best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

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Best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors is a gadget that lifts all debris for making your lvp floor clean and maintaining its shine as you want.

The vacuum has been popular for cleaning homes for a long time now. However, there is a lot of advancement in the design and functionality of the vacuums. For instance, some vacuums are for the cleaning of the carpets; some are for hardwoods. However, if you have luxury vinyl plank flooring, there is the best Shark Vaccum for luxury vinyl plank floors. 

We are specially mentioning vacuums from Shark because Shark is a leading brand that is popular for having vacuums with great efficiency. Here we will look at some best models from Shark that will offer you convenient cleaning for your luxury vinyl plank floors.

Moreover, these vacuums will deliver a cleaning that will give maximum cleaning effect without harshing your luxury vinyl plank floors. Now let’s have a look at our best choices here.

5 best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors recommendation

  1. Best upright vacuum-Shark AZ2002 Vertex DuoClean PowerFins Upright Vacuum
  2. Best self cleaner-Shark Navigator Zero-M Self Cleaning
  3. Best powered vacuum-Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet Upright Vacuum
  4. Best IQ Robot Vacuum-Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1010AE
  5. Best large vacuum-Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV993

1. Shark AZ2002 – best Upright Vacuum for lvp floors.

Product review

This is the shark brand product that is the most powerful vacuum, having duo clean power fins. The powered lift away with a self-cleaning Brushroll is amazing, which went together quickly and easily.

The shark vertex continues cleaning, contacting your vinyl plank floors, and deep dip into carpets. Shark AZ2002 Vacuum comes with three attachments: a Pet Crevice Tool, Self Cleaning Pet Power Brush, and Dusting Brush. 

For removing dust and hairs from carpets, the Self Cleaning Power brush is used. It is the new model of AZ2000, which comes with only two attachments.

In this model, they add more features and changes, in the new model AZ2002 they use flexible silicone fins to replace traditional bristles. Vacuum on hard floors and carpet is working smoothly and quickly.

They have powerful LEDs on the nozzle reveal and have innovative cleaning technologies.

Product Features

  • It produces the most powerful suction of any shark vacuum, which claims the shark brand.
  • Post motor filter and pre motor both are washable, every 3 years the post-motor filter should be replaced, and the pre-motor should expire in 2 years.
  • New powerful with improved duo clean Brush which improves performance and replaces traditional bristles.
  • Complete seal technology, 99% of dust and allergen trap inside the vacuum down to 0.3 microns.
  • Versatile, the feature of powered lift away makes the vacuum versatile. In low-profile furniture, you can leave the pod for above-floor cleaning.
  • Easy power On and Off fingertip control, without bending over you can switch between surface settings.
  • In dark spots, the headlights on the nozzle are very helpful.


  • Easy to put together.
  • Easy to the empty dust cup.
  • The suction is excellent.


  • Shark brand is one of the most expensive vacuums.

2. Shark Navigator Zero-M Self Cleaning vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Product review

The Shark Navigator Zero-M self-cleaning vacuum developed by the shark brand has perfect tools to use with their attachments and is specially designed for vinyl plank floors and pet hairs.

The Shark Navigator’s main feature is zero-M technology; the Zero-M technology is especially to remove hairs automatically from the brush roll. Bare floors and carpets for both this model of vacuum are capable. So you can say that it is the best vacuum that is multifunctional and has great performance on vinyl floors and pets’ hair.

They have a lift-away system shark brand most famous system and also HEPA level filtration. 13Ibs weight, the shark Navigator Zero-M is a lightweight vacuum, in which you will see that the vacuum can easily turn with easy steering. 

The machine is very powerful, operating 1150 Watts and 9.5 Amperes, With the amazing suction capability of vacuum, you can also reduce the suction power. The vacuum is excellent in both cleaning rough and smooth surfaces efficiently.

Shark Navigator Zero-M is very easy to use, follow the instructions for assembly. Best for deep clean in which the brush roll removes short and long hairs easily.

The price of Shark Navigator is under 200$, there are many vacuums you will find under 200$, but the Shark Navigator Zero-M will be the best choice for pet hair cleaning.

Product Features

  • Allows easy maneuverability and portability, design lightweight.
  • It provides steering control, through steering Vacuum can maneuver around in home easily.
  • It has good quality materials with a decent design.
  • For long cleaning sessions 3XL capacity with fewer interruptions to empty dust cups.
  • To pick up embedded debris, stubborn pet hairs, they provide powerful upright vacuum suction.
  • The dust canister is easy to detach, easy to reattach, and easy to empty.
  • Come with HEPA filtration.


  • Excellent cleaning.
  • Light in weight.
  • Affordable, not too pricey.


  • Bit louder as compared to other vacuums.

3. Shark NV752 Rotator – best Upright Vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Product review

The Shark NV752 Rotator powered combines with a lift-away pod, convenient canister, and powerful. It is the best Upright Vacuum cleaner with HEPA Filter perfect for vinyl floors and pet hairs.

It maintains great suction which allows suitable transitioning on vinyl plank floors and also uses the button on handles.

The button placed in the vacuum is in the middle of the handle, making the setting change relatively easy. The On and Off button is on the topmost, and you can control it from the middle button, for routine cleaning jobs use the vacuum traditional mode or their lift-away feature. 

Shark NV752 Rotator powered vacuum weight is about 15 pounds, which has a comprehensive cleaning of 12 inches and a 30-foot power cord. It shines its performance on carpets, stairs, and floors inefficiency.

Moving of the vacuum does not need much effort because they provide a wheel and are also light in weight. One of the most essential things in a vacuum is its filter.

The shark NV752 model vacuum cleaner has the best Powerful LED lights on the nozzle to reveal hidden debris and pet hair around your vinyl floors.

Product Features

  • Able to clean multi floors, low, medium, high carpets, and hard floors.
  • Many packages include pet tools, dusting brush, dusting genie, hard floor genie, motorized trumpet brush, accessory bag, and microfiber pad.
  • For dark areas, LED lights provided.
  • 2 in 1 cleaning modes through fingertip control you can easily switch from carpet to hard floor.
  • For full home cleaning, enormous capacity with full-size performance.
  • The dirt canister can easily clean, detach and empty.
  • The shark brand provides 5 years of warranty with NV752 Rotator powered vacuum.


  • Lengthy power cord.
  • Quitter as compared to its peers.
  • Lightweight, easy to use.


  • The dirt cup could be a little larger.

4. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1010AE – best for vinyl plank floors.

Product review

If you have decided to try with the best robot vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors then here is the best robotic vacuum from Shark. Shark has a reputation for making decent vacuums, and the IQ Robot is the first smart vacuum of Shark.

The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV1010AE is best for vinyl plank floors and carpets. it is medium size 3.5 tall and a foot wide large. Their battery takes 6 hours to charge fully, on 50% charge you can clean 500 squares feet in 40 to 50 minutes. Two side brushes, bumper, and carpet brush also have two buttons clean and dock buttons.

The Shark IQ Robot vacuum AV1010AE for lvp floors works through an app, using the app is very easy and attractive, in which you can create a cleaning schedule and cleaning map. it is for home and pets, in this product, most of their features work automatically.

My favorite feature about this Shark IQ Robot vacuum AV1010AE is their total home maps, which map your home lvp floors and select the vinyl floors of your room to clean them immediately.

Product Features

  • When the battery is fully charged it can clean up to 1000 square feet.
  • After 4 or 5 runs the smart IQ Robot Vacuum creates a complete map.
  • Smart vacuum, don’t need to waste time going around on the house for cleaning.
  • Enable for both Google Assistant and Alexa, and the app look is attractive and easy to use.
  • The vacuum comes with two side brushes, a carpet, and a bumper brush.
  • Their cleaning method is rowed by row.
  • Deep cleaning power to take on small and large debris and pet hairs on the floor and carpets.


  • No problem is connecting with wifi.
  • Not a plug-and-play item.
  • Holds up dirt for up to a month.


  • Low battery.

5. Shark IQ AV993 for luxury vinyl plank floors.

Product review

This vacuum does a great job of cleaning the floor and will learn your living space in a few runs. The thing which impresses me is how smart this vacuum is.

The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV993 bounces to the wall the first time around, and when the second time it reaches the object or wall it stops in front of them and when it’s stuck somewhere finds a way by itself after 2, 3 minutes.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum AV993 is designed for vinyl plank floors with pets’ hair that do a deep clean of carpets with small and large debris. You can control this smart vinyl plank floors vacuum through a phone app or voice command.

Overall, the Shark IQ robot vacuum AV993 is the best vacuum for lvp or vinyl plank floors and pet hair.

Product Features

  • They provide dual spinning side brushes that pull in debris from corners and edges.
  • Design for a home with pets, an automatic part of XL capacity dust bin, high-efficiency filter which captures dust, and all pet allergens.
  • The Shark IQ Robot Vacuum has suction power with also a feature of self-cleaning.
  • Quite impressive power with three modes with various battery usage.
  • Do their cleaning work row by row and then room to room for complete home coverage.
  • While recharging, the vacuum will return to the dock, recharge, and pick up where they left.
  • Charging dock, Shark IQ robot, BotBoundary strips, side brushes, and filters include this vacuum.


  • Spot cleaning.
  • As a double mop duty.
  • Scheduled cleaning.


  • Costly

Buyer Guide of best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors

Here we give you options for the 5 best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors. If you want to narrow down your choice to only one vacuum, you need to consider some specific points. Here in our buying guide, we will look at these factors to make a happy purchase for your home.


There are different types of vacuum. In common types, there are upright vacuum, stick vacuum, robotic vacuum, and canister vacuums. However, when cleaning the luxury vinyl plank flooring, the best choices are stick vacuum, robotics vacuum, or canister vacuums. These vacuums work best with the vinyl plank flooring in the appropriate way. 

Dust Bin:

The dust bin of the vacuum is the crucial thing to consider with your vacuum. For example, you can know about the size and capacity of the dust bin. However, the size of the dustbin should also be compared with the area of cleaning. For instance, if you have a small cleaning area, you can consider a dustbin with a small size.

However, if you have a large area to clean, you need to pick a dustbin with large size. The reason is if you have a large area to clean then a small size dustbin will make you empty it many times. So to avoid this condition, consider a vacuum with a large dust bin size.


In a robotic vacuum, a considerable weight does not matter so much. However, if you are planning for an upright or stick vacuum, consider the vacuum’s weight. No matter, heavyweight means a more powerful vacuum. But it is not wise to pick a vacuum that offers a weight that is not easy to carry. Such a vacuum will make you tired and is challenging to use.

Corded or Cordless:

Cordless vacuums are the best choice if you have a home full of furniture and stuff. Such vacuums will avoid the entanglement of wires and help you clean all hard-to-reach areas. However, there will be a need for proper charging for a longer time.

Bagged or bagless:

In a bagged or bagless vacuum, the choice is all yours. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages. The bagless vacuum will make you not spend much on the purchase of a bag. On the other hand, the bagged vacuums will allow more dirt to hold. 

Filtration system:

In other features, the most important is the filtration system. In my opinion, the best choice of the HEPA filtration system in a vacuum. As you know, the filtration system will collect all kinds of dust allergens and pollen. On the other hand, some vacuums use a low-quality filtration system that offers low-quality filtration and is not hygienic. So always, try to pick a vacuum that provides a high-quality HEPA filtration system.

Other features:

You need good suction power and swivel steering in other features for the vacuum of vinyl plank flooring. Moreover, try to find a design that allows cleaning in all hard-to-reach places. The other thing that you need to consider is the cost of the vacuums. Try to pick a good brand and a reasonable price for your vacuum. 


Q. Can you use Shark Vac Mop on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, the Vac Mop is entirely safe and compatible with cleaning the vinyl plank flooring. Additionally, it would be used on the hard flooring, tile, hardwood, lamination, marble, etc. it is used for cleaning by mop on your flooring. Vac mop comes with impressive features like it is a cordless cleaning gadget. 

After complete charging, it will perform its function for almost 3.5 hours. Moreover, you have to touch the dirty mop pad again and again. No filter maintenance is required. Convenient vac mop that you can operate with one hand. The dust box is also portable, and can easily be removed and cleaned. 

Q. What is the best way to clean luxury vinyl plank floors?

The best shark vacuum for lvp or luxury vinyl plank floors is the microfiber type of vacuum. Those are to help clean buildup dirt which can not clean by the dry or wet mop alone. Moreover, when you apply a wet mop, it would absorb excess water and cause the spread of extra water on the luxury vinyl floors. Avoid using a damp mop on vinyl floors and use a vacuum mop for better cleaning. 

Protection is significant if you are concerned with luxury vinyl flooring. Use mats at the entrance of the main door and toilet door. It will help to enter less dust from outside. And, wet feet from the bathroom. Wet feet would leave marks when walking on the vinyl flooring. That would also affect cleaning. The last thing is cleaning spray like Bona cleaner which is best for luxury vinyl flooring. 

Q What should you not use on vinyl plank flooring?

Luxury vinyl plank floors are susceptible types of floors. If you use any soap added detergents, mop and shine products, or abrasive cleaner that make a dull film on the flooring. That will attract dust and make the floor sticky. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaning agents; they can react with vinyl flooring material and may generate cracks in the floor. If you use wax-type material for polish purposes, it may cause the floor too slippery and lead to serious injury. 

Q. Can you throw rugs on vinyl plank flooring?

Yes, rugs can be suitable for vinyl plank flooring. Ensure that the carpets are non-stained and their colors are not going to fade by the time. Moreover, if the rug is colorfast, then it will leave color marks on the luxury vinyl floor, which may not remove. Another thing is non-slippery fabric rugs are more comfortable than the others. The 1st thing that can misplace from the right spot by walking through it and 2nd thing may cause a severe injury by slipping over it. 

Q. How often should I vacuum on my vinyl plank floor?

Vinyl floors are generally clean. But keep in mind if any liquid spilled on it and then try to clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will sweep into the flooring and may cause any cracks. Clean the floor with a dry mop daily the day after, according to the accumulation of dirt. Moreover, using a vacuum on a vinyl plank floor once a week will be enough. 

If your environment is a little dirty and you want to save your luxury vinyl flooring from scratches or neat finishes you have to vacuum every day to collect any debris and dirt which may cause an effect on the shine of your vinyl flooring. 


Now, in the end, I will recommend you to pick a shark vacuum that offers multiple functionalities on cleaning. No doubt you are here to choose the best shark vacuum for luxury vinyl plank floors. However, it would be great if you pick a vacuum that offers cleaning on multiple floors. For instance, that can do the cleaning on the carpet floors and at vinyl plank floors. The reason for this type of vacuum will save you from spending too much money on different kinds of vacuums. 

Moreover, it’s not easy to maintain different kinds of vacuums at the same time. With a single device, it will be easy to do the overall cleaning of your home. Here we reviewed the best vacuums from a well-known brand, i.e. Shark. All vacuums offer maximum functionality with flexible features. Now the choice is all yours. Grab a perfect vacuum for your home cleaning and enjoy the cleaning of the home at a more advanced and convenient level.

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