Kubota Bx2380 Issues, Price, Weight, Cab, and Specifications

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If you’re searching for an economical tractor with a compact design, go no further than the Kubota BX series. Despite numerous Kubota BX2380 issues, this tractor remains a popular option for consumers. It’s a fantastic balance of size and strength, which further adds to their appeal!

However, everything in our world has its advantages and disadvantages, and you may encounter some difficulties with this approach! And this piece is entirely dedicated to such concerns and grievances.

Issues About The Kubota BX2380

The following are some potential issues with your Kubota BX2380:

  • PTO Issues
  • There are issues with the loader.
  • Issues with the steering box.
  • The first difficulty.

Now, let’s discuss those issues in further depth and consider some short fixes.

Concerns Regarding PTO Engagement

Occasionally, the PTO shaft may not revolve after engaging the clutch. Additionally, the PTO light may be on, yet this issue may still occur. This is not a BX2380-specific problem; it may occur with any model.

Attempt These Fixes

You may resolve this problem by attempting the methods listed below.

  • To begin, inspect the clutch’s hand lever. If the linkage is bent, the clutch may not engage. Therefore, if it is bent or detached, it must be repaired.
  • Additionally, you may attempt to crank the PTO shaft manually. When you manually move it in one direction, the mechanism should become loose and revolve easily. And then try repositioning it so that it engages correctly.

The Loader Is Not Properly Locked

While reinstalling the loader, one side may continue to pop out while the other side is absolutely good. The same issue exists with Kubota L4701 tractors as well. It is a tiny attachment problem that is easily resolved.

Attempt These Fixes

You might attempt the following techniques to resolve this issue.

  • The roller will not be properly mounted if it is not dead-nuts level with the tractor. You will not be connected even if it is slightly canted on one side. As a result, before installing this component, you must ensure that your ground is precisely level. As a result, it would be preferable if you completed this operation in your garage.
  • As can be seen, the bottom lift cylinders are linked crosswise. As a result, one side of the mast base will be taller than the other. To be honest, this is an uncommon occurrence. When this issue develops, the lift cylinder extension must be adjusted. You must level the masts from side to side.

However, since this is a manual technique, patience is required.

Consequences of the Steering Box

If you have sloppy steering and a shaky front wheel, you should be aware that this is a result of a malfunctioning steering box. Additionally, you may encounter resistance when spinning the wheels.

This problem is often encountered when you store or use your tractor in the pouring rain. If any water enters the steering box, it will quickly begin causing harm.

Attempt These Fixes

Here is a simple procedure for repairing the steering box.

  • All that is required is to disconnect the weep hole. If you do this regularly, you will avoid having to go through this misery in the future.

The Tractor Starts And Then Stops

If the tractor starts without incident but quickly shuts down, it might be due to fuel deprivation.

Attempt these fixes

You may resolve this issue by following these suggestions.

  • To begin, check for faults with the fuel and air filters, the fuel pump, the fuel lines, and the airlines.
  • If you see a blockage in the gasoline line, you may clear it using high-pressured air.
  • Now inspect the gasoline filter; if it is too unclean, it is best to replace it entirely.
  • Occasionally, a defective gasoline pump might also create significant complications. As a result, ensure that there is no trapped air in the pump to ensure appropriate operation.
  • If there are no issues with the fuel system, the issue may be with the airflow system. As a result, check the whole system and attempt to determine the source of the problems.
  • Excessive or insufficient air may damage the fuel pump and halt the combustion process. As a result, ensure that your air filter is clean. If the surface is unclean, you may use compressed air to remove the pollutants.

Kubota BX2380 Testimonial

Before we go into Kubota’s problems, let’s take a look at the BX2380, based on our experience. The BX2380 is often rated as one of the most efficient tractors in Kubota reviews. A high-low gear shift, as well as two forward and backward gears, are included in the drive train. It’s also developed with HST in mind.

It is also accessible at a reasonable price, making it much more user-friendly than it currently is. Users will also enjoy a trouble-free journey thanks to the four-wheel drive and wet-disc braking system. This tractor is little but powerful, weighing in at 1443 pounds.

Kubota BX2380 Specifications

The engine of Kubota BX2380

  • Kubota D902 diesel engine, three-cylinder liquid-cooled
  • 2.832.90 inches [72 x 74 mm] Bore/Stroke
  • Tier IV emissions
  • 23 horsepower [17.2 kW]
  • 3200 RPM rated
  • Starter: electric
  • 12 volts for the starter 3.5 quarts [3.3 liters] for the oil
  • The capacity of the cooling system: 3.3 qts [3.1 L]

Kubota BX2380 Fuel Tank 

  • Capacity: 6.6 gals [25.0 L]

Kubota BX2380 3 Point Hitch

  • Rear
  • Rear lift (680 pounds [308 kg]

Power Kubota BX2380

  • 23 horsepower [17.2 kW] engine (gross)
  • 20.4 horsepower [15.2 kW] engine (net)
  • 17.7 horsepower [13.2 kW] PTO (claimed)

Mechanical Kubota BX2380 

  • Chassis: 44 MFWD 4WD
  • Steering: power
  • Wet disc brakes
  • Cab: ROPS with two folding posts.

Kubota BX2380 Transmission

  • Hydrostatic 
  • Gears: limitless forward and reverse (2-range)

Hydraulics Kubota BX2380

  • 6.2 gpm [23.5 lpm] pump flow

Kubota BX2380 PTO

  •  Independent rear PTO
  • 540 RPM in the rear (1.375)
  • Mid-range RPM: 2500

Dimensions of the Kubota BX2380

  • 1443 pounds [654 kg] in weight
  • 55.1 inches [139 cm] wheelbase
  • 95.5 inches [242 cm] in length
  • 45.1 inches [114 cm] in width
  • 83.1 inches [211 cm] in height (ROPS)
  • 8.4 inches [21 cm] clearance (front axle)
  • 36.6 inches [92 cm] in the front tread
  • 32.2 inches [81 cm] rear tread

Tires for Kubota BX2380 

  • Standard tires (ag):    188.5-10 in the front. 2612-12 in the rear
  • Front lawn/turf:     188.5-10
  • Rear lawn/turf:        2612-12

Electrical Kubota BX2380

  • Ground:        Negative 
  • Mode of Charging:    Alternator

Kubota BX2380 Battery

  • Dimensions: 1 
  • Volts: 12

Kubota BX2380 Attachments 

48-inch lawn mower deck

  • Kubota RCK54D-18BX mid-mount
  • 48 inches [121 cm] cutting width
  • 165 pounds [74 kg]
  • 1 to 4 inch [2 to 10 cm] cut height

54-inch mower deck: 

  • Type:         mid-mount RCK54-23BX-1 Kubota
  • Cutting width: 54 inches [137 cm] 
  • Weight:    210 pounds [95 kg]
  • Height:        1 to 4 inches [2 to 10 cm] 

60-inch mowing deck:

  • Type:        Kubota RCK60B-23BX mid-mount
  • Cutting width:    60 inches [152 cm]
  • Weight:    250 pounds [113 kg]
  • Height:        1 to 4 inch [2 to 10 cm] cut height


  • Kubota LA344 loader
  • 71 inches [180 cm] in height (to pin)
  • 52.1 inches [132 cm] clearance with bucket dropped
  • Reach of the dump: 25.4 inches [64 cm]
  • The angle of the dump: 45
  • 54.8 inches [139 cm] reach to theground
  • 29-degree rollback angle
  • 978 lbs [443 kg] breaking force (at 500mm)
  • 739 pounds [335 kg] at full height (at pin)
  • 509 lbs [230 kg] at full height (509 lbs [230 kg] at full height (509 lbs [230 kg] at full height (509 lbs [230 kilograms] at full

Price of Kubota bx2380 in 2020 and 2021

The Kubota bx2380 pricing was $12,050 in 2020 and $13,211 in 2021.

Kubota bx2380 Cab

Some firms have focused only on manufacturing aftermarket cabs for Kubota’s Models. This implies that even if your tractor has aged, there is a good chance you will be able to locate a cab that fits. Even a soft cab might give refuge during a severe blizzard.

Cab For Kubota Bx2380 Brand New Specifications:

  • Standard Cabs are available in black.
  • Simple construction with eight components
  • Front windshield made of safety glass
  • Pin-hinged doors enable easy removal in a matter of seconds
  • Polycarbonate door windows that do not open
  • This cab is roughly 285 pounds in weight.

Additional Options: 

  • Kubota Orange Paint ($295 add-on).
  • Safety glass top (sliding) and bottom (non-sliding) door windows in an aluminum frame (additional $1,200).
  • Water Heater with a 28,000 BTU capacity and a high-speed blower. Pre-wired. Additionally, it comes with pre-connected hoses and shut-off valves/fittings to the heater, allowing for simple attachment to the motor (add-on for $1,200).
  • System of Four Corner Roof Lights. Pre-wired. (Additional cost of $775)
  • 12-volt electric wiper ($495 add-on)

This cab is compatible with the Kubota tractors BX1880, BX2380, and BX2680.


Kubota BX2380 is an ideal mower for estate maintenance, capable of mowing 2-15 acres at a time. Therefore, selecting this tractor seems like an excellent strategy for a trouble-free trip!

Additionally, you’ll get a one-year limited guarantee, which you may extend if necessary.

However, as previously said, every system gets somewhat troublesome with time. However, with good care, you may easily prevent such concerns.

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