a kink free metal hose for maximum reach that makes it the best shower head for a tall person.
  • The most interesting feature of the shower head is that the manufacturers provide lifetime warranty.
  • The shower head is also easy to install and you can install it without any specific tool of  installation,. 

WaterPik CF-201 FlexNeck Rain Shower Head

best shower head for tall or short people

Product Review

Waterpik CF-201 FlexNeck is the best adjustable shower head height for tall or short people. You can adjust for low or high shower pipes.  It is also a shower head for making cleaning easier. It provides soothing, refreshing, and relaxing shower for a tall person.

Product Features

  •  It has a 12 inch flexible shower neck. 
  • Both height and horizontal locations are easy to adjust.
  • It has an oversized shower face with drenching shower spray for relaxation with concentrated Power Spray for quick rinsing. 
  • You can easily install this shower head with anti clog features. 
  • The shower head has  CF 201 includes a corrugated flex hose that adapts a standard 1 or 2 inch NPT shower pipe thread. 
  • The half inch NPT threads are about ¾ inch deep within the plastic nut of the flex hose. 
  • It has anti clog nozzles with simply rubbing nozzles.
  • It is a flexible neck rain shower head which can adjust at any position.

Egretshower Handheld Shower head 

height of shower head.

Product review

Egretshower provides a comfortable and natural experience of the shower with 5 different settings. There are two showers with this shower that you can use separately and combined also. It has an oversize 5-inch shower head with a 5 ft hose. so there is no possibility for a tall person to feel uncomfortable with this lovely shower head.

Product Features

  • For the installation there is no need for plumber and no need for any tool. You can mount the showerhead easily  without drilling and damaging your bathroom walls. 
  • There are 5 functions: modern large spray face showerhead and high power click leveler.
  • 5 different settings include,rain massage, bubbling massage and bubbling rain massage. 
  • The shower head has chrome polished including ack and face for a reflective look.
  • Moreover, the shower head has an angle adjustable innovative design. 
  • There are nozzles that are made of mineral resistant silicone for easy cleaning. These nozzles also resist lime and mineral deposits. 
  • You can easily adjust the height of shower head.
  • The shower head is totally suitable for small kids because skin feels soft and non irritating.

Pure Action Luxury Filtered shower head with hand held hose

shower head with extended height

Product review

If you are looking for a shower head with extended height and a water filter then here we have a Pure Action Luxury filtered shower head. It has a water filter that will filter all the chemicals from water and will provide a shower with clean water.

Product Features

  • The shower head with a long hose is not only perfect for tall persons but also increases the PH of water. The filter removes all the harsh chemicals from water. In this way, the shower head gives prevention from hair loss and other skin diseases.
  • The water filter of the shower head softens the hard water by removing chlorine, fluorine vehicle protecting PH level.
  • The design of the shower head is solid with any leakage. Overall the body of the shower head is made from ABS plastic and stainless steel with chrome finished. 
  • You can connect this shower head to any standard shower arm. Moreover, you can fit any dual spray, combo, wall mount , fixed rain and handheld showers.
  • Accessories include; hand held hose with holder, teflon tape, stylish gift box and 1 year warranty card. Moreover, the accessories also include user manual so you can take a complete instruction of how to install shower head, 

High pressure Shower Head, 8 inch rain shower head

best shower head for a tall person

Product Review

It is a rain shower head with a beautifully stylish and nice look. The rain shower head is from a NeraMoon store and solid stainless steel which is 100%heavy duty. The material has height rust-resistant which makes it highly durable and the best shower head for couples and also for tall people. 

Product Features

  • A modern sleek design shower head with 8 inch wide design. 
  • You can enjoy a powerful rain shower with low pressure in some areas.
  • There is a swivel ball connector with which you can adjust the angle of the shower head. 
  • With the self cleaning nozzle, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the showerhead. There are 90 silicon nozzles and flexible silicon jets that prevent limescale build up.
  • It is a shower head with adjustable height, you can adjust it according to your height, 
  • You can also adjust the height of the shower head for kids. 
  • The installation of the shower head is quick and tool free. You don’t need to call any professional or to buy any specific tool for installment of the showr head. Instead, you can do its installment on your own. 
  • The shower head has a high pressure performance and a mirror design with the modern look.
  • For the body of the shower head there is use of 304 stainless steel which never rust and has durable features. 

Aqua Storm Hotel Spa 3 way high-pressure shower head

best shower head for a tall person

Product review

Here we have a shower head with multiple features from Aqua Storm. The shower head is tested by US Shower head experts as well as it also meets US compliance standards. The design of the shower is advanced spiral flow which provides superior water pressure and normal flow performance. You can use both showers combined and can also use separately. The shower head is a great choice if you want a home spa or if you like the experience of drenching shower spa.

Aqua Storm Hotel Spa 3 way high-pressure shower head is one of the best shower head for the pleasure of a tall person.

Product Features:

  • There is a premium 6 setting with massage hand shower and can be used as overhead or handheld shower head both.
  • It has a large 4 inch face with a high power click lever dial.
  • For easy and convenient handling there is an ergonomic grip handle.
  • For easy cleaning there is a rub cleaning jets that prevent lime buildup.
  • There is an angle adjustable overhead bracket for hands free operation at your desired angle.
  • There is an extra flexible 5 ft stainless steel hose that is durable and heavy duty design..
  • It includes a patented 3 way water diverter. Moreover, there is an anti-swivel position lock nut for secure and easy connection. 
  • Accessories include: Plumber’s tape, washer, brass connection nuts, installation manual and a warranty card.
  • The installation of the shower head is tool free and it can install easily with any tool. You can install the shower head in just one minute with three head-tighten connections.

Different Types of Shower Heads

Here are 4 different types of shower heads that are most common these days.

1. Handheld shower heads are the latest product in the market. They are compact, movable and the user is free to use them at any angle. A handheld shower head is attached to the mainline of the shower through a pipe and they can be fixed at a lower height for convenience. As you switch on the shower, the water starts flowing through the shower head.. Another important feature is that you can fix these shower heads to the main supply very easily.

2. High Pressure shower heads are mostly liked by teenagers. The nozzle of such shower heads have many perforations and before entering the nozzle, water travels through a narrow opening, which creates pressure. Such showerheads are also recommended for houses with low water pressure and for the use of natural therapies.

3. Dual shower heads are also getting popular lately. Dual shower heads are used by couples mainly. 4. Antimicrobial Shower Heads are medically treated shower heads used to avoid any infection that may persist because of water impurities. Such shower heads are also recommended by some doctors to their patients. These shower heads are comparatively more expensive than conventional shower heads but they have long-term benefits.

4.  Filtered shower heads are sophisticated shower heads designed to keep the minutest of impurities away from your body and head. These shower heads keep a check on the magnesium and calcium accumulation in your shower nozzle. Some shower heads come with electronic indicators, which automatically indicates when to clean the filter. Filter cleaning is quite easy and one can simply do it by removing the filter and cleaning it with a brush.

FAQ’s for best shower heads for a tall person

Q. How to replace a the shower Head?

  • Firstly make sure the water isn’t running in the bath/shower.
  • Take a look at the base of the shower pipe to see what kind of nut is holding the current shower head in place. if it has flat edges to it you can use an adjustable wrench to remove the head if it is only round, you will probably need some vice-grips. if you are concerned with scuffing up the nut place a rag around it before tightening the vice-grip.
  • Twist the wrench/vice-grip to the left (counter-clockwise). Once loose enough, you can continue turning with your hand until the shower head comes off
  • Clean out the pipe head with a paper towel; making sure no debris remains and make sure the pipe is as dry as possible.
  • Make sure you have some Teflon, or Plumber’s, tape. Many new shower heads come with some.
  • Wrap the tape around the groves of the pipe but not below the edge, overlapping half of the previous twist. This will prevent water leakage from the new head.
  • Once in place, carefully screw the new shower head in place by turning to the right (clockwise) until tight.
  • Continue tightening with the wrench or vice-grip, being careful not to over-tighten.
  • Turn the shower on and check for leaks.
  • Enjoy!

Q. How can I find the best showerhead that matches with my bathroom requirements?

The Internet is the best place to find shower heads matching your requirement. Many companies offer an online compatibility test. You need to input your bathroom size, water-pressure inflow, and other preferences.  It will not only save your time but also allow you to make the best choice for your bathroom. Contact more than one retailer, so that you have a good idea about the pricing and quality of shower heads.

Buyer Guide best shower heads for a tall person

Bathrooms are no longer a hidden part of your house. Bathrooms reflect your living style and a well designed bathroom always makes you feel good. While selecting a shower head, one must consider the following important factors to get best value for money.


The color of shower heads must match the color of the shower. It is not necessary that the color of bathroom walls and bathroom fitting must match. But it is extremely important to select the color of shower head that goes along with the color of the shower.. Match the colors and always look for minimum contrast.

Size and adjustable features:

The size of the shower head is another important factor to consider especially if you are looking for a best shower head for a tall person. The reason is that a small size shower will not be a great choice for a person with great height. For this you can also pick a shower head with adjustable features. The benefits of shower head with extended height or shower head with adjustable height can be adjusted according to the height of the person. Moreover, the size must fit the shower size and an oversize shower head will consume more water. If the circumference of the shower head is more than required, it will spill water in the bathroom, which is not advisable.


Compatibility is also an important feature to consider. Certain shower head nozzles won’t open unless there is sufficient pressure build. One can select from a wide range of products available in the market.. These can be used in any bathroom, irrespective of its design and budget.

Some Other features:

Before you buy any type of shower head, make sure you check the safety guidelines on the showerheads. The size of the nozzles and shower head decide the amount of water to be released through shower head each second. If the shower head does not mention any such ratings, it is probably going to consume more water. Read online reviews and check user ratings before putting your money into purchasing a shower head.


The best shower head might look like a perforated nozzle but it is an important accessory that makes your bathroom look stylish. Most bathrooms are fitted with showers and your shower head not only saves water for you but it has medical significance as well. Today, the market is flooded with different types of showerheads. Some of them we also mentioned here are specially categorized as the best shower heads for a tall person with their adjustable features and long hose. Hope you will become able to pick the best shower head for you that will match all your requirements and make your bathroom look wonderful.

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