Otterbox Defender Wireless Charging S8

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product description

In Fort Collins, there is a manufacturing company that produces cases for smart devices. This reputed company has won the confidence of people using various Android and iPhone devices. It is releasing multiple series for Samsun Galaxy S8.

For instance, Otterbox defender wireless charging S8, etc. There is a complete generation of these amazing protectors.

These cases are primarily made like a shell to defend the gadgets. The inner portion is made with plastic while the outer is silicone material because it is shock and impact absorption qualities. Moreover, the edges are made with rubber that improves your grip on the phone. There will be very less likely that you drop it on the floor. 

Otterbox defender wireless charging S8

Technical Details

The Otterbox manufacturers are offering amazing protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S8. The whole design of Otterbox defender wireless charging S8 is premium. The dimensions of usual cases are 7 x 4.4 x 1.4 inches, and the item weighs around 8.8 ounces. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) of this case is B06XD16QSX. Its outer display features include the Conformitè Europëenne (CE). It comes in black color with a kickstand and belt clip components.


Following are the features of the Samsung Galaxy S8Otterbox:

  • Silver-based additive blocks stop bacterial multiplication.
  • Pro-Drop protection technology is used to counter drops and tumbles.
  • Premium fine lines and rugged build provide the best outlook and holding ability.
  • It is quite skilfully designed to fit for Qi wireless charging.
  •  The edges of the case are elevated to save the screen and camera.
  • The belt clip is easily detachable in such cases that improve the hand-free functionality.
  • OtterArmor feature does not allow germs to grow on the Otterbox defender series case for Samsung Galaxy S8. It protects the user, screen, and graphics from common germs. This lasting microbial protection technology is the distinguishing feature of these cases.
  • All the jacks and ports are protected with port covers. They stop dust, and debris from getting inside.
  • Materials with which it is made include the polycarbonate holster and shell, along with a slipcover made with a synthetic rubber material.


  • Otterbox Samsung S8has port covers as well, and they are there to keep dust and debris out.
  • Customer services of this particular manufacturer are completely hassle-free.
  • Rugged finishing allows a good grip for the best functionality of the device.
  • High-grade and high-quality fulfill the needs of Samsung Galaxy S8 users.
  • This protector gives additional shielding to your device.


  • If encased in such a case, your phone will look extra bulky.
  • Otterbox Galaxy S8 cases have a limited lifetime warranty.

Buying Guide

When you go for buying the Otterbox defender wireless charging S8, keep the following points in your mind:

  1. Visit all stores in your area, and then decide which one to buy from. This will help you pick up the original one. This is for those people who are unable to buy online for some reason.
  2. Never dwell for the outer look and buy the case that is made for some other phone series. The fitting might look fine, but it can damage your device.
  3. Consider recommendations from experts before you go for buying the case because the seller may misguide you. In that case, you might end up buying the wrong case which is a complete loss of money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is OtterArmor?

Typically, a phone case hosts more than 25 thousand germs. These statistics are alarming as they are more than 18 times when compared with toilet germs. These special cases come with antimicrobial technology that stops the growth of common germs.

2. How can I clean my case?

You can use any mild soap, followed by drying with a towel or paper.

3.Is the defender series with screen protection any different from previous versions?

Galaxy S8 Otterbox defender with a screen protector has quite evolved with the phone. The new feature of this series that is not present in any of the previous versions is the anti-microbial technology.

4. What is the launch date of the new case?

Due to the COVID-19 situation, and also agreements with our partners, we are not sure when it will be out. We cannot tell any exact timelines to our customers.


Otterbox defender wireless charging S8is a big hit as far as the sales are concerned. It is mainly because it has anti-microbial technology to protect the users. Other than that, an amazing outlook, excellent features, and extraordinary protection for devices make it the top choice of Android gadget users.

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