Best saddle chairs for hip pain

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Are you a cyclist with hip pain? Even if you’re not a cyclist, the chances are that your hips hurt from sitting too much. Best saddle chairs for hip pain help to redistribute the weight of your body.

If you’re wondering what the best saddle chairs for hip pain are, we’ve got the information you need. Read on to find out more! Did you know that sitting in a chair with a curved back can cause increased pressure on your spine and hips? It is why it’s essential to use a saddle chair when possible. 

A saddle chair will help relieve this pressure while still giving your lower back support. If you have been struggling with chronic or acute pain in your hips, we have compiled a list of the 5 best saddle chairs for hip pain here. I am pretty sure our list will help you to find your next product carefully. 

5 best saddle chairs for hip pain

  1. Jobri BetterPosturebest multifunction saddle chair for hip pain
  2. FRNIAMC Hydraulicbest adjustable saddle chair for hip pain
  3. Kanewell Twin Adjustablebest comfortable saddle chair for hip pain
  4. 2xhome – Ergonomic Adjustable Rollingbest saddle stool chair for hip
  5. HAG Capisco Adjustablebest dental saddle chair for hip pain

Quick overview of best saddle chairs for hip pain

Product NameFeaturesDimensions/weight
Jobri BetterPosture chairSaddle seat shape, Long-lasting tubular metal frame, Durable leather seat cover,24.41 x 24.41 x 7.87 inches; 
17.5 Pounds,
FRNIAMC Hydraulic chairSeat Height Adjustable, Heavy-duty 5 Nylon wheels, 1 Year- Guarantee,24.31 x 23.01 x 10.6 inches, 
23.17 Pounds,
Kanewell Twin Adjustable chairPatented split-saddle, Meets CA TB117 flammability, BIFMA safety standards,22 x 22 x 13 inches,
30 pounds,
2xhome – Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling chairSturdy 5 caster rolling base, Made from PU Leather, Extra comfort, 16.5 x 17 x 52.75 inches,
15 Pounds, 
HAG Capisco Adjustable chairAward-winning design, maximum healthy sitting positioning, 50% recycled material,15.5 x 23.5 x 40.5 inches,
30.5 pounds,

What is a saddle chair, and how does it help with hip pain?

What is a saddle chair?

A saddle chair is an office chair that provides support for the back, hips, and thighs. It does this by using a saddle-like seat with an attached backrest. The design of the saddle chair allows it to provide support in all three areas without limiting movement from side to side or forward and backward. It means that people who use a saddle chair can sit comfortably for extended periods without feeling pain in their hip joints, lower back, or knees.

How does a saddle chair help with hip pain?

The first benefit of using a saddle chair with hip pain is supporting the hips and thighs. It allows people to sit in a healthy position with their legs bent at 90 degrees, which is how they naturally want to sit when there isn’t pain present. The seat of a saddle chair fits this natural sitting position by being shaped like an inverted triangle so that the front edge makes contact with the backs of your knees while you are seated. It also has a cutout area directly under your thigh, so you can place your feet on the floor without having them slide off or get lost inside all of the paddings on some other types of office chairs!

The second benefit is more mental than physical: Using an excellent ergonomic chair will help keep hip pain from worsening over time. A good saddle chair will make it easier to sit for more extended periods because it keeps the body in an upright position instead of forcing you into a reclined posture, which can also cause neck and shoulder strain. You will be able to work more productively without having your mind wander off pain concerns or aches!

Best saddle chairs for hip pain review

Here we will go through our detailed review of the best saddle chair for hip pain. We will discuss all the pros and cons so we can choose our next product carefully. 

1. Jobri BetterPosture-best multifunctional saddle chairs for hip pain

Product review:

The BetterPosture Saddle Chair provides a comfortable and ergonomic saddle chair for hip pain for the sitting experience. The saddle seat is ideal for those who sit for long periods, as it promotes good posture by encouraging the user to maintain an upright posture. It also helps relieve pressure on the lower back, legs, and feet while sitting.

Reduce pressure on the lower back and improve posture while sitting. Helps to prevent or relieve discomfort associated with sciatica, herniated discs, pinched nerves, spinal stenosis, and other spinal disorders. Also, improves blood circulation in the legs and feet by encouraging a more active movement of the legs during work time.

Technical details

Jobri BetterPosture chair is a stylish, well-made office chair that can handle up to 113.4 Kilograms! It is black with a polished aluminum frame and nylon casters, making it super practical for use in any room type from home or office settings. The product has dimensions of 24.41 x 24.41 x 7.87 inches, and the weight is 17.5 Pounds. 



  • The Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair is a therapeutic saddle seat that provides the ultimate comfort and support. 
  • The ergonomic design of this chair promotes proper posture, corrects slouching, and helps to eliminate fatigue.


  • This chair features a unique, patented saddle seat shape that supports your lower back for optimal lumbar support. 
  • The contoured shape of the BetterPosture Saddle Chair also helps you maintain an upright posture while sitting.


  • The Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair is designed with high-quality steel construction to ensure maximum durability and comfort. 
  • This saddle seat has a polished aluminum five-point base with twin disc nylon casters for easy mobility around your office or home.


  • High quality steel material
  • Dual wheel casters
  • Therapeutic chair for hip pain


  • Padding can be improved

Why do we recommend this product?

The Jobri BetterPosture Saddle Chair is the perfect chair for any office. This multifunctional ergonomic saddle chair will fit in with any decor, and you can use it by anyone who sits at a desk or computer for long periods.

2. FRNIAMC Hydraulic-best saddle chair for dental hygienist 

Product review:

The FRNIAMC hydraulic saddle stool chair is dental hygienist equipment, which has high-quality cold-rolled steel. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, and durable use. The seat can be adjusted to many different heights from 18″ to 33″. It’s an ideal chair for a beauty salon, massage parlor, or dental clinic. It also can be used as a dining chair in your home.

This chair is perfect for a beauty salon, massage shop, dental clinic, and office. This Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Adjustable Chair has a heavy-duty steel frame with a 360-degree swivel seat that you can adjust to the height you need. In addition, the hydraulic saddle rolling adjustable chair features an extra-wide seat, backrest, and armrests. It also comes with a foot ring for added comfort.

Technical details

FRNIAMC’s Hydraulic Saddle chair is a sleek, black design that packs plenty of features into its 24.31 x 23.01 x 10.6-inch package! In addition, the metal frame and leather seat make this extremely durable.



  • The hydraulic saddle rolling adjustable chair is made of heavy-duty aluminum legs and a steel frame. 
  • It has a load capacity of 250kg that you can adjust from 820mm to 1020mm in height. 
  • It makes it suitable for people between 150cm and 200cm tall. 
  • The seat is thick and soft, with a reinforced nylon corset that provides extra support for your back.


  • The hydraulic saddle is an adjustable rolling chair that can adjust from 820mm to 1020mm in height. 
  • It makes it suitable for people between 150cm and 200cm tall.
  • It also has an anti-exploding plate under the seat cushion to


  • This chair has a wider seat than other chairs in its range, which means more support for your back when sitting down. 
  • The padding also provides extra comfort. 


  • Comfortable padding
  • Super comfy
  • Thicker and padded seat


  • Wheels construction can be improved

Why do we recommend this product?

FRNIAMC Hydraulic Saddle Rolling Adjustable chair is your new beauty salon massage dental office desk stool. This heavy-duty (350 lbs) hydraulic rolling seat with adjustable backrest and armrests will give you the comfort and support you need to work long hours.

3. Kanewell Twin Adjustable-best ergonomic adjustable chairs for hip pain

Product review:

The Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool with Backrest is a comfortable and ergonomic saddle chair for hip pain and is the best option for working at a standing desk. This adjustable saddle stool has a split-saddle design that provides back support and prevents the rider from sliding forward, making it an ideal choice for hours of use. In addition, its leather upholstery comes in three colors to complement your office décor.

This sturdy saddle stool features dual adjustment knobs that allow you to change its width and angle for personalized comfort, as well as eight different sitting positions. Comfortable, adjustable saddle stool with backrest. The Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool is designed to increase circulation and prevent muscle fatigue while working at a computer or desk.

The split-saddle seat provides support for your back, thighs, and buttocks. The height and angle adjustment allow you to customize the fit of the stool to your body size and shape for maximum comfort. 

Technical details

The Kanewell Twin Saddle chair is a stylish and durable piece that’s perfect for your living room or office. This black leather accessory has an ergonomic triangular design, making it comfortable enough to sit on all day long without getting sore from its weight of 30 pounds! It also comes with package dimensions of 22 x 22 x 13 inches. 



  • The Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool Chair is a new design for office seating. 
  • It has been designed to give you the best possible sitting experience.


  • The chair provides outstanding comfort and support for your back, legs, and buttocks. 
  • It is also very easy to adjust with its height adjustment mechanism.


  • The patented Split Saddle allows air to flow freely between your buttocks. 
  • It keeps them cool even on hot days when you wear tight clothing or have sensitive skin that tends to get irritated by conventional chairs.


  • This chair is made from top-quality genuine leather that will last for years without cracking or peeling off as cheaper alternatives do. 
  • It makes it an investment worth making. 


  • High-quality material
  • Patented saddle
  • Adjustable and comfortable 


  • No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The Kanewell Twin Adjustable Saddle Stool with Backrest is the perfect companion to your workstation. It features an adjustable seat and backrest for a customized fit and eight in-between sitting and standing positions. In addition, the saddle seat is wide enough to accommodate different body types but narrow enough to allow you to move around your work area quickly.

4. 2xhome – Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool Chair

Product review:

2xhome – Ergonomic Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool Chair provides maximum comfort while sitting. The saddle chair for hip pain has a seat that offers ample support for your lower back, legs, and hips. In addition, the adjustable height feature allows you to easily adjust the height of the chair to fit your body’s needs. 

The rolling casters allow you to This is the most popular rolling saddle stool in the market. This ergonomic adjustable rolling saddle chair with back wheels supports clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical and dental use.

It has a comfortable padded seat and backrest. The casters are rubber to prevent damage to floors, and it comes with non-skid feet that keep the chair in place while you work or relax.

Technical details

2xhome’s Saddle chair is a durable, comfortable piece of furniture that looks great in your home. The 16 1/2 x 17-inch seat and back are made from PU leatherette for added durability, while metal straps keep it sturdy when weight capacity allows up to 15 pounds per person!



  • It comes with a saddle seat, which allows for your pelvis to remain in an aligned position. 
  • The saddle seat design also provides additional comfort and support.


  • The 5 castors rolling base that you can quickly move around the house or office. 
  • It has a sturdy construction that ensures stability when sitting on the chair.


  • PU leather material is soft and comfortable to sit on while being easy to clean at the same time. 
  • It makes it ideal for use in homes or offices where children or pets are running around!


  • The base of the chair is stronger and more stable than other similar products. 
  • It has a broader footrest and thicker legs, which provides more stable support for your body weight.


  • The backrest cushion is thickened by 2cm, providing extra comfort when you sit on it.
  • The design can reduce pressure on your lower back, preventing fatigue.


  • Thick padded design
  • Durable base design
  • Leather material


  • Bit pricey

Why do we recommend this product?

The 2xhome Adjustable Rolling Saddle Stool Chair is a versatile and durable office chair that will be a great addition to your home, office, or workplace. It has a saddle seat design with adjustable height and backrest, which allows you to work at the right angle.

5. HAG Capisco Adjustable-best saddle chair for back pain

Product review:

The HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Desk Chair is a healthier saddle chair that is the perfect solution for those who spend long hours at a desk. It features an adjustable seat height, tilts tension control, and 360-degree swivel rotation to ensure comfort throughout your workday. The chair’s unique design also provides excellent back support while encouraging good posture.

It features an ergonomic design that provides the ultimate comfort and support for your back, arms, legs, and neck. This innovative desk chair can be adjusted to 4 positions to fit your body’s natural movements as you work. In addition, the seat height adjusts from 16″ – 23″, with a tilt tension control knob and tilt lock function.

Technical details

The product dimensions are 15.5 x 23 5/8 x 40 3/4 inches, making it easy for storage or travel purposes as well; this item will look good sitting in front of the desk and on an accent wall where personalization matters most.



  • Just turn the knob to adjust your height from sitting to standing. 
  • The HAG Capisco offers a healthy alternative to sitting all day.


  • The ergonomic design provides comfort for long hours of use, while the mesh back and seat make it breathable and easy on your body.


  • Standing desks are great for improving health, but they can be expensive! 
  • The HAG Capisco is an affordable option that allows you to save money by converting any desk into a standing desk.


  • The HAG Capisco is an affordable option for those who want to keep their muscles active while sitting at work all day. 
  • It promotes good posture and healthy circulation, so you feel great both mentally and physically!


  • Affordable and super comfortable
  • Healthy posture
  • All-day comfort


  • No technical flaw in the product

Why do we recommend this product?

The HAG Capisco Adjustable Standing Chair is a simple, affordable solution to all your sitting problems. The chair comes with an easy-to-use gas spring that lets you raise the seat height from the typical sitting position up to 19″ for standing. 

Best saddle chairs for hip pain buying guide:

When it comes to buying the best saddle chair for hip pain, many factors come into play. The following guide will help you buy the best saddle chair for your needs. In addition, we’ll discuss how to find the right size, ergonomic features, and more!

Ergonomic design:

The first factor to consider is the ergonomic design. The best saddle chairs support your body’s natural curves, which helps reduce sitting discomfort and hip pain! It is because hip pain often occurs when there’s too much pressure on your feet, hands, buttocks – or even lower back.

Different types:

There are two main types of saddles that you might consider for hip relief at work – fixed-height or adjustable height. Fixed-height models offer a stable seat level throughout the day with an average desk height adjustment range between 30-36 inches high (76cm). However, it may not be suitable if you’re over six feet tall as they tend to lack legroom below desk level. Adjustable versions can to several positions depending on how much comfort you want.

Backrest and seat width:

The next factor to consider before purchase is the backrest and the seat width. More comprehensive adjustability for hip relief at work can help if you’re looking to avoid pressure on your thighs, especially if they’re bigger than average in circumference. For those who want a little more reach forward or need additional space behind their hips – check out models with an adjustable back as well as height adjustment.


The next thing worth considering is how comfortable it’s going to be over more extended periods. While some people might feel fine after four hours sitting down, others may start feeling sore and uncomfortable by hour two! If that sounds like you, consider purchasing one with added cushioning (especially around where your bum goes), mesh upholstery that helps circulate airflow.


The next factor to consider is the degree of adjustability that it has. Some people have higher or lower backs than others, so you want to make sure the chair you can adjust to provides additional support for your back accordingly. For instance, if you’re tall and have a high arch in your back, consider buying one with an adjustable seat depth where your body goes into the seat itself.

Other features

You also need to consider that some come with other features that can be useful for the user. For instance, you need to look at whether it comes with armrests which are helpful if your hips or knees start hurting.

Some models also have advanced lumbar support mechanisms (for instance, rollers) where users can adjust according to their needs and use any potential pressure points on their back.


Finally, consider the price because even though these chairs aren’t cheap, they should last a long time without breaking down, so you want them to be worth every penny spent! So take your time picking one out, and I hope this guide will help you make an informed decision when buying a saddle chair for hip pain relief!!


Q. Do saddle chairs help with hip pain?

There are many things to help you with your hip pain, but I found that a saddle chair is one of the best. There are some great benefits to using a saddle chair at work. For one, they keep the hip joint mobile which can prevent back pain. That’s why it’s not surprising that many people who use them report improvements in their hip pain. 

Q. What is the best chair for hip and back pain?

The best chairs for hip and back pain are the ones that have good lumbar support. I recommend saddle chairs because they’re ergonomic, adjustable, and comfortable. Moreover, a chair with hip and back support is the best option if you suffer from these kinds of pains!

Q. Do saddle chairs work?

They’re great for your back! I love the way they feel. Saddle chairs are unique! They make your back feel great because the entire chair works with them. The best part is that they’re super comfortable to sit in for hours on end.

Q. Are saddle stools worth it?

Saddle seats are fantastic because you don’t have to move your legs at all. They’re definitely worth the investment! Saddle stools are an excellent way to add a pop of color and style to your dining room. Plus, they’re affordable!


There are many options for how you can find relief from hip pain, but one of the most common and effective treatments is to use a saddle chair. Saddle chairs have been proven to help with back problems and provide support for your spine by reducing pressure on it. We’ve put together this list of our five best recommendations so that you can choose which will work best in your office or at home. Which do you think would be best suited for someone who has had surgery on their hips? What about someone who needs extra cushioning because they sit all day long? Let us know if we missed any great ones! 

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