Best office or gaming chair for sitting cross legged

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It’s not a surprise that more people are sitting cross-legged in their office chairs. But what is the best office chair for sitting cross-legged? 

If you’ve ever tried to sit cross-legged in a regular chair, you know that it can be pretty uncomfortable. That’s because most chairs are designed for people to sit with their feet flat on the ground. But there are actually a few chairs out there that are designed specifically for sitting cross-legged, and they make the experience a lot more comfortable. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best chairs for sitting cross-legged, and we’ll explain why they’re so great. Stay tuned!

5 best chairs for sitting cross legged

  1. Pipersong Meditation-Best all in one office chair for sitting cross legged.
  2. LMIKAF Ergonomic Officebest office chair for sitting cross legged.
  3. AOPARTS Kneelingbest ergonomic chair for sitting cross legged.
  4. Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair Executivebest comfortable office chair foe cross legged.
  5. Alistarbest cross legged gaming chair.

Quick overview of 5 best office or gaming chair for sitting cross legged.

Product NameFeaturesDimensions
Pipersong Meditation chairSeat cushion foam,360-degree swivel footstool, Padded with the high resilience, 23.2 x 22.8 x 15.8 inches,
26.5 pounds,
LMIKAF Ergonomic Office chairAn ergonomic footrest office chair,5D adjustable armrest,4.3inch high-density foam,29.1 x 21.3 x 13.1 inches,
45.9 pounds,
AOPARTS Kneeling office chairKneel & Seat Cushion Adjustment, Improve Seat Posture, Premium Quality,29.5 x 22.4 x 34.4 inches,
26 pounds
Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair Executive office chairPneumatic seat height adjustment, High-Quality Materials, Double-layer ergonomic backrest,19.69 x 26.77 x 45.28 inches,
43.9 pounds,
Alistar Chair High-density sponge, PU leather, Rugged steel frame, Safe hydraulic rod33 x 25 x 13 inches,
54.9 pounds,

Why should you sit cross legged at work?

How does sitting cross-legged at your desk help you to be more productive? It’s not just about comfort. Many health benefits come with this posture, which is why it’s worth trying out! Read on for a list of reasons you should sit in a crossed-legged position and start feeling healthier today.

More relaxed posture:

The first benefit of sitting cross legged on a chair is that it helps your feet and ankles relax. When you sit cross-legged on the chair, you rest most of your weight off your legs onto the floor or seat underneath. It is perfect for people who suffer from varicose veins and other circulatory problems in their legs. Sitting down also gives a full range of motion to the knees, preventing pain later due to lack of movement. It does not have any adverse effects on people without these conditions either! If you have leg issues, though, please consult with a doctor first before trying out this position at work if that applies to you too.

Comfortable seating: 

The next benefit is that it’s just more comfortable than sitting straight up all day long! Crossed legged positions will make it easier to focus on your work without having aches and pains nagging at you all day long.

For yoga poses:

The next benefit of sitting cross legged is that you can do yoga poses while you work! So you can do a quick stretch in the morning before work and then again after lunch to help your body feel better.


Another benefit of sitting cross legged is that it’s great for meditation too! It will be much easier to clear your mind if you’re not distracted by other pains from bad posture or whatever else might bother you when trying to meditate at home. So sit back, relax, and focus on clearing your thoughts while enjoying some benefits from this simple healthy habit.

5 Best office chair for sitting cross legged Review

Here we will review our best recommendation for the best office chair for sitting cross legged review in detail. Our detailed information will help you to pick your next chair carefully 

1. Pipersong Meditation-best cross legged office chair with back

Product review:

The Meditation Chair is a high-quality meditation cross legged chair that can be used as an office desk chair, cross-legged chair, and stool. The Meditation Chair has an ergonomic design for multiple sitting positions, and it provides back support when you need it. It is excellent for people who sit for extended periods, such as office workers, computer programmers, students, and anyone who wants to improve their posture. 

This meditation chair is a great way to get the benefits of meditation. The chair is designed for multiple sitting positions, allowing you to sit comfortably while maintaining your posture. The design supports cross-legged sitting, half-lotus, or full lotus postures. This ergonomic design helps you maintain proper posture and alignment during long meditations by keeping all areas of your body.

Technical details

The Cross legged chair is a great way to take care of your back. The package dimensions are 23.2 x 22.8 x 15 inches, and it weighs 26 pounds, but you’ll be glad that this item can swivel so easily! 



  • Pipersong Meditation Chair is the only meditation chair designed to be used by people of all ages and body types. 
  • It’s easy to use, comfortable, and painless!


  • The patent-pending design allows you to switch positions without ever having to get up from your seat. 
  • With our exclusive design, you can sit however you want!


  • The Pipersong Meditation Chair allows for a variety of sitting positions, including seiza (kneeling), half-lotus, full lotus, Burmese position (legs crossed in front), butterfly position (legs crossed behind), or simply sitting on your


  • The Pipersong Meditation Chair is a unique design that is perfect for meditation. 
  • It has high-quality leather, and the seat and back are padded with a thick sponge, making you comfortable when sitting on it.


  • The Pipersong Meditation Chair has a unique design, making you feel like sitting on a cloud or chair with softness. 
  • It’s very comfortable to sit on this chair as well as painless, so it will be your best choice if you want to meditate at home!


  • Comfortable seating
  • High-quality leather material
  • Patent padding design


  • Some complaints about customer support

Why do we recommend this product?

It is a meditation chair designed to bring you the ultimate comfort and relaxation. The ergonomic design of this meditation chair allows you to sit in many different positions, helping your body stay healthy while practicing meditation. It also features an adjustable backrest which you can adjust according to your height for maximum comfort.

2. LMIKAF Ergonomic-best office chair for sitting cross legged with footrest

Product review:

The LMIKAF Ergonomic Office Chair is the best office cross legged chair that can change your workstation into a luxurious recliner. Why not give yourself the best seat in the house for all of your office chores? Why wait until you’re stuck in traffic? Get your hands on the chair now and get the most out of your day.

The LMIKAF office chair is perfect for your needs. Made to be highly adjustable, all you need to do is adjust the height and tilt of the chair with the simple touch of a button. As a result, this chair is perfect for everyone who spends hours in front of their PC, phone, or gaming device without making themselves uncomfortable with soreness.

Technical details

The package dimensions measure 30x22x13 inches while weighing just shy 45 lbs and fitting nicely into any living room or bedroom decor without taking too much attention away from other items around them, such as furniture pieces.



  • LMIKAF’s ergonomic design allows you to sit comfortably for long periods. 
  • The adjustable footrest, backrest, and armrests enable you to adjust the chair to your exact body type.


  • Adjustable armrests are a must-have feature in any office chair! 
  • They allow you to move the armrest up and down, forward and backward, tilt left and right, as well, as rotate inward or outward. 
  • It is beneficial if you have a desk that is not level with the floor.


  • The backrest of our ergonomic office chair is adjustable up and down, forward and backward, to fit your body size. 
  • It also has an adjustable tilt tension knob to control the amount of recline when you lean back in the chair.


  • It has a high resilience sponge; this ergonomic office chair offers a comfortable sitting experience. 
  • It can effectively reduce pressure on the lower back and buttocks, which will help prevent fatigue and discomfort after long hours of working.


  • The adjustable backrest tilt allows you to adjust according to your body size, making it suitable for people of different heights. 
  • You can adjust the angle between 0° and 90°. 


  • Adjustable backrest
  • Natural and healthy posture
  • High sponge cushion


  • No technical flaw in the product. 

Why do we recommend this product?

The LMIKAF Ergonomic Office Chair is an office chair that can change your workstation into a luxurious recliner. Why not give yourself the best seat in the house for all of your office chores? Why wait until you’re stuck in traffic? Get your hands on the chair now and get the most out of your day.

3. OOPARTS-best Ergonomic Kneeling Chair for sitting cross legged

Product review:

The OOPARTS kneeling chair is perfect for people who love to work at home or office. You can use it as an ergonomic kneeling chair for sitting cross legged, a stool, and even a back support. The mesh cushions are thick and comfortable with high quality. The adjustable height makes it easy to adjust according to your needs, while the backrest supports your back when you need rest. It’s worth having one!

The ergonomic kneeling chair helps you improve your posture, relieve back pain, and enhance comfort while sitting. The seat is padded with thick comfortable mesh cushions that are breathable and sweat-absorbing. 

This ergonomic kneeling stool has a sturdy metal frame that folds for easy storage and transportation. In addition, it comes with a lumbar support cushion for added comfort when sitting in an upright position. You can use the kneeling chair at work or at home to enjoy a more comfortable sitting experience.

Technical details

The cross legged chair is a comfy and stylish addition to your living room. This green-colored piece comes with an adjustable height of 20″ – 24″, as well as a 90-degree seat angle for maximum relaxation potential! In addition, the cushion dimensions are 18 1/2″ x 15″, making this couch appropriate.



  • The premium quality ergonomic office chair has high-quality materials. 
  • The seat cushion has a sponge, which has good elasticity and is comfortable to sit on. 
  • The backrest has aluminum alloy, which can resist pressure and keep the chair stable.


  • A perfect combination between classic design and modern style! 
  • It’s an excellent choice for your home or office use.



  • The seat cushion height you can adjust to suit your comfort. 
  • It is easy to use, and with a quick adjustment, you can change the chair’s height according to your need.


  • Quick adjustment
  • Ergonomic design chair
  • Adjustable height stool


  • Some complaints about the packaging

Why do we recommend this product?

The Aoparts kneeling chair is a great ergonomic solution for improving your posture and reducing back pain. This kneeling chair features a thick, comfortable mesh cushion that reduces pressure on your thighs and knees, helping to prevent fatigue. In addition, the adjustable height of the stool allows you to find the right height that works best for you.

4. Hbada Ergonomic Desk-best executive office chair for sitting cross legged

Product review:

Hbada Office Chair is a new generation of ergonomic office chairs for sitting cross legged, which combines the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship. The backrest and seat have high-quality PU leather, which is both durable and comfortable. 

The armrests are adjustable to fit your height perfectly, giving you maximum comfort. The base features an adjustable gas lift that allows you to adjust the height for your settings easily. In addition, it has a 360-degree swivel design, so it can rotate freely in any direction, making it easy for you to move around as needed.

Technical details

With dimensions of 19″ x 26,” this piece will be perfect for smaller rooms alike as well as weighing just 43 pounds when assembled so that you can move around quickly without any difficulties or worries.



  • Don’t be fooled by the price! 
  • This ergonomic chair provides you with a comfortable, supportive seat. 
  • It’s durable and affordable, providing you with years of use.


  • Whether working on your computer or reading a book, our chair will keep your back in alignment while supporting your body weight. 
  • The padded cushioning provides comfort, while the adjustable armrests allow for maximum support.


  • The chair has high-quality materials that are built to last! 
  • You’ll love sitting down each day, knowing that this is an investment in yourself. It’s worth every penny!


  • This chair’s unique linkage system allows you to recline at any time with just a touch of a button! 
  • You can adjust the headrest and footrest for maximum support during those long reading sessions or movie marathons.


  • Super affordable chair
  • Adjustable headrest and armrest
  • Deep cushion seat


  • Assembly may take some time

Why do we recommend this product?

A brand-new ergonomic office chair that you can use for long periods. This executive swivel desk chair is specially designed to provide you with maximum comfort and support while working at your desk. It features a thickened cushion filled with a native sponge, which is not only comfortable but also breathable, so you will never feel hot and stuffy when using it.

5. Alistar  best gaming chair for sitting cross legged

Product review:

The Alistar Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair for sitting cross legged for your ultimate comfort. It has a high back with headrest and lumbar support, padded armrests, and breathable mesh material. In addition, the racing-style seat will provide you with maximum comfort while you game or work!

The chair has an ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support, headrest, and footrest to ensure comfort during long work hours. The chair has a durable leather cover over the padded mesh material for extra durability and style. The chair’s back is made out of aluminum tubing for extra stability and comes with 5 castor wheels to quickly move around your desk or room.

Technical details

A cross legged chair that’s just right for your office. This item is 33 x 25 x 13 inches in size and weighs 54 pounds so it will fit nicely on any desk or table of the same dimensions! 



  • The Hbada chair is ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and support.
  • Adjustable armrests allow you to find the perfect position for your arms, allowing you to work or play in your favorite position.


  • The tilt control allows you to adjust the angle of the backrest. So that you can adjust up or down as much as 90 degrees. 
  • It means that whether you are sitting upright at your desk or leaning back with your feet up on the desk, this chair will always be comfortable.


  • The HBADABRA is SGS certified, meaning it meets international safety standards. 
  • It makes it suitable for use in offices as well as homes. 
  • It’s also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about stains or spills!


  • This high-quality steel frame is built to last and can hold up to 250 pounds! 
  • You’ll never need another desk chair again. It’s perfect for both home and office use.


  • High-quality ergonomic office chair
  • High quality steel frame
  • Durable and sturdy construction


  • No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The Alistar Gaming Chair is a high-quality, ergonomic office chair with a headrest and lumbar support. The chair has an adjustable height that you can use in both home and professional environments. In addition, this gaming chair comes with a 360 swivel so you can spin around to get the job done!

Best office chair for sitting cross legged Buying guide: 

It is not easy to find the best office chair for sitting cross legged. You need to consider many things when buying an office chair, and comfortability is one of them. This article will help guide you through what you should look for in a good office chair so that you can buy the right one.


The first factor you need to consider before purchasing is the size of your office. It is to make sure that you will sit in the chair without any problems for an extended period. If it’s very small, this could lead to bad posture, which can cause discomfort and even pain after hours sitting on the chair.

Comfortable padding: 

The next factor you need to consider is comfortable padding. For example, you do not want an office chair that will make you uncomfortable after sitting for a few hours, so the best thing to look out for is soft padding which can help relieve pain and discomfort in your back.

Ergonomic design: 

The next factor you should consider when buying an office chair is its ergonomics or “design” of the seat itself. It includes armrests (if it comes with one), lumbar support (back cushion), which you can adjust according to your height and weight, an adjustable tilt control knob, etc. These features are also essential because these components affect how comfortable you feel while sitting on it throughout the day; this could even prevent any injury from happening as well!

Adjustable features: 

Another essential factor to consider is the adjustable features to adjust it to fit your body and height. These features include the arms, seat cushion (height), back support, lumbar pillow/cushion, etc., which you could personally adjust to fit perfectly for YOU!

Color and design: 

The next factor is the color and design. Yes, the color may not be a big deal for you (most people think it isn’t) but just imagine if your desk chair is grey or dull looking? You might feel uninspired to work after seeing that every morning! So having an appealing/attractive seat will help motivate you throughout the day at work.

Other factors: 

Many other factors include price, features and materials used, warranty information, and customer service availability. However, these components should also all depend on what YOU prefer best when buying one. Don’t worry too much about comparing each of them equally because they could provide different benefits depending on YOUR lifestyle & preferences!


A lot of people who sit cross-legged on their office chairs are doing so to combat back pain. To help you find the perfect one, we’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions about office chairs that you can use while sitting cross-legged.

Q. Is sitting cross legged on a chair good for you?

Yes, sitting cross legged on a chair is good for you. Sitting in a cross-legged position will help you to maintain your back posture and improve it.

Q. Can I sit cross-legged on my office chair with wheels?

Yes, You can sit cross legged on an office chair with or without wheels as long as the seat is large enough for both of your legs to fit in comfortably. Be sure that there is plenty of space between your knees and the edge of your seat.

Q. Is it comfortable to sit cross-legged on an office chair?

Yes, sitting in a crossed-leg position is highly comfortable for you as long as you find a perfect balance between the width and height of the chair. The correct angle will allow you to maintain good posture while keeping blood flow unrestricted.

Q. If I sit cross-legged, will the pressure be off my back?

You might not feel immediately relieved of your back pain if you simply switch to sitting in another position. Instead, consider investing in an ergonomically designed office chair that has been created with your particular needs in mind.

Q. Why is sitting cross-legged so hard?

Sitting on a cross leg chair is hard because you will have to lean forward to accommodate the height of your chair. The resulting angle is uncomfortable for your back, and that feeling will only worsen over time.

Q. Is it possible to sit cross-legged on a normal office chair?

You might be able to squeeze yourself into an uncomfortable position when sitting with legs crossed on an average-sized chair, but this can cause more harm than good – so avoid it at all costs! Some people may experience pain or discomfort after just ten minutes, while others cannot bear even one minute before their muscles start cramping up. Kneeling chairs help relieve lower back pain by straightening posture and allowing users to maintain good body alignment throughout the day.


If you’ve been struggling to find the best office chair for sitting cross-legged, we have some recommendations. With so many options on the market today, it can be tough to know which one is best suited for your needs and preferences. To help narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great options that will suit any budget or taste! We hope this serves as a helpful guide in finding just what you’re looking for!

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