8 Best ceiling mounted rain shower heads

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Best ceiling mounted rain shower heads offer a different experience than traditional handheld units. Feel like you are at a waterfall without having to worry about water spilling all over the floor and getting soap scum on your ceiling.

The best way to get the most out of your ceiling mount shower head is by installing it at least twelve inches below the highest point of your bathroom’s ceiling for maximum coverage. In addition, the room should feel like a sauna after use because all moisture has been pushed into the air by these powerful overhead jets! Your bathrooms need less clean-up time, too, as there won’t be any dirty footprints left from wet surfaces near walls where people would generally stand when using traditional handheld showerheads.

Opt for the perfect ceiling shower heads to feel like a luxury spa in your bathroom. Here we are going to discuss the 8 best ceiling-mounted rain shower heads that are just perfect for your bathroom. Stick with us to see what we have got for you.

List of the 8 Best ceiling mounted rain shower heads

What are ceiling mounted rain showerheads?

Just as the name suggests, a ceiling mounted rain shower head is the one that pours water over you like rainfall – smooth and calm revive to enjoy the perfect shower bath. Generally, there are two types of rain showerheads. One is the ceiling mounted shower heads and the other is wall-mounted. Ceiling mounted shower system is the one that is pressed and attached to the roof or ceiling of the bathroom, while the wall-mounted showerhead is attached to the wall.

Nowadays, who would not like the spa-like feel while taking bath in their homes. For a luxury feel, you would love to opt for robes, heated floors and a ceiling mounted rain shower which gives the calming vibe we all are asking for. 

Why should you opt for a ceiling-mounted rain shower head?

Have you ever enjoyed it when the tiny drops of rain pour on your body? That soothing feel of rain soaking you up. That’s what a ceiling mounted rain shower head does to your bathing experience. While you are up to a budget-friendly renovation in your bathroom, a ceiling mount shower system is a pretty good idea to opt for.

A little change in the water channels for those ceiling mounted rainfall shower heads will totally be worth it. However, you will have to adjust the height in a way that the tallest person should get at least 1-foot height for the rain to fall.

Top 8 best ceiling mounted rain shower heads

Let’s have a look at some of the top ceiling mounted rain shower head reviews. You’ll be able to choose the best shower head for your bathroom and personal preferences with these alternatives.

1. Shamanda luxury shower head, Bathroom single hand shower faucet

Product description:

Well if you are looking for the best ceiling mounted rain shower head for your perfect bath time then the Shamanda luxury shower head must be your top priority. The ceiling shower head is available in matte black, yellow, and white colors, and is also best for walk-in shower heads.

It is available in stainless steel which weighs 10 inches and has a square size head and the other option available is brass which is 15.7 inches. The ceiling shower head comes with additional installation components.

The components involved are the showerhead, holder, hose, and mixer valve which is made up of brass specifically. Now if we talk about the shower faucet, the user does not have to run to the plumber if the connector isn’t the right size as the pipe thread in the washroom.

The Shamanda ceiling shower comes with a ceramic disc that prevents all sort of leakage and the water flow is laminar and smooth. The Shamanda ceiling shower head has injection air technology which provides a smooth and constant flow of water during shower time.


  • The Shamanda ceiling shower head has an air injection feature that provides a constant flow of water during shower time. No interruption in the flow is reported up so far.
  • You can change the position of the showerhead in any direction with the use of a rotatory head joint.
  • The ceiling mount shower head has a plastic made valve that provides adequate protection
  • With black matte color and polishing the ceiling shower head gives a beautiful look to the bath area.

Technical details:

SHAMANDA is the manufacturer of this ceiling shower head that weighs 11 pounds. The dimensions of the whole package are 17.83” x 13.54” x 5.67”. The brass shower head is 10” long. It has a hose length of 59” and a single handle. The matte black color with a brass finish gives it a unique attractive look.


  • Has modernized hose
  • Comes with an air injection feature
  • Available in several colors and materials


  • There is no water softener and hence cleaning is difficult

2. Ceiling mounted shower head, brushed Nickel shower combo

Product description

The ceiling-mounted showerhead has a beautiful nickel brush color and appearance and it is available in brass and stainless steel. The ceiling shower head is available in two basic sizes, 10 inches, and 12 inches.

The performance of the ceiling mount shower head is up to date and its walls are sturdy and dense enough to prevent leakage. This ceiling shower head has a brushed nickel appearance and over the top several coatings of electroplating are seen. The faucet can position towards corrosion.

The components of this ceiling mount rainfall shower head are a handled shower head made up of brass, a mixer valve also made from brass, and a metallic shower arm. It has a ceramic-made valve. The flow of the temperature is smooth and monitored while the temperature of the water is also controlled.


  • With the size of a 12-inch shower head, you can feel like you are in the spa. As the size of the showerhead is thin and has the capability of pressurizing air for constant water flow.
  • The showerhead has an L shape arm which also allows cleaning properly.
  • You can easily rotate the head of the showerhead at any angle so that you can enjoy the bath time easily.
  • It also comes with a two-function shower system which makes it a lot comfortable to use and clean.

Technical details:

The Brushed Nickel shower system is manufactured under SunCleanse. The item weighs 13.37 pounds with a size of 12”. With brushed nickel color, this ceiling-mounted rain shower head has a 71” long hose. The water flow rate is 2.5 gallons per minute.


  • Comes with a shower valve
  • Has air injection technology
  • With a rotatory joint, you can change the head of the shower in any direction


  • Sometimes a loud bang is heard in the showerhead as reported by users who are using it for a quite long time.

3. Shower system, ceiling shower faucet set for bathroom

Product description

The ceiling shower faucet is considered durable and the best ceiling rain shower head; considered so far. This ceiling mount rainfall shower head is available in brushed nickel, oil bronze, and matte black forms which gives it an ultimate beautiful look in the bathroom. This is the perfect face of a ceiling rain shower head with a handheld shower system.

It has three functions and can provide a laminar and energetic flow of water from the showerhead. The ceiling shower head has a pressurized valve cartridge which has a pressurized water device and this helps to allow the flow of water into two showering functions.

The components of this shower head ceiling mounted involve a valve, a handheld showerhead, a rain shower head, and a shower arm which is 10 inches. The appearance of the showerhead is up to the mark and gives a shining look to the bathroom.


  • With an anti-scald pressure valve, your life is going to be at ease. It has an appropriate water setting system that allows controlled cold and warm water intake and flow.
  • With retro styling, your shower head is pretty durable and is quite resistant to corrosion and the process of tarnishing. The water flow rate is 18Gmp
  • The face of the showerhead is wide enough to allow a great amount of water splashing.
  • The shower has a tidy silhouette which gives it a nice look

Technical details:

This ceiling shower faucet set is manufactured under J&R Home and weighs 8. Pounds. It has a brushed nickel finish and is made of ABS/Brass material. With a round shape, this ceiling mounted rain shower head has 59 inches of hose length and a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute. The handle is made of metal.


  • The ceiling shower head has an anti-scald pressure technique and an exactly 10-inch arm of the shower head
  • The temperature setting is controlled and well monitored.
  • Durable and resist tarnishing and rust


  • The faucet of the shower is trouble at times as reported by the users.

4. Bathroom thermostatic solid brass rainfall shower head system

Product description

Well, if you are looking for a simply elegant and drop-dead decent ceiling mount best shower system, then HOMEDEC LED Rain Mixer Shower Faucets Combo Set is going to help you a lot regarding all your needs and design implementations.

What makes it simplistic yet decent is that it is made with 100% authentic brass that allows the showerhead to promote modern molding and prevent rust or corrosion. With solid brass material, the walls are firm and no leakage is reported so far.

Not to forget the ceiling mounted rain shower head has a thermostatic valve which saves your time and you don’t have to adjust the temperature of your water every time you enter for the bath. The flow of water is under constant pressure and smooth with laminar flow.

This set has a led shower rain set with a total of six body jets. With the use of silica gel, the clot formation under the shower holes is removed and water flow is maintained.


  • The ceiling shower head has a thermostatic valve that controls the temperature of water accordingly
  • The showerhead has a perfect matte black which gives it a beautiful simplistic look and appearance
  • The flow of water is laminar and use silica gel to prevent clogged hose or holes in the shower.

Technical details:

This amazing ceiling mounted rainfall shower head comes from HOMEDEC manufacturers. Its matte black color and 12” size make it a perfect item for the bathroom. The whole item weighs 17.16 pounds and has a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute.


  • Provides thermostatic water temperature regulation
  • made of brass which prevents rust
  • Has LED shower and six jets


  • The head of the ceiling shower head makes a screeching noise at times when switched on.

5. Rozin bathroom mixer one-way valve rainfall shower

Product description

If you are looking for something classic and easy to monitor and handle, go for a Rozin one-way valve ceiling mount shower head. As the name says, this best ceiling-mounted rain shower head has a one-way valve system and a single lever that can switch the shower on and off manually.

The temperature of the water can be controlled accordingly and you don’t have to fix the temperature setting or the pressure of the water. This is because the flow of water is constant and laminar giving you the best energetic bath you need every day. The showerhead is wide and 16 inches while the shower arm is 10 inches.

You can clean it easily and no clogged salt deposition had been reported so far. No rust is reported because the material used is brass and it gives the ceiling mounted rain shower a brushed nickel look.


  • The showerhead is a large Led head which is 16 inch and the colors available are red and green. The water flow is perfect
  • The high-pressure fall of water from the top gives you a spa-like feel and you are going to enjoy your bath time
  • You have the choice of changing the showerhead angles because of the adjustable shower head joints
  • The pressure mixing valve ensures a pressurized yet balanced flow of water

Technical details:

Rozin sanitary is the manufacturer of this one-way valve rain shower head. With its brushed nickel color and finish, this rain shower head weighs 10.43 pounds and is made of brass material. It has a contemporary pattern and a single handle.


  • Has LED shower head
  • With pressurized mixing valve
  • Rotatory joint for angle change


  • Has the capacity to leak after some time as reported by the user.

6. IRIBER brushed nickel shower system 12-inch high rainfall

Product description

This elegant masterpiece or the best ceiling showerhead is a complete package. It comes with a stainless steel rain shower head, a brass-made handled shower, a shower hose, a mixer valve, and a 16-inch shower arm made up of brass.

This ceiling mount shower head is a simplistic and unique piece as it is going to look neat in your bathroom and will not cover extra space at all.

An interesting feature of this ceiling shower head is that if you add or inject air into the nozzle and mix it with water, the flow of water splashing will add an energetic touch to it. Also, it has a pressure valve system that ensures that the flow of water is balanced and no too strong to strike hard someone.

Thus, if you are looking for something simple this brand is all you need as it is the best ceiling shower head reported so far yet.


  • The ceiling shower has a rainfall showerhead that works on air injection technology. The air and water mixture gives you a spa feel when you use it. Also, the nozzles are easy to clean and the water flow is perfect.
  • The ceiling rain shower head with the handheld system has an arc-length appearance. And its l shape look allows a large amount of water coming out of it.
  • The ceiling shower head has several brushed nickel layers which prevent rust and corrosion and makes it look as new as possible.

Technical details:

IRIBER HOME is the manufacturer of this rainfall shower head that weighs 12.53 pounds with a size of 12”. This modern style rainfall showerhead has a brushed nickel color and finishes while it is made of brass material.

The single handle is also made of metal and the shape of the showerhead is square. With the toggle switch style, it has some special features such as 30% water saving and adjustable water temperature, noise reduction, anti-scald, and anti-corrosion.


  • Works on air injection technique and has clean nozzles for easy water flow
  • Has an l-shaped arm for proper water flow and control
  • The stainless steel shower has a 79-inch double lock with dual function with-in valve body


  • The installation of the showerhead is a little tricky

7. HOMEDEC 12 inch luxury LED rainfall shower system

Product description

HOMEDEC is a great brand that can provide you with good quality, stylish and simple ceiling shower heads that can give your bathroom a new and decent look. This ceiling mounted rain shower head is composed of a rainfall showerhead, handled, and body spray which you can use altogether.

Also, the water temperature is adjustable and the flow of water is not so pressurized it is laminar and steady. if you are searching a shower head for the couple it would be the best one.

The ceiling mount rainfall showerhead is 30 inches and it has a brush nickel appearance which gives a classy look. The material used for the ceiling shower head is brass which prevents rust and corrosion.


  • This ceiling shower head is made up of stainless steel and brass which prevents the process of corrosion and rust. Thus its longevity is increased
  • The components of the shower can be used simultaneously without problem and water level can be controlled
  • With joint rotation and jets, the showerhead can be positioned to different angles and you can enjoy the direction of water to your own choice
  • Comes with hot and cold water inlets and you can control the water flow

Technical details:

This LED rainfall shower system is manufactured under HOMEDEC. It weighs 23.7 pounds has a 12” LED rain shower head. This copper-made rain shower head with brushed nickel color and finish has an extended length of 12”.

The LED bulb and the vertical placement of its 4 handles make it the perfect choice for your bathroom shower head.


  • Can use components altogether
  • Has well-controlled water control and temperature setting
  • Has joint rotation which can rotate the head in different angles


  • To correct the depth of body spray is very difficult

8. IRIBER champagne bronze shower system

Product description

Well if you are looking for a decent and simple but best effective shower head ceiling mounted system, then this one is what you need for sure. The IRIBER ceiling shower head has a champagne color with a touch of bronze to give it a decent look.

The components of this ceiling mount shower system include a handheld shower, a shower arm, a rainfall showerhead, and a nozzle for easy cleaning. With a self-clean nozzle, the flow of water becomes smooth and neat. The laminar flow of water lets you enjoy the water flow energetically. Also, the temperature settings give you the chance to enjoy the cozy water feels.


  • IRIBER Champagne Bronze shower system comes with a stainless steel arm that provides better holding and flow of water from it
  • The nozzle is self-cleaned which makes the flow of water perfect for bath time.
  • With temperature setting and regulation you can enjoy bath time in a great way

Technical details:

IRIBER HOME is the manufacturer of this ceiling mounted rain shower head. It weighs 11.88 pounds while 12” in size.

It is made of copper material and has a brushed champagne bronze color and finish. Its square shape and toggle switch style are its main uniqueness.


  • Adequate temperature setting
  • smooth flow of water
  • You can clean the nozzle with silica gel


  • Installation process a little complicated

What to look for while buying a ceiling mounted rainfall showerhead?

Now when we are done with the best ceiling mounted rain shower heads, it is good to know what to look for while you are going to buy one for your bathroom. You must consider the following key points, whenever going to buy and install a ceiling-mounted rain shower head system.

Size and shape of the showerhead

The size and shape of the ceiling mounted rainfall showerhead is an important factor to consider while buying the showerheads. The size of the showerhead depends on the size of your bathroom. Remember, if your bathroom is small you must purchase a small round or square-shaped rainfall showerhead while for a bigger bathroom a rectangular-shaped and large-sized showerhead will be what you need. The sizes of showerheads range from 12, 14, 16 inches.

Water coverage and pressure

Another point to consider is whether you want the flow of water to be strong or low. With a large-sized ceiling mount rainfall showerhead, the flow of water is going to be low but with a small-size showerhead, the water flow is going to be high. So, this choice implies your personal preference of high or low pressure of the rainfall pouring over your body.

Type of material

There are two types of material used in the ceiling-mounted rain showerhead – metal and brass or plastic. Both materials have their reasons to apply in the shower heads ceiling mounted. The plastic showerhead is readily accessible and cost-effective but as time passes, it starts to break and bacterial contamination is a common probability.

While metal material is a firm one and does not break but it is not light on the budget. So yet again, choices are yours to opt for your ideal material.


Yet again if you are looking for a plastic material showerhead then the price is going to be under the budget but with metal, the material and process of installation are quite expensive.

Type of finish

There are several options for finishing. Such as the most common one is chrome. It is the perfect finish for giving the shower a classy look. But at the same time, there are other options as well like brushed nickel, brass, or metallic or stainless steel.


Q1. Are showerheads bad for us?

Not exactly but with plastic material ceiling mounted rain showerheads, the process of bacterial contamination is high and bacteria deposits can lead to a bad smell as it affects the showerhead structure.

Q2. How does it work?

A ceiling-mounted rain shower head comes with a temperature setting and has pressurized control features that allow a steady flow of water like rain from the rainfall.

Q3. What are the types of ceiling showerheads?

There are two types, one is plastic while the other is metal. Both have their qualities but the plastic one is cheap and the metal one is expensive but long-lasting.

Q4. Can showerheads save water?

With a low-flow shower, the water flow is less and we can save a lot of water.

Q5. Are showerheads pricey?

Yes but not exactly. Yet again the cost of showerheads depends on the material you are choosing for your bathroom. As said above the metal ones are expensive as compared to plastic ones.


Having a spa-like feeling at your home is no doubt a pure blessing. To endeavor this blessing, installing a ceiling mounted rain shower head in your bathroom is a quite good idea. Wanting a new bathroom while tight on budget; installing the ceiling mount shower system will be a cost-effective solution to your desire.

In this article, we have jotted down the 8 best ceiling mounted rain shower heads that you can easily install in your bathroom and experience the pure feeling of rain pouring over your body. You can choose among the different rain shower heads ceiling mounted according to your personal preferences as well as the cost that suits you the best.

The showerheads made of plastic material are mostly pocket-friendly, while those of metal-made are quite costly. Different ceiling shower heads have different specifications; some save water, some have temperature adjusting features, etc.

Choose the best ceiling mounted rain shower head according to your budget and preferences and install it in your bathroom to give it a whole new feel.

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