How to Use a Toaster Oven?

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Toaster ovens are totally different things than to those of the conventional ovens used in our kitchens. Toaster oven is light weighted electrical appliances to perform simpler functions such as baking, toasting and broiling. When you buy your unit from the Market or online store, it comes in assembled form. All you need is to unbox it and start using it.

Well before describing the details about how to use a toaster oven, below are the few initial tips for you to consider for maintenance of your toaster oven. This can save time, energy, and money.

When you have bought a new unit, unbox it carefully. Remove all the parts one by one. Keep them separate and wash all parts. Take a clean piece of cloth and wipe its interior surfaces. And yes don’t forget to read the instructions provided with its guide booklet. 

Before putting your toaster oven into function, you need to understand each of its key functions. If it contains racks, you need to learn how to remove these, wash and put these back into their specified place. Size of pans also matters for a toaster oven. Small size cake pans and bread pans easily get adjusted into a toaster oven. If you already have such pans in your kitchen, then you can save a lot of money. 

Before putting your toaster into a proper use, you should give it a test run. This can help you to understand some basic functions of the toaster oven. 

During a test run you need to make your mind about the range of functions it can perform. It depends on you whether you want to prepare a whole meal from it or reheat the leftovers. 


Most of the Toaster Ovens come with a wire rack. This is used for meal placement on it. Remember you must place the rack on the central part of the toaster oven so that it is heated evenly. 

Next step while using it is to select a preference mode for a particular toasting function which you want to perform on it. In some varieties of oven setting, a timer is the key. There is a simple principle of toasting while using a toaster, that is if you keep your food for a longer duration it will get darker in the end.

If you are a new user of the toaster oven, then it is highly recommended that you should set its speed on the lower limit. In case if your food doesn’t get toasted as per your requirements and liking then you can toast the food again by simply putting it back into the oven. 


Toaster ovens are not to perform multiple cooking functions like a conventional microwave oven but still you can use it more than just toasting. It can be easily used for broiling and baking different foods.

  • Baking

People who are regular users of the toaster oven are fond of using it for baking the foods such as.

  • Cookies 
  • Chicken thighs
  • Wonton cups
  • Cranberry bites
  • Roasted seeds
  • Fries

Baking in a toaster oven needs some practice. You need to heat your toaster oven for a few minutes then switch on the dials. After doing it, place your foods inside it on the rack and start baking it for several minutes. It will inform you by a sound of the beep once your meal is fully cooked.

One important thing you need to take care of is that all heating elements of your oven need to be turned on while processing the food.


Toaster ovens are commonly used for broiling foods. Broiling in the toaster oven uses only heating settings and control. Setting a timer or not depends totally on you. Although broiling is a short duration process, still timers can be set. 


It is a well-known fact about the productivity of a toaster in the common households. Obviously it can not replace typical microwave ovens but still, it has some appealing features which make this device more attractive for a common kitchen. There are different brands and models available in the market each offer different features but the main functions are the same. If you have got plenty of money then you can buy a toaster with multiple racks inside it. 

This comes in assembled form. It is easy and simple to use. Toasting is the main function but you can also use it for broiling and baking purposes. 

If you were not aware of this useful appliance in the beginning of this article on How to Use a Toaster Oven?, it can be postulated that now you will think about making some investment by buying a toaster oven for your kitchen.

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