iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox | The best option to consider

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Have you bought an iPhone 8 and looking for a wireless charger? iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox is the best option for hassle-free charging. 

A wireless charger is something that would prevent you from the hassle of plugging in and plugging out. It makes the charging of your iPhone 8 very easy. That’s because you don’t need to find a USB-C cable and plugin. You have to place your phone on the stand or mat; it will start charging. In this way, you are far away from the headache of managing the cable.

Moreover, if your phone does not have any separate port to attach headphones, you can easily enjoy the music on headphones. This might be due to the free USB-C port so that you can use it for plugging in wired headphones.

Meanwhile, there are some downsides to wireless charging. Firstly, the wireless charger may charge slower than the wired charger. Secondly, you could not use your phone freely and lift it while charging. On the other hand, a cable charger gives you the freedom to use your phone while charging.

Besides all this discussion, you need to know the best wireless charger for your iPhone 8. For your convenience, we have reviewed some wireless chargers so that you can find the best one for iPhone 8 wireless charging. 

Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand

iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox

There is no shortage of chargers for the latest iPhones; but, Logitech comes up with the best wireless charging stand for iPhone 8. It will allow you to use your phone in portrait as well as landscape aspects.

It’s Oi-certified, provides 7.5W power for iPhones and 5W for other Oi-certified mobile phones. 

There are several positive aspects of the Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Stand. For instance, it’s a simple and effortless stand. You have to drop your phone on it, and it will start charging.

In addition, it has tiny grooves that would prevent your phone from falling off or slipping. Above all, it has a soft LED behind the stand to prevent it from blinking into your eyes.

This LED light also indicates a foreign object on your stand so that you can remove it immediately to resume charging. 


  • It holds the mobile phone securely in landscape or portrait while charging.
  • Logitech Powered provides about 7.5W power to Qi-certified iPhones and 5W to other smartphones.
  • It carries a U-shaped cradle to hold the mobile phone in place.
  • It’s compatible with most of the iPhone cases (up to 3mm thick).
  • Soft glowing LED light which acts as an indicator for charging.
  • It allows using the phone while charging.
  • Its temperature sensing feature would stop charging when your phone gets 100% charged.


  • Supports 7.5W iPhone charging
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to use


  • Permanently attached cable

Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ – 10W Qi Wireless Charge Pad

Mophie offers the easiest way to charge your phone. Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ can provide 10W charging power to Qi-enabled mobile phones.

It has a rubberized non-slip TPU coated design, so you don’t need to worry about scratching. It also carries a cable and wall adapter with it so that you can start charging as soon as you get it.

Most importantly, it’s optimized for both iPhone and other smartphones and offers the fastest wireless charging speed. We have found that the average charging speed of the mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is good. It provides 34% charging after 1 hour.

The mophie wireless charger has a compact shape. Consequently, it consumes significantly less space and can be easily placed on your side table.

Moreover, it has small in size and lightweight that enabling it to carry anywhere. It’s so user-friendly that you don’t have to align it properly; just place your phone on it for charging.


  • It provides a 10W charge to all Qi-enabled devices, which is more than most wireless chargers.
  • It provides the fastest possible charge to both iPhone and Samsung.
  • The mophie charge stream pad can even charge through mobile phone cases. As a result, the need to remove the case, again and again, gets reduced.
  • Fail-safe circuitry fixed into the morphine charge stream pad+ avoids over-charging 
  • Its low profile design is suitable for its placement anywhere.
  • Rubber pad protects your device from scratch. In addition, it helps to maintain a constant connection during charging.
  • Low standby current draw lets you leave the wireless charging pad plugged in when it’s not in use.
  • It is compatible with iPhone and Samsung devices, including iPhone Xr, Xs Max, Xs, X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung, and Other Qi-Enabled Devices.


  • Its micro-USB cable can be plugged in into a portable battery.
  • 10w fast charge capability
  • Non-slippery rubber surface


  • High price

Aluminum Alloy Wireless Charger ZIKU 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Stand

iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox

Aluminum alloy wireless charger ZIKU 3 in 1 Wireless charging stand is the best wireless charger for those who are using iPhone, AirPods, or AirPods Pro Apple Watch at the same time. CNC technology and aluminum fit for all devices make it the design best.

The charger has a 15W charging power with a much wider charging area. Therefore, it charges much faster than the standard charger and charges from 0-50% in only half an hour.

Its light is not bright and annoying. Even the watch turns into the nightstand mode so that you can use it as an alarm clock.


  • It’s approved by Qi, CE, and FCC ID.
  • It provides multiple protection system. Therefore, it protects your phone from the harmful effects of over-voltage and short circuit. 
  • Its silicone mats prevent your phone from sliding off.
  • It provides 15W power for iPhone, 10W for Apple watch, and 5 W for AirPods.
  • It can be used in both landscape and portrait modes so that you can use your phone easily according to your desire. 


  • Aluminum built-in 
  • 3 in 1 charging
  • Sleep friendly


  • A little expensive

iOttie Ion Wireless Fast Charging Stand

iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox

iOtties offers one of the best wireless charging stands, which own the Qi wireless fast charging technology. It can charge your phone wirelessly without connecting any cord. Moreover, it carries a user-friendly and modern design. Two Qi coils allow you to use your phone in both landscape and portrait mode. 

The charger is designed with soft feathered fabric, which is trendy and classic. The base is designed to provide extra traction on any surface.


  • It is Qi certified, due to which it can charge any Qi-enabled smartphones.
  • It’s designed so that your mobile phone is placed on it tilted at 65 degrees. So, you can scan any notification or content during charging. 
  • A status indicator light will let you know that if your phone is charging or not. 
  • It can charge the phone in both landscape and portrait mode to enable you to view any content according to your desire.
  • It has 7.5W for iPhone and 10W for android to provide high charging speed.


  • Fast charging with iPhone as well as android
  • Well designed and stylish
  • Work both in landscape and portrait.


  • A little bit fussy for placement

mophie 409903633 Dual Wireless Charging Pad

iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox

If you are searching for a versatile charger to charge your three devices simultaneously, consider the mophie 409903633 Dual Wireless Charging Pad. It carries two wireless charging spots and a USB-A port to support your three devices. Besides, it’s the premium Ultrasuede makes it stylish for any desk or tabletop.


  • It can charge three devices simultaneously so that you can charge all your main accessories at the same time.
  • It is Qi certified and is compatible with all Qi enables devices.
  • The wireless pad can charge through 3mm thick cases.
  • It is a fast-charging charger and provides 10 W power to your iPhone8.
  • Mophie 409903633 has a rubberized surface that will prevent your phone from slipping off.
  • it is compatible with Samsung wireless charging


  • Great design
  • Can charge three devices at once
  • Long cable for optimal placement


  • Devices got very warm while charging
  • Must place iPhones and AirPods in specific spots or won’t work

Buying guide to buying the best wireless charger for your iPhone 8

You need to consider several things while buying a wireless charger for your iPhone 8. Your targeted research will enable you to buy the best charger for the wireless charging of your iPhone 8

Qi certification

The foremost thing is to look for a charger that is certified by WPC. A WPC certified charger is secure and complies with all Qi standards. Indeed, it is recommended but not necessary to buy a certified wireless charger.


Secondly, you should consider while buying a wireless charger is its compatibility with your mobile phone. If a wireless charger is Qi certified, it will charge all kind of Qi enables mobile phones such as iPhone, Samsung, and other android smartphones. 

Charging power

The charging power is something that will determine the charging speed of the wireless charger. So, it would be best if you also considered the wireless charger’s charging capacity while buying it. 

Charging power vary from charger to charger and from device to device. For instance, some wireless chargers offer 10W charging for android phones and 7.5 W for android phones. Chargers, even with the highest power 15W and lowest power 5W, are also available. However, 5W chargers are very slow and just an option at low cost. iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox otter spot wireless charger is fastest as it provides 10W power.


You should look for a charger with some charger and charging cable in its box. If you find the one, you should check if it supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technologies.


The wireless chargers is available both in stand and pad form. However, a stand charger is preferable because it will allow you to see the notifications and content on your mobile’s screen easily. Moreover, you can easily watch videos on your phone while charging.

In the same way, you should buy a charger that will allow you to position your phone in both portrait and landscape mode. Moreover, it should have the ability to charge through cases. However, there are some wireless chargers that do not support thicker cases. 

Multiple devices

If you own multiple chargeable devices like a mobile phone, airpod, or apple watch, you should buy a 3 in 1 charger. These charges can reduce all the hassle associated with charging multiple devices. However, you have to pay more for this feature. 


You should buy a charger that has a strong grip so that your mobile phone may not slip. The wireless charger should have a design that ensures strong gripping because a minor jerk can disturb the entire charging process if there is no grip.

Indicator light

The indicator light is essential to ensure that your smartphone is charging. However, a bright LED light can disturb your sleep at night. Always try to buy a wireless charger with either a very dim LED light or that blink for some time after you place your phone for charging.


What makes the otterbox wireless charger convenient to use for iPhone 8?

iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox is the fastest and saves. 

Can I charge my phone wirelessly if it does not support wireless charging?

Maybe. Sometimes buying a case supporting wireless charging is helpful.

How long will it take to charge my phone with the otterbox wireless charger?

It takes approximately 4.5 hours to charge one to three OtterBox Wireless Charging Batteries from 0% to 100%.

Is the otterbox wireless charger waterproof?

No, avoid it from water or moisture.

Is it necessary to buy a wireless charger from the same brand as that of the phone?

No, it is not necessary. You can buy any charger that supports the same charging standard as your phone. The most commonly admired charging standard is Qi.

Final thoughts

In the last, several wireless charger brands such as mophie, Logitech, iOttie, ZIKU, and otterbox are available in the market. All these brands provide diverse options to you to buy a wireless charger compatible with your iPhone 8. But iPhone 8 wireless charging with otterbox wireless charger is the most versatile option. Otterbox is best as it can charge three otter spot batteries and one device simultaneously. Moreover, it is Qi verified, has an anti-shock and anti-slippery surface. I hope after reading this review, you can choose the wireless charger for your iPhone 8 easily.