best steam mop for linoleum floors

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The steam mop can help you keep your linoleum floors clean and shiny. Using the best steam mop for linoleum floors is the fastest and easiest way possible. 

There are many different types of flooring in homes, one of them is linoleum. For those unfamiliar with this material, it is a hard-wearing flooring option that has a high resistance to scratches and scuff marks. It can be made from natural materials or synthetic polymers. As linoleum floors need specific care, it’s important to have the right tools for the job and the steam mop will provide you desired results.

The steam mop for linoleum floors is an electric floor cleaning machine that uses the power of high-temperature vapor to clean linoleum floors. Whether you have hardwood floors or linoleum flooring, the best steam mop for linoleum floors will get your home clean with minimal effort from anyone in the family! It is one of the best ways to clean and disinfect a floor quickly.

With a steam mop, there is no need to worry about making any scratch on your linoleum. It also has an added benefit in getting rid of stains without having to scrub and rub them away as you would do with other products or methods.

Top 10 best steam mops for linoleum floors 

  1. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One-best wet dry steam mop for linoleum floors 
  2.  BISSELL Tile Cleaner and Hardwood Floor Cleaner-best power fresh steam mop for linoleum floors
  3. TOPPIN Steam Mop Handheld Steam Cleaner-best handheld steam mop floor linoleum floors
  4. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)-best pocket mop steam mop for linoleum floors
  5.  Bissell Wave Cordless Hard Floor Spin Mop-best cordless steam mop for linoleum floors
  6. Vmai LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steamer Hardwood Floor-best multifunctional mop for linoleum floors
  7. Electric Mop Vmai, Cordless Electric Spin Mop Cleaner-best powerful cleaner steam mop for linoleum floors
  8. RELIABLE AIPER SMART Cordless Hardwood Floor Cleaner-best fast heat up steam mop for linoleum floors
  9.  Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S6002)-best pocket mop steam mop for linoleum floors
  10.  Reliable 200CU l Head Tile Grout Cleaning Machine-best fast heat up steam mop for linoleum floors

Quick comparison chart of the best 10 steam mop for linoleum floors

ProductPower sourceBrand
Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in OneCordedBISSELL
BISSELL Tile Cleaner and Hardwood Floor CleanerCorded ElectricBISSELL
TOPPIN Steam Mop Handheld Steam CleanerCordTOPPIN
Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D)Battery PoweredBISSELL
Bissell Wave Cordless Hard Floor Spin MopBattery PoweredBISSELL
Vmai LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steamer Hardwood FloorCordEmail
Electric Mop Vmai, Cordless Electric Spin Mop CleanerBattery Poweredvmai
RELIABLE AIPER SMART Cordless Hardwood Floor CleanerCordRELIABLE
Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S6002)CordShark
Reliable 200CU l Head Tile Grout Cleaning MachineCordRELIABLE

Features of the Best steam mop for linoleum floors

The best steam mops for linoleum floors are those that can provide a deep clean without the need to scrub or use chemicals. In order to find this kind of steamer, it should have these properties:


The steam mop is the best cleaner that allows you to clean the corners of your room with ease. It is perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places, and it will not scratch your floor or furniture. A pain before when my floors would get really grimy on top because they’re not easy spots to reach by hand scrubbing, but now all can handle with the steam mop cleaner. It works on all types of floors and it does it so easily. 


The steam mobs are stain-free, durable, and long-lasting. The product is made from high-quality materials that are easy to clean and leaves no chemical residue on the floor. It can be used for all types of stains including food, pet stains, grease, or wine. This product will keep your carpets looking good as new with a fresh scent for months to come.


You don’t have to worry about the hassle of having residue all over your floor and furniture – just wipe it down with a wet cloth and you’re done. So take that back, this product will not leave any frustrating residues on your floors or furniture. There’s no need for heavy chemicals when there are amazing new products like this one available.

1. Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One – best steam mop for linoleum floors

Product review:

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the all-in-one machine that deep cleans carpets, hard and linoleum floors. It’s a vacuum plus mop for hard floors and a vacuum plus steam mop for carpets.

The patented swivel steering makes it easy to maneuver around furniture, baseboards, walls, and other obstacles.

Moreover, with its multi-surface cleaning capabilities, you can tackle everything from pet stains to sticky messes – without changing tools. 

Technical details

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is the best vacuum for any floor, but it’s incredibly fantastic on linoleum. It’s corded and weighs 11-pounds, so this makes vacuuming very easy! The dimensions are 10.5 x 12x 46 inches, making storing complex because you can squeeze in just about anywhere with that size footprint.



  • The mop performs excellent on linoleum floors with ultra steam to remove the stains without scratches. It’s safe to use on sealed hardwood, tile, marble, and more due to its multiple functions. 


  • Two tanks give you the option of vacuuming dry or wet messes with just one machine! Easily switch between wet and dry cleaning with a flip of a switch.


  • The extended flexible cord lets you clean large rooms without having to unplug in the middle of your cleaning routine.
  • With a 25 foot cord, it’s easier than ever to get every corner of your home clean!


  • The product is safe for multiple surfaces, including sealed wood floors, tile, stone, marble, and more! It also features a removable hand tool that can be used on upholstery or stairs.


  • The Pro Pet features a pet hair turbo brush roll to remove pet hair from your carpeted areas quickly and easily. Great for homes with pets who shed often!


  • Lasting for an extended period
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Multiple washable and replaceable brushes


  • No wifi and cordless functions 

Why do we like this product?

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is a great vacuum cleaner for anyone with tile or wood floors. It’s corded, so if you have the space to store it somewhere in your house, then this may be just what you need!

It removes dirt and debris from both linoleum and hardwood surfaces without having to change attachments, meaning that all of your floors will get clean quickly and efficiently.

2.  BISSELL – best affordable steam mop for linoleum floors

Product review:

The Bissell Crosswave is a versatile vacuum that can be used for cleaning linoleum floors and tiles. This eco-friendly machine has two water tanks: clean the hard floor with detergent and another tank full of rinse fluid, so you don’t have to mop up afterward.

The powerful suction will suck in dirt or any other debris from your flooring, while the rotating brush bar tackles tough stains on tile grout lines—it even comes complete with an attachment tool that targets stubborn messes.

Technical details

The 6.4 lbs weight means it’s super easy to carry around while you’re vacuuming. Its lightweight design makes cleaning any room possible without struggling just because someone needs their vehicle cleaned too. One tank size lasts for about 10 minutes, so this isn’t a big machine. It comes with 11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches dimensions that do not cover ample space.



  • This steam mop is a  machine that removes stains and patches from your costly furniture fabric and also removes pet hairs easily with powerful suction.


  • The steamer also sanitizes and eliminates germs and bacteria from your floors and furniture easily. It supports you in eliminating unwanted odors or smells.


  • This machine comes with multiple tools, including a brush tool, upholstery tool, creaser tool, lint pad, carpet glider tool, and a duster nozzle attachment.
  • All of these tools allow you to clean every surface in your home as well as furniture covers 


  • Not only does the steam mob removes dirt and debris from all surfaces in your home, but it also eliminates germs.


  • Wall-mounted and large handle
  • Smart grip and rotation
  • Large cord and stylish


  • Reviewers have a problem with a warranty claim

Why do we like this product?

The BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop is a powerful steam cleaner that’s able to clean 99.9% of germs and bacteria in ordinary households, like the kitchen or bathroom! It can also remove tough stains – from dirty grout on floors up to stubborn grease build-up around your stovetop, along with its fresh scent technology, which provides a light fragrance for 10 minutes after use.

3. TOPPIN best Handheld steam mop for linoleum floors

Product review:

The TOPPIN Steam Mop is a 10 in 1 detachable handheld steam cleaner used for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, laminate flooring, and marble.

 It has a 450ml water tank that heats up in 30 seconds and delivers steam on demand.  It performs well on linoleum floors and removes all types of stains and spots without extra effort. 

The unique design of the steam mop allows it to clean effectively without damaging your floorboards or leaving any streaks behind.

With an adjustable steam level, you can use it for light cleaning or more intensive deep-cleaning tasks.

Technical details

With 450ml water tanks, an adjustable steam level, and a 180-degree swivel head, you can’t go wrong with this household appliance. Heats up in 20 seconds, so it’ll be ready to clean your floors the minute you get home from work. 13 inches long x 6 inches wide (34 cm) – 44-52″ (113-133cm), weighs just 2lbs 9ozs/4kg which makes cleaning those hard to reach places much easier too.



  • The steam mop is a powerful floor cleaner that allows you to clean and sanitize your floors without harsh chemicals.
  • It’s easy to use, lightweight and has an adjustable handle for comfortable cleaning.


  • Simply fill the water tank with water, plug it in, and turn it on. They are no more lugging around heavy buckets of cleaning solution!
  • The steam mop heats up quickly, so you can start mopping right away.


  • The product is light in weight and has effective functions to suck the dirt, dust, and even heavy particles easily. 
  • The handle adjusts from 33″ to 41″ so you can reach all areas of your home quickly.


  • The team mop uses high-temperature steam to penetrate deep into cracks and crevices where dirt hides and clean all sorts of stains and spots.


  • Easy to use and user friendly
  • Multiple tools
  • Adjustable handle 


  • Some reviewers complain about overheating

Why do we like this product?

You can quickly and easily remove tough grease stains from your floor, get rid of any pesky bugs lurking in crevices around your home, or finally do a deep clean on high traffic areas like kitchens or common living spaces without having to pull out an ironing board! This versatile steam cleaner uses hot water with regular tap water for fast heating, which means you don’t have to wait hours before tackling all those tasks piling up at once.

4.  Shark Lift-Away best Pro Steam Pocket Mop for linoleum floors

Product review:

The Shark Lift is the first-ever best Pro Steam Pocket Mop for linoleum floors that features a detachable handheld steamer with an adjustable steam level, 2 pads, and 3 feet long power cord. best for all kinds of linoleum floors

The steam mop is not only perfect for cleaning linoleum floors, but also a perfect steam cleaner for carpets, tiles, laminate flooring, and much more. It’s lightweight and easy to use.

The steam pocket technology releases continuous steam to penetrate deep into your floors, loosening dirt and grime for a thorough. 

Technical details

In the SharkNinja 220 liter water tank, you can store enough clean drinking water for a family of four. With an 18 foot cord and 12 x 12 x 51.2 inches dimensions, this is ideal for keeping at home or in your car while traveling! The weight of 4 pounds 8 ounces makes it easy to carry around with ease wherever you go too.



  • The mop is the best steam vacuum for linoleum floors as it has multiple brushes supported by steam to clean the linoleum floors gently. 


  • This steam mop has a water tank capacity of 17 ounces, which means you can clean for longer without refilling the water tank.


  • You will be able to clean more areas in one session with this steam mop than other models that have smaller tanks.


  • The cord length is 18 feet long, so you won’t have to stop cleaning while unplugging it from one outlet and plugging it into another outlet.
  • You can move freely around your house as you clean without worrying about where the next outlet is located or if there’s enough room between outlets to plug in your steam mop.


  • This vacuum cleaner uses a steam blaster that helps remove dirt from surfaces quickly and efficiently with minimal effort on your part.


  • Eco friendly and powerful suction 
  • Replaceable filters 
  • Durable and upright style


  • Some reviewers outside the USA complain about the wrong voltage for their countries.

Why do we like this product?

This steamer is built with a sleek, modern design and makes it easy to clean dishes no matter how big or small. The 220ml capacity tank ensures you don’t worry about constantly refilling it while still providing enough water for your most demanding jobs.

5. Bissell Wave best Cordless linoleum, and Hard Floor Spin Mop

Product review:

The SpinWave Cordless Mop, Pet hair on linoleum floors, and Hard Floor perform excellently on an eerie day cleaning tasks and works gently on all sealed hard floors. It’s proven safe to tackle tough lots on sealed tile, linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood, leaving them clean and refreshed.

The also comes with a low-profile swivel head to reach tricky spots in a cinch and is engineered with an 18V lithium-ion battery.

Technical details

The product from Bissell holds 8 ounces, which will last through several uses before needing to recharge it again with 18V lithium-ion battery power that can be found in any store these days. The dimensions of the product are 27.56 x 15.35 x 7.48 inches.



  • The best vacuum for linoleum floors without a cord. You can take this anywhere you want to go to clean the house. 


  • A robust spinning mop pad that is safe on sealed hard floors and needs less effort to look after its tasks. You can push it even in corners to eliminate dirt, stains, and filth. 


  • It has a large capacity tank, so you can clean more without having to stop and refill the tank as often.


  • Safe on sealed hard floors, these rotating mop pads can be used wet or dry to clean all types of flooring, from tile and stone to wood and laminate flooring.


  • This spray is formulated with advanced technology that releases mist to clean the hard surface.


  • It helps reduce overuse which saves money while also protecting the environment by reducing waste!


  • The extra mobility and free access
  • Rechargeable batteries 
  • Spinning and washable spinning pads


  • Some reviewers complain that the spray does not work well. 

 Why do we like this product?

Cordless means you can go anywhere with it! It’s safe on sealed hard floors and even has a built-in swivel mop pad for the toughest messes. And when everything is clean, just place it in its charging cradle to power up again–no cords needed.

 6. Vmai LIGHT ‘N’ EASY Steamer for linoleum floors cleaner

Product review

LIGHT ‘N’ EASY vacuum for linoleum floors is a multi-functional best steam mop with 7 in 1 functions. It can be used to clean hardwood floors, tile grout, laminate, ceramic, and other sealed wood flooring.

 This vacuum cleaner is designed to meet different floor cleaning needs with the three steam settings (high/med/low). 

The high setting is ideal for everyday use on hardwood floors and tile; the medium setting works well for light cleaning jobs such as spills or dusting; while the low setting provides gentle.

Technical details

This powerful machine will suck up dirt that you can’t see with the naked eye! The dimensions are 46.4 x 11.8 x 6.8 inches, and it weighs only 6.3 pounds. With this steam mop in your arsenal of cleaning supplies, just one swipe from side to side or back-to-front gets enough pressure on stubborn spots, so they come clean after a second sweep.



  • The upright vacuum is the best vacuum for linoleum floors. It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver, and has a swivel head that easily cleans under furniture.


  • This steam cleaner is designed to clean hardwood floors and linoleum flooring. The variable suction control allows you to clean different types of surfaces with ease.


  • The steam mop uses microfiber pads that are washable and reusable.


  • They’re also safe on all floor types, including hardwood floors, laminate flooring, tile floors, vinyl flooring, marble tiles.


  • This handheld steamer can be used as a portable steamer or an attachment for your existing upright vacuum cleaner. It’s perfect for cleaning upholstery and curtains!


  • Easy installation and handling 
  • Powerful steam and quick heat up 
  • One year warranty


  • Some reviewers complain about the short handle of the product.

 Why do we like this product?

This handy little tool is the perfect way to make sure that you have a clean and safe home. The water pressure detaches all of your hands, leaving them free for other chores or activities while it takes care of cleaning up.  It also has different modes, so if you’re more concerned about spotless dishes than dusty floors.

7. Electric Mop Vmai, Cordless Electric Spin steam mop for linoleum floors

Product review

Vmai best vacuum cleaner is a revolutionary electric steam mop for linoleum floors with high suction power and super cleaning ability. It can clean the hardwood floor, tile, laminate floor, and all kinds of furniture.

The spin mop head will never scratch your floors, and you do not need to use any chemicals or detergents. The spin mop head is washable and reusable.

With its built-in 300ml water tank, it can provide extra moisture to keep your floors dry after cleaning, which makes it more comfortable for you to walk.

Technical details

The Vmai vacuum comes with dimension47.2 x 15.7 x 3.2 inches; 9,75 Pounds 2 AAA batteries required is an excellent machine for any home! The battery can be charged anywhere you like, and the pads are machine washable, meaning it’s easy to maintain this great little device that will keep your floors clean in no time at all.



  • It’s the perfect vacuum for linoleum floors because it has a motorized design and can be used to clean up all kinds of messes on different types of surfaces.


  • This vacuum for linoleum floors features a lightweight design, so you can easily carry it around your home without feeling weighed down or exhausted. It’s only 6.9 lbs!


  • The vacuum for linoleum floors is designed to be used on many different surfaces, including wood and tile flooring and it works to refresh all surfaces.
  • You can use this vacuum cleaner to clean up messes in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, laundry room, anywhere there are hardwood or tile floorings! Just remember


  • The single touch button allows you to operate the sweeper with one hand so you can clean with ease. 


  • A free-standing design means no leaning over or bending down to pick up debris. An adjustable handle provides a comfortable grip whether you are cleaning above your head or at your feet.


  •  The detachable battery allows you to charge it anywhere in your home without having to carry it around while in use.


  • Charging time is about 3 hours which lasts approximately 40 minutes of continuous use before needing another charge.


  • Long and adjustable handle
  • Easy to clean the pads and re-use
  • Charging the battery and run time


  • Some reviewers complain about the warranty claim

 Why do we like this product?

The electric mop is a free-standing design convenient for storing the mop; therefore, you will not sacrifice any of your needed space. The adjustable handle allows anyone to use the electric mop with ease comfortably. The joint on the mop base enables the grip to rotate from 60 degrees for standing and facilitating mopping, so it is easier for you to clean underneath furniture.

 8. RELIABLE AIPER SMART Cordless steam mop for linoleum floors

Product review

Reliable’s Steamboy best Steam Floor Mop with 4 Microfiber Pads is a powerful, 1500-watt steam mop for tile, hardwood, and for linoleum floors

This fast heat-up floor steamer provides over 25 minutes of continuous steam to dissolve dirt and grime from your home’s floors.

The 180-degree swivel head allows you to clean around furniture and other household items with ease, while the microfiber pads trap dirt and keep your floors looking great. 

Technical details

The Reliable Corporation offers you high-quality, stylish vacuums. The dimensions of this product are 10 x 12 x 50 inches with an output weight of 10.88 pounds, and it can be slightly heavy if desired by you.



  • The unique carpet glide will allow you to clean your carpets without any extra effort. Attach the glide to the bottom of your mop, and you’re ready for some severe steam cleaning!


  • SteamBoy’s steam is a natural sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on contact, including E. coli, salmonella, staphylococcus aureus, and other harmful organisms that cause illness and disease.


  • The steam floor mop is perfect for hospitals, schools, nursing homes, or anywhere else where sanitation is essential. The steam kills dust mites too!


  • SteamBoy microfiber pads are made from 100% polyester fibers specially treated with an advanced cleaning solution that removes dirt better than ordinary cloth.


  • Expert in stain cleaning
  • Large adjustable handle
  • Washable pads


  • Some reviewers complain that it does not have suction power.

Why do we like this product?

The swivel head allows you to clean hard floors and carpets with ease. You can even use it on your bedding! It comes with a carpet glide that helps you move smoothly over various surfaces, including tiles, linoleum, and hardwood. The microfiber pads are machine washable for easy cleaning. You will love how this steam mop makes your house smell fresh and clean!

9. Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System (S6002)

Product review:

The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System is a steam mop that gets your floors clean and sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals. It uses only tap water to clean and sanitize, which means no more buying expensive cleaning solutions every week.

This steam mop comes with 2 washable microfiber pads, one for everyday cleaning and one for scrubbing tough messes. The product has a removable water tank with up to 12 ounces of water.

Technical details

This unit has an 11.61 x 7.72 26.62 inch dimension with water tank capacity making clean up quick and easy – empty the dirty water from time to time when needed or if there are hard stains on carpets, etc., then fill back up again with fresh hot tap water before continuing steaming away dirt and grime around every nook & cranny of kitchen worktops, countertops, floors as well as curtains/blank. The total weight of the vacuum is 9.24 pounds.



  • With the touch of a button, you can release steam on any surface without physically touching it.


  • This allows you to clean all types of surfaces such as tile, linoleum, laminate wood flooring, hardwood flooring, marble countertops, and more!


  • The steam mop comes with an extra-long power cord and a steam blaster attachment that releases continuous steam blasts for those stubborn messes.
  • You can also use this attachment for cleaning windows or other hard surfaces around your home.


  • No need to buy disposable pads! Wash the place after each use in cold water with


  • Dual-sided pads
  • Touch-free
  • Durable


  • Some reviewers complain about the inefficient rotation.

Why do we like this product?

Steam Control is a sleek, sophisticated yet user-friendly steam cleaner that will instantly upgrade your home. It provides powerful cleaning without using any chemicals. This means it’s safe for all surfaces and fabrics so that you can use it anywhere in your house with confidence

10. Reliable 200CU l Head Tile Grout Cleaning Machine

Product reviews

Reliable 200CU Steamboy Steam Floor Mop with 4 Microfiber Pads,1500W Steam Mop for Tile and Hardwood Floor, Fast Heat Up Floor Steamer mop, 180-Degree Swivel Head Tile Grout Cleaning Machine

Moreover, get rid of the dirty grime and stubborn stains on your floor. The vacuum is a powerful steam mop that works well on tile floors, hardwood floors, and area rugs. This lightweight steam cleaner heats up in just 30 seconds, so you can start cleaning right.

Technical details

A reliable vacuum cleaner is essential for the person who wants their home to be clean and orderly every day. The perfect model would have 10″ x 12″ x 50″, weigh about 10.88 pounds.



  • The mop for linoleum floors has powerful suction and steam that clean and refresh linoleum floors within minutes. .


  • The vacuum comes with Auto Sanitizer Pads that are reusable and can be used on virtually any surface in your house.
  • Simply attach them to the bottom of the vacuum, and you’ll be able to sanitize almost anything!


  • With its comfortable grip handle, you’ll never have to worry about dropping this machine again!


  • The steam mob is lightweight and therefore, it is easily movable where you want it to perform. You can carry it around your house. 


  • Long handle 
  • Steam mop
  • Powerful 1500W


  • Some reviewers complain that it does not clean the carpets

Why do we like this product?

The vacuum cleaner built with a lightweight and ergonomic design keeps your home clean as well. It comes with an auto sanitizer that ensures you get rid of bacteria, germs, allergens, or other unwanted substances in the house. This product also has pads for easy cleaning and grip to slip out of your hands.

Best Steam mop for linoleum floors buying guide

The buying is designed to assist you in selecting the best steam mop for linoleum floors from the various brands available on the market. We listed some guiding notes to help you in this regard. 


You need to consider the capacity of the vacuum cleaner you are selecting to keep your home clean. There are a variety of features and functions in the advanced vacuum cleaners for linoleum floors. Investigate the size of the tank, voltage, cord, or cordless, and how the steam function performs.


The degree to which filtration removes dirt from the air before it is recirculated. The higher this number, the more efficient your machine will be in cleaning up after itself! A HEPA filter should always be at least 99% effective, so look out for those numbers when comparing models. It’s also important not to equate efficiency with noise level; some new machines have become quieter because they do their work faster without sacrificing quality!

 Quality and Durability 

Buying a vacuum cleaner is a necessary purchase, and you want to make sure that the one you buy lasts. There are many different quality vacuums such as suction power, bag size, cord length for added convenience or ease. Find what suits your needs best before buying!


  1. What is a good suction for a vacuum cleaner?

180-200 AW should be great with an upright, and 80-100 AW will do just fine as well. If the vacuuming tasks are not too intense, then a 300+AW canister might also work out in some instances, but cordless or handhelds have limitations that cap it to around the 100AW range.

2. Are bag vacuums better than bagless?

The bagged and bagless models have different pros to consider—bagged vacuums tend to do better on deep cleaning carpets, while the drawback of not having bags is you may spend more money buying replacement ones over time.

3.  How often should you change the filter?

Your filter is your vacuum’s best friend, but it doesn’t like to hang out with dirt all the time. You should only replace the HEPA filter if you notice that it’s dirty or broken in some way- otherwise, just run a monthly check and clean up as necessary!


 Whether you have wood, carpet, tile, or linoleum flooring in your house, a steam mop is always great to have! It’s one of the best ways to clean and disinfect a floor quickly.

Steam mop treats the cleaning and eliminating of harmful bacteria and germs. Moreover, the steam mop performs well and gives a fresh look to your floor. It would help if you considered buying the best steam mop for linoleum floors for your home at this time because people tend to spend more time in their homes during the winter months with lots of festivities such as holiday parties and family gatherings.

When deciding which model would work well in your household, don’t forget about features like any attachments available.

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