Jules Jurgensen Watch Identifier

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Jules Jurgensen was one of the oldest and most popular matchmaking companies globally. The company was established in 1773 in Denmark under the name Larpent & Jurgensen. The company was famous for its quality work and fantastic customer satisfaction rate. Today Urban Jurgensen has made a good name of its brand in the marketplace and has gained a lot of experience in producing the finest watches in the world.

A usual Urban Jurgensen guilloche dial requires more than 700 tasks by hand to imprint the mind-boggling designs into the metal. It is generally viewed as one of the most troublesome watch-making techniques to execute in fine solid silver. Therefore, each dial requires a few days of hand-completed work to finish. Contenders usually avoid utilizing firm silver dials, as they will generally be fragile by nature, opting instead for the much softer gold.

How much Does Jules Jurgensen Watch Worth?

Jules Jurgensen watches fluctuate from a mere USD 10.00 to around $5,000. The price depends upon the Jules Jurgensen watch you plan to buy. Some of the significant factors that affect the cost of your Jules Jurgensen watch include the dial of the watch, antiquity of the watch model, gems on the watch, material of the watch, who owned the watch, and more.

The Dial of the Watch

Jules Jurgensen watches came with a variation of dials, and checking the dial is one of the ideal ways of checking whether the watch which you are planning to purchase is a unique Jules Jurgensen watch or not.

Keep this noted that the original Jules Jurgenson watches include the company’s name with the date. Both the brand’s name and date are printed in italic style inside the watch’s dial. Do not forget to check this point before buying a watch.

Antiquity of the Watch Model

Jules Jurgensen is an old watch brand; additionally, the business has closed its activities and doesn’t make any new watches, so the old antique watches, if still functional, can hold quite some worth. The best manner to get about the value of your Jules Jurgensen watch is to get it checked through a watch expert.

Gems on the Watch

The gems or material of the watch carry quite some value. For instance, the gold-plated Jules Jurgensen watches are pricey compared to standard Jules Jurgensen watches. The gold-plated watches manufactured by Jules Jurgensen are is around $5000. Keep this noted that the price of Jules Jurgensen gold watches starts from over $1000.

Furthermore, some other gems hold great value apart from gold. To get a clear idea about your Jules Jurgensen watch, it is a great idea to get it checked by an appraiser so that you can get a clear idea about the price and value of your watch.

Past Owners of the Watch

As mentioned earlier, the Jules Jurgensen watch was established in the 18th century. Because of this, there can be a huge chance that the watches are owned by some of the famous and richest people of that time. All this will automatically increase the worth of Jules Jurgensen’s watches and make them more valuable.

Brand History

The unique Jules Jurgensen brand was founded in the year 1740. This Denmark-based watchmaking business was initially named “Larpent & Jurgensen”. Both Issac Larpent and Jurgen Jurgensen were equal partners in this business.

In 1811, Jurgen died. After his death, the name of the brand was switched to Urban Jurgensen. The brand has gained a lot of popularity in that time. Because of this reason, the Danish royal family sponsored the company to acquire charge of the country’s aquatic chronometry-tier production.

Similarly, in 1974, another American named Mort Clayman purchased this brand and gathered his models in the United States of America. All this provided great popularity to this fantastic brand for one more time, and people became fond of its watches. The price of all the watches was reasonable at that time and was easily affordable by many people.

Unfortunately, Clayman’s died in 2010, and the business stopped. All the legal rights and responsibilities of the company were shifted to Urban Jurgensen & Sonner owner named Helmut Crott. Now, as the company does not manufacture any new watches, the ones already manufactured have gained worth and are popular because of their value and uniqueness.


Jules Jurgensen is not a luxury brand. It is more about extensive history and popularity. Many people still know this fantastic watch brand because of its variety of products. Each item manufactured by this brand gives a definite edge to people over other watches available in the market.

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