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If you’re looking to replace your shower head with an electric shower head, then you should go for the best electric shower head that you’ll always be delighted to use.

Electric shower head is just like every other shower heads whose main function is to provide adequate water, but they have a heating element that is electrically charged, and supplies head to water that passes through it. They can be connected directly to the water supply.

Electric shower heads depend on water flow to be activated. It is an induction technology. Thus, they do not rely on hot water from any other sources or boilers. This is how they differ from electrical power showers. You can say that an electric shower head is a shower head that heats water. They use cold water directly from the water supply and instantly produce hot water.They are easy to install and use.

An electric shower head heats only the water for use when you switch it on, thereby saving energy. An electric shower head with a higher power rating (KW) has a better hot water flow. If you have a small hot water tank or a combination boiler in your home and enjoy taking instant hot baths, then an electric shower head is just what you need for your bathroom.

There are a lot of electric shower heads to choose from. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best electric shower heads to arrow the options down for you, and you can easily decide which brand and model to go for.

List of the 5 best electric showerheads from our top pick

1. Triton MOSV07SG– leading brand, Four spray showerheads, multiple water spray, and cable entry points- best ever
2. Foset Tankless Electric Shower head– four temperature setting, Power rating of 4800W, 110V powers the circuit- best value
3. iHeat Tankless Hot Spot AHSH Electric Shower Head– Easy installation, Plug format is US-style, amperage capacity of 23 amps- best affordable
4. Boccherini Dual Electric shower head– Dual shower head, handheld, and overhead showerheads, Water flow rate is 0.6 GMP, and the wattage is 4.32KW- best for all time
5. Bristan BL3105 B Bliss– digital display indicator, Three temperature settings, Maximum pressure is 10 bars,

Let’s have a look at the 10 Best Electric Shower Head review, their features and how do they perform

Triton MOSV07SG Seville best Universal Electric Shower Head.

best electric shower heads

Triton is a leading brand for Shower Heads in the UK and USA. This BEST particular model, MOSV07SG, provides hot water instantly, using only cold water. It is white with a chrome finish and a round, sleek and simple design. Triton MOSV07SGhas three power control settings, flow, and temperature controls too

It has two years warranty. The package comes with a soap dish, electric shower, hose, shower head, and installation instructions. This electric shower head is economical to run and available for hot water showers any time of the day, making it one of the best electric showers.


  • Easy to install, use and clean.
  • Has four spray pattern.
  • Available in four power ratings, 7.5KW, 8.5KW, 9.5KW and 10.5KW.
  • It has multiple water and cable entry points.
  • Three power settings available

Mira Jump Multi-Fit 10.8KW Electric Shower

This Mira showers are a brand of exquisite showers, including electric showers using a clear scale technology that keeps limescale buildup at a minimum.  Mira Jump Multi-fit is an easy to install 10.8KW model that instantly turns water hot through a heating system that’s in-built.

This single shower head is round, white with a chrome finish and a power of 10.8KW. It has its temperature and power controls separately. The power button is a simple on and off push button that is easily accessible. 

It also allows you to choose and use your desired showering temperature through its pressure stabilized temperature control.


  • Slide rail that’s adjustable.
  • Four spray shower head.
  • An anti-kink hose that is easy to clean.
  • Control for energy and water flow settings.
  • Clamp bracket that twists and locks.
  • It has a pressure-stabilized shower temperature control.
  • Simple on and off push button to use the shower head.
  • Cable and water entry from the left and right

Foset Tankless Electric Shower head

best electric showers.

Foset electric shower head, with its compact, best lightweight design, is perfect for outdoors and smaller bathrooms.  It is designed to rapidly heat water as soon as it is turned on. Caution should be applied before showering to test the water temperature because it can heat up really fast and high. But, the temperature can be regulated.

This electric shower head saves energy and water as it consumes less than 3.8l per minute. When installing, ensure that the thread of the wall connection must be 12.7mm, disconnect the circuit breaker, and have a minimum pressure of 2.8psi. It should be installed by a professional.


  • Has four temperature setting, cold, warm, hot, and very hot.
  • One year guarantee.
  • Power rating of 4800W.
  • 110V powers the circuit.
  • It comes with the necessary installation guide, though in Spanish and required wiring’s.
  • It is not expensive but doesn’t come with mounting hardware or shower arm.

Gainsborough electric shower heads

best electric shower heads for tall man

Gainsborough electric showerheads are easy to operate, safe to use, and also easy to install. They are white with chrome or gloss white finish. This best electric shower head provides hot water on demand with a maximum pressure of 10 bars.  This package comes with a showerhead, electric shower, and hose.

It is not an expensive product, and it gives you great value for your money. It is a single shower head with easy to clean nozzles on the showerhead. The nozzle also expands to accommodate a change in water flow rate.


  • Has a stop and start push button.
  • The power rating is 8.5KW.
  • Single control for temperature and water flow.
  • The showerhead has expandable silicon nozzles.
  • It has a shutdown safety feature that is phased.
  • Cable and water entry at three different points. Top, rear right, and bottom.

iHeat Tankless Hot Spot AHSH Electric Shower Head.

shower head that heats water

iHeat Tankless Hot Spot AHSH Electric best Shower Head is a model of the AHSH series by the Drakken Tankless Water Heaters made of Stainless steel. It is designed with a unique waterproof design that packages all the electrical connections in the heater body, keeping it isolated and grounded. This design also allows it to be used outdoors.

This heated shower head, which is mounted on the wall, has a compact size with a chrome finish. It is easy to install and has five power settings you can choose from, with a flow rate of 1.5 Gallons per Minute.


  • Easy installation.
  • Plug format is US-style, and extension length is at least 6ft.
  • Maximum pressure of the shower head is 150psi.
  • It has an oval shape, is made of stainless steel, and is silver in color with a chrome finish.
  • Weighs 3.5 pounds.
  • Has an amperage capacity of 23 amps.

Boccherini best Dual Electric shower head heater

shower head that heats water

This is an instant electric shower head heater with a double chamber system that prevents incoming and outgoing water from mixing. Water pressure automatically heats and adjusts the temperature, which is still affected by the degree of pressure. It also has a sensor that turns off the heater when the water stops flowing.

The instruction manual is important when installing this electrical shower head to get the best out of it. It requires a 10 AWG wiring and a 40amps breaker for installation as the package doesn’t include wires, breakers, or cable plug.


  • Dual shower head, handheld, and overhead showerheads.
  • Has a double chamber system and an automatic sensor.
  • No cable plug, the shower is installed to the breaker.
  • Offers three power and temperature setting.
  • Stainless steel material for hose, white plastic for the showerhead.
  • Comes with an overhead bracket and shower arm diverter.
  • The water flow rate is 0.6 GMP, and the wattage is 4.32KW.

Finlon Electric Instant Hot Water Shower Head.

shower head that heats water

Finlon Tankless Electric Showerhead is made of premium, white anti-aging, and best heat resistant polypropylene. This package includes a hose bracket and a plastic pipe, and it’s relatively cheap. However, it might not be easy to install by yourself without electrical knowledge and a poor understanding of Spanish. It requires some wiring and the instruction manual is in Spanish.

Water heating is quick with this product, and water output is large. The power rating is 5.4KW. The water temperature coming down on you can be adjusted to High, medium, and low depending on what suits you.


  • Three adjustable temperature settings.
  • 5.4KW Electric shower head heater.
  • Made of durable, high-quality polypropylene material.
  • Water output is 3litres/min.

Bristan BL3105 B Bliss 10.5KW Electric Shower Head.

shower head that heats water

This is an eye-catching electric shower head that is designed for all types of installation. This showerhead has a temperature stabilizing best feature that provides consistent showering temperature despite any water pressure changes. The power rating of this product is 10.5KW.

There is a minimal buildup of limescale on the shower head’s nozzles because it has a shutdown feature that flushes out all hot water from the showerhead. It is available in two colors, white and black, that can easily fit in with your bathroom décor. It’s best to use a 10mm cabling for the installation.


  • It has a digital display indicator.
  • Three temperature settings, cold, warm, and hot.
  • Has a phased shut down feature?
  • The riser is adjustable, and it comes with a bracket, hose retainer, and soap tray.
  • Two years’ warranty.
  • The maximum pressure is 10 bars.

Triton Aspirante collection II Electric Showers.

shower head that heats water

This is yet another best product from Triton showers. It comes with a hose, riser rail kit, an electric shower, and an installation guide. This electric showerhead has a sleek, contemporary design with a white gloss finish that will make a great addition to your bathroom. It is easy to use with separate controls for both water flow and temperature.

This electric shower head is affected by the water flow rate. Typically, as the water flow rate reduces, the hotter the water will be but this product has a stabilizer valve that keeps the temperature constant though water pressure changes.


  • Five spray pattern showerhead.
  • Two years’ warranty in the UK only.
  • Automatic shutdown of the heating unit.
  • The power rating is 8.5KW.
  • Hose is 1.25 meters.
  • Rail diameter and length are 25mm and 530mm, respectively.
  • Comes with an anti-kink hose.
  • An adjustable shower head holder and bracket.

Lorenzetti Coral Electric Instant Shower Head.

shower head that heats water

This is a product by Gas flex that you just connect to a 40 amps breaker and use. It promises a readily available supply of hot water. This shower head that heats water is of high quality, and even though it’s cheap, it delivers the services it was designed for effortlessly.

Lorenzetti electric showerheads save energy, about 25%, and saves your money on electrical bills. It doesn’t occupy much space because of its compact yet stylish design. It offers three different power settings, but they are all still powerful.


  • Comes with a free tube or wall support.
  • Three power settings.
  • Requires 10 AWG wiring 40 amps breaker.
  • Hose is 1.2m long.
  • Powered by 110V.

How Electric Shower Heads Work.

Electrical shower heads are great in ensuring that you never run out of hot water.


  • It works by electric currents that are sent to a heating element that gets hot as the electricity is moving through it. Coldwater picks up the heat and flows out straight through the showerhead nozzles directly to you.

Electric shower heads are safe even though it evens two shocking combinations, water, and electricity. This is because the heating element is tightly sealed up that electricity doesn’t have any contact with the water coming down to you.

Step by step process:

  • Turn it on by pressing the start button.
  • This opens a valve where the water inlet pipe is and water flows in from your water supply.
  • Some of this water flows into a small plastic tank in the electric shower.
  • Heating elements in this tank immediately heats up the water.
  • The hot water is passed out where it meets with cold water still coming in from the water supply in a mixer valve that has a thermostat built into it.
  • When you turn the temperature dial to adjust the temperature of the water, it is the mixer valve that is being turned. The thermostat in the valve helps to stabilize the temperature of the water once you’ve decided on a temperature setting.
  • Water that is now to your desired temperature is now released to pour down on you from the showerhead.

Note: As long as it’s a shower head that heats water, it should have a control switch for temperature and water flow rate. There are also some sensors that detect if the water is too hot and low water pressure. This allows the heating unit or the shower itself to shut down to avoid scalding the user.

Benefits of Using an Electric Shower Head.

  • Instant hot water.
  • Saves water and energy.
  • Saves you money in terms of the electricity bill.
  • Hot water is readily available for use anytime. You can’t run out of hot water.

Things to Consider Before Buying an best Electric Shower Head


There are so many electric showerheads in the market today, but you have to ask yourself if it will be easy to install before you choose one. Who is going to install your electric shower head? Can you do it yourself? Or would you need a professional? You also need to know the type of shower fixtures you have already in your house.  Can the electric shower head you’re about you’re considering readily fit into the fixture. Or would you have to change it to accommodate your shower head?


Electrical instant hot water shower heads are suitable for anyone who wants hot water instantly, not withstanding the type of water system in your house. If you live in a house with small hot water tanks or boilers, then you should get an electric shower head that makes hot water readily available for use.


Another thing to look for is the features of the showerhead. Does it have a phased shutdown? Can you control the temperature and water flow rate? What about shower risers? How many spray patterns? What is the shower head type? What is the power rating?

Power rating is very important when dealing with shower heads that heat water. It ranges from 7KW to 10.5KW. The power rating determines how good the shower will be. But there might be a need for a circuit breaker or fuse.

Water pressure:

You should know already how your home’s water pressure is like. Is it high or low? After figuring this out, you should buy an electric shower head that is compatible with the water pressure. If you have low water pressure in your home, then you should go for Electric showers with a high power-rating or flow rate or buy a pumped shower head.


Safety is the watchword for everything we purchase. Is it safe for use? For electric shower heads, your safety is very important as it involves electricity and water, two very deadly combinations. It’s good to read reviews about a product before buying and do more research on it.

How are the wiring connections packaged? Do you need to buy a circuit breaker? Or is this electric cable that runs into the shower big enough for it? What’s the power rating? All these are valid questions you need to seek answers to before purchase. An electric shower head with an automatic shutdown is very important for your safety.


The price of electric shower heads differs according to the brand and features. You should always buy a shower head that fits your budget.  While you should keep in mind that sometimes the most expensive ones offer many features and are of higher quality. Some less expensive ones will give you good value for lesser money. You can get one for as low as $45 and as high as $450.


Q: Are electric shower heads safe?

A:Yes. Electric shower heads are safe, despite the fact that they deal with electricity and water. If properly installed and the wrings are properly grounded, electric charges will be contained or sealed in the heating element and not interact directly with the water that will be pouring down on you. It is advisable that you buy popular and good brands with many positive reviews and have a professional install them.

Q: Will low water pressure affect my electric shower?

A:Whether water pressure will affect an electric shower head depends on the shower’s power rating. A 10.8KW electric shower requires a higher water flow rate and pressure to function optimally. However, if your home has low water pressure, it’s recommended that you buy high-pressure electric shower heads or you get a pumped electric shower.

Q: Can I install my electric shower head myself?

A:Electric shower heads have a lot to do with electricity and wiring connections. If you’re not a qualified electrician or a plumber with electrical experience, you shouldn’t install an electrical shower by yourself. It may cost more to get help from a professional, but you’d be much safer this way as they know the correct places for the wiring’s better.

Q: Can I have two electric showers in a house?

A:Yes, you can have two electric shower heads in your house. But you can only use one at a time because of the power requirement. Two electric shower heads working at the same time can blow your house fuse.

Q: What happens if a smaller fuse size is fitted for an electric shower?

A: The fuse will keep tripping off because it is overloaded.Even if the fuse is too big for it, it won’t function like it should too. Its better to know the right fuse to buy or use for the power rating of your heated shower head. For 7.5kW you’ll need a fuse of 32amps, 8kW, 8.5kW and 9.5kW, a 40amps fuse will do and for 10.5kW, 45/50 amps is just the right size.


The shower head you end up purchasing should be one that guarantees your safety, offers high-quality services, is durable and saves your water, money and energy. To get the best electric shower head, you must make your decisions based on your budget and the electric shower head features.

This article has provided you with a breakdown of the best features of ten best electric shower head. Knowing what you want and what to expect from a shower head is one sure way to ensuring you’re buying the right one for you and your home.

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