Best full-length mirror for selfies

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In my opinion, the best full length mirror for selfies is a perfect addition in the rooms for capturing flawless selfies.

A full-length mirror for selfies helps in capturing your beautiful images in a full outfit. Moreover, these mirrors also will help you choose the perfect output for your occasions and snap beautiful selfies.

More than just capturing selfies, these mirrors make your rooms, hallways, and living rooms beautiful and complete. These mirrors make your rooms look more attractive and stylish. A lightweight and low-quality mirror can easily come in at a very affordable price, and you can easily get in under $30. However, if you want a more stylish and full-length mirror, you may need to spend some extra money.

Here we compile a list of the 7 best full-length mirror for selfies

  1. Best professional mirror with 15 LEDs- SHOWTIMEZ Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror
  2. Best mirror for bath dacor- Handwest Metro Beaded scalloped wall Mirror
  3. Best mirror for easy installation-EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors
  4. Best medium wall mirror-MCS Gray Woodgrain (66948) Mirror
  5. Best mirror with multiple brightness tones-Waneway Hollywood Mirror
  6. Best modern and classic bevelled edges mirror-Headwest Metro Beaded Scalloped Wall Mirror
  7. Best mirror for makeup-Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

7 best full-length mirror for selfies review

Let’s have a look at the review of the best mirror that will help you to get selfies.

1. SHOWTIMES Lighted Hollywood Vanity Mirror

Product review:

If you are looking for a professional type of mirror that enhances your vanity’s beauty, this mirror is the best option for you. SHOWTIMES lighted Hollywood vanity mirror and revamp your vanity space with some stunning looks. It comes with a great finish and is the best size for full-length mirror. It fits with almost all sizes of vanities. Moreover, nor too large to acquire the most space for your vanity or counter; that is why we call it the perfect size mirror. It comes with 15 LED lights that can adjust in three different tones. Additionally, its LED has a deemer feature. The medium-light tone is best for makeup and will help you with the natural application of daily routine makeup.

Product features:

  • The LED has a dimmer to control its brightness that will comfortably adjust with your eyes. And, comes in 3 different tones like warm white, full white and medium white.
  • The mirror comes with USB charging ports. So you can charge your charging device or smartphone while getting ready for anything.
  • It comes with a memory duction. So you can save your favourite brightness setting. Whenever you turn it on, select your setting without wasting your precious time.
  • The LED bulb covers are plastic made that will enhance safety during any mishap. Moreover, plastic cover reduces the risk of breaking.
  • The perfect size and sleek design of this mirror are very compatible with almost all vanities. 


  • Metal material. 
  • 15 LEDs
  • Memory functions
  • USB charging port
  • Perfect size


  • not compatible with wall hanging

2. Handwest Metro Beaded scalloped Wall Mirror

Product review:

The beautifully designed mirror with champagne colors beads is perfect for you and your mirror selfies. The mirror has an elegant look with the bordering of every edge at the corner of the mirror. The mirror has a design of a classic bead that has a whimsical touch. 

The mirror has a vertical and horizontal mount with a weight of 18lbs. The mirror can easily fit in your hallways, entryway, bedroom, and bathrooms. The mirror will help you capture your selfie as it is the best size for a full-length mirror.

Product features:

  • It is a full length mirror that offers perfect for a full-length mirror selfie. 
  • Mirror provides a clear and vivid image with a beautiful design.
  • It is a bevelled mirror that is affordable with superior quality.
  • The frame of the mirror has polystyrene that is high quality and recyclable material.


  • High-quality polystyrene material.
  • Vivid reflection 
  • Silver backed finish


  • We don’t find any con of the product.

3. EDGEWOOD Parkwood Wall Mirrors

Product review:

Edgewood is famous as a well-known brand for home decor. This mirror comes in a different number of pieces, like four, five, and six parts. So you can easily paste them on the wall with double-sided tape. Square pieces of mirrors can place straight horizontally, vertically or whatever style of arrangement you want. Using this mirror set, you can make your much more sophisticated living room, hallway or bathroom.

Moreover, its edges are beveled, which enhances its sleek look and safe as well. It’s an accurate full-length mirror by subtraction and addition of the pieces. You can set it in different ways according to your requirement for a better reflection of yourself.

Product features:

  • Silver backed mirror that will allow you to see a clean appearance and a real you.
  • The frameless mirror gives an elegant look with bevelled edges that make it much more sophisticated.
  • four pieces square pieces mirror set with the dimension, or single piece is 11.5 x 11.5 
  • You can purchase four, five or six pieces and place them as you desired design.
  • It comes with double-sided tape for easy placements on the wall.
  • Premium quality mirrors provide you with a clear and natural reflection of yourself and help you apply your makeup professionally.


  • Frameless mirror 
  • Adjustable length and width
  • Safe bevelled edges
  • Easy to install


  • The double-sided tape can rip the paint off.

4. MCS Gray Woodgrain (66948) Mirror

Product review:

Here we have a marvelous rectangular type wall hanging mirror. Glass and plastic material used for its making, mirror glass and plastic frame. An elegant structure with a woodgrain finish can easily adjust with any theme of the furniture. It is equipped with the D ring hangers on the mirror’s backside to put the mirror horizontally and vertically easily. The MCS gray woodgrain mirror is the best full length floor mirror.

This sleek design will make your hallway, living room or bathroom more beautiful. The plastic frame is very compatible and environmentally friendly. For the cleaning, you can also clean dust or marks with cleaning detergents and wet rags. No more worrying about the breakdown like any wood material frame. 

Product feature:

  • This is a medium-size wall mirror. You can hang it on the wall of the living, hallway or bathroom.
  • It has a very attractive grain wood design frame and will be forced to look a second time at it when someone looks at it first time cursory.
  • It has a D shaped hanger to hang the mirror on the wall vertically or horizontally as you desire. 
  • This is an excellent quality mirror and best for half bathrooms and the new one.
  • Silver backed finish mirror will provide you with the best reflection of yourself for the application of makeup. 


  • Grain wood frame design.
  • Perfect size for hanging anywhere in your house
  • Lightweight
  • Safe curves.
  • Perfect quality Of polish


  • Hangers are little beaks.

5. Waneway Hollywood Mirror

Product review:

Creating an elegant design of a Waneway Hollywood mirror will enhance the beauty of your vanity or counter. It will allow you to make professional applications of your makeup with LEDs surrounding your mirror. Moreover, LEDs have multiple tones of light colors. So that you can see your makeup appearance in different lighting tones. It comes with 10 LED lights with a 12v power supply. Additionally, the bulbs are installed with double-sided tape so that you can place LED bulbs as you desire. We recommend you place bulbs at the edges of the mirror for a better view.

Furthermore, it comes with a dimmer of brightness, so you can set the smoother brightness for a natural skin appearance. It meets more situations and for multiple types of use as well. You can put it on the vanity or counter of your living room or place it in the bathroom for premium decor. 

Product feature:

  • Its maximum Luminus capacity is 1200k, which is double than normal brightness.
  • For various lighting situations and professional application of your makeup, it has 6,000k white daylight and 4,000k warm white glow.  
  • Its colour rendering index is 90. That will induce rich colours so you can see the natural reflection of yourself
  • Dimmer will control with a sensitive touch and have overload safety features for long life.


  • Durable quality
  • Ten LED bulbs 
  • Multiple brightness levels
  • Elegant design
  • Perfect size, suitable for all vanities and counters


  • Shorter cord

6. Head west Metro Beaded Scalloped Wall Mirror

Product review:

Head west metro beaded scalloped wall mirror is vantage style and modern as well. It comes with a sleek look with beveled mirror frame edges. Moreover, its elegance looks suitable for any type of furniture. You can hang it vertically and horizontally as well, according to your desire. On the beveled mirror border, shine with dainty. Its color is quite similar to champagne. Their edges are silver-colored, which enhances their beauty with the champagne flare. It can be put in your drawing-room.

Additionally, it will hang in the master bath. This creation compliments your master bath decor. The anesthetic and eye-catching look of this mirror will grab the attention of others as well. The backside of the mirror-finished with a D shape hanger. So you can put it on the wall within seconds. It is the overall best full-length wall mirror.

Product features:

  • Easy installation will save time and give you a classic and modern look that will enhance the beauty of your area where you put it on.
  • A beaded mirror with bevelled edges and champagne beaded looks great above the countertop, consoles, bathroom vanity, in your halfways, entryways or any rooms.
  • It provides a vivid image with extra clarity to make your makeup applications professionally.
  • Made from recycled extruded polystyrene materials, that’s why it is not so pricey and can easily be affordable for everyone.


  • Beautiful design
  • Affordable price
  • A vivid and clear reflection
  • Sustainable design
  • Bevelled mirror frame edges
  • Beaded mirror


  • Little heavy

7. Hollywood Makeup Mirror with Lights

Product review:

This Hollywood makeup mirror with LED lights is close enough to the daylight. The clarity of reflection and the help of LED allows you to have a strong grip on shades’ applications. Its frame is made from aluminum, strong, varnished, and solid tinplate. Moreover, the wooden base allows the mirror to stand firmly on the countertop, dressing, or is the best full length mirror. 

A shiny, flawless, and durable material frame makes the mirror more finest. The mirror can be hung on the wall or can place on the tabletop. It comes with 15 LED bulbs with a dimmer feature so that you can adjust the brightness of the light according to your comfortability. Moreover, it is the best size for full length mirror. 

Product features:

  • It can be used for shaven clean, cosmetics, self-threading, drying your hair and dressing. 
  • The aluminium frame and beaded mirror enhance its beauty.
  • 15 LED bulbs with adjustable brightness.
  • The lumination capacity of LEDs daylight white is 6,500K, and warm yellow light is 3,200K.
  • Its frame is from aviation aluminium material and base from wooden material.
  • You can place this mirror on the tabletop with the help of a wooden floor, or you can hang it on the wall as well.
  • Adjustable brightness control and multiple tones of colours.


  • Clear reflection
  • Aluminium frame
  • Detachable base
  • Adjustable brightness


  • Screws of the base are shorter.

Buyer guide;

Here in this section of the buying guide, we will look at certain points that we should consider for a full-length mirror purchase. All these factors will allow you to choose the best full-length mirror for selfies.

Mirror frame material:

For durable and long-lasting quality, we will check the material of the mirror. The material of the mirror will determine the cost and weight of the mirror. In my opinion, the best material for the frame of the mirror is wood, metal or glass. All these materials are durable and come in different designs and styles. So you can choose from a variety of colors and finishes.


The choice of design depends on your personal preference. Moreover, it also depends on the place where you want to place your mirror. For instance, if you’re going to place a mirror in the hallway, you may need a rectangle for checking out your overall look before going outside. Such a mirror will give you a fuller look.

Moreover, if you want a mirror for your living room, then you need a mirror that is more decorative and beautifully designed. For this, you can choose a well decorated and a large or rectangular mirror. 

For a bathroom mirror, you need storage. Such a mirror will help you to arrange all your stuff in an organized way. If you want a mirror for your bedroom, we will recommend a full-length and leaner mirror. Moreover, a mirror that is bigger and brighter should be your choice. 


Full-length mirrors are usually mirrors that come in oval and rectangular shapes. You can choose the one that you think will fit you greatly. If you want to give your bedroom a more romantic look, you should pick an oval mirror. Moreover, a rectangular mirror in shape will fit mostly to the straight lines and simple interior.


Q. How big should a full length mirror be?

A full-dimension mirror, sometimes called a base mirror if it has a self-supportive stand, is projected to imitate your complete body, not just a specific section. The exact length for attaining this objective depends on your height and how close to the mirror you want to outlook. To display an image of your full body, a mirror must be a minimum one half as long as your height. For example, if you have 68 inches in size, the mirror must be at least 34 inches lengthy, or you will only see part of yourself in the mirror image. 

Since full dimension mirrors come in average sizes, you should select a minimum of half the tallest person who will be using them. Average full-extent sizes are 36, 40 and 48 inches. The elongated the mirror is, the nearer you can stand to it and still see your complete mirror image. This is a significant feature to keep in mind if you are put down the mirror in a zone with partial space.

Q. What must be the minimum length of the mirror if you want to see a full image of yourself?

To view an image of a full length, you will need a minimum length for a mirror that comes in that is equal to half of your height. For example, if you need a full-length mirror, you will need a mirror of 3 ft for a 6 ft height. In this way, you can choose a mirror for 

Q. How tall should a leaning mirror be?

If you have an 8ft tall ceiling, then you may need a 72 tall mirror. , you can say a more high top, a taller mirror, and vice versa. For instance, there will be a need for an 84 inches tall mirror for a roof with a height of 9ft. 

Q. Why are mirrors so expensive?

All mirrors are not expensive, only the good quality mirror. There are certain mirrors that you can get at a very affordable and cheap rate. On the other hand, there are mirrors for more than $200. So it depends on your choice; the low price for these mirrors is the use of low quality and cheap material like BK7 or plate glass. 

On the other hand, the expensive mirrors use a material that is of good quality. For example, instead of BK7, there is borosilicate or an ultra-low expansion glass material. These materials are much more costly than other types. For this reason, the mirror is so expensive.

Conclusion ;

Full-length mirrors offer multiple benefits in your daily life. They are great decorative pieces as well as super beneficial in everyday use. They are great for choosing the right outfit and snapping selfies. A full-length mirror’s main purpose is to show your complete outfit brightly. 

The best full-length mirror for selfies is a mirror that will elevate your home’s look and make you capture beautiful selfies. They will offer a brighter and clear image and help in taking a selfie in a beautiful background. Overall they are the choice of everyone. If you don’t have it, then you should try it. It would be great to pick from our best recommendations to enjoy them more in your daily routines.

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