How to Grind Coffee without Blender?

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You may visit companions or relatives, who just use pre-ground espresso, while you depend on newly ground espresso. If you end up in that circumstance, don’t worry. You can at present appreciate a delightful mug of espresso, from new grounds.

So how to grind coffee without Blender? These straightforward kitchen hacks will tell you the best way to granulate espresso without a grinder.

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How to grind coffee without a grinder?

Mortar and Pestle:

You can grind coffee beans most conventionally, by using mortar and pestle. This will give you a fine powder of coffee for your coffee machine but this is time-consuming. You will have to grind the coffee all by yourself. This can take a lot more time. I only recommend this to you if you don’t have anything else to use or you have spare time to spend in grinding in mortar and pestle.

Using a Blender:

In case you don’t have a grinder at your home and are in a hurry to make coffee then you can use a blender to grind your coffee but you need to be cautious about the flavor as the heat produced during the usage can affect the flavor of the coffee.

Crush with rolling pin:

You will have to put a lot of effort in rolling pin to have a finely grinded coffee.

Using a Hammer:

The simplest way to grind your coffee is banging hammer on coffee placed in a plastic bag or any other so that coffee don’t shatter. You can produce coarse to medium coffee grounds by using a hammer.

How do these substitutes work?

Mortar and Pestle:

Conservatives and drug specialists have utilized this strategy throughout the years to crush flavors, meds and spices to into fine powder. It is a mix of a pounding and moving movement, which assists with creating a predictable crush blend. This elective processor can create fine grounds, like thoPut a limited quantity of espresso into your mortar. A limited quantity of espresso permits you to accomplish a steady pound, inside a couple of moments.

  • Utilize your predominant hand to hold the pestle, while the other hand holds the mortar. Make sure that you hold the mortar safely, to guarantee it doesn’t slip from your hands during the weighty beating with the pestle.
  • Utilize the pestle to persuasively pound down the espresso beans. You have to ensure that you crush each corner to accomplish a reliable granulate.
  • Keep including the beans and pulverizing, until you have accomplished the ideal measure of espresso. Include a limited quantity at once, for more steady outcomes.
  • In the wake of pulverizing, roll the coffee beans around utilizing the pestle, while pounding the beans to accomplish a better surface.
  • At this point, the espresso beans are as of now getting better. In any case, you have to proceed with the pounding and moving movement, until you have accomplished the ideal surface and utilized for coffee.

A standard Blender:

A typical home blender is an incredible espresso processor elective. It accompanies an edge framework, which will slash the espresso beans simply like a traditional espresso processor. Indeed, a few blenders have a processor setting, which is ideal for grinding espresso beans. In any case, you have to pound in modest quantities. Running the blender ceaselessly moves the sharp edges at high speeds, which makes a warmth pit. This warmth may cook the regular oils in the beans, prompting a severe and brutal taste. Moreover, just utilize the blender to create moderately coarse drudgeries. Wash your blender promptly with the goal that it doesn’t possess a scent like stale espresso.

Crushing Procedure:

  • Utilize the processor setting on the blender or some other fast setting
  • Throw a modest quantity of espresso into the blender and spread it
  • Granulate your espresso to the favored consistency
  • Keep including the espresso until you have acquired the correct amount and the ideal consistency.

A Hammer:

You can likewise utilize a hammer, sledge, or meat tenderizer, to break and smash espresso beans without any problem. Utilize these materials with alert so you don’t harm your ledge. This technique predominantly creates coarse to medium grounds.

Pounding Procedure:

  • Spot your espresso beans inside a plastic pack or between 2 sheets of material paper
  • Utilize your sledge to apply a descending power on the beans. Squash them until you have accomplished the ideal consistency
  • For a reliable pound, attempt to squash from one side of the pack to the next. This will likewise give you a reliable surface.

A Rolling Pin:

On account of its plan, a moving pin can smash and crush espresso beans. This outcomes in a uniform surface while permitting you to acquire a better granulate. Be that as it may, you have to apply a bit of real effort on the moving pin, while giving close consideration to the crushing cycle, to guarantee consistency. With the correct exactness and execution, a moving pin can empower you to get grounds with a medium to fine surface. Aside from a moving pin, you will require an enormous cutting board just as a material pack.

Pounding Procedure

  • Spot the favored measure of espresso into a plastic pack or comparative material
  • Spot the pack level on the cutting board or counter
  • Utilizing the pin like a sledge, crush the beans and turn over them. You will hear some devastating clamors as the beans crumble.
  • Roll your pin to and fro until you have accomplished the ideal consistency. On the off chance that the grounds show up enormous, proceed with the devastating cycle.


  • Can we grind coffee with a knife?

Yes you can do it but you need to be very careful. Firstly you should place a specific amount of coffee on a cutting board. Place knife flatly on the beans and press down firmly with your palm. This will crack the beans giving you not the best quality grinded beans but it will work.

  • How to get the best grinded coffee?

To have a best grinded coffee, you need to grind uniformly and consistently. This will help you to have the best flavor. Firmly grinding coffee can extract the flavor in it. Grinding uniformly will give you better control over the texture.


There are several alternates to grind your coffee. But you need to do it very carefully as it can affect the coffee’s flavor. Grind moderately to have the best flavor. If you are using a blender, be careful because it can cook coffee beans that can lead to the loss of the taste. hope you have to got your answer of how to grind coffee without Blender?

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