How to attach sleeping bag to backpack?

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Are you outdoorsy? If yes, you must be well aware of the hassle associated with overstuffing in backpacks. One solution to avoid this problem is to attach your sleep bag outside the backpack. But the question is “How to attach the sleeping bag to the backpack?”

In this article, we’ll discuss the best possible ways to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack.

How to attach sleeping bag to backpack?

There are several ways to learn how to carry your sleeping bags to backpacks. Some of the common ways you can use to carry your hiking backpack with a sleeping bag are:

  • Put it inside
  • Use straps and loops
  • you have to Use the external frame
  • Use compression buckles
  • also, Use  ropes
  • Use extra sack

Put it inside

In my opinion, putting the sleeping bag outside the backpack is the wrong way to carry it. I would definitely suggest you put your sleeping bag always inside the backpack. There are several reasons for this suggestion.

 Packing the sleeping bag inside will keep your sleeping bag dry. Moreover, it will also be easy for you to put your wet stuff inside if your sleeping bags are packed inside. Make sure to pack the sleeping bag in a black garbage bag. 

Nowadays, most backpacks contain separate compartments to carry sleeping bags. You can also put your sleeping bag into that compartment.

Use straps and loops

To use this technique, your backpack must have straps or loops attached to it.  Many people are not aware of the proper use of those loops so you should learn first how to use backpack loops? It’s very simple to use a backpack loop, You just have to pull the straps after passing it through the loops.

So it’s more convenient to have a backpack with loops and straps. If your backpack doesn’t have these attributes, you can buy separate straps and loops.

Use external Frame

The use of an external frame is more convenient to use. You can use the ties points at the bottom to keep your sleep bag in place. If your sleeping is not in place and is hanging from the backpack, it could cause pain in the neck and back. These external frames provide a stable structure to sleeping bags and easy attachment points.

Use compression buckles

Compression buckles are attached to most of the backpack. These compression buckles prevent your bag from bursting out if you’ve overpacked it. But if you’re wise outdoorsy, you’ll never overstuff your backpack. So, be excited as your compression buckles are spare now and you can use them to pack your sleeping bag. You just have to pass your sleeping bag through compression buckles present on the side of the bag, and then close them. Make sure your sleeping bag is attached tightly so that it may not fall.

Make your own attachment system

Do you have an old backpack with no loops or an old sleeping bag with no straps? No need to worry, you can make your own attachment system to fix the sleeping bag in place. You need just four twine or ropes, wrap two of them around your sleeping sack. Tie the other two ropes with the loops of the backpack and fasten this attachment system carefully with tight knots. Now you are ready to go for enjoying the outdoor.

Use Extra sack

Extra sacks for sleeping bags are also available in the market. These sacks have extra straps to attach the sleeping bag with a backpack. These straps will help you to protect your sleeping bag from hanging.  You can place these sacks at the bottom or on the side of the backpack.

Where to put the sleeping bag on the backpack?

The position of the sleeping bag on the backpack is the most important fact to consider. The position of the sleeping bag depends largely on the position of loops and straps on your backpack.  Well, most of the outdoorsy will tell you to carry the sleeping bags on the top or side of the backpacks.

You should avoid carrying the sleeping bag on the bottom due to some reasons:

  • Due to possible damage to sleeping bag
  • Due to possibility to get wet in damp places

How to prevent the sleeping bag from getting wet?

Would you like to sleep on the wet sleeping bag? Definitely, not. But attaching the sleeping bag outside the backpack will increase its chances of dampness. To avoid this issue, you should pack your sleeping bag inside a water-resistant bag. Another way is to double pack your sleeping bag, roll your sleeping bag inside a trash bag, and then put this into the carrying bag.

Final thoughts!!!

I hope you have learned how to attach the sleeping bag to the backpack properly. We tried to explain every technique precisely to you. My advice is to you to consider every aspect like how long you’ll travel, where you’ll go and the weather conditions of the area where you’re going while packing your sleeping bag.

After planning your trip, see if you can fit your sleeping bag inside your backpack. If not, you can use any other method discussed above to pack your sleeping bag outside your backpack.

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