Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 microwave oven| white countertop microwave oven.

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Microwave Ovens will produce loads of warmth in your kitchen and microwaves don’t really cook your food just as you wish it to. Do you want a solution? Get a mixture of the two. A tabletop compact kitchen appliance. These offer the practicality of a kitchen appliance and microwave, and a few even embrace options of alternative kitchen appliances which will cook just like a toaster, dehydrator, and then even more.

Here’s the deal: tabletop compact microwave ovens will simply work onto an area on your counter and cook enough food at just one occasion to feed up to twelve individuals. there’s loads of cookery power and flexibility in precisely one in every of these microwave ovens that’s certain to last through several years of use.

Which microwave oven is the most effective and reliable?

One of the simplest, most versatile, and budget-friendly convection microwave ovens you’ll be able to get these days is the Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven. This awesome kitchen appliance encompasses a spacious interior, many accessories, and a range of settings that make it an especially useful tool to possess as a kitchen user or a professional.

The Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts microwave oven is really extra-large—it will accommodate 2 16-inch pizzas, a family-size chicken, or over a dozen slices of bread. It comes with two large oven racks, a baking pan, and an integrated cooking rack, and there are digital settings for the dish, baking, broiling, toasting, and defrosting. Its temperature range is 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and it uses fifty percent less energy than a normal kitchen appliance and mechanically shuts off once the timer finishes.

Reviewers say this appliance is important for whoever doesn’t have a microwave oven, because it will cook just anything, from meat and veggies to food. One thing you need is to note it’s simple to use, however you still have got to take care with the door, that is purely made of glass.

One of the foremost marketing points of convectional microwave ovens is that they use considerably less energy than large typical ovens. If you wish to avoid wasting energy whereas still cookery up delicious meals, you’ll be happy with what the magic chef must provide.

This digital convection kitchen appliance preheats sixty percent quicker and cooks forty percent faster than your traditional microwave oven, and it emits fifty percent less heat off the door because of its special Heat Lock System.

This energy-saving kitchen appliance has eight presets, together with bake, broil, defrost, pizza, cookies, and more. It includes one rack which will be adjusted into four positions, and also the slippery interior makes it a breeze to scrub. Reviewers say this unit has superior insulation, and it operates quietly and stays comparatively cool to the bit.

Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 microwave oven Review

MCA Corporation offers a whole line of tabletop and Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens by Magic chef to assist busy customers to prepare fast meals easily and effortlessly. White, Black, and stainless-steel models are on the market in multiple sizes with options that offer the most recent convenience in microwave cookery. Some options embrace pre-programmed one-touch cookery functions, variable power levels, digital clock and timers, detector cookery, and an exclusive concave reflection system (C.R.S) for even heating (features vary by model).

Microwaves oven by the Magic chef are the proper answer for your household, little lodging, bedchamber or workplace.

Prepare a snack or a meal with the Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven. This compact microwave oven offers 900 watts of power and ten power levels alongside six automobile cook menus to assist you quickly and simply prepare a large type of food. It additionally comes with an automobile melt by time or weight that eliminates the idea in determinative defrosting time.

It comes with electronic control with diode display and a Push-button door for simple microwave operation; this kitchen appliance provides the standard oven settings, like bake or broil, and even a setting to cook the dish. they’re all plainly noted as individual buttons on the panel for simple understanding and operation. 

What makes this product stand out of the rest is that the unit is comparatively little and might simply work onto your counter while not taking over a lot of space. However, there’s enough area on the within to suit a 16” dish each on the 2 cookery shelves, and with convection heating, it’s certain to cook foods equally.

How a Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 microwave oven Can Make Things Easier for You in The Kitchen?

There are many ways that the act of getting a compact microwave oven in your kitchen can make the whole cooking process less trying and a lot of pleasant. Here are a lot of stuff you will simply do with your microwave oven, which will make it far better than the other alternatives.

Frozen food:

Well, we tend to all love a decent home-cooked meal – however typically a frozen dish or some white potato is simply too convenient to resist. Countertop microwave ovens like Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven or convection ovens can create cookery that frozen dish quicker, easier and cheaper – and it’ll cook foodstuff even as well as a higher level, if not better.

Melting cheese:

Do you need a nice, adhesive layer of cheese on high of your toast? You can’t melt cheese in a toaster, a microwave can make the bread flimsy, and it simply appears surplus to turn on a larger kitchen appliance for it.

A tabletop kitchen microwave oven can melt up cheese just right in precisely a second or 2. you’ll be able to keep a watch on the progress of your cheese melt with the inside lightweight.


Reheating your leftovers in a very microwave zaps the style and texture of it. With a smaller kitchen appliance, you’ll be able to quickly heat up a meal to the precise same quality because it had once freshly grilled.

Homemade pizzas, melts or wraps:

You’ll be able to handily prepare a hot, hand-held meal while not employing a microwave together with your kitchen appliance. One nice instruction is to slice open a pocket bread pouch, stuff it with meats, cheeses, and veggies, and warm it up with the proper setting in your Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven. you’ll get melty cheese and utterly crisped bread, likewise as ingredients heated all the means through, in no time.

Quick toasting:

Nothing can be so annoying than having an instruction that entails “a few cooked nuts” or “a few baked mushrooms” and desperate to activate your whole kitchen appliance only for a touch factor. With a tabletop kitchen appliance, you’ll be able to toast those instruction add-ons quickly and while not the waste.

Again, these are simply many samples of the ways that a tabletop kitchen appliance such as Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven will make your cooking easier within the kitchen The uses are endless – you’ll end up obtaining artistic within the kitchen in ways that you ne’er would with simply a traditional kitchen appliance and microwave.

The Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 microwave oven Comes in Different Watts:

Wattage tells you how powerful the microwave oven you’re about to purchase is. If you’re reheating basic parts of food, defrosting little quantities of vegetables, and creating popcorn, a 700 to 900-watts microwave could also be decent.

When it involves microwaves oven, electrical power equals wattage. A 1,000-watt microwave can cook quickly and expeditiously, so that’s a great baseline. Microwaves with 700 watts or less are slower and will not cook equally.

Tabled below are the various Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 microwave oven and their power measured in watts:

height0.7 cu ft. Magic Chef Countertop Microwave Oven0.9 cu ft. Magic Chef Countertop Microwave Oven1.5 cu ft. Magic Chef Countertop Microwave Oven
power700watts900watts1000 watts

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the inner dimensions?

A. Taken from the industrial plant user manual.

OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 18.3 × 11 × 14.6 in.

CAVITY DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 12.4 × 9.3 × 13.6 in.

CAVITY VOLUME: 0.9 cu.ft. (26 Liters)

Does this microwave have illumination source inside?

Yes. It comes on mechanically once the microwave is in use

Q. When cookery is finished, will the alert beeps be shut off, therefore there’s no sound?

A. 3 short beeps occur at the end of every cookery. there’s no mention, within the manual, of any method to flip them off.

Q. Does the Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven have a heat up feature?

A. +30 sec permits you to heat up for thirty seconds at full power by merely touching the Start/+30sec. pad. By repeatedly touching the Start/+30sec. pad, you’ll be able to additionally extend reheating time to five minutes by thirty-second increments. After one.5 seconds, the kitchen appliance starts reheating.

Q. This model says it’s a push door, however, the image appears like it’s a handle on the side?

A. The Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven encompasses a handle. The recent ones were the push buttons.


If you’re trying to find easier home cookery, a lot of kitchen appliance area, a far better reheating technique, or simply the quickest thanks to cooking a smaller meal, a brand new Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop best microwave oven would be the proper investment for you.

A Magic chef 0.9 cubic ft 900 watts white countertop microwave oven could be a convenient, economical and intelligent home appliance that you’ve been on a watch out for. Combining the speed and size of a microwave with the cookery quality of a fully loaded oven, this kitchen appliance would save your cooking time, cash and even energy – and it’ll also make your cooking fun once more.

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