How to make office chair more comfortable?

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It is tough to work for many hours in an office if your chair is not comfortable. If you want to know how to make office chair more comfortable, there are some things that you can do. 

If you work long hours in the office, chances are your chair is not doing a great job of supporting your back and neck. The more time you spend sitting at a desk, the more critical it becomes to make sure that your chair is comfortable enough to sit in for hours on end. In this article, we will share our top tips on how to make office chair more comfortable. 

Tips how to make office chair more comfortable

Here are some important tips on how can you make your office chair much more comfortable.

Get a big chair than your size

The first thing you can do to make your chair comfortable is to ensure that you have selected the right chair for your needs. Here we will recommend you to get a big chair then you if you can. If you have a small chair, it could make your back and neck feel even more tired from sitting in the same position for long periods. So if the size is an issue, get a bigger one!

Get a chair with good padding:

Good padding also has a comfortable role in the comfort of your chair. If you have a chair with poor padding, your body will quickly feel tired so if it’s possible, get a better quality office chair that is more comfortable and has good padding!

Get an ergonomic office chair:

An ergonomic office chair is also essential for the comfort of your work environment. Since these types of chairs come in many different shapes and sizes, getting the right fit for your needs is essential. In addition, they can help improve posture by providing support while sitting on them, which can help reduce back pain or neck problems from long hours spent sitting at their desks working on computers, etc. Getting one could be an excellent investment, especially if you spend most of your day down doing paperwork etc.

Get a chair with an adjustable headrest.

The next thing you can do to make your chair more comfortable is get a chair with an adjustable headrest. Adjustable headrests allow you to move the headrest up and down. This ensures that your neck is correctly aligned with your spine, which will help reduce pain in both of these areas.

Adjust your seating position

The next thing that you can do is to adjust your seating position. You want to make sure that you are sitting at the right height with a comfortable seat.

You can do this by adjusting the height of your chair and footrest. It is recommended that when you sit in your office chair, your feet should be flat on the floor or on a footrest.

This will help reduce pain from being in one position for too long during work hours. To prevent back pain, it’s important to change positions throughout various parts of the day while working in an office environment.

Support your lower back

Adding a lumbar support pillow will help with back pain and posture while working on the computer for long periods. You can purchase different shapes and sizes of lumbar pillows depending upon what you need from the online store. For example, if your job requires that you sit in one position all day, consider purchasing an inflatable type of lumbar pillow as it is more stable than foam-filled ones. However, if you have to move around frequently, go for a memory foam-based model, which has a maximum comfort level during extended use.

Adjust the Recline

You can also try changing the position of where you sit in your office chair if possible. For example, instead of sitting straight up with both feet on the floor or footrest, try reclining slightly so that one leg is off the ground while resting against the desk or wall. This way, every few minutes when working at a computer for long periods, you are not always in an upright position which can cause muscle fatigue and contribute to pain problems.

Adjust your accessories

You can adjust your accessories like your desk height, keyboard height, monitor, and chair height. By changing the accessories to meet your body size, you are less likely to experience pain in your back, neck, or shoulders while working at a computer for long periods.

Add a seat cushion

To make your seat comfortable, you can add a seat cushion to your office chair. A seat cushion will help you sit up straight to avoid slouching.

Add a footrest

Other options are to add an adjustable height desk or even set your chair on top of blocks so that you will be able to adjust the height according to what makes you feel most comfortable when sitting down in front of your computer screen for many hours throughout the day.

Use a wrist rest

Another thing that you can do is use a wrist rest to prevent long-term damage. Use a mat or pad for your desk chair or anything that will provide you with a comfy feel on your arms.

Practice Good Posture

Another thing that you can do is practice good posture. You can practice good posture. Try to sit up straight or stand with your back against the wall to keep yourself from slouching.


Q. Can you make a chair more comfortable?

Yes, you can make a chair more comfortable. There are different ways to make your office chair more comfortable. For example, you can add extra pillows or cushions so that the back of your body is well supported when seated for long periods in front of a computer screen or desk workstation.

Q. Why are my office chairs so uncomfortable?

An office chair can make you uncomfortable if it is not comfortable enough. For example, the chair may have a sharp corner that protrudes and pokes you in the back or arm area while sitting on your office chair for long periods.

Another reason why an office chair can be uncomfortable is because it does not provide proper support to your body when seated at the workstation.

Q. How can I make my easy chair more comfortable?

There are different methods to make your chair more comfortable. You can add a seat cushion, or you can add a footrest and lumbar support.


When it comes to the work environment, most people will agree that a comfortable chair is essential. If you’re finding how to make office chair comfortable or if you are struggling with back pain or neck strain from sitting in an uncomfortable office chair all day long, we have some helpful tips and tricks for making your workspace more enjoyable! The best way to make sure that the adjustments we recommend work are by testing them out in a live setting, where any tweaks can be made on the fly.

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