What are the main components of a Laptop?

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Are you thinking of purchasing a new laptop and want to know what are the main components of a Laptop? The laptop has become a basic need of students, professionals, and even gamers.

So what are the main components of a Laptop?

 Are you wondering about the essential components of a laptop or computer? The craze of computers is very common among kids and adults nowadays. A computer is a necessary part of education and entertainment purposes. Moreover, some people consider computer games as a sport and a hobby.

Before purchasing a laptop or computer it is necessary to learn about the basic components and technical description of a laptop. Laptop parts consist of the display screen, keyboard, RAM, ROM, battery, Hard disk, speaker, and many more.

In this article, I will guide you on What are the main components of a Laptop? Moreover, this article will provide technical knowledge that will help in increasing the computing performance of your device.

Major Components of Laptop

Laptops are portable and save space. Usually, people compare laptops with tablets and smartphones. However, laptops have a hard drive, RAM, display, and CPU and are easily modified according to the need of the user. Different user has different demands and the right guide helps you in choosing the right laptop. Let’s look at the essential part of the laptop.

1. Display 

The display screen is a known as monitor screen in the case of a desktop. It is an output device and without a screen, the display of the laptop cannot operate. There is different type of Display screen like LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), LED (Light Emitting Diodes), and CCFL (Cold cathode fluorescent light). Generally, modern laptops have an LCD screen. These display screens provide good display quality and power consumption.

2. CPU (Central processing unit)

CPU is the major and controlling unit of the laptop. Generally, it is present at the base panel. CPU is the brain of the computer and the speed of the processor determines the performance. The multicore processor can performances various tasks at the same time. Furthermore, the speed of the processor is GHz (gigahertz). Gaming laptops require a good CPU mostly experts recommend intel core i5 10 generations.

3. Hard drive

A hard drive storage device and is responsible for the high performance of a laptop. In general, the hard drive is abbreviated by HD or HDD. A hard drive can save up to hundreds of gigabytes of storage space. Both desktop and laptop computers have hard drives. However, desktop computer hard drives have better storage capacity.A laptop for professionals requires a large storage device for better performance.

4. RAM (Random Access memory)

RAM is the primary memory of the system and is also known as short-term data storage memory. Generally, ram stores information that needs to be accessed immediately and it is necessary to run the computer faster. Desktop RAM is greater than a laptop because more program requires more RAM.

5. Keyboard and touchpad

The keyboard is an input device that is present at the base panel of the laptop. The laptop keyboard is attached to the laptop and it’s smaller than the external keyboard. A touchpad is also an input device and works as a mouse. 

6. Top panel

The laptop case has two panels, the top panel, and the base panel. Moreover, the top panel is an important part of the laptop because it provides installation space for the laptop screen and front camera.

7. Base panel

The base panel provides installation space to the main parts such as processor, keyboard, motherboard, Hard drive, cooling fan, SSD card, and many others. The base panel makes the laptop easier to work and saves space.

8. Motherboard

The motherboard is present at the base panel of the laptop and it is the place where you find power connectors, chips, memory slots, CPU, and other important components. Moreover, the motherboard is the most delicate and important part of a laptop. It is located at the center and connects to other parts of a laptop. If the user tries to change parts on the motherboard warranty will be void. Expert suggests seeking professionals and experts for repairs and modification.

9. Cooling Fan

Both laptops and desktops have a cooling fan. However, laptop cooling fans are smaller in size. Cooling fans are present in the base panel. Generally, laptops get heated and cooling fans cool down the temperature of the CPU, GPU, and other internal components.

10. ROM (Read-only memory)

RAM and ROM are different types of system memory. ROM memory is semi-permanent memory and non-volatile. Generally, ROM memory exists when the laptop is turned off. However, RAM is erasable. ROM memory has a part of Boot firmware and operating system. ROM memory is present on the motherboard.

11. video card

the video card is a graphic card and is also known as GPU (Graphics Processing unit). It is necessary to improve video or photo quality. Most gaming computers have a high-quality graphics card. It improves picture and gaming quality.

12. External Ports

There are many ports and base panels of the laptop like a USB port, VGA port, MIC port, headphone jack port, Ethernet port, and many others. These ports connect the laptop with other devices. For student laptops, these ports are important because of external devices’ connection for educational purposes. The most important port is the Ethernet cable it allows to connect to a wireless connection.


Computer and laptop are the basic requirements of the new era. Before purchasing a new laptop one should know what are the main components of a Laptop? The laptop has many important parts like processor, HHD, external ports, motherboard, ROM, RAM, screen, keyboard, and many others. Everyone has different usage of laptops and computers. For example, gaming laptops require a good processor and graphic card. Additionally, a laptop for education purposes needs good memory space (ROM and RAM) and external ports. In the end, it depends upon the need of the user to buy a laptop according to its requirements.

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