Toaster vs Toaster oven. which one to buy?

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A toaster is a kitchen appliance and electric device that heats bread and creates toast. White bread, such as French fries, is most often used for this. The bread gets a slightly darker surface which also becomes a little crispy after the bread has been toasted. A toaster has electric heating elements consisting of glowing wires that heat the bread. The electrical power of toasters is usually 500-1,000 watts.

In all times, people have appreciated hot bread for breakfast, and the smell of freshly toasted bread is something we can all relate to. You have probably also heard that breakfast is the most crucial goal of the day and that a good breakfast can affect how the rest of the day will be. For many, toast and coffee are almost a must in the morning and if you like your toast and consider it an essential part of every morning, a good toaster is an important part of your breakfast routine.

Toasters today are available in many different types, designs, and sizes with a price range between models that can vary considerably. In other words, choosing the best toaster is not as easy as it may first seem. A toaster is a reasonably simple household machine, but it can be not very easy to navigate the large toaster market with all the functionality.


The American Charles Strite invented the first modern toaster from Minnesota. He had grown tired of burnt bread slices and in 1919 received a patent for a toaster with a built-in timer that pushed the hot bread into a basket. Today, modern toasters have electric heating elements consisting of glowing wires that heat the bread, thawing functions, timers and in many cases even more advanced functions. Some toasters can toast more than form French, and if you like hot pancakes or bagels, features like these are essential to consider when purchasing a toaster.

Regular Toaster:

A toaster is like having your butler that keeps your toast warm if you do not have time to eat it immediately. It also has a sandwich stand so you can make delicious toasted sandwiches without a drip and also a bagel function for perfect bagels and rolls.  

The toaster gets too hot on the outside during regular use. The grounding of the outer casing is also not reliably made. During testing, it was also found that slices of bread easily stick and toasting is not interrupted.

How to use a simple/regular toaster?

You put your slices of bread in the toaster and pull down the lever, and a few minutes later you have your toast, ready to eat. Modern automatic toasters usually have two slots for two or four slices of bread. The underside of the bread slice stands on a spring-loaded metal arm that can be moved up and down with a slider on the outside of the toaster. When the slider is pressed, the bread slice is lowered into the toaster, and at the same time a switch turns on. An electromagnet holds the control in its lower position. After a specific time, which can be set with a knob on the outside of the toaster, the electromagnet is switched off, the control is released, the heating elements are switched off, and the bread slice jumps up.

Modern models often have a thawing function so that you can toast unleavened bread, and some have grilles on top to heat and toast, for example, bagels and teacakes. 

What material is your toaster made of?

Cheaper toasters will be made of plastic while more expensive toasters are usually made of stainless steel or even molded. Each variety has its advantages and disadvantages, but in short, you can say that the lifespan of your toaster depends on what material your toaster is made of.

Plastic toasters: 

These toasters are usually relatively inexpensive, and you can find them almost everywhere. The advantage of plastic is that they do not weight as much, but the disadvantage is that they get hot quickly and that there is a risk of burning themselves. If you have small children in the family, you should avoid these toasters and instead look for a toaster that has a coating that does not get hot.

Toaster in stainless steel:

Stainless steel toaster Stainless steel toasters last a long time and usually have both insulation and a coating on the surface that makes them not feel hot to the touch. This type of toaster also withstands cleaning better. This is also one of the most common types of materials in mid-priced toasters.

Toasters with a molded shell

Toasters with a molded shell are of the best quality, and the service life increases considerably. However, one downside is that these toasters can be quite expensive to purchase depending on your budget.

Size of regular toaster:

When thinking about the perfect size of your toaster, there are three questions you need to ask yourself:

How many slices do you need to be able to roast at once?

How big do you want the slots to be? Depending on the type of bread you like, this can be crucial to which toaster you should have.

How much space do you have available for a toaster?

Additional features for a toaster:

To be able to find the perfect toaster, it is good to think through what features you need and will use. Depending on your preferences, some features will be more important than others.

  • Re-heat function:

If your bread stops toasting and has time to cool down before you eat it, the heating function heats your toasted bread without it becoming moist or burning the bread.

  • Defrost

Warms up the bread and then toasts in a cycle. Ideal if you use toast directly from frozen.

  • Wide slots:

These are useful for toasting bagels and buns or if you like a little thicker slices of bread.

  • Automatic self-centering:

This feature helps ensure that your toast is well centered so that it toasts evenly.

  • Insulated walls:

To keep the outside of the toaster cool enough to touch

  • Countdown function / Display:

A countdown function display lets you know how long you need to wait for your toast.

  • Lift and look function:

Flexible when you want to check that you’re roasting is the way you want it.

  • Extra lift:

An extra lift system pushes up smaller objects above the toaster slots so you can take them out safely.

  • Roasting of bagels or rolls:

The toaster can be set so that it only toasts one side of the bagel

  • Cancel button:

This allows you to stop toasting at any time if you are worried that your toast will be too dark.

  • Crumble tray:

A crumb tray means a cleaner worktop because they catch the crumbs and you can easily empty them into the garbage bag when you clean the toaster.

Pros and cons of regular toaster:

Advantages of simpler toasters:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • They are designed to make toast only.
  • It has a compact design without any frills and fits into all types of kitchens. One of the advantages of the compact design is also that it fits in small kitchens or the student room when you are short of space.


  • You can toast limited slices at a time
  • They are made only for toasting bread, not thawing it or keeping it warm.
  • Get hot quickly and risk of burning themselves.

Toaster oven:

A toaster oven is a small kitchen appliance that looks like a small oven. Over the centuries, ovens have served many men and women’s passion for cooking. Toast is common as part of breakfast along with toppings such as butter, jam, marmalade or jelly. Variations occur, and examples of other toppings are cream cheese, hard cheese, ham, honey, chocolate cream and peanut butter.

There are dishes and desserts based on toast. It is usually white mold bread that is toasted or heated together with cold cuts such as butter; ham, tomato and cheese in the oven, pan on the stove or sandwich grill. A toaster oven is also used for baking, heating, drying and various other purposes.

The answer to the question was yes, do you need a grill in the oven, lovers of toast, burgers, and hot sandwiches. If there is no time for a trip out of town, a delicious aromatic kebab can grill at home without any problems. This mode can be both primary and secondary. In the second case, a practically prepared dish is just a little fried on the grill at the end of cooking to get a golden crust.

Features of toaster oven:

Nowadays mostly latest models of toasters and ovens are designed with thermal elements. Mostly grill is used in them which works to heat the food.As the grill heats up, the food heats up and makes the product more crispy crusty.

Types of toaster oven:

There are two common types are used

  1. Gas toaster oven
  2. Electricaltoaster oven

Gastoaster oven:

Gas is a first modest feature available in toaster ovens. In which the burnerare insert in the bottom of the oven that used to heat the grill. When burner heat the grill and the grill burn the dish and heat up the food.In this type of ovens, the heating element is located in upper side of the grill. Lack of air circulation is the main problem in gas oven toaster. For this reason, this feature is no longer important.

Electrical toaster oven:

The most popular and used able type is electrical oven toaster. Nowadays these toaster ovens are used more so their demand has increased.

 There are two types electrical or infrared. In electrical type, electrical coil used to heat the food or elements. In the type of infrared, halogen lamp are used for heat the elements or food.These electrical toaster ovens have a timer, we set the timerand then the oven shuts off automatically.

Grill types:

Three types of grill are used in toaster oven

  1. Zigzag form grill
  2. two circuits grill
  3. Turbo grill

The zigzag form grill is common used in toaster ovens. You can put food in any part of the grill . The oven heat up the product all over the areas of grill.A baking tray is inserted at the bottom of the grill. In addition you can use baking trays and other utensils. Large chunks of chicken, meat and fish can be easily fried on this type of tray

The second type of grill is two circuit oven that are more economical. Its similar to the zigzag but cover the small amount of food. In which the heating element located the upper side of the grill and heat up the meal. The disadvantage of this grill is that it only heats middle part of theoven. Therefore, it is necessary to place the food in the center of  grill so that the food is hot to be able to use it. This feature is ideal for cooking sausages, toast, sandwiches and a small number of dishes or plates.

The third type is fan inserted turbo grill.Hot air circulates in the oven, which heats the food and toast. This option is present in the many electrical oven.This option is also available in a large oven where more food can be cooked. The advantage of the fan option is that it heats the oven from all sides, which heats the food.

How to Use a toaster oven:

Toaster ovens are the small ovens with a front door, a removable stand, and a removable baking pan. Some important uses for toaster ovens are sandwiches, baking, toasting, defrosting, toasting, and drying. Some toaster ovens have unique settings for heating, reheating, and defrosting food. If you are making burgers or chips, the braille setting of the toaster oven is essential.

Toaster ovens work like traditional ovens. The heating elements are located either on the top or the bottom, and these elements heat the food and cook it when it is switched on. Toaster ovens offer a variety of heating options ranging from very high to very low for broiling and steaming. Like regular ovens, they also have timer options and thermostats to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the cooking time. Some toaster ovens have convectional alternatives, i.e. they have a built-in fan. They are preferred for their size and features.


When the bread is toasted, a chemical reaction takes place on the bread surface, a mail lard reaction. It gives rise to a darker color of the bread, changed flavours and aromas. 

When starchy foods are toasted, such as bread, acrylamide is formed. The harder it is roasted, the higher the levels. One of the toaster oven features shows how much testing time is left.

Size of toaster oven:

If you think toaster oven size, different sizes are available. The smallest toaster oven we’ve tested has a mark of 11 inches wide and 16 inches deep. The largest is 23×17 inches. But the smaller the toaster oven has the smaller capacity. And if frozen pizza is your breakfast, you’ll want to be at least 12 inches deep. Some ovens are tilted back to help adjust the pizza, which is helpful if you have limited counter space.

Pros and cons of toaster oven:


  • Electronic touchpads and numbered dials 
  • Toaster ovens light up from the inside when you run, so you can monitor the cooking.
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • In addition to making toast, the toaster oven can make pizza, braille, whole chicken or vegetable pans, make cookies and reheat food.


  • Expensive
  • Toaster ovens have less small capacity than a conventional oven.
  • Takes more space as a simple toaster


Cost range of regular toaster vs toaster oven:

The regular toaster price range start with 20$ to 100$ based on the material, model and brand. While toaster oven is a little expensive. The toaster oven price range usuallyfrom 50$ to 300$ In both cases the price will be according to the variety and model.

Setting methodin regular toaster vs toaster oven:

Every simple toaster has the same basic setting which consists of three options light medium and high. While the toaster oven has a lot of options. And with these options you can cook a lot. When you buy the toaster oven, don’t forget to check the settings options.


The main difference between a simple toaster and toaster ovens is that the toaster is smaller in size compared to the former so that it can easily fit in the kitchen. It is easier to clean and not expensive.

The limitations of the regular toaster are that they can only make a toast, but a toaster oven makes an amount of food.

Toaster ovens are large in size, plug-and-use appliance, expensive and more comfortable to clean, have uneven heat distribution but some models of toaster ovens are also included, have very low to very high temperatures but only a few things can be cooked using them.

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