Best chair leg floor protectors

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Best chair leg floor protectors are one of the most popular household products in the world. These safety aids prevent scratches, stains, and cracks on your hardwood floors.

Are you someone who hates the way chair legs scratch up your hardwood floor? Is it a constant battle to keep your feet from looking like a small army of termites has taken them over? Well, I’ve got great news for you! There is now a product that will protect the surface of your floor and save you from future headaches—introducing the Best Chair Leg Floor Protectors! 

Here we have compiled a list of the ten best chair leg floor protectors. Our list will help you to choose your next floor protectors carefully. 

10 Best Chair Leg Floor Protectors

  1. Trenect 32pcsbest silicone chair leg floor protectors
  2. uxcell 4pcsbest leg cap floor protectors
  3. TEKEFT 20PCS-best multifunctional chair leg floor protectors
  4. Furniture Footies Small PreCut-best durable chair leg floor protectors
  5. RKELA 48 Pcs High Transparency-best affordable chair leg floor protectors
  6. Felt Furniture Pads-best silicone chair leg protectors
  7. Dark Walnut best all in one chair leg floor protectors
  8. CNDREAMbest price chair leg floor protectors
  9. Ezprotekt 24PCS Furniture Padsbest high quality chair leg floor protectors
  10. Screw-Onbest felt pads for floor protection

Best Chair Leg Floor Protectors comparison chart

Product Name FeaturesDimensions/Weight
Trenect 32pcs Chair protectorsSoft silicone material, Soft silicone caps and felt pads, 32pcs, 8.19 x 6.3 x 2.68 inches, 
12 ounces, 
uxcell 4pcs chair leg floor protector Rubber leg cap, Simple assembly and not easy to fall, Anti-slip bottom surface, 
Reduce noise level, Rubber material, 
5.51 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches, 
‎2.39 ounces,‎2.39 ounces, 
TEKEFT 20PCS chair leg floor protector  20pcs chair leg floor protector, Heavy duty cotton and spandex construction, Machine washable, Furniture Leg Socks, 20pcs chair leg floor protector, Easy assembly, 8 x 5.7 x 1.5 inches, 
6.4 ounces, 8 x 5.7 x 1.5 inches, 
6.4 ounces, 
Furniture Footies Small PreCut- chair leg floor protector  1.25″ Round and 1″ Square, Heavy-duty furniture glides, 4mm natural rubber inner core, 11.46 x 9.17 x 6.34 inches, 
2 pounds, 
RKELA 48 Pcs High Transparency chair leg floor protector  Premium silicone protector, 2-in-1 soft silicone covers & the bottom felt pad,9.84 x 8.27 x 5.12 inches, 
14 Ounces, 
Felt Furniture Pads chair leg floor protector  Brown & Beige shape, 133 Pcs, Durable and premium quality, 10 x 0.3 x 4.7 inches, 
3.52 Ounces, 
Dark Walnut chair leg floor protector  16 PCS, Easy to install,Anti-slip features, ‎6.54 x 5.63 x 1.69 inches, 
2.8 Ounces
CNDREAM leg floor protectorEasy to install, Smooth movement of furniture, Providing excellent grip, 5.91 x 4.72 x 1.18 inches, 
3.59 Ounces, 
Ezprotekt 24PCS Furniture Pads protectorsHigh-Density Polyester Fibre, Easy to install, Anti-skid effect,9.53 x 8.86 x 2.52 inches, 
4.6 Ounces, 
Screw-On leg floor protectorsFelt Pads for Furniture Feet, Premium material, carbon screw, ‎5.91 x 3.94 x 1.57 inches, 
7 Ounces, 

1.Trenect 32pcs Chair Leg Caps-Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors

Product review:

Everyone knows that chair legs are always the first point of contact, especially when you’re watching TV or just relaxing after a long night at the office. So to keep them safe, you need to protect them with something solid and durable. The Trenect 32pcs Chair Leg Caps are best stretchy Silicone Chair Leg Floor Protectors for your home. 

Its eight layers of protection are built to withstand everything from water to oil, so no matter how complex your desk chair is on the floor. 

The Trenect chair leg cap is made of ultra-strong, durable closed-cell EVA foam that conforms to the contours of your legs—designed for maximum impact protection against dents and scratches on plastic and metal chairs, tables and desks. The Trenect silicone chair leg caps are the perfect finishing touch on any piece of furniture by offering style and protection.


  • These chair leg caps can be used on all kinds of furniture legs, such as tables, chairs, bed frames, and sofas. 
  • You could also use them in other places like closets or cabinets. They’re perfect for any room in your home! 
  • The chair leg caps are made of soft silicone so that they can slide silently on the floor without any noise. 
  • And also, they won’t fall off easily because of their robust suction cup design.
  • These chair leg caps are easy to install and remove. 
  • Just put these chair leg caps on the bottom of your chairs to protect hardwood floors from scratches and dents caused by moving furniture.
  • You can also use them as table legs protectors, sofa legs protectors, etc.

2. uxcell 4pcs Leg Caps Tips 

Product review:

Protect your floor from scratches and damages with the assistance of these high-quality chair leg floor protectors.  This UXCELL 3D anti-slip rubber furniture foot cover not only helps to protect your flooring, but it also helps reduce noise and the clatter of the table and other objects that may be placed upon it.

Slide these floor protectors over your existing furniture to reduce noise and prevent scratches from daily wear and tear. You can also use them to base your new furniture, completing the look with a professional finish.

These floor protectors are designed to protect your furniture from wearing out. They are made of rubber so that they can act as suitable replacements for socks. No matter what kind of surface they’re on, these floor protectors will prevent them from getting damaged. So enjoy your feet while doing the things you want. 


  • The leg caps are made of rubber, which can protect your furniture from scratches and noise.
  • You need to push the cap into the hole on your furniture; then, it will be fixed tightly. It is very easy to install, and no tools are required.
  • The caps can prevent your furniture from sliding or moving when you move it. 
  • The rubber material is soft and suitable for floor protection. 
  • They are also anti-skid, so they won’t slide off easily when you walk on them.
  • You can use it at your home, office, kitchen, kids’ room, or playroom furniture. Great for tables, chairs, and other furniture legs to prevent scratching floors and making noise.

3. TEKEFT 20PCS -best chair socks floor protector

Product review:

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TEKEFT is a new type of socks developed by the world-famous company TEK Everest. The TEKEFT socks are the highest caliber and the best quality chair leg floor protectors. 

With high-quality and reasonable prices, It is a very nice profit from this product. Now, instead of shifting your position constantly, you can relax knowing that your chair will continuously stay in place with this set!

This cross-knitted polyester material ensures maximum comfort and flexibility. The chair socks will make sure it is the best choice for your home furniture protection. It protects furniture from stains and dust. 

It’s ideal for those who use an umbrella stand, umbrella stand, or chair as their home furniture. With this product, you will feel more secure that the furniture will be protected from dirt and spills.


  • These chair socks have high-quality cotton and spandex, which is soft and durable. 
  • The socks you can use to protect the floor from scratches when you move your furniture.
  • It’s a multipurpose product that you can use in many places such as home, office, or restaurant. 
  • You can use it under table legs, chairs, sofa legs, and other furniture legs to prevent scratching on floors.
  • The chair leg caps will not scratch your floors and reduce friction noise when moving the furniture around. 
  • They are very easy to install with no tools required! Just slip

4. Furniture Footies Small PreCut Tennis Ball Glides For Chairs Desks

Product review:

In as little as a few minutes, you’ll have a floor that is as good as new. These affordable chair leg floor protectors protect the bottom of your furniture legs from damage by reducing friction and noise. 

They make it easier to walk, and your floors will be less noisy and easier to clean! The glides stay in place with Velcro tabs. They fit most furniture legs up to 2-inches wide.

The felt adhesive will stick to most hard floor surfaces for a long time, and it is solid and durable. In addition, it has a high-quality material that won’t rip or tear even after heavy use.

This heavy-duty felt pad helps to protect both hard floors and carpeted floors from scuffs, scratches, gouges, and gouges by providing an extra layer of protection against damage. Footies are great for use with softwood, hardwood, laminate floors, marble flooring, tile flooring, stone flooring, vinyl flooring, concrete flooring, and carpeted floors.


  • Protect your floors and furniture from scratches and noise with the Furniture Footies.
  • The pre-cut tennis ball glides can slip on easily and stay in place, eliminating the need for messy adhesives.
  • It has a high-quality material that can last longer than competitors’ products. You’ll be surprised how long they last! 
  • The Tennis Ball Glides have smaller sizes that fit chairs, desks, dressers, and more! 
  • No more guessing if you have the right size. Just pick up a pair of our Furniture Footies Small PreCut Tennis Ball Glides today!

5. RKELA 48 Pcs High Transparency-best high-quality chair leg covers

Product review:

Are your floors looking a little scuffed up these days? RKELA is the answer! These are the best chair leg floor protectors for hardwood floors. They can protect your floors from scratches and wear. Slip the soft rubber feet in place, and relax—your floor will be in pristine shape again! With the ability to move under you while you’re at it, these wonderful pads you can also use on other hard surfaces, such as desks and doors.

RKELA is the high-quality, durable chair leg covers for hardwood floors. The transparent chair leg covers are suit-case friendly for carrying around anywhere, so you can protect your hardwood floors from scratches and dents wherever they may be. 

Just slide under your furniture for effortless protection of your floor. The products are compatible with all five of the most popular chair styles used in residential settings:(Upholstered chairs, Bathroom chairs, and Executive chairs. 


  • Protect your floor and furniture from scratches and noise with these high-quality chair leg covers.
  • Each pack contains 4 pieces of each size: 3-3/4″ to 6-5/16″. The total number of chair leg covers is 48, which is enough for 12 chairs.
  • Made of premium silicone material with a soft feel and sturdy construction to last for years without tearing or cracking.
  • Protect your floor from scratches, scuffs, and dents. The silicone material is durable and long-lasting.
  • Just slip on the legs of your chairs. No tools are required! The covers can be cut to fit snugly over most chair legs.

6. Felt Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR 

Product review:

Keep your hardwood floor looking great even in the hardest conditions with Felt Furniture Pads. No matter how many times you walk across your hardwood floor, the felt pad floor protectors will keep it looking beautiful for you. In addition, this product brings the benefits of felt pads to the workplace to help protect your floors from wear and tear.

Felt pads have been proven to be a greener option compared to other protectors and come at a much lower price. No more worrying about your floor getting scratched or sticky pads causing damage to your walls. These pads will get everything covered, from moving yourself into a new household or just needing furniture pads for your home. 


  • Protect your floors from scratches, scuffs, and noise with these felt furniture pads. 
  • They are easy to stick on and remove. 
  • No adhesive residue will be left behind if you decide to take them off. 
  • These floor protectors are suitable for all kinds of floors: hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile floor, etc.
  • The adhesive backing on the backside of our floor protectors will stick to your floors without any glue or nails.
  • The anti-scratch pads work great for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile floor, ceramic tiles, and other types of floors.

7. Dark Walnut-best silicon chair leg floor protectors

Product review:

Protect your floors from nasty scratches and nicks by placing chair leg covers on yourself or your chairs. Dark walnut color for indoor areas. These are the best silicone chair leg floor protectors. It has a silica gel silicone material. The silicone chair leg caps are highly durable and last longer than regular floor protectors. Chair Leg Covers are available in different sizes, so you can choose whatever suits you best.

The chair leg floor protectors with felt pads are designed to protect your furniture from getting scratched by the furniture legs. It has a solid construction that provides a smooth surface, and it is also easy to clean. In addition, the chair felt pads look stylish and give an attractive finish to the chair. You can use it with both simple and carved wooden chairs, so everything’s a win-win for you!


  • Say goodbye to scratches and noise from chair legs on hardwood, tile, laminate, and more.
  • Slide the silicone pads under each leg of your chairs or tables for a secure fit—no need to remove the existing felt pads from your furniture legs.
  • Made with 100% food-grade silicone that is BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. 
  • The silicone is flexible enough to move with you as you sit down in your favorite chair but strong enough to keep it in place. 
  • The soft felt lining will not scratch or damage floors as other protectors do!

8. CREAM Chair Leg Floor Protectors

Product review:

Protect your hardwood floor from getting scratched by furniture legs; the CNDREAM chair leg floor protectors are perfect for usage with chair legs. The CREAM floor protectors cover the entire area where the chair legs are attached to furniture and ensure that your hardwood floor is flawlessly cleaned and free of any damage.

Chair leg floor protectors are flexible and lightweight, making them a good choice for heavy furniture, frequently shifting and shifting their position. In addition, it has durable, thick vinyl that won’t tear or rip from rough surfaces. And the protectors offer a non-slip cushion that keeps your furniture from moving around, protecting it from scratches and noise.


  • Chair Leg Floor Protectors protect hardwood, tile, and other floorings from scratches and noise caused by chair legs.
  • Slip them over the bottom of the chair leg. 
  • The adhesive backing holds them in place securely. 
  • These felt pads will not fall off or move around on your floor!
  • CNDREAM’s Chair Leg Floor Protectors are perfect for any room in your home or office where you want to keep floors scratch-free. 
  • They’re great for dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, basements… Anywhere you need protection!

9. Ezprotekt 24PCS Furniture-best high elastic chair leg floor protectors

Product review:

The fabric of chairs, legs of tables, and even beds can be damaged from time to time. Ezprotekt has come up with a solution to the problem – the solid and fine elastic chair leg floor protectors, which eliminate the damage and reduces the friction on furniture.

Protect your expensive furniture from scratches and scuffs with these comfy and easy-to-install floor protection pads. These household protectors have high-quality materials and flexible elastic material that will fit any furniture size. They come in a pack of 24 pieces, and they can not slip on chairs and tables while providing a firm hold while protecting your floor from scratching dirt and debris.


  • Just place the furniture protector pads under your furniture legs, and you will never worry about scratches or noise again! 
  • It is a must-have for home use. 
  • You can also put them in your car to protect the floor from being scratched by passengers’ shoes.
  • High-density polyester fiber + felt cloth, anti-slip inner rubber band line, machine washable, and reusable. 
  • The product has passed the SGS test report. This kind of pad is suitable for wooden floors, tiles, marble floors, etc.

10. Screw-On-best felt pad floor protector

Product review:

Do you want to protect your furniture from scratches and dirt? Oh, these Screw-on felt pads come in handy! These chair pads are primarily for your furniture legs to prevent scratches and dirt. You’ll be so glad you bought them and so will the rest of your family members. There’s no better place than Screw-On Felt Pad.

These 24 pieces will easily fit all of your different floors, from carpet to wood. In addition, the protectors have a deep groove in the bottom that helps prevent scratches from being caused by sliding or moving on hardwood floors.


  • Protect your hard floors with these felt pads. 
  • They are made of premium materials to ensure the highest quality and not scratch or damage your floors.
  • The screw-on design makes it easy to install and remove for cleaning purposes. 
  • These felt pads are perfect for hard floor surfaces, including tile, wood, laminate, marble, granite.
  • The thick felt pad won’t leave any scratches and noise when you move furniture around.


Have you ever had to get up from your favorite chair because it was too uncomfortable on the floor? We’ve researched and found 10 of the best chair leg floor protectors that will help you avoid this problem. You don’t need any tools or expertise, just a few minutes with each product to find out which one is perfect for you! So check out our recommendations above and choose wisely based on your needs. Your floor will thank us later!

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