Deenkee i7 review

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The DEENKEE I7 review is all about the best robot vacuum. It’s loaded with tons of features, including auto leaning, auto charging, remote controller, side brushes and many more.

I just got a robot vacuum, and it is the best thing ever. I love that I don’t have to worry about vacuuming anymore because this little guy does it for me. I also love how he will map out my house and clean all of the dirtiest places first! It has an app, too, so you can see what he’s done, which is fantastic. If you’re looking for a way to make your life easier, then check out my Deenkee i7 review. 

DEENKEE i7 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Product introduction:

DEENKEE i7 Robot Vacuum and Mop is a 3 in 1 intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that sweeps, mops, and vacuums your floors. It can clean hardwood floors, tile floors, carpeted flooring and pet hair with its powerful suction. DEENKEE i7 automatically cleans under furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs etc. You can use it to clean the whole house or just one room at a time.

 DEENKEE i7 sweep and mop will help you clean your home thoroughly with ease. The robot vacuum cleaner has a large dustbin that can hold up to 0.55 litres of dust and debris before it needs to be emptied. This smart robotic sweeper also features a side brush that will clean around the edges. 

The DEENKEE i7 is an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that can clean hard floors and carpets. It has a smart design that allows it to quickly move around furniture and obstacles as it cleans your entire home. The DEENKEE i7 can be scheduled to clean at specific times of the day. 

 It has an intelligent navigation system that allows it to find its way around your home and return to its charging base. The i7 also features a powerful suction motor and automatically adjusts its height as it moves across different floor surfaces. It provides you with a clean house every day without lifting a finger!

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  • It is the quietest vacuum cleaner in the market with 500 Db. You can clean your house while watching TV or reading a book.
  • The i7 has 4 cleaning modes: auto, spot, edge and manual. It will automatically detect the surface you are cleaning and choose the appropriate mode for you.
  • Through schedule, you can set up a schedule to clean at certain times of the day so that your home is always kept tidy! The i7 will also return to its charging station when it’s done cleaning for you.
  • With a simple touch of a button, you can control your DEENKEE i7 from anywhere in your home.
  • It has a powerful suction motor that picks up dirt from any surface, including hardwood floors and carpeted floors. The intelligent touch remote control allows you to switch between cleaning modes or schedule regular cleaning times easily.
  • With onboard AI technology, it can intelligently clean your home, sweeping and mopping the floor with a high level of accuracy. You can also set up a schedule to suit your needs.

Technical details:

  • Height of the robot vacuum: 3.15 inch
  • 2600 mah lithium-ion battery
  • 50DB Noise
  • Run time: 90- 120 Min
  • Charging time: 4 to 5 hours
  • Dustbin capacity: 0.55 L
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • 12-month warranty
  • 4 Cleaning modes
  • Control type: Remote Control, Touchpad Control
  • Accessories include Mop cloth, water tank, 4 side brushes, Charging base, remote control, screwdriver, user manual, Ac power adapter, magnetic stripe, HEPA Filter, warranty card. 

Negative feedback:

We believe in a most honest Deenkee i7 review, so now we will consider some most common complaints that some buyers had about this robot vacuum. 

According to a buyer, the Deenkee i7 may take more time to clean than other robotic vacuums. However, the ending results of cleaning are not disappointing at all. So you may need to wait for a better cleaning of your home. 

Another customer is not happy with the reverse button of the vacuum. According to the user, after reversing the button, it will just back a few inches, and then it will automatically start moving in a forwarding position.

Positive feedback

Now it’s time to get into some pros of the product. Overall, the product has a lot of 5-star ratings from Amazon reviewers. Here we will explain some most appreciated features of this robot vacuum. 

The DEENKEE i7 Robot Vacuum is the ultimate multi-tasker, purifying homes and surfaces. This powerful machine provides a range of features that will make vacuuming an absolute breeze. Charge it up before bed and wake to find your floors immaculate!

It cleans all kinds of surfaces and is also equipped with strong suction to clean deeply through carpets. The best part? In addition to the vacuum unit itself, you’ll get 4 brushes that allow you to reach corners and edges that traditional vacuums often leave behind. Your house will always be spick-and-span, no matter how messy life is!

The DEENKEE i7 is powerful, rechargeable, and works wonders around your home. Get the peace of mind you deserve without worrying about how long it will take for an eye-catching quality product!

DEENKEE i7 Robot Vacuum is easy to use. Clean up spills, arrange the floor away from obstacles, and turn off before charging.

Say goodbye to pesky pet hair, dust bunnies, and hardwood floor scratches with the DEENKEE i7 robot vacuum! Vacuuming is one of those tasks you’d rather not spend your precious time on. Now you don’t have to because the Deenkee can do it for you in minutes.

Final words:

The Deenkee i7 review is about a Robotic Vacuum that is an excellent investment for any homeowner. You can control it with your phone. It has an app-controlled remote control and comes with many different attachments to help you clean all areas of the house without wasting time on manual labor. Overall, it is the best-rated product on Amazon, so buy it now! 

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