ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base

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While preparing all of your meals throughout this period may seem so stressful or exhausting, later on, you (and your appliances) could also be a bit the more serious for wear. That’s the point an electric blender would come in to assist you out: though blender is typically celebrated for its smoothie-making talents, some are even as sensible at crushing vegetables for a chilly summer soup, chopping vegetables with a food processor attachment, or whipping up frozen dessert, typically with simply the bit of a button.

And whereas we have written regarding various kitchen appliances — as well as the simplest electrical kettles, a do-it-all kitchen appliance, and air pullet, and expert-approved pasta-making tools — here in this article, we have come up with the simplest blender, as praised by the foremost reviewers on Amazon and other selling platforms.

So if you’re actually considering getting Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base , but don’t recognize that model well worth the price, and reliable enough to be safely utilized in your home kitchen.

So, it’s our job to create the selecting method easier for you. Hopefully, the given info in this article would assist you to decipher the simplest Ninja mixer for your specific desires and pocket.

Why Should You Go for The Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base?

Surely, before getting your choice, everyone has had this thought at one time or the other: “Do I actually want a Ninja personal blender?” That’s why I need you to try and notice all the advantages offered by the nice Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base

  • It’s sturdy over time
  • Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base is common in many household as a result of its durability, and also very straightforward to take care of. This appliance need nearly no maintenance to remain effectively operational for a long period.
  • It’s hugely convenient

If you think that this blender is solely accustomed to make smoothies, you’re wrong. They are manufactured to serve quite one purpose and charm to more than one form of user. With only one good very little device, totally different change of state activities, from mixing to whisking, is undertaken during a matter of minutes.

  • It gives you a well-balanced life

Do you wish to measure longer yet don’t want to use a lot of your time creating your diet healthier to get to that goal? If it is so, then a Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base  is non-negotiable. With all the advantages this product offers, it’ll actually be a worthy investment for experimenting with a lot of greens in your daily food.

Product Review

The Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base is a professional, high supercharged kitchen tool with 1100 watts of power. Its XL seventy-two oz. mixer Pitcher Options Total Crushing blades that blast through ice and frozen fruit in seconds for good ice crushing, blending, and controlled process. Additionally, its 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups with to portable Lids make it so straightforward to require delicious, nutrient made juices on the go. All elements are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

All things thought of, Ninja has with success continuing to supply spectacular product for its customers. This new generation kitchen appliance seems more superior, sturdy and durable at an inexpensive value, satisfying even the foremost distrustful patrons.

The Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base comes in different watts:

Wattage tells you how powerful the blender you’re about to purchase is. If you’re blending individual parts of food, or little quantities of vegetables, and creating smoothies, a 700 to 900-watts electric blender could also be decent. Otherwise, you would wish a minimum of 1,000 watts of power.

Ninja Pro Blender1100$116.99
Ninja CT682SP1500$181.53
Ninja BL456900$98.99

How to Reduce the Noise Ninja professional countertop blender 1100 watt base

In this current moment and age, it’s nearly not possible to measure up to standard without an electric blender. such a lot of recipes need you to mix ingredients together in a blender. Most folks like to prepare fruit smoothies, particularly throughout the new season. Vegetable soups, fruit yogurts, milkshakes, juices, all need the employment of a mixer.

The most annoying issue regarding blenders, however, is their huge noise. If you have got a young baby or a senior in your home, who hates loud noises, you have got to try and do one thing. The worst half regarding the noise is that the stronger your blender’s engine, the louder it’s. it’s a fragile balance between wanting a strong mixer and waking your baby up while you prepare meals you have got to settle on, and in fact, you’ll attempt to obtain a strong mixer and appearance for tactics to stay the noise down.

Listed below are some of the things you can do to reduce or stop the noise that comes from your Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base

Reposition the countertop Blender

The position of your electric blender is as important as the usage. Most folks tend to put blenders in a corner or on the point of the kitchen cabinet. this is often an enormous mistake. The electric blender’s noise is amplified by bouncing off the kitchen cabinet, creating it sound louder than normal.

Simply move the mixer away from the cabinets. you’ll be able to move it to the kitchen center on the kitchen island if you have got one, or place it on a table or a stool. If you can’t move it completely, contemplate shifting it while using it, then return it back in its corner once you’re done using it.

Place a very soft Towel below The Blender

Placing a towel or a siloxane mat under your mixer reduces blender noise. Most kitchen countertops are largely made of granite or wood, and also the mixer tends to vibrate on the pave, amplifying the noise. putting a towel below the mixer absorbs most of this noise, reducing it by a big margin. This answer won’t price you a dime, and you’ll not have to be compelled to worry regarding waking the baby, grandma, or gravel the other people in the house.

obtain a siloxane or Rubber Mat

Another answer could be a silicone or rubber mat, which needs marginal investment. This methodology solves 2 issues in one go. It silences the mixer by interesting the vibrations and helps to safeguard your kitchen tabletop against spills and to stop the blender from slippy if your countertop is too sleek.

Get a Noise Enclosure Box

Getting a sound enclosure box can cost between $150 and $300. But the good news is that you don’t need to pay such outrageous cash as you can quickly build your box? All you would need is a few cardboard, wood or plastic to create a box.

– Line the within with some thick material that may absorb the noise.

– Ensure the box is slightly larger than your electric ninja blender.

– One aspect ought to be open for the operation of the mixer.

A picket enclosure box is absolutely the best to create this, as wood is simple to figure with and line the within with some soundproofing foam.

If you don’t have the time to create a box or just don’t wish to risk it, you’ll be able to continually obtain one. Before shopping for one, scrutinize the box’s qualities, particularly its size and your blender’s size. Some mixer completes typically have soundproof boxes created for the particular brand, therefore take care this. The box encloses the mixer and doesn’t let the sound out, or a maximally reduces it to a manageable level.

Get Noise Reducing Earmuffs

Getting noise-reducing earmuffs might solely be an answer if you reside alone, and in a vicinity with no neighbors. If you have got neighbors and have already soundproofed your room, however still don’t wish to listen to the blender’s noise, obtain yourself some noise-reducing earmuffs.

If you have got kids or relations who are disturbed by the blender’s noise levels, you’ll conjointly contemplate this answer, though it solely works for exclusive neighborhoods.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the jar plastic or glass?If it’s glass, is there a plastic option?

We would love to tell you that the containers for the Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base are created with BPA free plastic. there’s not a glass possibility out there.

  • Can I mix hot soups in it ?

You’d not be able to mix hot soups within the Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base

  • Does it turn ice to snow?

It depends on what you mean by snow; however, it will crush ice nicely. I even have created some very delicious lime slashes and fruit smoothies. This works within the single-serve cups well.

  • Can one use it as a food processor?

There are a couple of things that each blender and food processors will do, however, this is often very not an honest substitute for a kitchen appliance. It cannot shred, slice, or knead the dough.

  • Can it do dough?

No, it doesn’t do dough. It essentially makes everything into mush. it’d be nice however it heats everything up, so it destroys nutrients thanks to its 1000-watt motor, that goes all the approach. Its all of the facility anytime you switch it on. you’ll be able to pulse it, however, it heats up as a result of the motor starts to interrupt down, and will break down a lot of and more on every occasion you employ it.

  • Does the blender come with a smoothie manual or recipe book?

 It comes with a foldable sheet (approx. 4″ x 7″) with 28 recipes (colorful pictures) for blending, process, and juicing.


Ninja is one in all the pioneers within the field of little social unit appliances and is popularly far-famed for manufacturing extremely purposeful blenders.

The North American country company has tabletop blenders for nearly everybody, from those on a budget to those wanting a premium model for business applications.

No matter what your budget is, or what specific reasonably mixer you desire, the Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base is the best choice for you.

However, either you wish a mixer for simply creating morning macromolecule drinks, juice or smoothies. alternatively, you would like it for getting ready your food or course occasional; what the explanation you have got Ninja contains a good choice to assist you with. So, take an honest scrutinize at the Ninja professional countertop blender with 1100 watt base and get it to perform all the blending you need do in your kitchen and even more.

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