How to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag?

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Are you struggling to roll up your Coleman sleeping bag? Is this query rolling over your mind before going camping or backpacking that how to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag?

Do you want to use an effortless strategy to save your time? So, here’s a piece of great news. Let’s talk about this bothering issue for campers and passionate hikers. To keep a sleeping bag compressed and tight is a task itself. Here’s a step-by-step complete guide. It will assist you to spend more time to enjoy the trip rather than waste on rolling up a sleeping bag.

What is a sleeping bag?

A quilt fabric bedding that is designed to use during open-air movements. Specifically, sleeping bags are very light in weight to reduce burden throughout your outdoor activities. As they act as a top bedding surface in outdoor surroundings. So, the purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep your body warm in cold and frosty conditions.

The sleeping bags provide protection from outside conditions. Therefore, a perfect sleeping bag is necessary before going camping or hiking. Thinking about a comfortable sleeping bag always raised a question regarding its packing.

Many people want to know about the material of the bag but mostly want to know about how to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag? This guide will help you to left aside your confusion and let you enjoy your journey. Basically, we need to know the suitable sleeping bag according to the climate changes. There are three different types of sleeping bags.

Summer season

The summer season sleeping bags have a temperature range of more than 30°F that falls in the category contour shape by Coleman.

Three seasons

The three seasons sleeping bags have a temperature range of 15-30°F that falls in the category of rectangle shape by Coleman.

Winter season

The winter season sleeping bags have a temperature range of less than 15°F that falls in the category of Mummy shape by Coleman.

How to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag? Here are simple steps to follow:

These easiest five steps will help you to roll up your Coleman sleeping bag within a few minutes. Simply follow these directions to learn about it:

1.Let’s assemble all elements

Firstly, we have to assemble all elements. All elements don’t mean a full list of different materials. It only includes the quilt and compression bag. Additionally, a massive object is also required to hold the other corner. Bands are usually needed to roll up a sleeping bag. But the Coleman bag came up with strings so no need to collect straps too. Hence, everything is ready to roll down.

2.Dry and clean floor

Secondly, we need a dry and clean floor. Because it will avoid contamination of different toxic substances. This step will also secure the durability of the sleeping bag. Although sleeping bags came up with water-resistant surfaces, we need to avoid dirt and debris.

3.Lay out the sleeping bag

In the third step, lay out the sleeping bag on the floor. Here’s a simple trick to ease the process. With the help of a hand pressing on the whole surface of the bag to even every nook and corner of the bag. This will help out all air bubbles to escape out. However, escaping all air bubbles will help to fold easily. Be careful and free the pocket from all essentials before folding.

4.Fold the sleeping bag

In the fourth step, now you can fold it more easily. Fold the bag lengthwise. However, notice that both corners are equal to each other. There are different shapes of sleeping bags. Fold every shape with the same method. There are little clips that are adjustable within small hoops. This will tighten the bag more.

4.Lets begin the rolling process now

In the fifth and final step, let’s roll up now.

Place the heavy object at the head section of the sleeping bag.

This heavy object could be anything that you have at that time.

Now start from the bottom of the sleeping bag.

Start pressing bag with hand and tighten it from all sides.

Using knees during folding will be more helpful. This step will help out to push the air and continue to fold.

Moreover, continue to roll with knees. Also, check out the position of the heavy object on the head side. The moment came when roll down is almost complete.

Now tie the strings of the head and feet section together. In case if there are no strings then use straps to tie.

Now this query how to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag?is answered.

Problems arise to keep the rolling bags safe

Hello to the campers and hikers. Let’s discuss issues that you people face during storing sleeping bags.

Storage issue:

The rolling bags are usually placed in cabins. As the rolled-up bags occupy less space. But a change in the quality of the bag could occur. There would be no air circulation during the whole storage period. Since the dark cabin without air will influence the quality of the sleeping bag. However, retaining the quality of the sleeping bag is not a big deal. Keep it open for air circulation.

The upper repelling surfaces

Some sleeping bags have water and air repelling surfaces. These surfaces are quite helping to control air and water during outdoor activities. But during storage, these properties could affect the quality of the sleeping bag. So, you need to open the bag on weekly basis for proper airflow.

Care for sleeping bags

Sleeping bags are playing such significant roles to provide comfort against harsh environments. Hence, the cleaning of sleeping bags is much necessary. After coming back home clean the surface to get rid of dust particles and all other polluting agents.

Issues in wild areas

Backpackers and campers usually try to explore new places. The wild areas are good for hiking. But here’s an issue that wild bushes could affect the upper surfaces. Consequently, the surface layer would start leaking. This leaking could decay the quality of the whole sleeping bag. Immediately you need to use tape to stop it here. However, after reaching home you can use fabric to cover the surface. This issue will be resolved by claiming a warranty or fixing the problem by contacting the company.

best Coleman sleeping bags

here are the some best sleeping bag from Coleman-

  1. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag – for Big and Tall Adults
  2. Coleman Silverton Sleeping Bag– best for temperatures as low as 0°F
  3. Coleman Big & Tall Sleeping Bag – 0°F Sleeping Bag
  4. Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag– best for kids
  5. Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag – best for temperatures as low as 20°F


Getting instructions regarding How to roll up a Coleman sleeping bag? is necessary for beginners. As many people use their quality time to roll up a sleeping bag. Now you can enjoy your camping and hiking without worrying about your sleeping bag. Let your mind be free from every type of stress and enjoy the journey. Because the main purpose of this guideline was to develop your skill. However, your rolling bag will roll up now in an easy way by just investing a few minutes to follow the above steps.

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