10 best racquetball racquets for older players| complete buying guide for the seniors.

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The best racquetball racquets for older players are difficult to choose and sports have always been a healthy activity for people of every age group. It regulates your body systems and strengthens your heart and body muscles.

It is essential to include any sport in your daily routine.

Racquetball is one of the commonly played indoor and outdoor games. The player uses a hollow rubber ball and a small-handed racquet (sometimes called a racket. It is sometimes confused with squash. It is a type of game having amalgamated characteristics of squash and tennis. Talking about racquetball’s origin can be traced back to 1949, whereas squash is much older than racquetball. The credit of its invention is given to the American fellow named Joseph Sobek. It is a mental and physical game as it focuses on the target to hit it and makes a person physically engaged too to hit the ball in whatever direction it is going.

 As the game started flourishing, there were plenty of brands emerging which deals with racquetball equipment. As gradually time passes, more people came towards this game, and there were people of every age. Nowadays, older people are also in this game. Some play for maintenance of health and some as their hobby.


Buying a racquet that suits you the most can be a little bit challenging, and one will always go for good quality and cheap racquetball racquets. There is no restriction of age or gender in racquetball, and here is a list of the ten best racquetball racquets for older players.

  1. HEAD Radical Edge 175 – best Racquetball Racket
  2. E-FORCE heatseeker 3.0 175 – best for older players
  3. Apocalypse E-FORCE 160/170/175/190 Gram – best Racquetball Racquet Series
  4. E-FORCE Apocalypse – best Beta Racquetball Racquet
  5. HEAD Intelligence I Racquet best design racquetball racquet
  6. E-FORCE BedlamRacquetball Racquetbest affordable racquet
  7. HEAD Liquid – best Metal Racquetball Racquet
  8. E-FORCE Takeover Racquetball Racquetbest budget racquetball racquets for older players
  9. WILSON Striker Racquetball Racquetbest for seniors
  10. MacGregor Scholastic Racquetball Racquetbest racquetball racquets for older players

best racquetball racquets for older players compariso chart, rating and check price




HEAD Radical Edge 175

E-Force Heatseeker 3.0

E-Force Apocalypse 160/170/175/190 Gram

E-Force Apocalypse Beta 175 5/8

Head Intelligence iS12

E-Force Bedlam 170

HEAD Liquid Metal 170/180/190

E-Force Takeover Racquetball Racquet 170 Grams

Wilson Striker Racquetball Racquet

MacGregor Scholastic Racquetball Racquet

Racquetball racquets for seniors review

Racquetball is much easier than tennis. And is played in a four-walled court. It gains extreme popularity, and by 1990 there were 10 million estimated players of this game in the US only. Racquetball racquets are similar to the tennis or squash racquets having an oval frame of graphite, and two types of racquets are used mostly, i.e., Head heavy and even balance racquets. All you need to play this sport is to have a companion with whom you can play.

Racquetball has a positive impact on us as it burns calories, increases flexibility, improves focus, and brainpower decreases stress, and is helpful as cardiovascular activity.

Racquetball is not only popular among youngsters but also in older people. It contributes in hand and eye coordination by focusing on the target and, in reaction hitting the targeted ball by hand movement.

Primary information for Racquetball racquets beginners

It consists of 2 or 4 players. In racquetball, the team which wins 2 out of 3 games is considered as the winner. The first two games are played to score 15 points, and if the first two rounds are a tie, then there is a need for the third round in which one is bound to make 11 points if the players want to win, and this round is the tiebreaker round.

Some of the most well-known racquetball players are Kane Walselenchuk, Cliff Swain, Charlie Brumfield, Ruben Gonzalez, Jason Mannino, Gregg Peck, and many others.

Here we will talk about the latest and best racquetball racquets for older players reviews.

HEAD Radical Edge 175 Racquetball Racket

best racquetball racquets for older players


HEAD Radical Edge is a great racquetball racquet made for those who are looking to play at their own leisure. It’s light but also gives you the power that others might not, with a cost of just under 100 USD it can’t be beaten!

This HEAD Racquets company has been making quality sports equipment since 1985 and has created some really awesome products such as this lightweight yet powerful racket called RADICAL EDGE which only costs about 70 bucks so it’s affordable enough for anyone.

HEAD Radical Edge is a lightweight, easy to handle racquetball racquet designed for smooth play with a powerful main string. It is one of the best racquetball racquets for older players available at a feasible cost.


  • Two string patterns allow the racquet to adapt your play style and smoothens the game.
  • Great stability
  • Affordable mid-range racquet
  • Powerful main string


  • Composition: graphite, innegra
  • Manufacturer: HEAD
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Dimensions:1C1C1inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounce/175 grams
  • Model no. 221148-358
  • Headsize: 106²/683 cm
  • Rating on Amazon:4.5 /5
  • Suitable for players of all levels
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • No cover available

E-FORCE heatseeker 3.0 175 racquetball racquet

best racquetball racquets for older players


This one is made for intermediate to professional players and is one of the best racquetball racquets. Its 22-inch long stringing and bypass stringing system give power to it at a greater level. A strong Tri-Carbon Frame makes the racquet more robust and durable. E force is contributing factor in additional power.


  • More powerful due to E force technology
  • Hi-octane booster
  • Recoil power edge
  • Dual cylinder frame
  • Tri-carbon frame


  • Composition:carbon fiber
  • Manufacturer:E FORCE
  • Weight:0.71pounds/190grams
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:5 /5
  • Length:22 inches
  • Light weight
  • Powerful
  • Ideal for older players
  • Costly
  • No cover

E-FORCE Apocalypse 160/170/175/190 Gram Racquetball Racquet Series


E Force apocalypse racquet is highly recommended for advanced players to boost features available at different prices and weights. Its 22inch long strings provide greater power to your shot. 160 / 175gm are in Quadra form, whereas 170 / 190gm is in a teardrop shape. Zero Richter tube helps to minimize vibration when hitting the targeted ball.


  • Powerhouse shaft technology
  • Zero Richter tube
  • Graphite and titanium frame
  • Oxygen 17 strings


  • Manufacturer: E-FORCE
  • Shape: Tear drop, Quadra form
  • Skill level:Advanced
  • Weight: 160grams (0.71 pounds)/170grams (0.6 pounds)/175grams (0.71 pounds)/190 grams (0.71 pounds)
  • Price$190.95/ $189.95/$179.95/ $179.95
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:4 /5
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • For all skill levels
  • Expensive

E-FORCE Apocalypse Beta Racquetball Racquet

best E-FORCE Racquetball Racquet


It is one of the best E-FORCE Racquetball Racquet with impressive features, including boost technology and zero Richter tube that reduces vibration caused by hitting the target. It comes in a teardrop shape and is also durable for playing. With a lightweight, it is easy to carry and to play with.


  • G2 boost technology
  • Zero Richter tubes
  • Dual cylinder
  • Hi compressing wing
  • Powerhouse shaft technology


  • Manufacturer: E-FORCE
  • Head Shape: Tear drop
  • String E Force oxygen 17g
  • Head size 108 sq. inches
  • Weight:0.6 pounds
  • Dimensions 22 C10.2 C1.8 inches /9.6 ounces
  • Model no. SG_B016KZR7I6_US
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:4.5/5
  • well Stable
  • best racquets for seniors
  • little bit Expensive

HEAD Intelligence I Racquet


One of the most durable and cheap racquetball racquetballs is the HEAD I racquet with a large sweet spot and lightweight, providing a comfortable grip to the player. It is the best racquetball racquet for older players too. It is 7 points heavy head design. 


  • Fiber glass
  • Oval shaped
  • Large sweet spot


  • Manufacturer: HEAD
  • Head Shape: Tear drop
  • String pattern 16 /19
  • Head size 103 sq. inches
  • Weight: 165 grams
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:4.2 /5
  • Cost $79.95
  • Suitable for intermediate players.
  • Great power and control.
  • No case by manufacturers

E-FORCE Bedlam

cheap racquetball racquet


E Force Bedlam is one of the cheap racquetball racquet having frame of high quality, light weight and stiff graphite for power. It is suitable for all players from intermediate to advance.Power booster helps in increasing power and Zero Richter tubes helps to reduce vibration across the string beds.


  • By pass stringing
  • Power booster
  • Zero Richter tubes
  • Launchpad technology
  • Tri carbon frame


  • Manufacturer: E FORCE
  • Head Shape: Tri tear
  • Dimension 22 x 10 x 1.25 inches; 8.64 Ounces
  • Size:22 inches
  • Model no. SG_B016OW508Y_US
  • Material :graphite
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:4.3 /5
  • Cost:$89.95
  • Plenty of power
  • Light weight
  • Large sweet spot
  • No cover

HEAD Liquid Metal  Racquetball Racquet


HEAD liquid metal racquetball racquet is available in series of weights 170 gram (0.01 Pounds)/180gram /190 gram (0.55 Pounds) with HEAD liquid technology. Variable weight helps you choose according to your level and grip. Its large sweet spot provide great power shots.


  • Head liquid technology
  • Available in three weights
  • For players between level 2.0And 4.0


  • Manufacturer:HEAD
  • Head size :106 sq. inches
  • Material:graphite and titanium
  • Weight:0.01pounds
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:4/5
  • Cost:$109.95
  • Spin friendly design
  • Great power
  • Large sweet spot
  • Not suitable for beginners

E-FORCE Takeover Racquetball Racquet 


EForce Takeover racquetball racquets consisting of Launchpad technology and power booster increase the chances of a great game.  Vibration is minimized with the Power Booster. The Dual Cylinder Frame, Carbon Head, and By-Pass Stringing enhance the durability and stiffness of the frame.


  • Launchpad technology
  • Power booster
  • GC power fiber
  • Bypass stringing
  • Carbon head
  • Dual cylinder frame


  • Manufacturer: E FORCE
  • Head Shape: Tri tear shape
  • Size:22 inches
  • Model no. SG_B016OW508Y_US
  • Weight 170 grams
  • Material: graphite
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:5 / 5
  • Cost:$ 159.95
  • Launchpad technology and power booster
  • Dual Cylinder Frame
  • little Expensive

WILSON Striker Racquetball Racquet

best racquetball racquet under 50


WILSON is official racquet brand of US racquetball and is considered as the best racquetball racquet under 50. Its light weight and increased head size give more power to strike and is suitable for all players from beginners to seniors.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • V matrix frame
  • For older as well as beginners


  • Manufacturer:WILSON
  • Head size:107 sq. inches
  • Weight 0.2kg
  • Material :graphite
  • Gripsize: 3 5/8²
  • Rating on amazon:4.5 / 5
  • Cost:$ 27.56
  • best budget racquetball racquet
  • More strength
  • Excellent spring back
  • best for beginners
  • not for professional players

MacGregor Scholastic Racquetball Racquet


MacGregor scholastic racquetball racquet is one of the cheapest and lightest on the market. It weighs 210 grams, which makes it perfect for beginners or players with more limited arm strength. The teardrop shape head means you can use a lighter velocity swing to get your shots over longer distances when playing against opponents who are further away from where you’re standing


  • O beam frame
  • Built-in bumper
  • Tear drop head
  • Open throat design


  • Manufacturer: BSN sports
  • Brand : MACGREGOR
  • Model no. 1393414
  • Weight  210 grams
  • Material :Aluminum
  • Gripsize: 4²
  • Rating on amazon:4.6 / 5
  • Dimension 23 x 11 x 1.5 inches; 8 Ounces
  • Cost:$ 21.99
  • Affordable
  • best beginner racquetball racquet
  • best budget racquetball racquet
  • Not extremely high quality


Playing racquetball does require some equipment that is necessary for playing the game, and these can be

  • Ball-balls are essential because they are the game’s central element, and players cannot play without it. They are hollow and are 2.5 inches.
  • Racquet– without a racquet, you cannot play the game too as you need something to hit a ball. 
  • Eye protection is mandatory in-game to protect your eyes as the ball may sometimes reach a fast speed of 190 mph and hit you. So, make sure that you are wearing glasses for the protection of your eyes.
  • Sweatband or gloves– players wear a sweatband to grip the racquet and avoid it slipping due to the sweat.
  • Shoes -Racquetball is a quick game, so it needs quick movements, and the slippery floor of the court may result in serious injury. So, to make your step secure, you must use ideal rubber sole shoes so that your grip will stay firm on the floor, and you don’t stumble or slip. Find the most durable shoes for this game.

Rules of playing Best racquetball racquets for older players

The racquetball game has three primary rules:

  • The only server can score the point.
  • The ball can only bounce once on the floor. The player must strike the ball before it touches the ground for the second time.
  • The ball should hit the front wall to make it count as a hit.


The power level of racquetball racquet refers to the characteristic that contributes to increasing the strength of the shot by the player. The more power is applied to the ball farther, it will go; thus, it can increase the shot’s distance. Racquet having a massive head contributes a lot to power shots. The enormous head of a racquet is mostly made up of a stiffer frame that helps absorb impact and delivers power shots. Additionally, it also protects your arm from injury. So, the more massive the head safer it is to play.

There are three power levels of a racquetball racquet, i.e., high power level, low power level, or medium power level, or we can also say a balanced level. Each power level affects the strength of the shot according to its intensity. 

  • Racquets having a higher power level means more energy, force, and strength of your hit. Having high power is not suitable for new or aged players as it can result in loss of balance and control. So you must also e aware of your level in-game that whether you are a beginner or expert. Thus, it is essential to focus on maintaining control because it is key to perfect shots.
  • Another factor that causes a difference in the shot’s power is how you swing your racquet to hit the ball. Older people or beginners may have a low power level. Additionally, people suffering from injuries may also have difficulty in hitting with greater power.
  • The most significant factor that contributes to power is the weight of the racquet. Light racquets are easy to handle and are responsible for producing a moderate or balanced power level. Thus using medium power level racquets offers control and power.


If you are an aged player, it is not recommended to jump into the court and start playing directly. You need to consider some essential points for your health and safety.

  1. First of all, one must go through a physical test to know their well-being because, with the increase in age, muscles and bones start growing weak, and playing card games can further damage them. So to prevent any injuries, you must take precautionary measures before coming to court. You should start a game at a slower pace and do not lengthen it because this can result in a higher risk of injuries.
  2. Secondly, you must know what kind of racquet you can use in your game. If you are using a heavy racquet, make sure that you are at ease while handling it. If not, you can change the weight and go for the medium or the lighter one.

There are two types of racquet depending upon its shape, i.e., the triangular and the Quadra form. Quadra form is the best beginner racquetball racquet mostly recommended for new players, so you must go for the one that has a high sweet spot. The racquetball balls are available in several colors, including blue, green, purple, black, red, pink, and multi-color. The difference between these balls is not only of colors but also of speed. Most of the time, blue and green balls are used for beginners in the tournaments as it has an average rate whereas, black balls are considered to be used by senior players.


Although racquetball is similar to tennis, it does not mean that you can use a tennis racquet for playing racquetball as there is a slight difference in both the racquets’ shape. The racquet of racquetball has a loop at the end that helps in a good grip as the rubber ball is much faster, and the tennis racquet can flip out of your hands. Racquetball strings are designed to control the short-placed ball’s high impact, whereas tennis racquets are designed for a specific placement.

Furthermore, tennis racquets are comparatively long, whereas racquetball is short and lightweight, which helps maintain the shot’s accuracy.

From the above details, we can presume that a tennis racquet is not suitable for racquetball because of its results. Thus, it is better to use its racquet to avoid problems.


As already mentioned earlier, tennis and racquetball may seem alike, but it differs in many aspects from rules to the racquets with which you are playing. On a professional level, we avoid using tennis racquets as they are not appropriate for the game. 

  1. Tennis racquets are more significant than racquetball racquets. A tennis racquet may have a length up to 29 inches whereas, a racquetball racquet has a length of 22 inches at most.
  2. Tennis balls are usually more prominent than the rubber balls of racquetball. Thus tennis racquets provide more surface area to hit back the ball with relatively greater force or power.
  3. You will find racquetball racquets in mostly tearing drop or Quadra form whereas, tennis racquets are available in an only oval shape with a round head.
  4. The racquetball racquet’s Strings are looser on the racquet than tennis racquets because of the big ball; they need a more compact and stiff area to hit the ball back.
  5. Tennis racquets are heavier and result in more power and stability, whereas on the other hand, heavy racquetball racquets cause racquets to swing slowly. However, the same as tennis racquets results in great force.
  6. Racquetball racquets have relatively large heads and small handles.
  7. The material of strings differs in both the racquets.
  8. When you use a tennis racquet in racquetball, it does not give you that control that racquetball racquet itself provides. 

Thus, tennis racquets must be avoided to use in racquetball sport and vice versa.


Playing racquetball more often may damage its strings, which will need replacement. It’s up to you whether you want to change the lines only or want the latest style racquet.


As soon as you start feeling the strain in your arm or notice that your racquet is consuming more power, check its strings lose or damaged lines will hinder your game. Firstly look if the whole racquet needs to be changed or is it only the strings showing a problem.

Replace the strings with the most durable strings available so that they will last long. Currently, the most selling string in the world is the python Atlas17 gauge. Some other bestselling strings include Gamma racquetball strings, HEAD racquetball strings, WILSON racquetball string, HEAD mega blast racquetball string, Ashaway Super kill racquetball string, and many more. Do not wait for the string to break completely. Restring when you think it needs restringing. You can seek professional help if facing any problem in restringing or in case you are not aware of restringing.


There are two kinds of strings that can be used in racquetball racquets, i.e., mono core and multi-core. The tension of your strings depends upon their tightness. The tighter the strings are, the better will be the control. Similarly, the looser is your strings, the more power you’ll get. The tension range of today’s racquets is 28-34 lbs.

Most of the time, the mono core string is used because they are 16 or 17 gauge. Thicker the meter better the durability of the string. 16 gauge string is stiff as compared to 17 gauge. 17 gauge string allows good durability as well as playability.


  1. Wrap over and under the handle through mains.
  2. Pull two mains from the head at the same time.
  3. For an over-under pattern, make sure to wrap it alternatively so that they make the correct pattern.
  4. To make an over-under pattern, move one away to the right and the other to the left.
  5. Follow this method until the whole racquet gets strung.
  6. It is better to keep a manual for stringing.


Buying a racquet that matches your level might sometimes be a difficult task. While going to buy a racquet for your game, you must consider the following factors:


Racquets are of different weights and are broadly divided into three categories Light (150–165 grams), medium (170–185 grams), Heavy (185+ grams), and you must choose one depending on your requirement. Different weight options to avoid injury if you have any problem in holding heavy racquets. Additionally, weight plays a vital role in recognizing the power and flexibility of the racquet. 

Lightweight racquets are mostly preferred by heavy hitters, whereas the medium weight ones offer more control and are thus preferred by beginners. The heavy racquets are comparatively challenging to handle than the other two and are the choice of older players. 


Another factor is the balance of a racquet. According to your need, it would be best to choose out of these three Head heavy, evenly balanced, Headlight.


Strings are the most significant part of a racquet and must be considered with full care. Look for the strain in the lines, whether you need strings with higher tension or lower tension. Higher tension strings are stiff and offer more power as compared to the lower tension strings.


When it comes to a racquet’s grip, we sometimes ignore it, but it is one factor that must be kept in mind while buying a racquetball racquet. You should know whether you have to go for the wrap grips or the rubber grips.


Every person goes for a price first when it comes to buying. Similarly, the budget and level must be kept in mind to choose the desired racquet quickly. But remember that cheap racquets do not provide that durability and power to the player that an expensive high-quality racquet can give. As far as the older players are concerned, they can go for cheap racquets to practice the game.


It is recommended for beginners to use heavier racquets because it will help generate more power to shots. From the above racquetball racquet reviews, we recommend some of the best racquets that are best for older players:

HEAD Intelligence I Racquet 

  • HEAD I racquet provides a comfortable grip to the player, which is perfect for an older player.
  • It is durable, as well as affordable.
  • It offers a large sweet spot
  • The weight gives more power and control to more senior players
  • Its structure contributes to increasing shock absorption. 
  • Most importantly, it protects your arm from injury because of power absorption technology.
  • Its fiber technology converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in milliseconds.
  • Seven point head designs let racquet to absorb shocks.
  • Provide a small grip that is comfortable to hold

E-FORCE Apocalypse Beta Racquetball Racquet

  • Best for professional players as well as older.
  • From style to work, it is perfect for a game.
  • Useful for improving the game.
  • Booster technology stabilizes the racquet and lessens the vibrations.
  • Its frame provides flexibility and strength.
  • Powerhouse shaft technology results in more power.
  • Long strings are suitable for older players, which give better deflection to the ball.

WILSON Striker Racquetball Racquet

  • If you are looking for a cheap racquet as an older layer, you can choose the WILSON racquet.
  • V matrix Frame allows great power while striking.
  • Its frame also gives it more stiffness.
  • Suitable for casual players.
  • However, it might be of low quality but is ideal for older players.

Thus, each of the recommended racquets has specific characteristics that contribute to an older player’s game. So, you can get any one of them for better game play.       


Thus, racquetball is a widely played simple sport, and people of any age with good health can play. It is a physical and mental exercise; our body and our brain both stay fully engaged in it. The racquetball game is an essential factor that might help relieve stress by striking the ball hard. To know which is the best racquetball racquets for older players, they must know their level and what they must consider while buying a racquet.

Choose the racquet of racquetball neither of tennis nor squash. Precautionary measures must be taken while coming to the court to play the game. Go for the best racquets and prefer a professional racquetball racquet. Shape, weight, and balance signify the best racquet that best racquetball players adapt when choosing racquets.

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