10 best self propelled cordless lawn mower

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A battery-powered lawn mower can help you to have a hassle-free lawn mowing experience. Among various lawn mowers, Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2 is the best self propelled cordless lawn mower

A lawn mower is the first thing to buy while deciding to have your own lawn. It helps you to maintain your lawn and make it beautiful. You might have the one. It might be a manual or gas-powered lawn mower. If yes, you need to change it. You’ve to move towards buying a cordless self-propelled lawn mower. 

The cordless self-propelled lawn mowers are lightweight and easy to operate. This mower type will make your life easier if you want to have a large lawn to maintain. But, you might be wondering which mower you should choose among the mowers pool. Well, this article is for the same purpose. 

We’ve reviewed the top 10 cordless self-propelled electric lawn mowers so that you can find the best self-propelled cordless lawn mower.

10 best self propelled cordless lawn mower recommendations-

  1. WORX WG751 40V Power Share 5.0 Ah 20″– best Lawn Mower 
  2. Greenworks PRO 80V 21 inches – best Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower,
  3. EGO Power 56-Volt – Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  4. BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH – best Electric Lawn Mower
  5. Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 60362S Self-Propelled Lawn Mower – best for beginners
  6. Sun Joe ION16LMCT – best Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower
  7. Snapper XD- 82V MAX – best design Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  8. Makita DLM460PT2 Twin 18V (36V) Li-ion LXT – best Brushless Lawn Mower
  9. Craftsman M275 Self-Propelled FWD – best Gas Powered Lawn Mower
  10. Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2 – best self propelled cordless lawn mower

What is a cordless self propelled lawn mower?

By self-propelled lawn mower means it will automatically move forward at a walking pace. The mower’s powerplant provides the power to drive the cutting blades and turn the wheels for automatic movement. 

However, Cordless self-propelled lawn mowers mean a rechargeable battery is its power source. Batteries with high Ah, more power they will provide. And more money you’ve to spend. 

Why should you choose a cordless self-propelled lawn mower?

A self-propelled lawn mower has many advantages that will compel you to buy it. The section below discusses all the benefits that make the self-propelled lawn mower with electric start worth buying. 

Save time and money:

Just imagine you have grass clutter in your hand and have wasted the whole day mowing your lawn. Never think of doing this. Get a lawn mower as soon as possible. It’ll save your time. 

If you’ve a large lawn, mowing with a self-propelled lawn mower can make your task much more manageable. A self-propelled lawn mower will also save your money as you don’t have to hire someone to mow your lawn. You can do it yourself by putting in minimum effort.  

Convenient to use:

Another benefit of a self-propelled cordless lawn mower is the convenience associated with it. You don’t have to put extra effort into pushing the mower. Further, you don’t need to worry about cord management. Above all, you can save yourself from the inconvenience of buying and filling the fuel regularly. 

Eco friendly:

The best thing about cordless self-propelled lawn mowers is that they are eco-friendly. In comparison to gas and petrol-powered mowers, they don’t emit any kind of fumes. 

Moreover, these lawn mowers don’t make any noise. It means self-propelled will also save you from the hazards of noise pollutions.

10 Best self propelled cordless lawn mower reviews

In this section, we have reviewed the top 10 cordless self-propelled electric lawn mowers. After a thorough reading, you’ll find the best self-propelled cordless lawn mower.

Let’s have a look at all the cordless self-propelled electric lawn mowers reviews-

WORX WG751 40V Power Share 5.0 Ah 20″ Lawn Mower 

Worx WG751 40V lawn mower is the best lawn mower for small to medium-sized lawns. With its two 20V 5.0Ah rechargeable batteries, it provides 40 V of mowing power. This battery power is sufficient to mow a lawn of 6,500 sq. ft. on a single charge.

Its steel-cutting deck makes it unique. It’s durable and performs well even on the rougher terrain. The larger deck means you don’t have to pass sufficient passes to mow the entire lawn. Further, steel decks provide the best grass cutting. You can easily side discharge or bag the grass clippings as per your lawn’s need. On the other hand, if your lawn mower has a steel or aluminum deck, it can cause messy mulching. 

The best thing is it comes with a power share and a charger. Its power share is compatible with other Worx tools and power products. This cordless lawn mower is environmentally friendly and budget-friendly. You just need to push a button to start it. Additionally, it has a foldable handle that makes its transportation easy. 

Moreover, easy adjustment is another best feature for the Worax WG751 40 V lawn mower. You can adjust the cutting height with a lever. It would take only a second for this transition. 

Hurry up and buy this lawn mower to make the mowing of your lawn manageable.


  • Easy to handle 
  • Lightweight
  • Enough power with two 4Ah batteries


  • It doesn’t cut wet grass

Greenworks PRO 80V 21 inches best Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower,

The Greenworks lawn mower is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a self-propelled lawn mower. It has steel construction to allow you to mow in a single pass. However, its steel body may add some weight to it.

The ball-bearing wheels are one of its best features that will quickly move your mower on the lawn. Further, it also has a height adjustment system. But you don’t need to put extra effort into adjusting the cutting height. Its single lever height adjustment system makes adjustment easy. 

Another advanced feature of the Greenworks is its power adjustment system. It adjusts the power according to the grass height and thickness. For instance, if your lawn’s grass is thick, it’ll increase the time it can run. So, with this lawn mower, you can quality cut on the thick grass.

Its quality battery makes it shine among many other lawn mowers. Actually, its battery has 80 V power and a long run time. You may find many mowers with compatible features. However, there is no match for it in price. So, if you need a quality lawn mower at an affordable price, never ignore the Greenworks pro 80V lawn mower. 


  • Smart cut technology
  • Ball-bearing wheels
  • High-quality steel deck
  • Affordable


  • Slightly heavy

EGO Power 56-Volt Self Propelled cordless Lawn Mower

EGO power lawn mower offers you quality cuts with ease of use. You can start it with a single push. Even it’s safe to use in wet conditions due to its weather-resistant feature. You can also use it in the dark due to its featured LED lights.

It’s a reality that you can get frustrated if the mower doesn’t mow your lawn in a single run. It has two lithium-ion batteries with 56V 5. 0 Ah. These batteries provide enough power to run the mower for up to 80 minutes. Among different cordless self-propelled electric lawn mowers, this lawn mower runs for a long time.

Another feature of its battery is its 60-minute cut time. The high cut time allows it to tackle the most challenging applications. Arc lithium and peak-power technology of the battery make this mower beat. Further, its battery is compatible with other products of EGO POWER+. So, you can use it with any product of Ego.

Its 21 in. durable deck and single lever help you to mow your lawn effectively. You can also adjust it in 6 different cutting heights to give your lawn a beautiful and clean finish. Besides height adjustment, a speed adjustment option is also available. You can vary its self-propel speed from 9 MPH – 3. 1 MPH. And can decide the even that is mowing your lawn efficiently.

Above all, it offers you three different options to discharge grass clipping after mowing. You can do mulching or bagging. If you don’t want to do both, you can even go with side discharge.


  • Easy to handle
  • 80 minute run time
  • Speed adjustment


  • Expensive

BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH Electric Lawn Mower

BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH is a walk-behind electric lawn mower. It’s the ultimate solution for you if you’re looking for a cost-effective lawn mower. It has a simple design to offer high performance by lawn mowing as well as grass clippings disposal. With its winged blade, you can collect the grass clippings with 30% more effectiveness. Although it has a bagging option, no side discharge and mulching options for grass clippings. 

The black and decker lawn mower is easy to operate. To start, you just have to push the button. Further to handle it while mowing, it has a comfortable handle. So, you can trim your lawn comfortably with this lawn mower. 

It’s the best electric lawn mower in 2020 and is rated at 12 Amps when it comes to power. With 17 inches wide cutting deck, it’s a lawn mower for the medium-sized lawn. 

Mowing height is adjustable in BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH electric lawn mower. You can adjust the height in 6 different positions that range 1inch-3inch.

In summary, BLACK+DECKER BEMW482BH electric lawn mower has an excellent and easy to handle design. However, it’s a one-purpose lawn mower. Just mow the lawn and collect the grass clippings in the collector bag with it.


  • Easy to operate
  • Lightweight
  • No noise
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable


  • Less durable plastic design

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools 60362S –best self propelled cordless lawn mower

Scott outdoor power tool offers the most convenient battery-powered best self propelled cordless lawn mower that you can find. It carries a battery-powered brushless motor having 62 volts of power.

The brushless motor’s power is compatible with a gas mower; however, it doesn’t discharge fumes. Further, You don’t have to worry about managing cords as the power source in these mowers is the battery. It comes with two different batteries, 62-Volt 2.5 Ah and 62-Volt 4.0 Ah. 

You can also change the speed of the mower at your convenience. With its unique physical features, it makes the mowing more efficient. For instance, it has a durable steel deck (21 inches) that will help you meet your lawn’s most rigorous needs. 

Due to its LED light, it’s convenient to use at any time of the day. This lawn mower allows you to change the cutting height in the range of 1.5″-3.75.” So, you get your desired grass height on your lawn with this mower. 

When it comes to grass clipping disposal, it comes with 3-in-1 functionality. It means you can get a mulcher, bagger, and grass mower in one tool. The 16 Gal bag capacities will surprise you. 

The rear-wheel of the Scotts cordless lawn mower will make the mowing experience effortless for you. Best of all, you can change the speed of the mower from 1.5 mph to 3 mph. So, you don’t need to put much effort into pushing the lawn mower. You just have to guide the self-propelled mower’s direction.

In the end, I am going to tell you a fantastic feature of the Scottslawn mower that is quick-fold capability. This feature will allow you to store the tool vertically in minimum space. So, you can take it easy in any part of the yard. 


  • Adjustable speed
  • Quick foldability
  • 3-in-1 functionality


  • Less durable wheels

Sun Joe ION16LMCT Brushless best Cordless Lawn Mower

ION16LMCT by Sun Joe is the best affordable self propelled cordless lawn mower with a battery and charger. Its remarkable features would definitely value your money. You can buy it if you have a small or medium-sized lawn. 

At affordable prices, it doesn’t compromise quality. Its brushless motor is quiet, powerful, and gets power from the 40 V lithium-ion batteries from iBAT40 Series. You can also buy compatible chargers for the battery that are iCHRG40QC and iCHRG40. 

With its 160-inch cutting deck, you can mow your small lawn in just a few passes. Its small size makes it easy to use near narrow spaces. It also has a removable safety key to avoid accidental starts. 

Finally, you don’t need to worry about the defective Sun Joe lawn mower as it comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • Suitable for small lawns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Removable safety key


  • Non-replaceable battery

Snapper XD- 82V MAX best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Now it’s time to talk about one of the best cordless self-propelled electric lawn mowers, snapper max. Despite its weight, it’s easy to use. 

You will not only get the lawn with the neat cut, but the noiseless operation is also its quality. Its two lithium-ion batteries with a charger make an intelligent battery system with a 90-minute runtime. So, it keeps you away from the battery running out while mowing the lawn. Is not it fantastic?

Above all, it has an adjustable design featuring a 21-inch steel deck. Additionally, it comes with a collecting bag and grass mulching chamber for grass clippings disposal. Above all, you can adjust the mowing height at seven different positions. 

Finally, the feature that makes it unique is the sensing technology of the cutting blade. It’ll increase the lawn mower’s efficiency. Further, Snapper XD the lawn mower has a fantastic battery charging station for charging its battery quickly. 


  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Sensing technology of cutting blade
  • Two batteries to provide 80V power


  • Heavier

Makita DLM460PT2 – best self propelled cordless brushless Lawn Mower

Makita DLM460PT2 is well built with a heavy featured cordless mower for small to medium-sized lawns. On a single charge, it can mow an 800 square meters lawn.

This mower comes with twin chargers and 18 V batteries. Further, its batteries will get charges in only 45 minutes. The amazing fact is mower will alert you about the remaining battery on the fuel gauge. 

This lawn mower also has multi-contact terminals to reduce electrical resistance. It’ll help to build a stable connection ensuring the current supply to the mower. Its 60-liter collection box allows collecting enough grass clippings. Further, you can get the rotation speed up to 2500 rpm with constant control in speed. 

The carry handle on the front makes it easier to lift, but this is a heavy machine, and most people will need help lifting and carrying it around.


  • Fast charge time
  • Large collection bag
  • Adjustable to 10 cutting heights


· Not compatible with G-Series batteries

Craftsman M275 Self-Propelled FWD Gas Powered Lawn Mower

When it comes to the gas-powered lawn mower, there is no match for Craftsman M275. It has a 21-inch deck and 3-in-1 functionality. Craftsman M275 is a 21 inch 3-In-1 self-propelled mower. It comes with a 159CC OHV GAS engine, a powerful engine. However, you can also start it electrically. Just push a button, and you’re ready to mow. 

It’s the right setting for you, whether you need to trim your lawn or want to cut it full. With its six adjustable cutting positions, you can cut the grass as per your requirement. 

If you’re looking for a mower with a firm grip on your lawn, you shouldn’t ignore it. It has a larger 8inch wheel and rear 11-inch wheel with a zag treading feature. These features allow it to move on the lawn with little effort and full control.

Another unique feature is its deck wash system. It’ll prevent waste and rust build-up on the underside of the deck. So, it’ll save not only your time but also energy. 

Above all, it’s a unique and versatile mower that is worth buying. It can dispose of the grass clippings in three ways, either by rear discharge, side discharge, or mulching. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to wash deck
  • Easy to use due to self-propelled system of front wheel


  • Small collection bag as compared to mower’s size

Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2 cordless lawn mower

If you’re looking for a lawn mower providing straightforward mowing, you would never find the best option other than a lawn mower with variable speed. Greenworks GD40LM46SPK2 lawn mower is also a lawn mower with variable speed. You can even adjust the speed according to your walking speed. It means you don’t have to chase the mower.

Its cutting width of 46 cm is enough to mow a lawn of 750m2 in a single run. Moreover, with its seven cutting heights, you will feel happy to mow even a challenging lawn. 

You can also adapt any one of the three methods for grass clipping discharge. Its 55 liters grass collector bag would allow you to mow for a long time.  

With its brushless motor, it reduces the vibration noise. As a result, this mower will need minimum maintenance. Additionally, these brushless motors will also reduce motor friction, extending the mower’s G40B2 battery’s run time.

Its 40 V batteries with 2-4 Ah are compatible with many other Greenworks batteries. Moreover, thanks to its double batteries that allows you to mow for a longer time. 

Above all, the GreenWorks have a throttle control lever. This lever will control the output of the brushless motor. Or you can say the speed of the mower on the lawn. Thus throttle system helps you to have full control of your mower on the lawn. 


  • Ideal for larger lawns
  • Two powerful batteries
  • Durable and lightweight


  • No roller to have a striped lawn

What to consider while looking for the best self-propelled cordless lawn mower? (Buying guides)

Choosing the best self-propelled cordless lawn mower can be a difficult task, but our buyer’s guide will help you to choose the right one. There are several things to consider while choosing the best cordless lawn mower 2020; some of these are:


Some cordless lawn mowers show their best performance. But, it doesn’t mean you would ignore their weight. No doubt, self-propelled mowers are much lighter than petrol mowers. Thanks to not having a heavy engine. 

No doubt, self-propelled lawn mower move their own. But still, you need to consider the weight as it plays a vital role in controlling the mower. So, if you don’t want to put in the physical effort or have a back problem, never ignore the weight factor. 

Battery life:

How long does the battery last on a single charge? Well, it depends on the mower’s model and is another worth considering factor. A battery with high voltage and Ah number is more powerful and lasts for a longer time. 

So, you should look for Ah if you want to have a mower with a longer run time. Similarly, voltage is essential to consider for a self-propelled mower as we have a concern with power. Additionally, it would be good if your mower has a battery replacement. It will help to use one when the other is running out. 

Now, it’s time to know how long it will take for the batteries to get charged? Well, a standard charger would take 60 minutes to charge your battery. And the fastest charger can charge your mower’s battery in 30 minutes. But most of the time, you have to buy these fast chargers separately. So, always have a look if your mower has a compatible fast charger. So that you can buy it if you need it. 

Cutting Height and Width

Cutting width means how much area your mower covers in a single pass. And cutting height means up to which size your mower can mow the grass. If a lawn mower is offering larger cutting width, it’s mean it can mow your lawn faster. So, higher cutting width can save your time and energy.

 In the same way, lawn mowers also offer various cutting heights. You need to consider what extremes of cutting heights a mower is offering. However, you should not mow your lawn more than 1/3 of the grass blade’s length.

Power source

Power quantity and power source decide how efficient your lawn mower is. A less powered mower would find it difficult to move over the wet grass. As a result, you will not get a clean cut. Therefore a quality power source to provide sufficient power to mower is essential. 

There are four different types of lawn mowers based on power source:

  • Electrical or battery-powered mower
  • Gas-powered mower
  • Petrol powered mower 
  • Manual powered mower

All these mowers have different power. Moreover, the battery will be powerful if it has a higher voltage. You can decide on any power source but don’t forget to see how much voltage it provides. 


How good are battery-powered lawn mowers? 

Battery-powered lawn mowers are good due to several reasons. They 

  • save energy 
  • operate quietly
  • save environment
  • easy to use
  • Save time

Can you use a battery-powered lawn mower on wet grass?

Yes, it can cause damage. If you’re using a corded electric lawn mower on wet, you may have to tolerate electric shock. Further, if the wiring beneath the mower gets exposed to water, it can get damaged. 

Is 40V better than 20V?

Definitely, a 40V battery is much better than a 20V battery. Higher voltage means the battery can provide more power to your mower. As a result, the lawnmower will mow fast and efficiently. 

Are battery mowers as good as petrol?

No, in our opinion battery mowers are much better than the petrol mower. A battery mower keeps you away from the hassle of refueling your mower. So, if you have a big lawn with an area of about 500 cm2, it’s better to have a battery-powered lawnmower. 

Final thoughts…!!!

Lawn mowing is a time-consuming task. However, the best self-propelled cordless lawn mower can make this difficult task much easier. Actually, you don’t have to drag it. However, you should keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to go with a petrol mower, especially for thick lawns. In this article, we offered you a review of the top 10 cordless self-propelled lawn mowers so that you can pick any one of them according to your lawn’s needs. So, choose the one for your lawn and have a pleasant mowing experience.

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