Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains| review and buying guide 2021

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Hello everyone, are you worried about pet stains on the carpet? Take it easy, because today we come with the best carpet cleaner for pet stains. These cleaners will help you to remove all spots, odor easily in just one wash.

Some peoples used chemicals to clean the carpets but they don’t know that harsh chemicals can damage your carpet. So to get rid of these problems in the market million types of cleaners are available but the major factor is that we are not well aware of these cleaners. In this article, we will recommend different types of cleaners with pros, cons, and all other important information.

List of the 10 best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

Different types of best carpet cleaners for pet strin ?

A best quality pet stain cleaner can help you to remove all stains, spots, huge messes, active bacteria and also smell. Unfortunately, pet can leave troubling stains and odors behind. A mix of water& vinegar, and baking soda can do better to remove them but when you need something hard duty, you’ll want a quality pet stain and odor remover on your hands. Therefore today we coming with 10 different types of cleaners which can work properly as you desire.

Let’s have a look at all the features and cleaning solution for your pet stain by using the Best Carpet Cleaner for Pet Stains

1.Resolve Professional Steam Carpet Cleaner Solution Shampoo

The resolve professional steam cleaner is more effective for large rooms, tough stains & odors. When your pet misses the right place to eliminate then you have to need to use this cleaner which is best carpet cleaner for pet stains.

You must remember that some cleaners make the decoloration of the carpet, so to avoid this issue test it on a small area carpet. Don’t mix it with bleach and other cloth washing products. After the deep cleaning of the carpet, it would remove stains easily and you could feel fresh and comfortable in the room, bedroom, living room, etc. 

It covers a large area of carpet for cleaning and removing all hairs, dirt, and pets’ germs. The steam carpet cleaner is specifically made for carpets washing. This cleaner makes your carpet soft, and plush. Keep away from children. Avoid contact in eyes, in case of eye contact, or feel any irritation consult with the doctor.

Pros of this product

  • Safe to use on nylon
  • Low foaming activity makes it easy to use
  • safe to use in steam machines
  • clean high traffic area in the quickest way
  • not leave carpet stiff
  • strong power to remove the smell

Cons of this product

  • seems like water
  • you can repeat treatment if stains not remove
  • 3 steps required to get instantly better results

2.Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator

It works well against pet stains and prevents the carpets from all kinds of damage. Sometimes the pets that have great behave think out of the box. So it is up to us how we can train them to show manners then they will help us to stop eliminating and keep rooms clean. Roco & Roxi Supply Professional strength and odor eliminator enzyme powder and stain remover can play a vital role to remove pet urine, odor, and tough stains.

It is the best and 100% correct product in your hand to clean the carpets. Professional formulated cleaner that works properly to remove active bacteria that left behind on the carpets from the urine and other pet materials. It washes deeply all the stains, germs, dirt, and pet hairs forcefully without any harassment of your carpet.

When you will use this Strength Stain and odor Eliminator it will give you the best results by complete wipeout tarnish, vomit stains, gross stuff from furniture, floors, carpets, and leave the room clean & fresh. So you can use it at any time, anywhere when you need it. A large number of customers have the first choice to buy this Rocco & Roxi because it is more effective and according to your requirements. Now you must choose this product to get more than you think.

Pros of this product

  • This professional formula fights against all the pets germs
  • Chlorine-free and color safe
  • natural enzymatic bacteria that are activated
  • approved from the trusted Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI)
  • Can be used in laundry

Cons of this product

  • 30-60 minutes required to get 100% best result
  • may require more than one treatment to remove old odor smell and stains
  • Liberal amount require to apply on affected areas

3. Hoover Max Deep Cleaning Carpet Shampoo, Concentrated Machine Cleaner Solution for Pets

Hoover Max deep very helpful to wash out all stains, urine, vomit, and feces rough material in the places where pets live. With great performance of clean, Hoover has become more popular, and the best cleaner among pet lovers because it attacks on stains to remove them.

This is specially formulated for the purpose of cleaning and tackles tough, deep pet stains and all types of pet odor. For the best cleaning performance pair with a Hoover Pre Treat spray and carpet cleaner. Its strong cleaning formula makes it the best carpet cleaner for pets stains.

It defends the opposite of unbearable future stains. Its most deep enzyme feature formula deodorizes your carpet, floor, and furniture but also clean whip pet material, while you continue work even after you have finished cleaning. It works really well to get rid of the smell of all types of animals. After washing the carpet your carpet will never fade but rather than it will look fresh, soft, and also free from germs. Its concentrated formula makes it unique for pets.

Pros of this product

  • A professional attacker on stains
  • Kill bacteria & germs quickly
  • Useable in the full deep cleaning machine
  • Enzymatic action formula

Cons of this product

  • For best cleaning performance pair with a Hoover Pre-Treat Spray and carpet cleaner
  • 2 or more applications required to get the best results

4. Pet Stain & Odor Miracle – The Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine Cat Pee

 Stain & odor remover is specifically formulated for all types of pet stains. Its magical particle breaks into the tiny pieces and then clean even large area of the carpet by providing fresh smell. Pet Stain & Odor Miracle is one of the Best Enzyme Cleaner for Dog Urine Cat Pee

Its powerful enzyme quality factor generates by using organic sources to kill bacteria, remove urine of pets, and cleaning the carpet easily and quickly. Pet Stain & odor miracle is more secure & effective to use in cars, homes, mattress, leather, couch, living areas, surfaces like tiles, and also for wood.

This pet cleaner contains a plant-derived fresh scent that provides natural smell air to use easily on a daily basis. If you want to be the best pet cleaner then this is a great product for you. It is more secure, healthy for external usage. This Enzyme based cleaner made by the USA and it is free from Cruelty, harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens, and chlorine which may be a danger for your carpets.

Pros of this product

  • Enzymatic formula
  • Sunny & honey product for pets
  • Natural cleaning power
  • Safely useable on all surfaces
  • Can be used with children
  • Leaping Bunny Certified

Cons of this product

  • I don’t find and cons of this product but you can check the customer review to get more info

5. Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover with New Multi-Functional Sprayer

Hardfloor is the best cleaner for pets’ stains from the carpet. Simple solution Hardfloor rapidly removes stains, odors, soil, and all garbage from carpets, floor, and rugs, wood, stone,  linoleum, vinyl, brick, concrete, marble, and ceramic tile. Its dual-action formula makes it different from other pet cleaners.

It can be used in all major brand machines to lose the all hard and deep stains from carpets Hardfloor pet stain & odor specifically designed to remove dog and cat stains, spots, dirt, and odors, urine, feces, blood, vomit, and other common pet messes issues on both new and old problem areas. You can use it in the machine and also by hand because it gives 100% guarantee satisfaction to use it.

It is free from low-quality harsh chemicals, perfumes, and phosphates. Its non-toxic formula is very unique to provide excellent results. For more than 30 years, pet owners have trusted and use the simple solution product line to gives solutions to their pet stains, messes, odor, and house garbage problems.

Pros of this product

  • mild detergent blend
  • natural citrus oil and fragrance
  • Remove excess waste with a paper towel
  • Penetrate in just 2-3 minutes
  • Non-toxic formula, free from chlorine and bleach

Cons of this product

  • Not for scent sensitive peoples
  • It can’t be used on untreated or unsealed wood floors.
  • Less expensive

6. STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain & Odor Remover Cleaner

If you have many kinds of pets in your home, it can destroy pricy products with messes and urine. Now we come up with our lovely STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain & Odor Remover Cleaner which will eliminate all pet odors, dirt, hairs of pets, harsh spots, and tough stains, from carpets.

It removes rebels’ dirt to protect against soiling. But sometimes people thought that why we buy it? Because it is not much expensive therefor it becomes perfect, so you can take it in bulk to clean your house. It’s detergent free advance technology formula provide safety to use it. The peoples who have used it, they become a huge fan of this pet cleaner product due to its deep cleaning quality and also fresh scent which he left after cleaning.

Pros of this product

  • Freshness with a light fresh scent
  • Oxy powder
  • GREAT for spot cleaning spills
  • extraordinary to finish stains and provide extraction feature to clean all area in just one wash
  • cleans blood from clothing caused by little puppy nips

Cons of this product

  • Difficult to stop harsh smells

7. Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover

When the owner of multiple pets disturbs due to the difficult smell of pets they turn their taste by purchasing Folex Instant best Carpet Spot remover which is the best carpet cleaner for pets’ stains.

Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover is a specific product to wash out carpets for the purpose of instantly removes stubborn grease, dirt, and grime.

This cleaner is safer for any colorfast carpets and upholstery that can be safely dampened with water. It could prevent you from harmful infections due to its non-toxic, and free from irritating infection. You can use it around the pets and children as directly because it is secure.  After cleaning the carpets, stains will never reappear.

The customer said that this product is the greatest cleaner which successfully prevent carpets from all kind of damages rather than it provides soft carpet like new stuff. If you are worried about the deep, and tough stains then you must buy it to solve all stains and stop smell issues. It will give you the result you’re looking for.

Pros of this product

  • Removes Stubborn Grease
  • non-irritating to normal skin
  • SAFE to use around children and pets
  • great surfactant action

Cons of this product

  • it requires 5 to 10 minutes to remove stains

8. Nature’s Miracle P-98151 Dog Stain and Odor Remover

Nature’s Miracle P-98151 Dog Stain and Odor Remover destroy all germs by the blend of enzymes. The plant-based best detergents used to defense against tough, and stubborn spots to remove them in just one wash.

Miracle P-98151 is a unique product to eliminate, feces, hard spots, stains, vomit spots, organic stains, and blood spots. You can use it on surfaces, floors, fabrics, and also on wood.

If you use this product, it will work great as you looking for the results. By using this cleaner the cat urine, dog urine, can be removed easily and also quickly.  Millions of customers love this stunning product cause of its great working performance. It is more secure to use with hands or maybe use in steam machines etc.

Pros of this cleaner

  • Enzymatic based formula
  • Safe for pets and homes
  • Citrus scent
  • lavender scent
  • works on linoleum

Cons of this product

  • it may create some white foamy mess
  • left bright orange bleach type marks when dried

9. ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor Remover –Safe for All, Even Children, No Harsh Chemicals

ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose best Odor Remover is specially made for pets to get rid a long time stubborn stains from carpets. If you want to clean your carpets, surfaces on a regular basis then this ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor is the perfect carpet cleaner for stains due to its super-strong enzymatic formula.

It works deeply against long time stains, vomit spots, bleeding stains, feces, and pets’ urine to remove them in quickly. Its magical fresh blue scented particles stop the harsh smell. Multipurpose Odor Remover formula unbeatable as compared to other satins removal solutions. It is free from hypoallergic reactions, harsh chemicals, and artificial fragrance therefore it becomes safer to use.

The big factor to love this product is that it can be used anywhere and at any time for all surfaces such as carpets, floors, pet beds, and many other places. It is an ideal cleaning formula which we highly recommended to those peoples who have many pets and they want something better than others. You can use it in the desired area directly.

Some Pros of this Product

  • it is a non-toxic formula
  • Preventing from irritating
  • it easily useable around the children and pets
  • works quickly by giving excellent results
  • Directly useable formula

Some Cons

  • Free from scent

10. ANGRY ORANGE Ready-to-Use Citrus Pet Odor Eliminator Pet Spray – Urine Remover

 When you try to clean the house but you look at the huge urine, feces of pets in the home then you look to find a carpet cleaner that will help you to finish all messes. ANGRY ORANGE ready-to-use cleaner is the best carpet cleaner for pets’ stains.

You can use this carpet cleaner to remove dog urine, cat urine, unbearable smell, and also the odor of pets easily by washing carpets with this cleaner. It is highly demanded by dogs, cats, and all other pets by millions of peoples due to its orange natural scent, made by using oranges. It is very secure to use.

The result will be shown quickly after using ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator. Sometimes we see cats and dogs pets make huge persistent messes and difficult pee smells which we can’t bear. But this pet stains cleaner is most effective to get rid of all these problems. This cleaner does their job well done.

Pros of this cleaner

  • It will kill all active bacteria and germs
  • Easily remove old stains
  • It is ready to use directly when you want.  
  • It is free from harsh chemicals
  • Very secure to use my hands

Cons of this product

  • We could not find any cons of this product but we will give alert you if find anything

How to clean pet stain from carpet?

It is time to know about how to clean pet stains from the carpet? The answer is here, we can clean pet stains by using all these above-mentioned best carpet cleaners for pet stains. These solutions work properly and quickly to provide great results. It can remove spots, garbage, feces, and also can stop the smell. So, don’t feel any hesitation to ask any query from us about these cleaners.

Buying guide

Important guideline to consider before buying the best carpet cleaner for pet stains.

We explained all the factors, features about all the Cleaners one by one in the deepest manners. Now it’s time to choose the best cleaner for your carpet. You should choose those cleaners which can meet your requirements. The most important factors you must be considered which we will provide you before buying any carpet cleaner solution.

1. First of all, check the vacuum area to get deep cleaning.

2. You should check the expiry date because they expire cleaner may be harmful to your carpet.

3. If your skin is more sensitive then you must choose those cleaners that can be mix with water and free from allergic reactions.

4. Read the instructions of cleaner which are mention in it.

5. You can choose the best cleaner if you are very well aware of the stain’s hardness and smell.


Q1. Can we use cleaner on surfaces?

Yes, Pet Stain & Odor Miracle – The Best Enzyme Cleaner is best to use on stone, floor, tiles, and wood. They will remove excessive messes in just a few minutes.

Q2. Can you recommend the best cleanser for sensitive skin?

A carpet cleaner for pets stain which is more suitable for sensitive is Simple Solution Hardfloor Pet Stain & Odor Remover, it is a non-toxic formula to prevent your skin from allergic reactions.

Q3. Do these cleaners are best for all stubborn pets’ spots, pee, stains, and feces?

No doubt, all the above-mentioned cleaners are best carpet cleaners for pets’ messes.

Q4. Can we use it directly?

Surely you can use ZORBX Unscented Multipurpose Odor Remover directly on the ideal area without any mixing.

Q5. Do they have the ability to kill bacteria with cleaning?

Yes sure, all these carpet cleaners will destroy bacteria and germs quickly.


We discuss completely unbeatable carpet cleaners with pros and cons. You should read carefully then you can choose the best cleaner according to your need. You can find the most expensive cleaners solution but there is no guarantee they work properly or not. But all these above-mentioned cleaners work great as you want from them.  

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