Can you damage concrete by power washing?

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One of the foremost satisfying, however time-consuming, outside tasks you’ll strive against is power cleaning your compound, road, and walkways. As much as you know that employing a power washer can erase settled dirt, junk, and stains from virtually all surface,

you would possibly wonder, Can you damage concrete by power washing? The fast answer is, of course, positive; power washing can degrade a concrete surface.

You can notice visible damage from water pressure at the amount that even light power washers can operate. Therefore, if you aren’t careful, you can cause irreversible damage to your driveway or patio. Also, some concrete is weaker than others, making some areas additional at risk of developing lines, erosion, or alternative surface imperfections, to not mention the deterioration to joints if mortar or joint sand is washed away throughout the process.

The prime reasons for power washing damages include the usage of the incorrect nozzle, excessive pressure, spraying contents too close to the concrete surface, and holding the nozzle on a selected spot for too long. like any piece of kit you get to use on your property, of course, you’ll need to read all directions totally before you get started.

Let’s currently move into more detail concerning how well you can offer your concrete surfaces an upgrade while not unknowingly inflicting the other problems.

While power laundry can injure concrete, there are ways that you’ll avoid it Probably one in all the foremost common queries we have a tendency to get asked is whether or not power washing concrete can damage it. clearly, without correct information or care power washing, any surface will cause damaging it, and concrete isn’t any exception. Despite being one of the additional harder building materials, adverse weather and time will take its toll on any surface.

If done correctly, power washing the concrete patio, road, or pathways around your home can very have a transformative impact and bring back to life areas that feel somewhat drained.

What to do Before Power Washing a Concrete Surface

If you are considering washing any concrete surface, there are a handful of steps you ought to take before power washing any surface.

Firstly, check your water supply. As you want to do the duty effectively, without an adequate water supply to the pressure washer; then try out the ability of the power washer by working on the concrete surface, so as to urge a condole with it. You should then decide on an applicable nozzle. The more the number, the less slender and forceful the spray. If you’re unsure use the broadest one initial and so work your method down.

Next, assess the surface that you’re intending to power wash. If there are any obstructions or surfaces that would be broken due to the high pressured water. Ensure to move away from the concrete surface, around ten feet from it, and then move nearer as you become additional comfortable.

If you are still unsure, it’s time to entrust the business to a professional. These service suppliers are quite capable of coping with any problems and acumen to scrub several surfaces while not inflicting injury.

Tips for Pressure Washing Concrete Without Causing Any Damage

If your hardscapes are significantly dirty otherwise you simply feel powerful concerning employing a pressure washer to clean them, the most effective course of action is to rent an expert who has expertise power washing those specific hardscapes. this is often the surest way to avoid damage and therefore the potential for pricey repairs.

If hiring a professional isn’t in your budget or you merely like homemade projects, then the successive neatest thing to try and do is scan our guides on the way to effectively clean numerous stains and substances off of hardscapes. These guides can provide you with gradual directions on how to clean concrete driveways, paver patios, or brick walkways.

Before rental or shopping for an intense washer, you ought to see if a hose with a nozzle to direct the spray will offer a robust enough stream of water to effectively clean the areas in question. If this doesn’t work and you are doing plan to accompany a pressure washer, observe on dirt or somewhere although your hardscape so you’ll get a condole with the machine and the way powerful the spray is.

Select a pressure washer with between 3 and 4 GPM (gallons per minute) at a pressure of 3000 psi (pounds per sq. inch). the successive step is to pick a nozzle that gives a large angle, instead of a slender stream of water. It is tempting to decide on the next psi or totally different tip that may get the duty done faster.

As you are power cleaning your concrete surface, ensure that you are employing a continuous sweeping movement which you are not permit the water to spray on a specific space for too long. you may need to set the nozzle on a minimum of twelve inches faraway from your concrete or pavers, and ne’er point the sprayer directly at the said surface, however rather, maintain the spray at an angle. If you’re trying to remove grease or oil off of your concretes, avoid runoff that may move to the storm drain. This water is additionally not sensible for your natural grass field or plants. If you’re exploitation solely water, direct the runoff towards a lawn or flowerbeds. If you are using detergents or improvement grease and oil, direct the runoff to a mud or gravel area.

If you are power cleaning your concrete compound, avoid directly spraying the joints between the pavers, as this may wash away the sand. If this occurs, you may have to be compelled to replace the joint sand to take care of the integrity of the installation.

Special Precautions You Have to Take During the Power Washing Process

When you’re employing a hard-hitting washer, you need to make sure you are doing it safely. If you are making use of an electrical pressure washer, you are advised to possess either no cord or a high-quality outside extension cord to cut back the chance of injury. Sporting rubber soled shoes, safety goggles, and long trousers would also go a long way in keeping you safe.

If you’re making use of the gas pressure washer, ear protection for the noise is often an honest idea. Gas washers are way too noisy.

Another factor to recollect is that once water is sprayed in a fine stream by pressure, it will injure things it comes directly into contact with. This includes your skin, toys, plants, and even more.  With these I’m sure that you can damage concrete by power washing. To avoid any risk, take away everything from your road before you switch on your pressure washer.

What Are the implications of Power Washing Concrete Incorrectly?


once you start pressure washing, you ought to always spray in a sweeping motion, slightly overlapping the area where you have already cleaned. this may make sure that the whole extent is clean, however not streaked.


You run the chance of damaging your concrete if you utilize the incorrect nozzle tip or hold the nozzle too near to the surface. If you have an excessive amount of water pressure aimed too close to the driveway, you’ll degrade the concrete surface.

Lines and erosion may occur. to confirm what you are doing not cause damage, you ought to invariably hold the tip to twelve inches or even more from the surface area and ne’er spray too much in one space while not moving the wand back and forth over it.

How to Get Rid of Power Washing Damages on Your Concretes

If you eventually end up placing marks on your concrete, don’t fret. Leftover marks are a great deal easier to clear.

Take a glance at the concrete surface that you have just power washed. you would possibly see some leftover junk or items that didn’t build it off the surface. If you’re feeling assured in your power laundry abilities, you’ll return over the concrete with a far broader nozzle. otherwise, you can simply brush it off or use a mild spray to get rid of the debris.

Usually, these marks come back from dashing through the job. If you begin seeing marks where your pressure washing, bog down a small amount and confirm to travel over every section totally before moving onto the successive area.

While most householders simply deliver water in an exceedingly hard-hitting spray to remove marks on a surface, you’ll conjointly attempt employing a detergent to remove marks or discoloration. If you go this route, you ought to use a smaller nozzle once applying detergent. The detergent you get should have additional care directions on the way to apply the product. If you follow those directions, you ought to get the most effective results with the least power washer marks.

Sometimes marks aren’t from the pressure washer itself however from oil, grease, or additional stubborn build-up. In those cases, you’ll experiment with a distinct nozzle or get a small amount nearer to visualize if the next degree of pressure removes the marks.


It is especially necessary to avoid injury if you have got concrete or brick hardscapes. Concrete is repaired and sections can be replaced, however, these repairs are invariably noticeable since it’s nearly not possible to match the color of latest concrete to the color of existing concrete.

A brick area or road may also be repaired, but it is pricey to get rid of mortar and broken bricks, and maybe terribly troublesome to match the new section to what’s already there. If you happen to break your paving stones with a pressure washer, the pavers that are damaged can be simply removed and replaced.

Your installer can merely unfasten the paving stones, replace the broken pavers and place your area or road back together.

With the way we have extensively explain the causes and solutions of a damaged concrete; the common question: Can you damage concrete by power washing? shouldn’t be a threat to you any longer.

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