8 best wet tile saw under $300 | Must read before you buy

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All tile saws not only come with high-end prices. If you are under budget, then you can buy the best wet tile saw under 300$. 

If you want to repair something in your home, such as a bathtub surround or room floor, you need the best wet tile saw. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on a technician. And there is no need for this also when you have a tile saw at your place. The tile saw is easy to use, and you can do all kinds of your work with its help effortlessly. But no one would want to spend thousands of dollars on a machine for small homework. Or the device that is not going to use regularly.

But the good news here is you can get an excellent wet tile saw on a reasonable budget. So here we are going to review the best wet tile saw under 300$.

8 best wet tile saw under $300-recommendation

  1. Best Lightweight- SKIL 3540-02 7 inch wet tile saw & Rim diamond blade
  2. Best designed wet tile saws- CRAFTSMAN 20V Max table saw compact sliding
  3. The best value-DEWALT wet tile saws Masonry
  4. Best portable wet tile saws-PORTER cable PCE980 Wet tile saw
  5. Best Hydrolock system-SKIL 3550-02 Wet tile saws with hydrolock water containment system
  6. Best large wet tile saw-Flex CS 40 wet tile saw
  7. Best powerful plastic saw-QEP 22400Q Power 1 HP pro Tile wet saw
  8. Best well balanced saw-M-D building products 49046 4 inch

8 best wet tile saw under $300 review

Let’s have a look at our review on the best recommended wet tile cutting saws. you will get an overall idea about the product features, pros, and cons. it will help you decide easily which best tile saw will be perfect for you

1. SKIL 3540-02 7 inch wet tile saw & Rim diamond blade

Product review:

The SKIL best flooring saw is an impressive tool having the ability to cut the concrete floor easily. This saw is very light weighted so that you can take it anywhere with you for projects. In this product, the surface has stainless steel and the surface is corrosion-free. it is affordable and best-wet tile saw under $300

They make the floor more efficient; you don’t need to go back and forth to make your cuts work. The best thing about this product is technical support from the manufacturers. In which the supplier will help when any difficulties or problems come in this product. 

Product Features:

  • Design for transport, very light in weight.
  •  Their weight is 18 lbs which you can take with you anywhere.
  • Cuts solid and laminate floors quickly.
  • Tech will support you for 90 days from the day of purchase.
  • It works on 120 volts.
  • The blade produces very little dust from flooring saws.
  • 45 degree is the blade diameter


  •  Anyone can use it very quickly.
  • Affordable.
  • Light-weighted


  • Not for heavy duty use.

2. CRAFTSMAN 20V Max table saw compact sliding

Product review

CRAFTSMAN 20V best budget wet tile saw brings cordless class-leading performance to professional. It compactly weighs, cutting accurately and professionally. they offer you at a reasonable price this fantastic wet tile saw.

Craftsman tile saw uses a carbide blade, which is suitable for rough lumber as well as MDF trim. On a variety of materials, the blade makes clean cuts. The Craftsman has an excellent water container; water fills inside the tube lines to help maintain moisture. 

At first, I thought it would need a lot of water, but it only needs 1 gallon of water. And the best thing is they use a stopper for water, which stops the water and not leaves a single drop of water on the ground. The Craftsman table saw works on a battery; before starting work, make sure the battery charges completely.

Many people make mistakes; the craftsman tile saw required a hard push on the battery to charge. The product is designed to very easily use innovative sliding cards for improved accuracy.

Product Features

  • They have an extra-large capacity for cutting,
  • Excellent water container for indoor use.
  • The water container keeps the place cleaner than most of the other saws.
  • Splash guard keeps water from spraying the user.
  • For repeatable rip cuts and line up, miter cuts onboard miter square 
  • They are lightweight designs.
  •  Having three years of warranty from the purchase date.
  • This tile saws under 300


  •   Many cuts on a single charge.
  •  Light in weight.
  •  Battery quick charger charges.


  • Slide action isn’t smooth.

3. DEWALT wet tile saw Masonry

Product review:

DEWALT wet tile saw will cost you under $300, this best saw comes with decent features. A perfect tool for the backsplash and handling big projects. This is one of the tools which you must have in your home and office.

If you are in the construction business, you will already know about this tool’s usage. This saw comes with a powerful motor of 10.8 amp, which generates the best energy for cutting porcelain, granite, concrete, and other materials.

Their blades have a 4 3/8 inch diameter, which smoothly performs the stone cutting up to 1 3/8. The machine came with 13000 RPM, which is their speed to achieve the desired cut.

The user provides too much comfort through the lock button, which the user does their work without any fear, lightweight and compact to reduce user fatigue. The DEWALT is a trusted brand for many households and professionals in the saw’s highly competitive market.

Product Features:

  • Increase user comfort through Rubber over-mold grip.
  • Allow users to cut at various depths, adjustable cut of depth.
  • The water increases blade performance and life and decreases their dust, 12 water line feeds.
  • An additional feature is the lock button.
  • Having 13000 RPM.
  • 10.8 amp powerful motor.
  • Having a lightweight of 9 found.
  • Quick and angled cuts at 45 degrees.


  •   Great cutting ability.
  •  Very easy to use.
  •   Light in weight.


  •  Low quality of water valve.

4. PORTER cable PCE980 Wet tile saw

Product review:

The porter-cable is popular in the power saw tools industry. This product is a simple 7-inch best tile saw. Porter-cable PCE980 wet tile saw you can buy at a best reasonable price under $300.

It has a stainless steel deck and protective roll cage. The defensive roll cage will protect you from accidents and also helps to reduce worksite tear and wear.

With a wide assortment of tools to cut tiles, nothing can beat a wet tile saw in accuracy and efficiency. They come with 2850 RPM, which is not the fastest, but they give an excellent roll cage, which tends to be more dependable and unique in the market.

This tool comes with two tables, one sliding table and the other stationary table supporting your work. If you purchase their tool kit, they have 7 inches of the blade, which cuts a maximum tile thickness of 1 ¼ inch. Water management is fantastic because their blade guard prevents water from splashing up and the face of users.

Product Features:

  • Their roll cage increases protection and ease of cutting.
  • A drain plug arrives in this saw.
  • Stainless steel deck used to hold water.
  •  The Porter-Cable has an onboard miter square.
  • Powerful 1hp of horsepower motor, which cuts smoothly.
  • Having three years of warranty from the date of purchase.
  • One year of free service and 90 days money-back guarantee.


  • The tool is small and light-weighted
  • You can use it by yourself, comfortable in use.
  • Splash guard prevents water.


  • This saw is not suitable for professionals.

5. SKIL 3550-02, 7-Inch best Wet tile saw

Product review:

SKIL is also a famous manufacturing company known for its excellent quality products offering a lot of flexibility, safety, and best customer support. In this tile saw product, you don’t have to deal with any discomfort. This product is well designed. Now renovating and updating the bathroom and kitchen tiles are very easy because of the best SKIL wet tile saw. The weight of this wet tile saw is 24 pounds, which is also not bad. 

The SKIL saw highlighted feature is the hydro lock system. The wet tile is mostly used in diamond-coated blades and sometimes grinds the tiles, which creates a lot of dust. The water decreases the dust and also the saw from heating up, which sometimes damages the tiles.

It’s come with 3600 RPM, which is much faster than other wet tiles saw. This saw we would recommend for small projects. You can also be content with the seller if you find something broken after the delivery, the company will replace it.  

Product Features:

  • Reduce clean up time because of the hydro lock system the water contains near the blades.
  •   For accurate straight and miter cuts, they use adjustable rip fences.
  •  They cut different thick tiles with ease. The device comes with a diamond-coated 1/8 inch thick. The machine will not only cut the ceramic tile but also cut the marbles with accurate results.
  •  Excellent work on the water containment system.
  • Cheaper than its competitor.
  • Three years of limited warranty.


  • It works well and easy to clean up.
  • Less expensive and having excellent quality.
  • Easy in use.


  • Their blades are of plastic.

6. Flex CS 40 wet tile saw

Product review:

The Flex CS 40 featured moderately large blades that cut any tile without much resistance. This wet tile saw comes with the best powerful motor that runs on 12 amp with very high speed up to 12000 RPM.

The large blades make the machine more capable but note that due to variance in size, before carrying it, you need to remove the blades. However, the machine is straightforward to transport because of its aluminum body construction.

The flex CS 40 wet tile saw is made to cut tile, stone, and Glass industry. The powerful motor makes it easy to cut any rigid material. You can get this saw in the online market at an affordable price of under $300.

It has a high-quality water system that will eliminate the harmful dust particle; it is common in dry cutting. They do their job quickly and safely, also having a side handle for more stability.

Product Features:

  • 12 amp powerful motor with a no-load speed of 12000 RPM.
  • At 90 degrees, mix cutting.
  •  A large blade makes the machine more capable.
  • Excellent performance combined with great versatile bevels.
  • Aluminum construction on the body makes it easy for transport.
  • The range of tilting is 0 to 45 degrees.
  • The high-quality material used, affordable price.


  • Best for cutting small and large tiles.
  • The motor is potent.
  • Affordable.


  • The blade not comes installed with the machine. The user will install manually.

7. QEP 22400Q Power 1 HP pro Tile wet saw

Product review

The strength of the 1 HP 3600 rpm motor of this wet best tile saw will surprise the users, who can cut the unlimited size of most rigid tiles. This saw material is plastic, while the most common material used for the saw is metal. It is not tangible like a metal saw, but the plastic has its features.

They have a water catch system that reduces water runoff and recycles the water to maintain their frequency. The QEP 22400Q power pro saw is to handle any professional and DIY projects.

The blades with this saw have excellent quality, and their cuts are extraordinarily straight and smooth, which allows for some angular adjustments. Everyone likes to cut the tile in just the way they want. UL approves this product.

The product uses powerful motors to handle small and large tiles projects without creating any problem. The weight of the wet tile saw is 33.3 pounds.

Product Features:

  • The powerful motor of 1 HP, 3600 RPM direct drive.
  • Versatile cuts, 45 degrees, 30 degrees, and 15-degree miter cuts.
  • Excellent design, at an affordable price.
  • Angle cutting guides make it easy to cut accurately and repeat.
  • This saw comes with their table.
  • Baffles of water reduce the water spray.
  • In comparison to other saws, it is very easy to use.


  • Best for small units of works.
  •  If you cut slow, then this saw is best.
  • Good water controlling system.


  • The water tank gets dirty quickly.

8. M-D building products 49046 4 inch

Product review:

This wet tile saw is the M-D building brand, which the company offers one year of limited warranty for their customers. If the four marble/ tile saw fails to function within one year from the original purchase date, the company will repair or replace it. The M-D building best products are very easy to use as compared to other wet tile saws. 

They are well balanced by themselves and not too heavy, best when we use the right equipment for safety and technique. Its cuts are straight and smooth on porcelain tiles, ceramic, stone, and marble. This is an excellent Tile and Masonry saw, which is small in size and light in weight.

Product Features

  • Straight cuts on tiles and stones.
  • Easy in use; anyone can use it.
  • Well designed, not too heavy.
  • Very handy and reasonably priced.
  • Exclusive laser cutting guide.
  • One year of limited warranty.


  • Affordable.
  • The lightweight of 9 pounds.
  • The saw can be used in wet or dry conditions.


  • Not for heavy-duty work.

Buying Guide:

After purchasing a tile saw, nothing is more annoying than this when the saw is out of our expectations. When you go shopping, there are several things to keep in mind before buying the tile saw. All these factors will help you to choose the product for maximum results. Here we will explain these factors that you need to check before picking the best wet tile saw under 300$.

Purpose of buying a wet tile saw.:

There are two purposes for buying the saw, the first one is for home usage, and the other is for site works. For site work, the wet tile saw is designed for heavy-duty work, while for home, the wet tile saw is for light work, which is cheaper.

For heavy-duty work, you need to pick a large size with a powerful motor and vice versa.


The blade size should be suitable for the job. If the blades are more prominent, then the motor power must be higher. You are not using the saw frequently at home, and you don’t need a big size. Most of the company designs are small and compact; they do not require more space. Before buying, consider a portable saw that is easy to carry, that you have enough storage space for it. We will not recommend a saw with more giant blades with low HP.

Motor power:

For easy and smooth cutting, the power of the motor is essential to look. These blades range from 1 to 2.5 horsepower, for homeowners range from 1 to 1.5 horsepower is best, and for professional site work, the motor with 2.5 horsepower.

Water Source:

The water is another important factor in wet tile saw. When the machine is working, it produces a lot of heat. Now you will think about how it has heat? The saw is not producing heat. The saw blades generate heat because of the friction of constant cuts. Now for cooling of the blades, water is essential. For cooling the blades, these saws usually feature a water source. For those saws with water coming from pumps, the quality is usually enough to keep dust and debris away efficiently and quickly.

Easy Use:

Comfortable use is also required because you don’t want to spend a lot of time learning about saws. The main reason for buying the machine is that you want to replace or repair your bathtub surround, room floor, or any other things at low costs. Ultimately, go for a saw which is easy to use and complete work quickly, and don’t waste your precious time trying to figure out how the saw works.


If you are here, then absolutely you are looking for the best tile saw under 300$. And you have some questions in your mind and searching for their answer. Here we will give and explain some FAQs answers. Maybe you find your question answered here.

Q. Why use a wet tile saw?

  1. For precise and clean cuts, the wet tile saw is essential. The blades of the wet tile saw are of tiny diamonds that cut the tile faster and smoothly. The water is necessary for a wet tile saw. They need water because the machine cuts the tiles more quickly, creating fractions, and the blades heat up.

When the blades start to smoke, then you are not able to make accurate cuts. For cooling down the blades, these saws usually feature a water source.

Q. What is the average price to get a good quality wet tile saw?

  1. The average price of a good quality wet tile saw is 200 to 300$. The cost of the saw depends on the type, quality, and brand. Every saw for different work, and all have additional features that make a big difference in the pricing of wet tiles saw. You don’t need a very sharp tool that breaks the materials, and you also don’t want a complex saw that you don’t know their usage, which is mainly for professionals. Just buy in average pricing, which completes work smoothly.

Q. What is the best wet saw under 300$?

  1. The best wet saw under 300$ is not easy to find because every saw has its features and functions. All are for some purposes, and all are best in their work. You just keep some points in mind. Where was the saw made of? Have low cost, their brand reputation, which made it. Some very cheap saws also did not have good quality. Buy a wet tile saw which had an average price. Here in this article, we explain the eight best wet tiles saw under 300$.

Read above to know more about their features, pros, and cons. The choice is yours to work efficiently and quickly which one you need.

Q. Can these have enough facilities as the high-priced ones?

  1. Different companies offer different types of wet tile saw, which the company manufactures for some specific work. This is not necessary because the low price wet tile saw won’t have many comforts. If you search exhaustively, you will be surprised by their unique features. That how much the low price wet tile saw has unique characteristics. You will also find some cheap saw with features that will not present an expensive wet tile saw.

Q. Can a wet tile saw cut wood?

  1. Yes, a wet tile saw cuts wood, but we will not recommend it for wood cutting. It can damage the machine or the saw blades.


Here in our article, we try to explain the eight best wet tile saw under 300$. If you pick wisely a wet saw, you will see how functional they are. You can perform all your light duty to heavy duty tasks at less cost. Now you just need to narrow down your choice with the help of your personal preferences. Here we will recommend you pick from our above decisions and make your work more comfortable and professional.

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