Oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder

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Enjoy the comfort of an oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder when you are tall and with a big body size. These are designed to provide relaxation and enjoyment to an oversized person.

You deserve the best, and that is a non-small oversized recliner. Imagine passing the time all day in this beautiful piece of furniture that provides you with so much comfort it’s not even funny. 

You’ll enjoy slouching back, watching your favorite movies on TV or simply reading for hours with your cup holder to hold things…whatever it is your heart desires.

Moreover, it offers you a solution to your back pain as the oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder also adjusts to your preferred position. So no matter what size body or height you are, there will always be slouching while using this seat.

 Its relaxing leg support lets us know that we can sit back without any additional effort. The armrest is also adjustable for your comfort, which means we never have trouble finding an angle where our hand rests properly again from typing all day on the keyboard.

we listed the 10 best picks to support you in gaining knowledge about the oversized zero gravity chairs so you can pick your favourite one. 

List of top 10 Oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder

  1. Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair-best lawn oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  2. Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair-best side table oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  3. Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe -best lounger oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  4. OUMIFA Oversized-best patio lawn oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  5. Classic Lounge Chairs Sun Lounger-best durable oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  6. KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair-best adjustable arms oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder 
  7. Sywl Wxkq Oversized Zero Gravity Recline-best oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  8. KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs-best folding oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder 
  9. Folding Reclining Portable Chair-best Padded Folding oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder
  10. EVER ADVANCED Oversizebest XL oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder

Comparative Chart of top 10 oversized zero gravity chair with cup


Sr. NoProductMaterialColorWeightFrame material
1Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity ChairPolyester Blue/brown25 lbsAlloy Steel
2Amazon Basics Zero Gravity ChairTextilene FabricBlue18.09 KGAlly Steel
3Timber Ridge Balsam DeluxeMeshGrey20.37 poundsAlly Steel
4OUMIFA Oversized-best patioTextilene FabricBlack18.09 KGAlly Steel
5Classic Lounge Chairs Sun LoungerOxford ClothSilver0.035 ouncesThick pipe frame
6KPLMⓇ Oversize Zero Gravity Lounge ChairTextileBlackN/AAluminum, Alloy Steel
7Sywl Wxkq Oversized Zero Gravity ReclineTextilene Fabric LatticeN/ASteel tube
8KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge ChairsTextilene FabricBlack200 KGSteel Tube 
9Folding Reclining Portable ChairTextilene FabricPurple01 gramsCoated metal frame
10EVER ADVANCED OversizePolyester Green19.7 poundsSteel frame

What are some best features of an oversized zero gravity chair with a cup holder?

There are many features that an Oversized zero gravity chair with a cup holder has to offer. We’ll discuss some of the most important ones here. 


The zero-gravity chair can be easily folded up for convenient storage when not in use. The padded armrests are also removable for easy transportation and storage if needed. 


The Zero Gravity Chair is perfect for the ultimate comfort of our tall friends. It features a wide and deep seat with a high backrest that supports your neck, head, and shoulders. With its ergonomic design, it will make you feel like floating in the clouds!


The locking system allows you to adjust the chair’s position at any time without having to readjust or re-tighten the straps. This feature makes this chair very versatile as you can use it both indoors and outdoors!

Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Product description 

Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun or under the stars with this best Coastrail outdoor oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder. The space-saving design folds flat for easy storage. This padded lounge chair is perfect for camping, tailgating, backyards, and more. 

Features include an extra-wide seat to accommodate larger individuals and a side table that provides convenient access to drinks or snacks.  

Make yourself comfortable in this Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair. You can kick back and relax after a long day of work or play. This chair is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around the house or take a camping trip.

It has a sturdy steel frame that holds up to 400 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down when you stretch your tired body. 

Technical details

The Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair is the perfect chair for lounging outside. The steel frame can hold up to 400 pounds, and the seat width at 26 inches allows you to lounge with a friend or loved one without feeling too crowded. Its wide dimensions of 33.6 x 21.6 x 44.9 inches and 25 kg weight are also great as an indoor recliner during the winter months.



  • It is a must-have for your next camping trip or outdoor event! 
  • The Coastrail Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair is the ultimate in relaxation and comfort.


  • The extra-wide seat design provides ample space to stretch out and relax while you enjoy the great outdoors.


  • The lockable reclining system allows you to adjust the backrest to any angle between 90 degrees and 180 degrees so that you can find your perfect position of comfort.


  • A comfortable place to rest your arms when relaxing in this chair.
  • These armrests use sturdy wood for long-lasting use.


  • The zero gravity chair has a design to support up to 400lbs. 
  • The extra-wide seat and backrest provide maximum comfort, allowing you to relax in style.


  • This chair includes a side table for convenience and relaxation.
  •  Use it as a place to set your drink or snacks while relaxing on the beach or at home.


  • When not in use, simply fold the chair with the safety pin for easy storage.
  •  You can use it as a camping chair, patio furniture, lawn recliner, or even an indoor seat.


  • Removable pillows and thick bungee ropes
  • Durable and washable texture 
  • Easy to assemble and adjustable 


  • Some reviewers complain about its extra width. 

Why do we recommend this product?

This is the perfect size for those looking to get profound relaxation at home. It can also be used as an outdoor bench if you like taking walks outside, and it folds up neatly when not in use! In addition, the steel frame ensures this will have all of your weight without bending or breaking under pressure.

Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair

Product description

The AmazonBasics best Zero Gravity Chair provides a relaxing experience with its ergonomic design and adjustable backrest. The best and easy-to-use oversized zero gravity chair is unique due to its design and functions. 

The chair features an adjustable padded headrest, armrests, and lumbar support for added comfort. In addition, it has a durable steel frame that supports up to 250 lbs. The reclining back allows you to find your most comfortable position. The chair also comes with a side table that provides a pace for drinks or reading material.

Moreover, the product has a wide selection of quality products to enhance your everyday life at home, work, and play. As a result, AmazonBasics is the choice of millions of satisfied customers for their basic needs. 

Technical details:

The Best Oversize Recliner with Zero Gravity is perfect for a movie night at home. It’s also great to curl up in and read the newspaper or doze off after an exhausting day of work! The chair has dimensions 64.2 x 43.3 x 25.6 inches, weighs 39.8 pounds, and measures 25 7/8 by 12 2/3 inches when reclined back.



  • The chair has a removable headrest pillow that you can adjust for maximum comfort during your relaxation time.


  • The chair’s back features an adjustable recline angle that allows you to sit up straight or lean back in the seat for added comfort.


  • Two cup holders are built into the armrests, providing a convenient place to put your drink while you relax in the chair.


  • A side table located on one side of the chair provides space for reading materials or snacks within reach
  • So you don’t have to get out of your comfortable position when enjoying them.


  • Spot cleaning and easy to assemble
  • Full reclining and durable head support
  • Durable fabric 


  • Some reviewers complain about the locking system.

Why do we recommend this product?

The AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Recliner is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to find their next best oversize recliner. You can take it anywhere and enjoy your favorite TV show or movie with style and comfort, thanks to its zero-gravity design that helps you relax in the most comfortable position possible! It even has an oversized headrest, so if you need some extra neck support, this recliner won’t let you down.

Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe

Product description 

The Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Oversized Zero Gravity Lounger is an excellent and best addition to your home patio. This lounger is perfect for the outdoors and high-quality materials that ensure durability.

The lounger features an oversized design with a brown finish, allowing you to relax in comfort. It also includes a convenient side table for drinks and snacks.

Zero gravity chair with cup holder is an oversized design that offers plenty of room for you to stretch out and enjoy a good book or favorite TV show. At the same time, its double-stitched nylon fabric provides lasting durability and easy cleaning. 

This lounge chair also has a high backrest that will keep you comfortable all day long, while its padded headrest allows you to relax with your eyes closed as you listen to the sounds of nature.

Technical details

The Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger is just what you need! It comes with 21.3 x 21.7×20.9 x 46.5 inches dimensions and weighs 20.37 pounds. It has a weight limit of 500 pounds. So, nobody will be cramped in this lounge during their favorite show or book.



  • The Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger features a bungee suspension system that provides ultimate relaxation.


  • Adjust the headrest to your desired position for added comfort and support.


  • Ergonomic plastic armrests provide maximum comfort and support.


  • You’ll love kicking back in this chair. It is made with a steel frame and durable Dura Mesh fabric.
  • It features a bungee suspension system, ergonomic armrests, and an adjustable headrest and lumbar support for ultimate comfort.


  • To recline the chair back, just pull up on the levers to lock them into place. Then lean back to enjoy your favorite book or movie.


  • Easy to assemble and adjust
  • Durable arms and flexible back support
  • Powerful suspension


  • Some reviewers complain about its poor stitching. 

Why do we recommend this product?

The Timber Ridge Balsam Deluxe Zero Gravity Lounger will be your new favorite way to lounge in the outdoors. With a weight capacity of up 350 lbs, it’s perfect for you and someone else! This lounger is made from 600 Shadow Embossed fabric that makes this chair durable enough to withstand any abuse Mother Nature can dish out–including rain or snow.

OUMIFA Oversized Patio Recliner Lounge Chair

Product description 

OUMIFA Classic zero-gravity chair relieves spinal pressure, relieves muscle tension, and provides maximum relaxation and comfort. Adjust your deck to get a personalized rest experience with this best comfortable oversized zero gravity chair. The chair with cup holders holds up to 400 lbs of weight.

 It is made of a high-quality steel frame that is powder-coated in a silver finish. The chair has a cup holder as well as double-sided cushions that are adjustable.

Moreover, The chair’s oversized design allows you to relax and enjoy the outdoors without feeling confined by a small chair. The adjustable reclining backrest provides comfort for all body types, while its double-sided cushion offers added support on both sides of your body.

Technical details

The XI-HE classic recliner is a must for any home. With its 165 × 72 x 77 cm dimensions, it can quickly provide a fantastic lounge experience in your living room. It also folds up to just 72 × 98× 15 cm to make storage and transportation easy! The weight comes out at 0.035 ounces, so you know that this piece will have no problem fitting anywhere seamlessly once folded down with such lightness as well.



  • The headrest pillow provides extra comfort for your neck and shoulders while reading or watching TV in bed.


  • The recliner has an easy-to-use push-button mechanism that allows you to adjust the position of the backrest and footrest.
  • Just press down on the buttons to lock into place, then release them when you want to move again.


  • Unlike our competitors, we’ve designed these arms to be ergonomically shaped to fit around your body perfectly! 
  • There is the use of a high-quality foam that allows them to be easily adjusted so you can find just the right angle for relaxing in comfort.


  • Durable and fit for saloon
  • Foldable and easy to assemble 
  • Spacious and flat 


  • Some reviewers complain that its adjustment function does not work sometimes.

Why do we recommend this product?

Classic Lounge Chairs Sun Lounge is a leading supplier of folding outdoor reclining garden zero-gravity chairs, with our first-class lounge chairs, for maximum comfort and relaxation. Our zero gravity chair is the ultimate in relaxation. It features an oversized design that allows you to stretch out and relax in any position fully.

KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

Product description :

The KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is an excellent choice for people who want to relax in the comfort of their own homes. This chair can support up to 440lbs and has an adjustable backrest that will provide you with the most comfortable position possible.

The armrests are wide enough so they can accommodate even the biggest arms, and they have cup holders built into them, so you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink when you lean back. This chair has a breathable mesh fabric, which helps to promote air.

Technical details

The KPLM has 165 × 72 × 77 cm dimensions when unfolded but only weighs around twenty pounds. When closed, it has dimensions of 72 x 98 x 15cm which allows you to easily store this product away when not in use or have more room within your home if needed.



  • The KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge Chair has high-quality materials, which can hold up to 440lbs.
  • It is also great for camping, beachside, poolside, or simply anywhere around your house.


  • The frame of the chair provides maximum durability and stability.
  • It has a steel frame with a powder-coated finish to rst in any weather conditions.


  • This premium zero gravity recliner is comfortable, stylish, and easy to adjust. 
  • It features an adjustable reclining position that allows you to relax at any angle.


  • The armrests are adjustable in width and height so that you can find the most comfortable position for yourself. 
  • You can even remove them entirely if they get in your way.


  • The non-slip foot cover will prevent the chair from sliding on smooth surfaces like tile floors or hardwood floors.


  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • High-quality fabric and durable frame
  • Stylish and decor


  • Some reviewers complain about the short return period.

Why do we recommend this product?

This is the perfect chair for any big guy who loves to relax and take it easy. Not only does this recliner have a wide armrest, but also an adjustable back that can be locked in place at different angles up to 110 degrees, so you always get just what your comfort needs are.

Sywl Wxkq Oversized Zero Gravity Recline

Product description 

Sywlwxkq Oversized Zero Gravity Recliner chair has a cup holder that’s best and perfect for relaxing outdoors. The seat is suspended in its frame and supports your weight evenly to help reduce pressure points. It eases aching muscles.

The oversized design of this outdoor recliner makes it easy to get in and out of the chair. The wide armrests are adjustable, so you can move them up or down based on your height and needs. A cup holder lets you keep beverages close at hand while you relax outside with friends or family members, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. 

Technical details

The Sywlwxkq recliner is a piece of high-quality, lightweight furniture that will fit in with any living space. When fully opened (laying flat), the dimensions of the chair are 75 cm by 72cm, and its height is 80 cm; When folded, it measures only 98 x 72 x 15 cm long so that you can store this chair anywhere.



  • This lounger chair has a design for different body shapes.
  • The seat you can adjust to the most comfortable position, and it is suitable for all ages.


  • The chair uses a high-quality polyester material, lightweight but sturdy steel frame makes it more portable and durable. 
  • The recliner chairs are easy to assemble and disassemble, with a handle on the back that allows you to carry them around easily.


  • You can adjust the headrest according to your height or angle of view by yourself, which will make you feel very comfortable in this zero gravity chair. 
  • It also has a cup holder side so that you can put any beverage you like while relaxing in this chair without worrying about spilling it out.


  • High-quality material and fabric
  • Easy to fix and fold
  • Best locking system


  • Some reviewers complain about the durability of color.

Why do we recommend this product?

The Sywlwxkq recliner is perfect for those who are looking to kick back and relax. It’s also great if you’re feeling a little stiff or sore from the day because this stunning yet functional piece of furniture will offer relief in seconds. This uniquely designed item can be folded up when not in use, so it doesn’t take up too much space, but don’t worry about getting any marks on your new favorite chair.

KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity Lounge

Product description 

The KPLMⓇ Oversized Zero Gravity best Lounge Chairs with Cup Holder, Extra Wide Folding Recliner for Heavy Duty People is a premium zero gravity recliner that is comfortable, stylish, and easy to adjust.

It is suitable for camping, beachside, poolside, or simply anywhere around your house. It is widely used for beauty salons and reflexology offices as well. This chair you can place on the grassy area of the beach or garden without any problem.

Technical details

The KPLM Ⓡ zero gravity chair is a space-saving marvel with 180 × 72 × 77 cm when folded; the chair measures at only 72× 96× 15cm and weighs a mere 2kg! The weight capacity of this incredible innovation is 200 kg / 440 lbs, so you can sit back without worry about tipping over or sinking into the ground while escaping from your busy life for just fifteen minutes.



  • The patio chair is for heavy-weight people, supports 440lbs. You will be comfortable sitting on it even if you are a big man or woman.


  • The Textilene fabric is resistant to tearing and good bearing capacity.


  • The included headrest provides additional comfort or that you can use as lumbar support.
  • This feature makes the patio chair more comfortable for your use.



  • Easy to assemble 
  • Durable
  • Textilene fabric and resistant to tear


  • Some viewers complain that delivery time is more than the claim.

Why do we recommend this product?

This premium zero gravity recliner is comfortable, stylish, and easy to adjust. It is suitable for camping, beachside, poolside, or simply anywhere around your house. It is widely used for beauty salons and reflexology offices as well.

Folding Reclining Portable Chair

Product description 

The YYHAD Folding Reclining is the best Oversized Zero Gravity Chair that you can use on the beach, park, or even your backyard. The recliner lounger comes with a cup holder and headrest for added convenience.

It features a lightweight aluminum frame construction with an easy-to-carry handle for simple transportation. The chair also folds up easily to fit into its own compact zippered carrying bag, making it ideal for camping trips or other outdoor activities.

Technical details

The YYHAD oversized zero gravity chair is so cool. It weighs only 1 gram, and because of that, the folded dimensions are a tiny 37 (L)” x 25″ (W). The open dimension measurements, however, can be up to 36.5″- 62″ (L) and 24.5″(W), x 33.5″ x 44″ H with 01 grams



  • The curve design makes this recliner look more beautiful. 
  • It is very comfortable to lean against and can be folded for storage when not in use.


  • The triangle structure provides a sturdy base and helps keep the chair stable at all times.


  • The high-quality fabric is durable and will last long with proper care. 
  • It’s easy to clean with a damp cloth or mild detergent, so you’ll never have to worry about spills or stains ruining your furniture again!


  • This recliner comes with a latex elastic rope that allows for multiple tilt positions and provides a headrest.
  • You can set it up with leg elevation to help you achieve complete zero gravity.


  • Easy to install and 500 pounds bearing capacity
  • Useful for hiking and adjustable pillow
  • No rollover and resist tear


  • Some reviewers complain about its frame.

Why do we recommend this product?

This recliner is so durable! It has non-slip feet to keep it stable and won’t make any squeaky noises that will distract you. In addition, the frame never falls apart like some other chairs I’ve seen, which makes this chair an excellent investment for anyone who likes spending their time on the couch. 

EVER ADVANCED Oversized XL Zero Gravity Recline

Product description 

The ever-advanced chair is a comfortable, durable, and sturdy recliner that will be your best choice for outdoor relaxation. Its ergonomic design provides the most relaxing experience possible. 

The padded seat and backrest provide comfort, while its adjustable headrest allows you to rest your head in any position you want. This model has been reinvented based on customer feedback and shifts in market demand over the past 12 years. 

It is specially designed for tall and big customers while maintaining an ergonomic back curve, providing a zero gravity sitting experience with maximum comfort!

Technical details

The Ever advance XL chair with a cup holder is the perfect massage chair for heavy persons. This is a 29.5″ L x 32″ W x 45″ H desk that comfortably seats up to 19.8lbs and offers a seat height of 22″. The backrest stands at 30″, while the seat width remains 21″ when folded.



  • The backrest cushion is adjustable to provide the most comfortable position for your body.


  • The design team has years of experience in designing ergonomic furniture. 
  • We have made sure that this chair is easy to use, sturdy and durable for outdoor settings, and highly comfortable.


  • This chair features a locking system that prevents it from folding up unexpectedly while sitting on it.


  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Padded seat and back
  • Durable and stylish


  • Some reviewers complain about the weak lock system. 

Why do we recommend this product?

At Ever Advanced, a proud oversized zero gravity chair presents the reinvented version of the famous Zero Gravity Chair. This chair was designed for tall users up to 6’2″ or 350 pounds and folds like our previous series: instantly with complete ease! Moreover, it’s stable in outdoor settings thanks to its advanced QC system and experienced design team.

Buying Guide

When choosing an oversized zero gravity chair with a cup holder, consider some essential considerations before making a purchase. These factors are essential because Oversized zero gravity chairs can be expensive. Therefore, we compiled this buying guide for you. 

Adjustable armrests:

A buyer should assess the adjustable armrests before selecting a zero gravity chair with a cup holder. The height of the armrests needs to adjust depending on how tall the person sitting in it is, which will prevent any possible discomfort from leaning too far back when sitting upright.


Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs with CUP holders can be made of various materials such as metal or plastic and sometimes pipe steel. For buyers, it’s essential to assess what you need. Oversized chairs with cup holders made out of steel are more expensive than those made from other materials like plastic or pipe steel.


The oversized Zero Gravity Chair is a type of chair that has been designed to hold just about any size person. The Oversized zero gravity chair that comes with a large size is great for various purposes, such as being placed in the center of a room or outside on the lawn. These chairs are typically larger than standard-sized models.


Q. How do oversized zero gravity chairs work?

  1. The number one health problem, stress, is affecting more people than ever before. It can cause all sorts of issues such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, hair loss, or weight gain. Zero-gravity chairs are oversized with multiple functions such as handles on them to keep your head in place. 

Q. Can oversized zero gravity chairs lay flat?

  1. No, when you want to relax your body in a chair, there are few options better than zero-gravity chairs. They’re not for sleeping or lounging on stomachs, though! Only use them sitting back and looking up at the sky, as they also can be used as an armchair with legs elevated off the ground.

Q. Does a zero-gravity chair require assembly?

  1. You’ll be the envy of all your friends with a zero-gravity chair. These chairs come assembled and ready to use, so you can just unfold them when they arrive at your location and get comfy!

Zero gravity chairs are easy to assemble because they usually come pre-assembled in the box or require little assembly on arrival.


We hope this article has helped you find the best oversized zero gravity chair with cup holder for your needs. Whether it’s to make a living room or home office more comfortable, help you relax after a long day at work, or just provide some additional seating in an awkward space, these chairs are great solutions.

If there were one piece of advice we could give about choosing the right chair for you and your family, it would be that bigger is better! The larger the seat size, the greater amount of comfort will be provided by each person sitting on it – which means less back pain when not lounging around watching TV all day. 

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