11 Best racquetball shoes for 2022

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The Racquetball shoes are the essential gear for racquetball. A good pair of best racquetball shoes optimizes one’s performance in the game and gives good gripping support. 

Racquetball is considered a fun game and people of all ages can play the game. It is also seen as a fitness game and is played with a lightweight racquet and a hollow rubber ball. It can be played in an indoor court or outdoor court, and there is no net over to hit the ball as in sports concerning tennis, badminton, and squash.

The Best Racquetball shoes comprise a part of the necessary equipment while playing the game of racquetball. The game requires continuous direction change in a confined court area that is usually small. Many tend to play the game with tennis or track shoes, which do not give the necessary support and grip for playing racquetball.

However, before buying racquetball shoes, one has to consider the factors like whether one requires more arch support. Or if one is experiencing pain in the arch of one’s feet or is insoles required for more support. 

Moreover, if one is flat-footed and concerned regarding the weight of the shoe, or should it be more comfortable. All these factors play an important role in picking the best racquetball shoes.

Here we give a review of the best racquetball shoes that actually work on a racquetball court. But first, let’s talk about why there is a need for racquetball shoes and why they are so important.

List of the 11 Best racquetball shoes recommendation

  1. HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID – best Racquetball shoes
  2. Python Deluxe – best Indoor Court Racquetball Shoes
  3. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 – best Pickleball shoes
  4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 – best Volleyball Shoes
  5. Python Wide Width – best Indoor Mid Racquetball Shoes
  6. Babolat Men’s Shadow Spirit – best Tennis Shoes
  7. Men’s wave momentum – best mid indoor court shoes
  8. YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3 – best Racquetball shoes for racquetball racquet
  9. Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer – best design shoe for racquetball
  10. Adidas Unisex-Adult D.o. N Issue 2 – best budget Racquetball shoes
  11. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 – best Volleyball Shoes for women’s

Why Racquetball shoes?

If you have a question in your mind, why racquetball shoes? Then there are a lot of reasons for this. Racquetball is a game in which a player switches its position from one side to the other. Moreover, racquetball is a different game than any other indoor game as the racquetball court is hard. For this reason, there is a need for shoes that are specifically designed for a racquetball court.

Moreover, if you randomly pick any shoes for your game, you will feel trouble with mobility features. Furthermore, shoes for tennis, squash, running, and basketball are not a perfect fit for a racquetball game. All shoes for these games with different materials that are not fit for racquetball games. 

Moreover, the shoes that are designed for racquetball are more comfortable and work well in the racquetball court. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a pair of racquetball shoes as they have features like stability, traction, and comfort.

Outdoor Vs. Indoor? Which one do you need?

If you have confusion in indoor and outdoor racquetball shoes and are confused between both choices, keep reading. We will tell you which one you need.

If you want only a single pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor racquetball, it is possible. You can make it with a single pair of shoes. Remember, the main difference between both indoor and outdoor racquetball shoes is the sole material. Usually, for indoor, manufacturers use a sole gum while for outdoor shoes, a black vulcanized rubber. 

However, here we will recommend you to go with indoor racquetball shoes. Your indoor racquetball shoes can work perfectly for outdoor racquetball also. The only thing you need to make sure of is whether the heel of the shoes is stiff or not. The outdoor racquetball shoes are not recommended here as they are usually made with a more rigid material that will not work with indoor courts.

Here is the review of the best racquetball shoe that you will be able to use it indoor or outdoor Please read it and choose the best one for you.

1. HEAD Men’s – best Racquetball shoes for men.

Product description:

Here we have the best shoes HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball for an indoor activity like racquetball and squash. The material of the shoes is breathable and high-strength synthetic.

Moreover, the gum rubber sole enhances its grip for better balance during games. It has an elegant design that makes you look professional. It has EVA cushioning that reduces jerks during hard landings, for providing maximum stability and heel fit.

HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball shoes have an internal pre-molded heel counter. For keeping your toe fresh and sweat-free, there is mesh-type breathable material. For all these reasons we found these are the best indoor court shoes.

Product features:

  • Shoes are made up of synthetic and mesh material which makes the shoes long-lasting and comfortable.
  • Rubber soles that have maximum grip during any indoor sports activities like racquetball shoes and squash.
  • For comfortability and reduction in absorbing shocks while hard landing it has EVA midsole cushioning.
  • Non-marking rubber sole allows the shoes for maximum friction and helps you to balance.
  • Pre-molded heel counter gives great fit and comfort to your heel and never becomes uncomfortable.


  • Durable manufacturing
  • Sophisticated design
  • The breathable mesh
  • EVA midsole cushioning
  • Heel counter 


  • Only two color options 

2. Python Deluxe – best Indoor Racquetball Court Shoes.

Product review:

If you looking for the best indoor Racquetball court shoes, then Python Deluxe shoes are the best. But also can be used for outdoor activities.

It has come in three styles that are indoor mid, indoor low, and outdoor low. Lightweight quality makes you comfortable.

The inner material used for these shoes is a soft mesh fabric that has the ability to absorb sweat and feel fresh all the time. For excellent stability and shock absorption, it has a thick back heel. For maximizing the grip, it has a gum rubber sole. 

Product features:

  • It is recommended that you should buy ½ size smaller than your original size for a great fit.
  • Ultra-lightweight (10.5 size is average size shoes which have 12-ounce weight).
  • For increase your movement stability, the inner side has soft meshes that can absorb sweating and keep your foot dry.
  • Thicker back for the heel to absorb shocks while harsh landing.


  • Best for indoor activities
  • Sweat absorbing
  • Shock absorbing capability


  • Non-breathable

3. Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 – best Pickleball shoes.

Product description;

If you want a comfortable, durable and stable pair of best shoes, then grab these Wilson Rush Pro 2.5 Pickleball shoes.

The shoe is designed to take you all around the court efficiently. With these shoes, there is the use of Sensifeel technology, which will increase the comfortability and supportive features of these men’s racquetball shoes.

The midsole of the shoes uses EVA material for rebounding and cushioning features. Moreover, the shoes’ weight is very light and super easy to put on and off. Furthermore, for traction features in the racquetball court, the outer sole has durability and treaded features.

Product Features:

  • The shoes have full inner sock construction that is responsible for maximum stability and comfort. 
  • The 3d-Fs feature of shoes will provide full support and will increase your response time in the game. Moreover, it will help in controlling deceleration and enhancing the acceleration of the game.
  • The DF1 feature provides optimal low ground feel with maximum acceleration.
  • The arc technology is used in these shoes that control toroison and provide stability. 
  • The sensifeel features in the upper layer are for superior support.


  • Lightweight, good quality shoes
  • Colour options
  • Great traction


  • There are some complaints about the sizing of shoes.

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 – best Volleyball Shoes.

Product description:

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes are the best indoor shoes. It is a kind of footwear that defeats any opponent in the indoor volleyball courts. It has all those features that a professional player wants. For shock absorption, gel technology is used wisely.

For comfortability, EVA material is used in the midsole for cushioning effect, and For quick direction changing move, it has a molded piece in the center of the foot. Side support construction of the shoes allows the player of racquetball to move all around the court with ease.

Product features:

  • The sock liner feature has the ability to mold with the frame of your foot and increases your comfortability over time. 
  • Flexible and durable rubber sole for enhancing grip in the court.
  • Gel-Rocket 9 is made in the USA, or you can say it is imported shoes.
  • EVA cushion effect in the midsole provides extra comfort.


  • Directional stability
  • Rubber grip
  • Extra cushioning
  • Gel technology for shock absorption


  • Not good heel impact support

5. Python Wide Width – best Indoor Mid Racquetball Shoes.

Product description:

Here you have indoor court shoes in the form of python wide width indoor mid racquetball shoes. The shoe design is perfect for indoor use in badminton, squash, racquetball, and indoor pickleball.

The catchiest feature of the python wide-width shoes is the synthetic leather material. The shoes’ synthetic leather material ensures durability and provides more support and comfort to the player. Furthermore, the closure type of shoes is lace-up. 

Product Features:

  • The shoes are available in black and white color with a different range of sizes.
  • The shoes are wide width for perfect indoor court shoes.
  • The upper layer of the shoes is constructed with synthetic material with open mesh inserts. 
  • The overall weight of the shoes is ultra-light.
  • The material of the shoes is breathable as well as durable.
  • The sole of the shoes is made with gum rubber that is perfect for maximum comfort.
  • The insole of the shoes has a die-cut design that prevents players from shock absorption.
  • The weight of the shoes is 11.6 oz.


  • Synthetic leather material
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh cover


  • Little roomy

6. Babolat Men’s Shadow Spirit Tennis Shoes.

Product description:

Here we have a black and blue color Babolat Men’s Shadow Spirit Tennis shoes, good shoes for racquetball.

The shoe is perfect for indoor games and not recommended for outdoor use. The spirit indoor tennis shoes offer maximum support and durability required by indoor racquetball sport.

Moreover, manufacturers use active sculpture technology for maximum shock absorption and adherence. The shoe’s upper material is made of synthetic leather with mesh features that make shoes comfortable and breathable. 

Product Features: 

  • The shoe is perfect for indoor games and not recommended for outdoor games.
  • The upper layer material of the shoes is made with synthetic leather.
  • The closure type of shoes is lace-up.
  • The outsoles of the shoes have Michelin performance features.
  • The midsole of the shoes is made with EVA material that provides support and comfort.
  • The Michelin featured outsole of the shoes offers superior traction and premium indoor performance.
  • The shoes have red and black in color.
  • There are different sizes available.


  • Michelin performance outsole
  • Synthetic leather material
  • Lightweight


  • Overall, the product is impressive; we don’t find any con with the product.

7. Men’s wave momentum mid indoor court shoes.

Product description:

The Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoes are excellent racquetball and volleyball shoes. The wave momentum provides optimum support and response. In addition, the upper layer of the shoe is made from a bootie-constructed inner layer constructed without sewing.

The upper body made the product a sleek and well-designed shoe. Moreover, the shoes have a snug fit design that provides maximum comfortability. Here we have some other features of these Men’s wave momentum shoes. 

Product Features:

  • There is a three-layer no-sew upper for maximum fit and comfortable feel.
  • The shoes have dura shield features that give protection to toes from the friction of floor and ankle injuries.
  • The sole of the shoes is made with extra-grade rubber that provides high traction features.
  • The fabric type of shoes is a synthetic and textile material.


  • Fit well
  • Lightweight with good support
  • Reasonable price


  • Only black silver in colour

8. YONEX – best breathable Raquetball shoe.

Product review: 

YONEX Power Cushion Aerus 3 is the best breathable shoe for Raquetball you can buy. It has a remarkable shock-absorbing impact and energy transfer to the next moment smoothly.

The upper part is made up of a single piece and material that would allow you maximum comfort. Wide meshed area to increase breathing quality which makes the foot fresh and comfortable.

For increased durability and eliminate excess weight by thin mesh and Polyurethane film combination on the upper part. For stability, a thin, lightweight graphite plate was installed in the center of the shoes.

Product description:

  • Dual Russel mesh on the top and utterly breathable keeping foot fresh feel.
  • Lightweight and long-lasting material used for construction. 
  • Hyper msLite midsole and ultralight graphite shit inserted in the middle for flexibility and stability of the shoes.
  • For quick movement, the outsole design is round shape with a rubber material.
  • For high shock absorption, the power cushions of special elastic resin are added.
  • The latest power cushions used in these shoes have 25% more shock absorption and 12% more repulsion.


  • Completely breathable
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Latest technology based
  • Upgraded power cushions
  • High shock absorber quality


  • No cons founds

9. Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer.

Product description:

Are you looking for the best sneakers for racquetball?  Grab these Men’s air monarch IV cross-trainers that are especially man-made fabric sneakers.

The shoes are constructed with leather with a mesh design that allows maximum airflow and makes them highly breathable.

Moreover, Men’s air monarch IV cross-trainers shoes have a lightweight midsole for providing a cushion effect to toes. Let’s take a look at some other features of this Nike’s best racquetball sneakers.

Product features:

  • These are lightweight gym shoes that provide maximum breathability.
  • The shoes are made with synthetic man-made sole.
  • The outsole of the shoes is made with solid rubber that provides maximum traction.
  • For easy on and off, there is a heel pull tab.
  • For support and comfort, there is a solid rubber outsole.
  • The design of the shoes makes them perfect for multi-directional movements in racquetball ground.
  • There are a variety of colors and different sizes available.


  • Perfect for training
  • well -known brand
  • Comfortable sole


  • Little noisy

10. Adidas Unisex-Adult D.o. N Issue 2 Indoor Court shoes.

Product description:

If you are looking for branded racquetball shoes, then there is nothing more perfect than these Adidas best Racquetball shoes. The Adidas Unisex-adult indoor court shoes are perfect for both men’s and women’s. Let’s get into some features of these racquetball shoes.

Product Feature:

  • The snug-fit design
  • The closure type of shoes is lace-up.
  • The fabric type of material is 100% synthetic.
  • The shoes have a cord lacing system.
  • The material of the shoes is breathable.
  • Many colors and sizes are available.


  • Rubber sole
  • Well-designed
  • Great quality


  • No water resistant features

 11. ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes.

Product description:

ASICS Women’s Gel-Tactic 2 Volleyball Shoes is stylish and versatile footwear for women. Can also use all kinds of indoor games like racquetball. it is one of the best shoes for a women’s racquetball racquet.

The material that is used in these shoes is synthetic and mesh. Buckle up Gel-Tactic 2 and move around the entire court with ease and comfort.

Breathable mesh with a layer of synthetic material for increased durability. For twisting stability it has TRUSSTIC technology in the center of the shoes. Gel technology for heel providing shock absorption. The outsole is made up of N.C. rubber enhancing grip. 

Product features:

  • Synthetic and mesh lining material used for better comfort and breathability.
  • The clouser type of shoes lace-up is customized for the perfect fit.
  • TRUSSTIC technology used on the midsole for better twisting stability.
  • EVA material used on the midsole for lightweight and responsive quality
  • The Gel technology is responsible for shock absorption at the heel.
  •  The outsole material provides prevention from external abrasions and gives maximum grip to racquetball players.


  • Sweat free 
  • Customized lace-up
  • EVA midsole
  • Twisting control


  • We don’t find any con in this product

Best racquetball shoes buying guide.

Racquetball shoes are the essential gear of racquetball sport. So it is crucial to pick shoes that only give you comfort in play and help in an overall improvement of your game. Some points are essential to look for in a racquetball shoe. Our buying guide for the best racquetball shoes will help you here. 


The material of the shoes is an essential feature to look for. For instance, almost all racquetball shoes’ outer sole is made of rubber.

However, there is a difference in all types of rubber. Some kinds of rubbers are soft, and some have a hard nature. But always remember, harder rubber means less traction and vice versa. For more traction and comfortability features, many shoe brands use gum rubber.

The main quality of gum rubber is it is super soft and gives a lot of traction. Such rubber-made shoes are beneficial for rolling your ankle in the racquetball game suddenly. 

However, nowadays, many brands add polyurethane to rubber. The only negative point of these types of racquetball shoes is they are less flexible. On the other hand, rubber with polyurethane is best to prevent ankle injuries as it allows the outer sole to slide. Moreover, racquetball shoes with polyurethane rubber are more durable than any other type of rubber.


The other that is important to pay attention to is the design of the racquetball shoes. According to many indoor games experts, it is best to pick a shoe with a herringbone or hexagonal tread design. The reason for choosing this design is the traction feature of the herringbone design and the lateral traction features of the hexagonal design. 

Moreover, it is recommended for jumping and better sprinting, pick a design with a forefoot pivot. A forefoot pivot is advised as the rounded design fits under the first joint of the toe.


The midsole is the most crucial part of racquetball shoes. The midsole is the central part of the shoes where your footrest. For the midsole, it is essential to look at the design, material, and style of the midsole. 

Remember. The midsole is a vital feature for playing better and with different styles. For instance, if you are a hard player, it is best to pick a shoe that offers a lot of heel cushioning effects. However, if you have a quicker style, choose a shoe with a forefoot cushioning effect. 


We usually overlook the shank of shoes, which is not a good idea at all. Shan is the part of the shoe around the arch of the foot. The shank part of the shoe is responsible for more stability and more stability in the game. For this reason, the shank of shoes should be flexible so you can quickly turn it all around. Moreover, it should be firm so that you can stand firmly without slipping features. 

Outer sole:

The outer sole is another thing that we need to pay attention to purchasing any best racquetball shoes. The outer sole of the shoes defines the traction. Traction features are vital for mobility and stability. So always try to pick shoes that outer sole material has traction features.

Faqs for best racquetball shoes

Q.What are the best shoes for racquetball?

There are specifically designed shoes for the racquetball game.  The best shoes for racquetball are made for improvement and to improve the quality of the game. These indoor court shoes provide maximum flexibility, strength, and traction. Moreover, the best shoes for racquetball come with the specific purpose of meeting all game requirements. The material used for these shoes has maximum traction features that prevent players from injuries. Overall shoes that work perfectly in a racquetball court are the best shoes for racquetball.

Q. Can you use tennis shoes for racquetball? 

No, we will not recommend tennis shoes for a racquetball game. The reason is tennis is an entirely different game from racquetball. Moreover, tennis shoes are designed differently that work best with a tennis court. On the other hand, there is a significant difference between tennis and racquetball courts. So if you wear tennis shoes on a racquetball court, there is more slipping chance as the tennis shoes don’t allow quick movements.

Q. What shoes do you wear on a tennis court?  

  1. It is recommended to wear specific tennis shoes on a tennis court. The reason is tennis shoes are designed in an efficient way that is safer to wear and takes you all around the court quickly. Some properties should be in your shoes that you are going to wear to a tennis court.
  2. Comfortable material
  3. Supportive and stiff tennis shoes
  4. Shoes with a specific design of tennis treading
  5. Traction feature

Q. Are tennis shoes different from running shoes? 

Of course, there is a significant difference between tennis shoes and running shoes. The first difference is both shoe types are made for a different purpose. Moreover, you need a shoe with a comfy and cushioning effect as you use heel-to-toe running for running. On the other hand, for tennis shoes, stability and lateral support is necessary. The reason is, in tennis courts; there is more need for quick movements and side to side cuts. Moreover, tennis shoes are usually heavier than running shoes. Furthermore, there is also a difference in durability and sole of both shoes.

Q.What’s special about tennis shoes? 150 words

The remarkable thing about tennis shoes is the design, material, flexibility, and quick movement features in the best tennis shoes. Moreover, tennis shoes come in flat design, softer heels, and are built sturdier.

Q. Are tennis shoes worth it? 

if you are a professional tennis player, you must now know the importance of tennis shoes on a tennis court. As we earlier mentioned, the tennis court is entirely different from any other court. Moreover, in tennis, there is more need for lateral movements and cushioning effects. Overall, tennis shoes play an essential role in the game of a tennis player. For all these reasons, we will say, Yes! Tennis shoes are worth it.


Without a doubt, racquetball shoes are the important gear of racquetball players. Any best racquetball shoes give you a lot of comfort during your game and make your game time more fun. Racquetball shoes are not only great for improving the game but also necessary for your safety on the racquetball court. Here we review the best racquetball racquet shoes, now the choice is all yours. You can select any of them that suits you most or you can pick from your favorite brand. So, now it’s time to give your game a new level of energy with the best shoe for racquetball.

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