How to grind meat in a manual meat grinder?

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How to grind meat in a manual meat grinder? It’s a common question for the beginner. but the process is super easy, takes only 5 minutes.

Are you looking for a perfect method of how to grind meat in a manual meat grinder? If your answer is yes then here is our complete guide about how to grind meat in a manual meat grinder. Firstly have a look at some of the uses of a manual meat grinder..

Uses of manual meat grinder:

These days a lot of people are using technology in order to cook their food and also prepare them. For instance, there are already microwaveable foods and instant food that you can eat without going overboard when it comes to food preparation.

On the other hand, one of the devices that have undergone a series of debates about whether or not to use manual or electric ones is the manual meat grinder. A manual meat grinder will allow you to add varieties to your home-cooked meals. Several years back, people used manual meat grinders to grind their meats for several reasons.

You can add extra loving touch on the food that you prepare

Meats grinders using these manual contraptions are prepared with an extra loving touch. Unlike electrical devices, hand-operated devices require you to oversee the entire process to ensure that everything is done right. Foods cooked with a loving touch make a huge difference when it comes to the eating experience.

You can control the consistency of your grinned meats

Since you need to oversee the entire process when you use the manual meat grinder, you can control the consistency of the meats that are grinned. Controlling the consistency also allows you to retain most of the flavor of the meat.

You can save a lot of your electricity

Since this is a manual device, you do not use electricity when operating this, then you can also save from using unnecessary energy.

Now let’s get back to our question: how to grind meat in a manual meat grinder? In manual meat grinder meat is operable by hand thus it usually takes a longer time to produce the product that you want thus the electric-operated grinders were born.

Grinding meat in a manual meat grinder can be easy and you can get great results if you follow these specific guidelines. Follow these easy tricks and manual meat grinding will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Some Tips of about how to use a manual meat grinder:

  • The first and foremost thing you need to do is fitting your manual meat grinder on your kitchen countertop, table or at any smooth surface. Remember, if you will not fit the manual meat grinder firmly, it will slip during use and you can face problems. Moreover, you can also get injured with a slippery grinder. For a firm setting of grinder, you can use built in clamps or bolts.
  • Now attach a bowl or plate according to the quantity of meat you are going to grind to the exit portion of the grinder.
  • Prepare cubes of meat before grinding. Any fat or additional meat (bacon) added to the mixture should be cut into ¼ the size of the meat cubes so the distribution of the fat and/or bacon can be even. Moreover, trim the tendons and make them in the size of a cube that can easily fit in the opening of your meat grinder. 
  • Super cold meat mixture will make manually meat grinding easy with the best results. So you can also freeze meat before the grinding. The grinding will be better  due to the heat that will be generated from friction  from melting of fat of meat.
  • I have been grinding meat for a while and one of the best tips is spreading the meat out evenly on my work surface in order to distribute the additional meat and fat evenly. I place the fat and additional meat sparingly to my taste. With the meat, fat, and additional meat evenly spread, spice the meat with your favorite spice to taste.
  • A manual meat grinder can easily ground hamburger patties. Binding the hamburger patty mixture with bread crumbs soaked in egg will do the trick. Place the bread crumbs sparingly as you did with the bacon and fat evenly throughout the bread crumbs on the work surface.
  • Here is a most important tip for the cleaning of your manual meat grinder. When you do the grinding of the last slice of meat, run a slice of a moist bread from the grinder. The piece of the bread will clean the grinder until a few bits. 
  • Once you have done, disassemble your grinder and clean it thoroughly before store.

Important Note: Always consult your owner’s manual before manually grinding meat and inspect the grinder before each use for flaws. Never use your fingers to push meat cubes down into the grinder.


Manual meat grinders are very reliable kitchen appliances. They are super easy to use and you can grind meat without any expertise. We try to provide a complete guide and some most effective tips in our article on how to use a manual meat grinder. After reading the complete article you will find a manual meat grinder super easy to use and efficient to work.

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