Panasonic NN-SA651S stainless steel microwave oven

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When we talk of daily life home appliances, microwave electric ovens are on the top of the list for appliances that are used in our kitchen. In Europe, America,, and other developed countries there is not a single house where they don’t have microwave ovens in their respective kitchens. It has a very significant importance of being used to reheat whatever may be leftover in our freezers or ice boxes. People also use the best microwave oven Panasonic NN-SA651S for making popcorn to make their movie night more enjoyable.

Microwave ovens have been introduced years ago. But now with the advent of the latest technology, one can easily upgrade to some latest types and models. One such latest model for your kitchen’s choice should be Panasonic stainless steel microwave oven NN-SA651S. It will help you modernize your kitchen. It is way cheaper than other models of the same category. With the latest technology employed in it, it can help you bake and defrost your foods in minutes if not in seconds. 

About Company :

Panasonic was started as a brand back in 1955. So it has a long history of serving people across the globe for its best selling appliances. It had started its business by selling audio speakers hence the name “pan” and “sonic”. So it depicts the echoing sound across the world for its renowned work by introducing the latest appliances to ease out man in his daily life. Since 2008, it has been rebranded as a corporate and a leading brand company which offers services and products. Panasonic is determined with the aim of creating a better world where people can enjoy modern technology.

Panasonic continues to contribute to the upbringing and evolution of society so that we can bring happiness to the faces of people across the planet. We have introduced the latest models of microwave ovens in the market. One of them is the Panasonic NN-SA651S best stainless steel microwave oven. Which is of top quality with everything latest employed in this unit. Cost is also in the affordable range of a common man.


A countertop microwave oven like Panasonic NN-SA651S stainless steel microwave oven having built-in latest inverter technology, one can have easy and quick meal preparation and defrosting in seconds. Inverter Turbo Defrost technology is the latest and much superior to its previous counterparts like Panasonic Auto defrost. It helps you in defrosting your desired foods much faster than later. 

Since it has got a 13-½-inch turntable which ensures smooth and even heating. Also because of automated features, it calculates cooking time automatically and power is also adjusted by its auto cook button for various varieties of foods. So no manual work is needed to run it, hence bringing more luxury and comfort in your kitchen work. 

It has got a menu action screen that acts like a chef who is assisting you in making your choices easy going. It has displayed in English and Spanish languages. Cooking instructions are displayed in a stepwise fashion as you keep on scrolling the display. 

Product features

Quick specifications: 

  • Power 12 Watts
  • Style countertop 
  • Inverter Turbo Defrost 
  • Inverter technology 
  • Auto cooking and reheating system

Detailed Features :

  1. Height >> 12 inches 
  2. Width >>21 inches 
  3. Depth >>16 inches
  4. vent type >> non venting 
  5. Menu action screen with multiple languages 
  6. Capacity >> 1.2cft
  7. Exterior dimensions >> H*W*D 121/4″ 11/16 15 13/16
  8. Power consumption >> 1480W
  9. Power supply >> inverter 
  10. Face of door/base stainless steel(normal) 
  11. Cabinet body silver, white
  12. Interior color >> white 
  13. Interior lighting >> yes
  14. Panel design >> membrane 
  15. Clock >> 12H 
  16. sensor  >> no
  17. Child lock >> yes
  18. Turbo defrost >> yes 
  19. Kitchen timer >> yes 99 min 99sec
  20. Standing time >> yes 99 min 99sec
  21. Cooking time >> 99min 99 sec
  22. Display backlight color green
  23. Language >> English 
  24. Operating instructions language English 
  25. Auro reheating auto reheating (1/2/3/4 servings) 
  26. Weight >> 30.8 lbs
  27. Popcorn button >> yes
  28. Programmable features 
  29. Turntable glass tray >>(340mm)
  30. Safety standard UL

Pros and cons


  •  It has tons of features that make it one of the latest and best microwave ovens in the market as compared to what it has replaced. 
  • This unit is especially appreciated because it makes no noise, a super quiet oven indeed. 
  • Its door opens easily.
  • Overall it’s working is satisfactory after rigorous tests were carried out on it. 
  • The unit is easy to handle by all age groups who go to the kitchen for cooking purposes. 
  • One of its fascinating features is its quick button operation, you can push it again for the time duration of your choosing from one to ten minutes. It’s up to you. 
  • Panasonic NN SA651S also got other prominent operating features like auto cook, popcorn, turbo defrost, and temp control as per requirement. 


  • It has no interior lighting setup which should help in viewing while using it. 
  • The light only works when you cook something. So you might need a flashlight while using it. 
  • It’s description label it as stainless steel but honestly telling there is a very thin trimming on the front of the oven and that’s it. So it doesn’t make its whole body as made up of stainless steel. Its interior is also not made up of stainless steel. I think it’s a painted steel body inside. So making this whole object as regular steelwork. 
  • It needs more latest sensors. 

Buying Guide :

We are living in the year 2020. Obviously, it’s the era of the latest technologies and high-end scientific products. So is true about microwave ovens which used to have a basic function of pressing buttons manually and then waiting for a long time until the food was ready and served. But those days are gone now. Tens of hundreds of companies across the globe are offering their models of different sizes, shapes, latest technology applied and every unit has a different price tag. So you need to look at the following factors before making a final decision about purchasing your unit. 


How much power a microwave oven consumes at its normal operation is a basic question which every customer asks before making a product by any company. Wattage drained by a microwave oven is directly proportional to its power. Wattage can differ in different models but its normal range is between 650W-1950W. A general principle is that the higher the Wattage, the lesser time it takes for cooking your food. Most of the combination types of microwave ovens have already pre-set programs i. e temperature and power level are fixed. But other types allow you to select settings of your own choosing which makes them versatile. So you need to consider this aspect of power usage by oven also before selecting your unit.  


One needs to think seriously about the place of keeping an oven after buying it from the market. Keep in mind about the height width and all dimensions of a unit that you are going to buy. 

Most countertop varieties need more space for their placement as well as a proper ventilation system. Because countertop ovens expelled a lot of hot air, hence you need to think about this aspect as well of having a place where there is a proper ventilation system. So make sure you have adequate space in your kitchen with proper ventilating ducts. 

Whereas built-in models have ventilation kits installed. 


Modern microwave ovens are of two types depending on the inside fixture of their body. 

  • Turntable 

Some combination types and solo microwave ovens have got a rotating platform that automatically rotates the food to ensure smooth and even cooking. 

  • Flatbed

These types of ovens employ different technology which also evenly distribute heat like a turntable but without rotating the platform inside it. Flatbed types have got extra space inside them offering greater space which ultimately allows you to place dishes of different sizes and foods of different varieties. 


The cost of microwave ovens varies depending on their size, technology, and models. Usually, countertop ones are cheaper as compared to ovens which are to be built into the cabinetry or kitchen wall. 

Small-sized countertops can cost you $50, mid-size is available in a range of $ 100-150. Whereas built-in designs can cost you nearly $400 per unit

Conclusion :

Microwave ovens are usually considered convenient home appliances which aid us in quick food preparation. If you thought that they are only used in reheating our frozen foods then obviously you’ll be surprised to know the fact that they can perform a variety of functions. 

On one side we got solo kind of ovens which help us in reheating and defrosting. On the other side complex models which employ the latest technologies offering us integrated grills and also work as countertop microwave ovens. So every type of microwave oven is put into the trials so as to see their real-time functions and capabilities

So making a long story short, before you spend some hundreds of dollars by buying a perfect microwave oven for your kitchen, make sure to look after every aspect from its size, from model to power usage. Check out if its cost is in your range or beyond your wallet capacity. Don’t forget to ask for the technology applied and its settings. 

Keeping in view all the detailed features, following the buying guide and after taking into consideration its pros and cons, we suggest going for Panasonic NN-SA651S stainless steel microwave oven. With a capacity of 1.2 cft, power consumption of 1480W, and a budget range of $50 to $100, also with its inverter technology applied it will serve you the best delicious flavors, beautiful colors, perfect shape, and texture of foods which you cook. Its key features of Inverter Turbo Defrost allow you to quickly defrost your freezer items faster than what it has replaced. Reheat and auto cook features make it the leading model of ovens in the market. A multilingual screen makes things even easier for you and acts as an assistant chef to you in your kitchen. 

In short, if you want to enjoy delicious and mouth-watering foods, a lot of popcorn to enjoy your movie night then Panasonic NN-SA651S stainless steel microwave is the right choice for your kitchen. Go and grab your unit. We are waiting to serve you.

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